High-Income Skills That Students Can Learn On Their Own

Everyone wants to have a high income. To achieve a high income, you need to hone the skills needed.

No need to wait to pass. As a student, you can actually learn high-paying skills during college .

In addition to still having free time to learn new skills , you can find additional income by applying the skills you have learned on a self-taught.

Skills That Students Can Learn Self-taught Even If They Are Busy in College

If you are a student who wants to increase your income, you can prepare yourself by learning new skills . You can practice your new skills through online courses spread on YouTube or other online courses .

The following are high-income skills that are suitable for increasing student income .

1. Sewing/ Fashion Design

Sewing isn’t exactly a high-paying skill. However, sewing skills can be an additional point for those of you who are pursuing fashion design.

Fashion design is the skill of making patterns and designs of clothes. You can learn it through online courses spread on Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube.

The skills you will hone are creativity , drawing, recognizing clothing materials, clothing proportions, and mixing and matching colors and motifs.

Reporting from Indeed , the average salary of a fashion designer in Indonesia reaches 5 million per month. Meanwhile, if you have sewing skills, you can start your own clothing business. Isn’t it fun?

2. Coding Skills

Coding is a highly sought after skill. As a coder/programmer, you are required to at least speak English, read source code , and debug .

Complex computer languages ​​are not necessarily difficult to learn. You can get many learning resources, from YouTube, the web, free courses, even paid ones.

With coding, you can apply the skills to create applications, software, build websites , and so on. You’ll fit in if you like technology and things about computers.

The average salary for programmers is no joke. For junior programmer positions only, you can get 1000 USD .

3. Digital/ Social Media Marketing

Do you like watching FYP Tik Tok? Like to monitor Twitter trends ? or see a new trend on Instagram? If so, it means that you are suitable for the position of Social Media Marketing.

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The job market is currently wide open for those of you who have digital marketing skills . This skill requires expertise in using social media advertising. You are also required to be able to do digital market research and understand social media algorithms.

By studying digital / social media marketing , you can earn from 700 thousand to 14 million or an average of 5 million per month.

4. Creating Social Media Content

The skill of creating social media content is now also being loved by young people. Many of them become content creators for their own Instagram accounts or corporate social media accounts.

Many internship and freelance opportunities are opened by companies for you to create interesting content to increase sales.

To be able to earn high income from creating social media content, you need to hone your company branding skills , always update with social media trends, social media language, and visual messages.

Because it requires a lot of expertise, content creators and social media influencers have high salaries of around 5-6 million rupiah.

5. Writing

As a student, you are used to making writing assignments. Writing is a skill that can apply in any industry.

You can practice writing skills with various writing formats. You can start practicing from writing short articles, writing fiction, science articles, and news. You can also apply writing skills to become a UX writer,  copywriter , film script writer, or online media article .

Try posting your writing on a personal blog or web or send it to famous media. If it has been published, try to collect the results of your writing to be used as a portfolio. You can use the writing portfolio to work freelance , apply for an internship, or even work regularly at a media company.

The average writer’s salary ranges from 500 usd up, depending on the industry in which they are involved. While the UX Writer could be higher, which is around 2000 usd.

6. SEO Skills

SEO or Search Engine Optimization basically requires the expertise to create content that can appear easily from search engines. SEO techniques require skills to create or write SEO content, read analytics, keyword research, and optimize site and web page addresses.

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This skill is very much needed in today’s digital marketing era. SEO skills can help increase web rankings in the SERP so that the visibility of the web, service, or product being sold can reach the audience directly on the first page of search results.

You can learn SEO from various websites, books, YouTube tutorials, and paid courses scattered on the internet. By honing your SEO skills , you can have the opportunity to earn high income as an SEO Specialist or Content Writer , which is around 1000 usd.

7. Graphic Design/ Art/ Illustration

Graphic design and illustration skills are skills that you can learn independently without going through graphic design courses. These skills are needed in many companies in various industries.

Graphic designers are often asked to create logos, packaging designs, advertisements, and visual works across a variety of media. Not only expertise in using design software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you need to hone this skill with knowledge of layout or layout of design elements, color combinations, and drawing skills.

If you have your own style of illustration or design, you can sell your work by opening a pre-order. You can market yourself through a portfolio via Instagram uploads or other portfolio websites.

Graphic designers have a salary range of 1000 usd. If you are freelance and already have a mature portfolio, you can set prices above 5 million per project, you know!

Well, those were 7 high-income skills that you can learn during college .

Even if you don’t take a major that matches your skills , you can hone it through online courses .

Moreover, yes, a skill with a high salary? Try writing your answer in the comments column! Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can learn together!