12 Fresh Mocktail Recipes You Can Make Yourself at Home

Mocktails are – Who doesn’t love a tropical drink? The mix between pineapple soda and fresh coconut water coupled with lemon and strawberry juice is guaranteed to be the most delicious mocktail recipe to drink on hot days or even Saturday nights. For this delicious mocktail recipe, you can also choose between adding more sugar syrup or not.

Even so, there are still many people who think that to drink mocktails, you have to come to a restaurant or cafe first. However, in fact, you can make mocktails at home, Sinaumed’s. To find mocktail recipes that you can make at home, you can see this review, Sinaumed’s.

Mocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

Basically, mocktail recipes are numerous, below we will provide mocktail recipes that are easy to make at home.

Tropical Mocktails

Materials needed:

(This recipe makes 2 servings!)

  • Prepare a 200 ml can of Pineapple-flavored Fayrouz
  • Prepare Coconut Water
  • Prepare 8 Strawberry seeds
  • Prepare a Lemon Orange or Sunkist
  • Prepare enough ice cubes

Steps to make:

  1. To make a mocktail, you can first put your glass in the freezer or refrigerator. This step itself is an optional step.
  2. Putting a glass in the refrigerator can make your mocktail fresher and suitable for drinking during the day.
  3. Clean the strawberries first, then cut them into small pieces and put them in a large glass or pitcher .
  4. Use a spoon or, if you have one, a muddler to crush the strawberries. You can also use a blender, but the result will be juice-like.
  5. Squeeze the orange into the same place, then add the soda and coconut water. Stir everything thoroughly then strain into a glass that has been cooled beforehand. Also add ice and garnish. Enjoy!

Virgin Piña Colada

Still using pineapple and tropical elements, this one of the most delicious mocktail recipes is perfect for those of you who are anti-complicated. Besides being everyone’s favorite, this Virgin Piña Colada only needs one tool to freshen up your day, which is a blender!

Materials needed:

(This recipe makes 2-3 servings!)

  • Prepare 250 ml Jungle
  • Prepare Pineapple Juice 200 ml of coconut milk
  • Prepare enough sugar
  • Prepare 80 ml of whipped cream
  • Prepare 1 tsp vanilla
  • Prepare enough ice cubes

Steps to make:

Mix all these ingredients in a blender and then blend until smooth before you serve it in a cold glass.

Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktail

Materials needed:

(This mocktail recipe is for 2-4 servings!)

  • Prepare 8 blackberry seeds
  • Prepare 75 ml of honey
  • Prepare some mint leaves
  • Prepare a lemon
  • Prepare 125 ml of water
  • Prepare 500 ml of sparkling water
  • Prepare enough ice cubes

Steps to make:

In a cocktail shaker, add blackberries, mint leaves and honey then blend. Add water and lemon juice into it. Then, tutu, and shake until evenly distributed. Strain everything into a glass filled with ice then pour sparkling water into each glass.

Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler

Materials needed:

(This mocktail recipe makes up to 4 servings!)

  • Prepare 10 grams of rosella tea
  • Prepare 1 liter of boiling water
  • Prepare 125 ml of honey
  • Prepare 500 ml of sparkling water
  • Prepare some mint leaves
  • Prepare some ice

Steps to make:

  1. First brew rosella tea and honey with boiling water, within 30 minutes to an hour, according to your taste.
  2. Transfer into a pitcher, then add ice and sparkling water and stir.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients and chill in the refrigerator.
  4. Serve it in a chilled glass.

Virgin Mango Lemon Margarita

Margarita, the prima donna of all cocktails that generally use tequila, you can make yourself at home with the most delicious version of the mocktail recipe. In this version, the mango juice can then be mixed with chilled sprite which is perfect as a cold mocktail to accompany you for eating seafood or just hanging out with friends.

Materials needed:

(This mocktail recipe is for 4 servings!)

  • Prepare 1 mango
  • Prepare 500 ml Sprite
  • Prepare a lemon
  • Prepare some ice
  • Prepare some mint leaves
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Steps to make:

Cut the mango then blender until smooth without water. Mix all these ingredients into a cold glass whose mouth has been dipped in a mixture of sugar and a pinch of salt. Add, ice and mint leaves to taste, then Margarita is ready to serve.

Kiwi Mojito Mocktails

Mojito mocktails can never go wrong! It’s not complicated to make and the ingredients are easy to make the mocktail recipe the most delicious recipe that can be everyone’s favorite. If you want, you can also substitute kiwi pieces and other fruit pieces such as strawberries.

Materials needed:

(This mocktail recipe can be served for 2 servings!)

  • Prepare 2 kiwi fruit, sliced ​​or cut into small pieces
  • Prepare a lemon
  • Prepare 2-3 teaspoons of honey
  • Prepare 300 ml of sparkling water
  • Prepare some mint leaves
  • Prepare some ice

Steps to make:

For this delicious mocktail recipe, crush kiwi and mint leaves in a glass and take the juice. Also add honey and lemon juice, stir. In a cold glass, also add the mixture, ice and soda water to taste.

Strawberry Orange Ginger Fizz

This delicious mocktail recipe is a refreshing drink that is perfect for accompanying a date night on a Saturday night. Besides taking a long time compared to other most delicious mocktail recipes, this drink is very suitable to be combined with main dishes, from any duck confit to even steak. You can also store the syrup in the refrigerator for later use at a later time.

Materials needed:

(This mocktail recipe is for 2 servings!)

  • Prepare Syrup: 230 grams of strawberries
  • Prepare 7 cm ginger, peeled and sliced
  • Prepare 7 cm of orange peel
  • Prepare 130 ml of honey
  • Prepare 80 ml of lemon juice
  • Prepare 80 ml of water
  • Prepare a pinch of salt
  • Prepare 2-3 tablespoons of syrup
  • Prepare 170 grams of sparkling water
  • Prepare 2 ice cubes
  • Prepare mint leaves, oranges and strawberries for garnish

Steps to make:

Add all the syrup ingredients and boil for 5 minutes until it boils, let it cool. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of syrup into a cold glass, mix it with sparkling water and ice cubes. Garnish and serve.

Ocean Blue Ice Mocktail

This type of mocktail drink is called mocktail ocean blue Ice. This is because there is a combination of colors that are similar to this ocean and a fresh and unique taste. The colors of this drink include blue and orange. Here’s the recipe and how to make the ocean blue Ice mocktail drink:

Materials needed:

  • Prepare Blue Soda (Pepsi)
  • Prepare Orange Syrup (I use ABC Orange Syrup)
  • Prepare enough ice cubes
  • Prepare 4.1 tsp basil seeds (soak in warm water)
  • Prepare a serving glass

Steps to make:

  1. First prepare the serving glass first, use a tall glass. Then pour the orange syrup, then add the ice cubes to taste.
  2. After that, pour in the blue soda water (pepsi is an option) and lastly add the basil seeds which have been soaked in warm water. Ocean Blue Ice Mocktail drink is ready to be served.

Mixberry Mocktails

Mixberry Mocktail drink type. The color combination of this drink is red and blue with the addition of jelly and basil seeds. Here’s the Mixberry Mocktail drink recipe:

Materials needed:

  • Prepare red syrup (use strawberry syrup)
  • Prepare Blue soda water (use Pepsi)
  • Prepare 2 pieces of jelly (use nata de coco lychee flavor)
  • Prepare Basil Seeds (soak using warm water)
  • Prepare ice cubes to taste
  • Prepare fresh soda water
  • Prepare mint leaves

Steps to make:

  1. First prepare the serving glass then pour the red syrup into the glass. Then give enough ice cubes, and also add jelly, then continue to pour blue soda water and fresh soda water.
  2. After that, also add the basil seeds which have been soaked in warm water first. Put and decorate mint leaves on top of the drink.
  3. This Mix Berry mocktail drink is then ready to be served.

Italian Green Soda Mocktails

This type of drink is the Italian Green Soda drink. The combination of green and white makes the mocktail drink taste fresh and delicious. Here’s a recipe for Italian Green Soda:

Materials needed:

  • Prepare Soda water with flavor (use sprite)
  • Prepare unflavored sparkling water (use the Zoda brand)
  • Prepare Green Syrup (use melon flavor)
  • Prepare enough ice cubes
  • Prepare some mint leaves
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Steps to Make:

  1. Prepare a serving glass, then pour the green syrup and continue by adding ice cubes. After that, pour in the flavored sparkling water and the unflavored sparkling water.
  2. If so, give the leaf decoration asked for on top. This Italian Green Soda mocktail drink is ready to be served.

Mocktail Orange Cocopandan Sparkle

This type of drink is the Orange Cocopandan Sparkle mocktail. The color combination is very beautiful, namely orange and rosy red. Here’s the recipe:

Materials needed:

  • Prepare Red Syrup (use cocopandan flavor)
  • Prepare unflavored sparkling water
  • Prepare Orange Juice
  • Prepare enough ice cubes

Steps to Make:

Prepare a serving glass, then pour the red syrup. Then, also add ice cubes to taste. After that, pour in the orange juice, then continue with the unflavored sparkling water. Orange Cocopandan Sparkle mocktail drink is ready.


Materials needed:

  • Prepare 30ml
  • Prepare Monin Pink Grapefruit Syrup
  • Prepare 100ml STL Green Tea With Jasmine
  • Prepare 90 ml of Sparkling Lemonade
  • Prepare 1 Scoop of Ice Cubes
  • Prepare Mint Leaves
  • Prepare the Pink Grapefruits

Steps to make:

  1. Brew tea by first putting 1 bag of STL Green Tea With Jasmine into 200ml of boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Cool the brewed tea
  2. Also put Monin Pink Grapefruit syrup, ice cubes, and sparkling lemonade into the glass. Stir well
  3. Add the pink grapefruit slices as well, then pour 100ml of the tea brewed water on top
  4. Garnish with mint leaves and pink grapefruit.

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Mocktail can indeed be considered as a drink that is suitable for drinking during the day because it tastes fresh and cold. Those are some mocktail recipes that you can make at home. So, what mocktail recipe are you going to try at home?

Trying various food and drink recipes can indeed be a fun hobby. If you want to find a recipe book, you can get it at sinaumedia.com . To support Sinaumed’s in adding insight, sinaumedia always provides quality and original books so that Sinaumed’s has #MoreWithReading information .