15 Most Popular Regional Songs of Central Java Province and Their Lyrics and Meanings

Traditional Songs from Central Java – Hello Sinaumed’s friends , since attending kindergarten, Indonesians have been familiar with various kinds of Indonesian songs. However, over time these songs are often forgotten due to the influence of time and are increasingly rarely heard. Regional songs for the province of Central Java in particular, as a province which is known to be very productive and rich in enviable regional songs.

Each region in Indonesia generally has a unique culture. Therefore, Indonesia is also known for its cultural diversity. One of the provinces that has a lot of cultural uniqueness is Central Java Province.

This article will explain a list of Central Javanese folk songs along with their lyrics and meanings. Maybe some of you have heard the name of a Central Javanese folk song but don’t know the full lyrics or maybe you already know the full name and the lyrics, but you are not sure what one of the Central Javanese folk songs means. So all the information given in this article will be of great help to you.

Central Java Regional Song

Indonesia is a country rich in diversity. Starting from the tribe, culture, flora, fauna and others. Even though there are many differences in Indonesia, because of that, Indonesian people can unite and respect each other.

One of the rich characteristics of Indonesia which is still passed down from generation to generation is regional songs. Each region has its own variety of regional songs.

As is the case in Central Java, there are several regional songs, the existence of regional songs in Central Java can also be used as an identity.

As a Javanese, who here has never heard the song Gundul Gundul Pacul , or played the traditional mushroom game, or sang the Gambang Suling song in a regional sound arts class in elementary school?

As you remember, the songs above are Central Javanese folk songs, which are part of the Javanese childhood life.

But of course the art of Central Javanese music is still too broad to be expressed in only three kinds of songs. So, below, we will at least review some of the most popular Central Javanese folk songs, as well as analyze the meanings behind some of the lyrics in the song.

1. The song “Bad-Bad Pacul”


Bald hoe cul


Nyunggi nyunggi wakul kul


Wakul is shy

dadi sac ratan

Wakul is shy

dadi sac ratan…

Meaning of the Song “Bad-Bad Pacul”

Who doesn’t know this song? Because the song Gundul-Gundul Pacul is one of the most popular traditional songs in Indonesia. Even though it is classified as very ancient, its existence is not only friendly to parents but also teenagers and children.

At the beginning of its appearance, it was known that the composer of the song Gundul-Gundul Pacul was named RC Hardjosubroto. However, over time, there has been much debate about its creator, with some observers claiming that the creator is Sunan Kalijaga.

The meaning of the song Gundul Pacul tells the story of a Head/Traditional Leader/King who rules authoritarianly, authoritarianly and does not care about his people, so that the tasks he bears are not carried out.

Although classified as a children’s song, this song seems to have a deep philosophical meaning. Philosophically, Bald-Bad Pacul talks about honor, leadership and responsibility.

Bald is a bald head without hair. The head represents honor, while the hair represents the crown and beauty of the head. In this song, the word bald means the honor of not wearing a crown.

The hoe or hoe is a farming tool that symbolizes the common people, especially farmers. The people of Central Java say that the beliung is papat kang ucul (four cowards), it can be understood that one’s honor really depends on how one uses the four senses: eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

2. The song “Xylophone Flute”


Xylophone flute

chanting swarane..


unine kepanak..

u.. ..nine mung nrennyuh akhe..

Bhareng and kentrung

flute ketipung

Shigrak kendhanane..

The meaning of the song “Gambang Suling”

It is known that the creator of this song is a famous puppeteer named Ki Narto Sabdo. This song is quite old and very popular. In fact, most children in Central Java used to always sing this song before starting the game.

3. Song “Lir Ilir”


Lir-ilir, lir-ilir

tandure wis sumilir

Not green royo-royo

don’t bother with new friends…

Cah angon-cah angon

kuwi starfruit expert

Lunyu-lunyu yo penekno

you wash dodotiro…


kumitir bedhah ing side

Dondomono jlumatono

kanggo sebo kok afternoon..

While padhang moon

while jembar was in the middle

Yo surako

surak hiyo…

The meaning of the song “Lir Ilir”

The next Central Javanese song, Lir-Ilir, is no less popular. According to many verified opinions, the song writer Lir-Ilir is Sunan Kalijaga.

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This song was used as a vehicle for preaching during the heyday of Walisongo, especially in Central Java and Java Island. The meaning of the song Lir-Ilir is an invitation and advice to all mankind to always worship Allah SWT.

It doesn’t stop there, the moral message of the song Lir-Ilir also invites us to keep up the enthusiasm, be grateful, be patient and put our trust in Allah SWT, whatever we get and what we strive for.

Furthermore, he also invites us not to be lazy, and encourages us to quickly recover from all adversities, life’s difficulties, and unwanted destiny, in a way that does not conflict with Islamic teachings.

4. The song “Jenang Gulo”


gulo jenang,

kowe ojo lali angry I iki yo kang mas

Nalikane nandang hard sopho sing dating,

Dhek semono I stay setyo and keep tresno yo,

bro bro

Durung nate gawe ghelo lan gawe kuciwo

How come Ning Saiki and Mukti, Kowe, even failed to get mad at me

The Sithiks have to be nesu and keep pushing them together

Jo nono… jo nono…

Opo kowe pancen ra kelingan jame deck biyen yo kang mas

Kowe promises that it’s hard to do it…

The meaning of the song “Jenang Gulo”

The next Central Javanese traditional song is titled Jenang Gulo which was composed by Andjar Any. In my opinion, the meaning of this song is quite poignant, which is about the breakdown of marital relations because of status.

The meaning of the song Jenang Gulo tells the story of a wife and husband who are loyal to each other, even in difficult times they are always together without regrets or anything. However, when the husband is successful, he often scolds his wife, and often the wife becomes selfish, arrogant and rude.

5. The song “Genggong Crickets”


Kendal Kalin Wungu

Learn to know me

Lelene was crushed to death

Gepuk nggo walesane

Suwe doesn’t tap

Sido’s heart is crushed

Suwarane just knock


E..ya..e..yae yae yae

Gang cricket

Gang cricket

Luwih becik nonsense

Semarang times flooded

Jo semelang rack thought

Cricket upo sobo ning tonggo

Jumped up in the middle of jogan

Wis characters pyro

Jare admits setyo

Press the road of irregularities


E..ya..e..yae yae yae

Gang cricket

Gang cricket

Wani glanced at uwong silently

Yen ngetan is back

Tiwas is crazy or not a joke

Yen nrujak rujako pineapple

Ojo added kweni

Kene died in vain

You are hot

Jebul ono sing nduweni


E..ya..e..yae yae yae

Gang cricket

Gang cricket

Sampun cecap mongso borong…

The Meaning of the Song “Genggong Crickets”

This Central Javanese folk song was popularized by Waldjinah. The meaning is always in pain, the song Jangkrik Genggong tells of someone who is betrayed by a lover. Although many have been sacrificed, both time, energy, materials, etc.

6. Song “Jaranan”


Jaranan, jaranan jarane jaran tejhi

Sing numpak Mas Ngabèhi,

accompanying the servants…

Jrhek jrhek nong, jrhek jrhek gung

jrhek jrhek also lurung

Cringing thump, clinking thump

thok thok thud jedhèr…

Cringing thump, clattering thump

thok thok thud jedhèr…

The meaning of the song “Jaranan”

Jaranan is the name of a Central Javanese folk song composed by Ki Hadi Sukatno. This song will often be heard and performed at various events, from traditional events, art performances to wedding receptions.

The players there are usually children, with lots of fun. Jaranan itself is a musical instrument played with bamboo and iron.

7. The song “Father Pucung”


Mr. Pucung dudu watu dudu gunung

Sangkane ing across

‘ngon-ingone the Regent

Mr. Pucung yen did lembehan grana…

The meaning of the song “Father Pucung”

This next Central Javanese song comes from Kradenan District, Grobogan Regency, the origin of the author is unknown. This song is often played by children to accompany music in their games.

The meaning of the song Mr. Pucung’s philosophy is to always maintain good and positive relations between people, both in the formal environment, community, family, professional and others.

Mr Bucung himself is a bright orange insect with a black body, black patterned back or wings, and a white stripe on the belly.

8. The song “Cublak-Cublak Suweng”


suweng cublak-cublak

suwenge ting gelenter

Mambu ketudhung gudhel

Mr. Gempong was lera-lere

Who’s waiting for ndelikake

Sir sir pong dele burnt

Sir sir pong dele burnt

The meaning of the song “Cublak-Cublak Suweng” 

Cublak-Cublak Suweng is a song sung in a traditional game called Cublak-Cublak Suweng. This game is often played by young people in villages or villages in Java, especially Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java.

This game is usually played by 4 to 12 children. Start with hompimpa or gambreng to determine who will play Pak Empo. Then Pak Empo lay face down in the middle while the other children sat around him.

Then the children around Pak Empo opened their palms and placed them on Pak Empo’s back. Then one of the children takes seeds or pebbles which are passed from hand to hand while singing the Cublak-Cublak Suweng song .

When the song plays the words “…sapa nahaha ndelikake” , the seeds or pebbles must be hidden in the hands of the child who receives them. At the end of the song, all the children sit together holding hands and pretend to hide a seed or pebble by moving their hands.

Then Mr. Empo stood up and stepped on whose hand the seeds/pebbles were hidden. If his guess is correct, the child holding the seed must be Pak Empo in turn. If he is wrong, Pak Empo returns to the same bed and the game starts again.

9. The song “Jamuran” 


Mushroom, mushroom, yo ge ge thok

What mushrooms, what mushrooms, yo ge ge thok

Toadstool ngrembuyung like mauve

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Sira badhe what mushroom?

The meaning of the song “Jamuran”

Not much different from Cublak-Cublak Suweng, Mushroom is also a song sung in the game called Mushroom. This game can be played by 4 to 12 children which is usually played in the afternoon or at night during the full moon.

The game Mushroom can be played by both boys and girls, generally between the ages of 6 and 13. This game also does not require tools, only a large field.

10. The song “Turi-Turi Putih”


The white turi was planted on the edge of the well

The white turi was planted on the edge of the well

Jeleret suddenly plunged into what kind of flowers

Mbok, Mbok, Mbok, Mbok, what do you think the flowers are

Flower flower m’lathi flower m’lathi dironce-ronce

Flower flower m’lathi flower m’lathi dironce-ronce

Sing kene half dead sing kana ‘ra piye piye

Mbok, Mbok, Mbok, Mbok, what do you think the flowers are

The meaning of the song “Turi-Turi Putih”

Turi-Turi Putih is a song left by Sunan Giri, about wisdom, awareness of life and death. This song is so beautiful and full of meaning, the special message that this song carries is for knowledgeable students and teachers who become teachers.

White turi symbolize speech or advice. While white represents the shroud and represents death. In this way, Turi-Turi Putih is the teacher’s advice to students about the ultimate meaning of life or death.

This song gives a message to students to always follow what the teacher says in the form of advice so they don’t get lost. Although a teacher is a type of character whose behavior and words are always imitated and emulated, a teacher must be more careful in his actions and words.

11. The song “Padhang Wulan”


Yo ‘pra kanca dolanan ing jaba

padhang wulan padhange rich rina

The awe-awe moon

Just don’t look at Padha in the afternoon

Yo ‘pra kanca dolanan ing jaba

there are a lot of people here, right, Kancane

Langite pancen sumebyar rina

yo padha dolanan sinambi joke

The meaning of the song “Padhang Wulan”

In terms of text, this song clearly contains an invitation to spend a full moon night with friends. But philosophically, this song really invites gratitude to the Almighty for such a beautiful night.

As an expression of gratitude, the songwriter, who is not yet known for certain, invites us not to sleep too late in the evening or before sunset, because to liven up a beautiful night it must be filled with sunnah worship.

12. The song “Gek Kepriye”


Duh, I feel like this

Anake wong or duwe

Nalor nosy tansah diece

Karo kanca-kancane

Pye pye pye pye ya ben rasakna

Pye pye pye pye feel dewe

Pye pye pye pye ya ben rasakna

Pye pye pye pye feel dewe

See you when I can

Urip kang luwih mulya

Melu honors the nation’s drajat

Indonesia, my lord

Pye pye pye pye mbuh ra weruh

Pye pye pye pye mbuh ra understand

Pye pye pye pye mbuh ra weruh

Pye pye pye pye mbuh ra understand…

The meaning of the song “Gek Kepriye”

The next popular folk song from Central Java is entitled Gek Kepriye sung by Eka Kusuma. The song tells the story of a poor boy who finds it difficult to get along because he doesn’t know anything, but his enthusiasm and optimism is always burning and he always works hard.

13. Song “Sluku-Sluku Shell”


Sluku-sluku shell

Bathoke ela-elo

Si Rama regrets Solo

Leh by umbrella mutho

Mak titit, you know, lobah

People die or not medicate

Yen obah medeni child

Yen urip goleka duwit

The meaning of the song “Sluku-Sluku Batok”

Even though it looks like a children’s song with simple language, it is clear that Sluku-Sluku Bathok is one of the songs created by Sunan Kalijaga and contains a very philosophical meaning.

That said, Sunan Kalijaga has included elements of religious values ​​in the form of these children’s songs, because they are easier to remember and last longer. The title Sluku-Sluku Bathok is also said to be an absorption from the Arabic language, Ghuslu Ghuslu Bathnaka, which means “Bathe (clean) your mind”.

14. The song “Pitik Tukung”


I’m two pitik pitik tukung

Every day I don’t eat corn

Petok Gok Petok Nendok pitu

Don’t make netes telu

Kabeh trondol trondol without wulu

Mondol mondol dol gawe gawe

The meaning of the song “Pitik Tukung”

Pitik Tukung’s lyrics tell about the beauty of the countryside. In addition, the song ‘Pitik Tukung’ is meant to advise us to act well, to behave wisely, and to teach us to always behave honestly.

15. Song “Gendhing Ketawang Mother Earth”



Paring food and sandhang kang murakabi

Peparing the fortune of manungsa, kang yekti


Mrih sutresna mring sesami


Kang maelu urip yekti

Mother earth’s masterpiece.

The Meaning of the Song “Gendhing Ketawang Mother Pertiwi”

Gending Ketawang Ibu Pertiwi is one of the most famous Javanese pieces. If we really absorb the aesthetic value of this genre, we will feel the beauty of this song.

In the gender version of Gendhing Ketawang Ibu Pertiwi, the lyrics are sung by a sinden who has a very melodious voice. They sing it very nicely to the rhythm of the music that accompanies it. Gender is again beautified by the composition of several gamelan instruments.

The meaning contained in Mother Earth Ketawang who is female is that the motherland has fulfilled our needs such as clothing and food.

Always giving people the risk. Mother Earth has love for all beings in this world. And finally, the homeland has always been interested in this life. This is proof of love for this country.

Gendhing Ketawang Mother Earth seems to remind us all to always remember where we come from, Mother Nature always gives everything we need sincerely.

But sometimes, as humans, we sometimes forget to be grateful for what we have. So we have to work together to protect our homeland from harm.

Author: Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

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