10+ Recommended Makassar Typical Foods that You Must Try

Makassar Special Food – Makassar is a tourist destination that is quite popular among tourists with its iconic tourist destination, namely Losari Beach. Apart from Losari Beach, there are still many interesting tourist destinations that are ready to spoil your eyes such as Trans Studio Makassar, Fort Makassar, Samalona Island, and so on. The location of the city of Makassar itself is on the coast of Sulawesi Island and this is the main attraction for this city. Apart from presenting attractive tourist destinations, a visit to Makassar feels incomplete if you don’t sample the local culinary delights, which are known for their delicious and unique tastes.

In fact, it’s so delicious, there are not a few typical Makassar foods that are currently being sold outside Makassar City, such as Coto Makassar and also Es Pisang Ijo. For those of you who are interested in trying Makassar specialties, here are some lists of Makassar specialties that you can try while visiting this city.

Makassar Typical Food Recommendations that You Must Try

Of the many choices of typical Makassar food, you must try some of the foods below. Starting from the taste of salty, spicy, sour, to give a fresh sensation when eating it. What are you curious about? Let’s see the full explanation below.

1. Coto Makassar

Who hasn’t tried this culinary? It needs to be understood, this culinary is not only popular in its place of origin, but can also be found outside Sulawesi. Some are sold at roadside stalls and some are sold at specialty restaurants serving Coto Makassar dishes.

Visiting Makassar isn’t complete if you don’t try this culinary experience in its native region. Coto Makassar is a soupy dish made from meat and beef innards seasoned with a variety of spices. That said, it takes about 40 types of spices to spice up this one dish. This spice is often known as rampah patang pulo. Pieces of beef combined with a thick and tasty gravy and a sprinkling of green onions will certainly give a delicacy sensation that really spoils anyone’s tongue.

In Makassar, it is not difficult to find a restaurant that offers this Makassar specialty. One of the most popular places to enjoy the Coto Makassar menu is Coto Nusantara. The taste of Coto Makassar at this restaurant is considered very authentic and friendly to the tongues of various circles. So that it is always crowded with customers. You can come there anytime because this restaurant is open every day, from 06.30 to 18.00 WITA.

2. Konro soup

Apart from Coto Makassar, there is one more savory soup dish that is included in Makassar’s special food dish, namely Sop Konro. This is a typical Makassar food with a dark color because it uses kluwek spices like those used for Rawon typical of East Java. The basic ingredients for this konro soup are beef and beef ribs which are boiled together with tamarind water, cinnamon, and also various spices. As a result, this food will offer a very rich taste. If you are interested in tasting this culinary delight, then you can go to the Konro Karebosi restaurant. This place is already popular in the city of Makassar, even among politicians and celebrities. With this popularity, you have to be prepared to stand in line if you want to enjoy serving konro soup at this restaurant. This place is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm WITA.

3. Pallubas

If you don’t like the taste of Coto Makassar which uses ketupat because you are used to eating rice, then you can try enjoying the typical Makassar Pallubasa dish. This one dish is indeed very similar to Coto Makassar. The basic ingredients themselves are beef or buffalo offal. Where the material is cooked for quite a long time with various spices. Pallubasa is generally served with white rice. Even though the characteristics of this Makassar special food in terms of appearance are almost the same as other Makassar special soup dishes, Pallubasa is very different. This dish has a thicker sauce with a brownish color.

This one food will usually be mixed with egg yolks and serundeng. So, free-range chicken egg yolks will be added to the soup when it’s served. So that it will mix cooked in the hot soup. Pallubasa itself could only be enjoyed by royalty. However, now anyone can and can enjoy this dish. In Makassar itself, there are many places to eat that provide Pallubasa menus with delicious flavors. One of those places is Pallubasa Wolf. This place is open every day from 9 am to 8 pm WITA.

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4. Pallumara

If you don’t like beef or buffalo meat, this Pallumara is a dish worth considering. This typical Makassar food is made from basic fish ingredients, namely red snapper, tuna, milkfish, and also common snapper. This menu is in the form of yellow soup. The yellow color itself comes from the spices that use turmeric. The other spices used for this food menu are shallots, garlic, tamarind, ginger, chilies, and also lime leaves.

The way to make Pallumara is also quite simple, namely the fish is covered with spices first, then cooked with spices that have been sautéed until fragrant. The taste of this dish is almost the same as sweet and sour fish. Apart from using red snapper, the type of fish that is often used is cob or milkfish. This pallumara will usually be served with a companion in the form of white rice. The place that serves this Pallumara menu is the Ulu Juku Restaurant. Apart from providing this food menu, this restaurant also provides a variety of other Makassar specialties.

5. Barongko

If you are looking for typical Makassar appetizers in the form of snacks, try eating this one. Makassar itself has unique and delicious types of food, one of which is barongko. This cake wrapped in banana leaves is made from bananas. For making barongko itself, namely bananas will be mashed, then mixed with coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and salt. The mixture will then be wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until cooked. This barongko is a sweet snack that is suitable as a friend for tea. To enjoy this one snack, you can get it at Mama Cake and Ice Cream Shop. This shop is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm WITA.

6. Banana Epe

Are you a fan of bananas? If so, then you have to try this culinary after trying barongko. Pisang Epe is a typical Makassar food made from kepok bananas. To make this food, kepok bananas are used, which are still ripe. The bananas will then be burned using hot coals until fragrant. After that, the banana will be split and pressed until it is flat and then burned again. Then after it’s cooked, add a topping of a mixture of pandan leaf water, salt, and brown sugar. As a result, you can enjoy a snack with a very special taste.

What’s more, some epe bananas are sometimes served with durian toppings. Banana epe is perfect to enjoy in the afternoon while relaxing. You can easily get this food along Losari Beach. Even though many traders sell EPE bananas, the flavors offered are almost as delicious. The traders will sell their wares from 4 pm to 12 pm WITA.

7. Ice Palu Butung

After you’ve had your fill of trying various kinds of culinary delights and delicious Makassar snacks, don’t forget to try a typical Makassar dessert in the form of mixed ice known as Es Palu Butung. This mixed ice offers a sweet taste with a composition of steamed bananas added with coconut milk and milk. Its refreshing taste with the addition of ice makes it very suitable to be enjoyed during the day to quench thirst. The basic ingredients of this mixed ice are ripe kepok bananas. The bananas are steamed and then cut into pieces. For presentation, bananas are arranged on a bowl and then added with vla from rice flour and added milk and syrup. One of the most favorite places to enjoy this hammer ice is at RM Bravo. This restaurant is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm WITA.

8. Green Banana Ice

Pisang Ijo Ice is a typical Makassar mixed ice that is well known throughout Indonesia. The taste is very delicious and also the unique shape makes this food taste very delicious and refreshing. Es Pisang Ijo is made from ripe kepok bananas or plantains. The bananas are wrapped in green flour dough from rice flour and also suji leaf water to give the impression of banana skin.

Bananas that have been covered with dough can then be steamed until cooked. In its presentation, green bananas are served with rice flour vla, syrup and milk. The best place to eat green banana ice is at RM Bravo. This restaurant provides a variety of delicious Makassar culinary delights. Apart from RM Bravo, other places that are also popular for serving green banana ice are the Muda Mudi Restaurant on Jalan Deer and green banana ice in La Galigo.

9. Gogoso

Are you a fan of foreign eggs? If so, you must try this typical Makassar food. Makassar also has unique special food accompanied by salted eggs. This one dish is called gogoso, which we can usually find during Eid. Gogoso is a snack made of glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled. The sticky taste of sticky rice with a combination of savory salted eggs will make your tongue shake. Even though this dish is often found during Eid, you can still taste it if you visit Mama Cake and Ice Cream Shop. This cake shop is known for its delicious and delicious Makassar specialties.

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10. Juku Pallu Ce’La

For those of you who like various dishes made from fish, then Juku Pallu Ce’La is a must try. This dish is made from skipjack tuna. Apart from cakalang, other types of fish that are often used are flying fish, tembang, sponge cake, and sibula’. This one food is cooked with simple spices, namely salt and turmeric. What’s interesting about this food is the unique cooking method, so it feels special when you enjoy it.

Pallu Ce’La fish actually means fish cooked with a salty taste. This dish can be stored for several days. Juku Pallu Ce’La will really enjoy when served with racak taipa or chopped mango with warm rice. For the manufacturing process, the fish must be cleaned first, then cooked with turmeric and salt that has been mashed. The cooking process itself should use firewood.

After that, the fish that has been mixed with turmeric and salt is cooked until the juice is completely absorbed until the aroma of turmeric and the taste of salt are evenly distributed throughout the body of the fish. If you are curious about the taste of this food, you can enjoy it at the Apong Seafood Restaurant. The food stall is open almost every day from 11 am to 9 pm WITA.

11. Palekko Makassar duck

If you are looking for Makassar specialties made from duck, then try Bebek Palekko. This is a typical Bugis dish made from chopped duck meat. The taste of this dish has been prepared in such a way that the connoisseurs feel the spiciness. Even though it’s spicy, you are guaranteed to continue to enjoy it until nothing is left.

The spices used for this dish are chili, tamarind water, shallots, garlic, lemon grass, galangal, ginger, pepper, salam, lime leaves, turmeric, salt and sugar. The spices are mashed and then sautéed. When the spices are fragrant, the pieces of duck meat can be added and cooked until the spices are completely absorbed. So, if you are curious about this culinary taste, you can try it at Palekko Makassar. This restaurant is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm WITA.

12. Typical Bugis Burasa

It can be said that this food is a typical Makassar rice cake. This typical South Sulawesi food is made from cooked rice wrapped in young banana leaves. This dish has a mild taste and is usually served with a sprinkling of seasonings from desiccated coconut, chilies, salt and sugar. Actually, it is not difficult to find this culinary delight because it is sold in many cake vendors and traditional markets. You can also try it at Bakso 33 Makassar at a fairly affordable price.

13. Singkolo Bagadang

Singkolo bagadang is a typical Makassar food made from black sticky rice served with grated roasted coconut or serundeng as a topping. This food can also be added with eggs, salted fish, and yellow chili sauce. As a result, this dish is sure to be very appetizing. Songkolo bagadang is generally used in various Sulawesi traditional events. However, to be able to enjoy it, you don’t have to take part in the traditional event. You can try it at Songkolo Bagadang Restaurant Alhamdulillah. Uniquely, the restaurant is open every day for 24 hours.

Those are some recommendations for typical Makassar food that you can try.

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