These are 16 Learning Mistakes You Often Make Unknowingly

sinaumedia Literacy – In ancient times, learning was generally done in groups or coming to tutoring places. Along with the progress of the times, there are now many applications on smartphones that help you to optimize the way you study. But even so, there are still many of us who make learning mistakes, aka not in accordance with learning standards in general. As a result, instead of being effective, it becomes even more difficult to absorb what is being learned. Here are the mistakes we usually make with or without you knowing about Sinaumed’s.


The first mistake that students often make is understanding the concept. Most students tend to memorize, without knowing where the material they memorized comes from. The question of how come is the cornerstone of a concept. For example, in a quadratic equation lesson, determine the roots. To find the number of roots x1 + x2, most students only memorize the –b/a formula without knowing where the –b/a formula comes from. So, this is where the concept comes into play, how come x1+x2 = -b/a. If memorizing we can only solve one problem model, while by mastering the concept we can solve problems with other models. Try to find the concept, indeed this step is tedious and takes a lot of time but the advantage is if there are other problem models we won’t be confused to solve it.


Who studies only before the exam let alone one night before the exam? Using this learning system will make it easy for you to forget the material you have learned. Whereas after the exam, the material you study will continue until the Mid Semester Exam or Final School Examination. It’s even worse if you use the screening method, which is to only study in the morning before the exam. With this learning method, you will only read quickly and skip material that might be important. The disadvantage that you will experience with this learning method is to miss material that is actually important as well as understanding a lesson in half measures.



We all realize that playing with gadgets while studying will interfere with concentration, but our fingers just keep sliding on the smartphone screen. There is only one solution, determined. Start determined to be more disciplined. If now is the time to study, do study as you should. Checking gadgets a little will make you not focus on studying. Therefore, try to avoid gadgets for a while while you are focusing on repeating subject matter. If you are still tempted to play around, you can choose to turn it off and keep your cellphone away from Sinaumed’s.


This is a very ideal strategy. Why? With a preview before face-to-face in class we can get an idea of ​​what will be learned. If there is something we don’t understand, we can ask your teacher or your Sinaumed’s lecturer. Next is the review, in this way our brains will be familiar with the learning material we have just received. As the saying goes, if you keep sharpening a knife, it will get sharper. So does our brain. One way to review is to do various examples of Sinaumed’s questions. You need to know that the effective time for learning is not how long you study, but how often you study. Enough to study 15 minutes every day is said to be effective compared to you studying 4 hours once a week. Study regularly so that your brain is constantly trained in Sinaumed’s.



In this sophisticated era, it’s a shame if you don’t use it to study. Don’t just stick to your notebook, because you won’t be able to develop if you only learn from the same problem, look for references to your subject matter on the internet, for example looking for practice questions and discussions. Quite a lot of them give practice questions and discussions for free. Study outside the classroom with peer tutors or study with upperclassmen. With this, at least there are problems that will be resolved, for example, we are more familiar with the material or the tasks are completed. Accessing online learning sites can also be categorized as active learning in Sinaumed’s. Besides that, find your way of learning. Everyone has different characteristics. You are unique. You are not the same as anyone in this world, even your twin brother if you have one. Therefore, know yourself. Get to know and understand how you actually learn. Reflect, and contemplate. Think and remember the successes that you have rained. Think and remember the failures or lack of success that befell you. Why did it happen? How did you study before? In this way you will also get the most effective ways of learning for yourself. Why did it happen? How did you study before? In this way you will also get the most effective ways of learning for yourself. Why did it happen? How did you study before? In this way you will also get the most effective ways of learning for yourself.

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So that learning doesn’t feel boring, there’s nothing wrong with looking for more interactive learning resources, for example learning through YouTube or SlideShare. Dabbling only with books alone will certainly make you bored, now this is what you have to watch out for. In order not to get bored, learning visually is the solution. Currently, there are many sites that provide online learning, for example Khan Academy, Solo Learn, Code Academy, or through Sinaumed’s YouTube channels. Here are some online learning applications that you can use Sinaumed’s, including:

  • Khan Academy: Through its application provides various kinds of knowledge and information. Starting from economics, history, physics, chemistry, biology and many more. Khan Academy is very creative and interesting in conveying knowledge in a fun way and involves various supporting tools such as videos, rather than just presenting boring and boring writing.
  • Duo lingo android online learning application. Currently, mastering a foreign language is definitely something that is really needed. This application is specifically for those who want to master the particular foreign language you want.
  • Photomath is an application that successfully combines a camera and a calculator. If there are math problems that are difficult you can use this application to help solve the problem. It’s easy, you just open this application then point the camera at the question, then the answer will appear automatically on your smartphone screen.
  • Quipper is an online learning solution service application. Users can enjoy fun learning with a variety of content such as animated videos, complete practice questions and quality Super Teachers on Quipper Video. This application developed by Quipper Ltd provides thousands of video lessons and complete practice questions according to the national curriculum.



Feeling compelled to study will make your grades drop. For example, if you don’t like Mathematics, but because tomorrow is a test, then you don’t want to have to study, and in the end you learn compulsorily. Because you go through it by being forced to make the material you study not enter your brain, instead it will make you cranky yourself because you don’t really understand. Therefore, don’t ever feel forced even if you don’t like a subject, study sincerely, because with sincerity the lessons will be absorbed into Sinaumed’s’ brains more quickly.


Habits that are not good in the learning process are children studying for too long, exceeding 30 minutes. A reasonable time limit is no more than 30 minutes, so you don’t feel overly bored. With a learning pattern that does not exceed 30 minutes and is done consistently every day, it will be better than studying with a duration that is too long. For example, every day you study at 19.00 WIB, then the next day you can study at the same time. Where activities are carried out consistently will stimulate the brain to keep time in order to learn at that hour. In addition, the information obtained in the learning process will be more effective. Study time can be done more than once a day, for example at 03.00 in the afternoon, 05.00 in the afternoon and 07.00 in the evening every day.



For example, if you have 4 hours to study economics and those 4 hours are directly used to study material, you will probably only get a score of 70. But if you use 45 minutes of study time effectively, even if you only study material, only 3 hours is more than your score. it can be greater than 70. Simply put, it’s like you’re cutting something with a sharp knife easier than with a dull knife. So you have to sharpen your understanding of the subject matter first.



Underlining and highlighting are actually important for learning. By highlighting, important parts of a material will be easy to find when repeating reading. However, highlighting actually reduces the effectiveness of learning. The disadvantage of highlighting is that the highlighter penetrates to the back of the page so that the paper is discolored. Underlining or highlighting actually damages the concentration of the brain when re-reading, because what is not highlighted or underlined will be considered unimportant so that it is not remembered by the brain. Marking important parts is good, but highlighting only the following 2 things: The title of the discussion, and the formula



Basically doing homework is a small part of learning, but doing homework should not be called studying because the two are 2 different things. If you want your study to be more effective, separate your homework time from studying. That is, if you want to study for 2 hours, then use 2 hours to study, and add another time to do Sinaumed’s homework.

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When studying, you should really relax, for example, while occasionally snacking or chatting. However, this should really only be done occasionally, because the human brain basically cannot multitask (do 2 things simultaneously) in carrying out motor commands (memorizing while eating or memorizing while chatting). When studying, temporarily put your cell phone and snacks away, Sinaumed’s.



Not everyone knows about his brain dominance. Even though it is very clear that everyone’s ability to perceive or perceive something is influenced by the use of the dominant brain (left or right). Some find it easier to understand writing, some find it easier to understand if the material is conveyed with sound, some require pictures to understand, and some require everything to make it easier to understand something. All depends on the dominance of each person’s brain. Knowing the dominant brain that we use, we can do the Sinaumed’s test.



It turns out that studying while listening to music doesn’t just make you excited. There are many benefits of studying while listening to music. Starting from activating many cells in the brain, because the music you listen to while studying can actually activate almost all cells in your brain. It makes your brain healthier and always active. Besides that, it also strengthens your memory, Mozzart effect music strengthens your memory. Some scientists believe in the efficacy of The Mozart Effect theory. The Mozart Effect is an effect that arises when you study while listening to music. You can strengthen your memory.

Therefore, listening to any song can strengthen your mental capabilities. Healing Body, Mind and Spirit music Music can be medicine. In the summary of the book Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit by Don Campbell, The Mozart Effect theory explains that music can also be medicine for your body, mind and soul, music also increases your Learning Creativity while listening to music make creative.

Listening to music while studying can actually increase your creativity. Researchers use music, such as sonata songs from Mozart, to prove that the strains of the songs you hear are very influential for several mental functions, especially for creativity which is important for the learning process.



With advances in increasingly sophisticated technology, it can indeed facilitate many things, including in terms of learning. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes students lazy in taking notes. Usually many students prefer to take photos or type material provided by the teacher rather than taking notes on paper. The problem is, usually notes that are made not on paper or books, will be less often to be reviewed. There is a sentence that says: “Summarizing and rewriting what we have read and learned has the equivalent of 3 readings.” So try to keep writing, because by writing, we are just helping our brains remember what is being learned. And by writing we will also have material to study for the exam later.


Studying with friends is fun, besides being able to teach one another, it’s also fun because it’s not boring. But the problem is, when studying together we usually spend more time chatting than studying. So when you decide to study together, it’s best to make an agreement first about what material you want to discuss together. Also determine how long it will take to discuss the material. And the most important thing is, choose a study partner who can be consistent and willing to follow the agreements that have been made, and appoint one person to be the study leader. Of course, that person must be firm or ask an older person to watch over you.



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These are common mistakes that many people make in the learning process. By changing study habits for the better, it is hoped that you will be able to retain information better and more effectively, Sinaumed’s!

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