20 Most Popular Balinese Regional Songs and Their Lyrics and Meanings

Hello Sinaumed’s friends , since attending kindergarten or elementary to high school, Indonesian people are familiar with various kinds of Indonesian songs. However, over time these songs are often forgotten due to the influence of the times and are increasingly rarely heard. Bali regional songs in particular, as a region known to be very productive and rich in enviable folk songs.

Bali is one of the islands in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago with Denpasar as its capital. Geographically, Bali is located between the two islands of Java and Lombok.

The majority of the Balinese are Hindus. In the eyes of the world, Bali is well-known as a tourist destination with a unique variety of cultural and artistic products. Foreigners often visit Bali, such as Japan, Australia and other Western countries.

Bali is also known as the Island of the Gods and the Island of a Thousand Temples. There is a lot of art and culture that belongs to Bali itself, which makes it a distinct feature of the area. One of the cultural characteristics that is still preserved by the Balinese people is their traditional musical instruments.

In addition to traditional musical instruments, Balinese art also includes sound art in the form of songs, songs, Balinese folk songs, etc. Art plays a full role in many aspects of Balinese life, from daily entertainment and moral values ​​to the art and traditional rituals that accompany it.

Balinese regional songs are a form of culture that has high artistic value. The songs also take various forms, ranging from children’s songs, kidung or geguritan which are commonly called pupuh .

Each song contains a moral message that the creators want to convey, even though many of them use ancient Javanese or Balinese which are difficult to understand nowadays.

Traditional Songs from Bali

As we know, Bali is known as an area with beautiful nature. However, if Sinaumed’s explores deeper, Bali has very good folk songs, you know.

In order for Sinaumed’s to get to know Balinese culture, here sinaumedia summarizes a collection of Balinese folk songs along with their lyrics and meanings. Come on, let’s see!

1. Queen Anom

This song may already be very familiar to the ears of the Balinese people. Ratu Anom is a Balinese folk song, usually sung by Balinese children at home or at school.

Ratu Anom’s songs are full of meaning and give us confidence in life. In addition, this Balinese folk song has also become part of Balinese culture. Its unique and solemn tone makes this song a lullaby for children.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Ratu Anom”

Ratu anom met meilen-ilen

Ratu anom met meilen-ilen

Dong pirengang munyin sulinge in jaba

Dong pirengang munyin sulinge in jaba

Nyen ento distills in the middle jaba

Nyen ento distills in the middle jaba

Gusti Ngurah Alit Jambe Pemecutan

Gusti Ngurah Alit Jambe Pemecutan

2. Traffic jams

As can be seen from the title of the song, this song tells about the character that Balinese people must have. The tone of voice is cheerful and fast, as if reflecting the nature of the Balinese people who are quick in solving problems or work.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Macepet-Cepetan”

Jani jani jammed fast

Jani jani jammed fast

Nanging limane tusing dadi matiang

Sejaba ento mekajang dadi

Nyenje loses to the gedhing prank

3. Meyang-Meyong

The next Balinese folk song is called Meyang-Meyong . Still related to the title, the word “Meyong” is synonymous with cats. Well, this song is about a cat and a mouse always getting into trouble.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Meyang-Meyong”

Meow, meow,

Instead, bikule

Big Big Bikul,

Buin mokoh-mokoh,

Cool annoying message…



Catch the mouse…

Big rats…

Also fat…

Always causing a riot…

4. Princess Cening Ayu

The song “Putri Cening Ayu” from Bali tells the story of a conversation between a mother and her child, which makes the child wait at home while the mother goes shopping at the market.

Another implication of the song is that parents must allow their children to develop and find their true selves. But even so, parents still play a role in instilling positive values ​​and norms.

The following are the lyrics of the song “Princess Cening Ayu “

Beautiful beautiful princess

look forward to Friday

Wide meme shame

tired of shopping

Do you have dadang rice?

Stalking pole meme

nogos ngijeng friday

While mangempu

take a titang dadua

Pressed nyen gapgapin


Beautiful daughter

stay at home first

Mother wants to go

to the market for shopping

So that there is food

Mother, I do

stay alone at home

While guarding

two sisters

Bring souvenirs

5. Dadong Dauh

Dadong Dauh is a Balinese folk song which is included in children’s songs. This song tells a short story about a grandmother who raises chickens and lays eggs. However, a group of naughty children came to collect the eggs.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Dadong Dauh”

Dadong leaves are ready to white

Suba metaluh design

Minab has limolas taluhne

Prostitute Nanging wants to be patted

Sneaky kids, squishy kids

Kaliwat gudipipun

Cai ketut metetajen kangin

Papa punang botok

Tetajene kelangkung ramene

Cai ketut magella a bangsit

Win two ropes, win two ropes

Tetajene suba suud

6. Aunt Rangda

Many people associate the song Bibi Rangda with the Javanese song Lingsir Weng i, thinking it is a mystical song. Whereas Aunt Rangda is a spiritual song that is usually sung by children during the Mejauman ceremony.

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Today, Aunt Rangda’s songs are often used as accompaniment to Rangda’s dances, although they have little to do with other than the resemblance of Rangda’s name.

The Balinese word for aunt is a term for a woman or maid during the royal period. Rangda is the name given to the widows of the Tri Wangsa tribe.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Aunt Rangda”

Aunt Aunt Rangda Apang Durus Karyan Aunt

Auntie’s aunt kelod kangin jumah dane jegeg dimples

Suba Jani Keto Pole Ngaba Aled Munyi

Sesanganan kaon jaja sirat keluban durian durian

Duren green durian watermelon ivory yellow

Kanti lampa nguda salak jackfruit kaliasem mangeronce

7. Scatter Master

Juru Pencar is a Balinese folk song which is very well known in coastal communities. Literally, the song tells about life on the coast, most of whom work as fishermen. The song invites fishermen to jointly find fish to make ends meet.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Juru Pencar”

Scatterer, Scatterer

Mai is looking for cool ebe

Be big, be big

Disawani ajake liu

Be big, be big

Disawani ajake liu


Fish catcher, fish catcher

Let’s go fishing

Big fish, big fish

At the mouth of the river there are many

Big fish, big fish

At the mouth of the river there are many

8. Balinese Dance Song

As the title suggests, Balinese dance songs describe how dynamic and beautiful Balinese dance is. Balinese dance is a local art form that is part of the rich culture of Bali. Not only local residents, this art is also an attraction for foreign tourists.

Here are the lyrics of ” Balinese Dance Song”

Loud cheers

Various sounds of crowded dance

Through the gate decorated with banners

Riding a golden horse carriage

Promise dance cheers

Why don’t I come too

Trees, birds, rivers participate

Merrily sing dance dance

9. Sandat Flowers

Literally, Bungan Sandat is a ylang flower that has a strong connection with Balinese culture. Aside from being an ornamental plant, ylang flowers are often used in many Balinese traditional ceremonies.

Apart from ylang flowers, the song Bungan Sandat contains messages for young women to always take care of themselves. Where adolescence is a period susceptible to being affected by negative things.

Apart from Bunga ylang, the song Bungan Sandat also contains a message for young women to always take care of themselves. Adolescence is a period that is vulnerable to negative things.

In the lyrics, a teenager who cannot take care of himself is likened to a hibiscus flower. Hibiscus flowers have a very beautiful appearance, but once picked, they weaken and quickly wither to the point of being useless and thrown away.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Bungan Sandat”

Yen gumanti bajang tan bina ya nedeng flower shoots

Disuba ye withered tan there ngarungwang cooking mekutang

Becik performs de gumanti as a star flower

Mentik dirurunge makejang grouped raris kaentungang

To i, the sandat flower, always withered, is mine

To ya bone-bearing sauripe do becik

The truni mangda help each other

Menyama beraya to kukuhin rahayu kepanggih

10. Enjoy the fun

This song tells about a love story between a boy and a girl. Ngusak Asik is a Balinese folk song with a fast tempo and a witty melody. Like most Balinese songs, this song also uses a lot of rhythmic inversions and repetitions.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Ngusak Asik”

Cai ketut demai riot

Bas kaliwat cai ngawe hurts

Cang sing demen

Ngidih olas ketut pang enggal megedi

11. Prince

This song is also known as Jangi Janger. Menengeran is a folk song that contains an invitation to dance to get rid of sadness. Because dancing is part of Balinese culture as entertainment to relieve fatigue and pain.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Mejangeran”

Jangi Janger,

happy happy janger

happy happy janger

Serere nyomane nyore

The twinkling twinkling of flowers

Slim, lanjar, pamulune with ivory

Ngiring may be a prince

Seriang ento rora roti

Arasijang jangi janger,

arasijang jangi janger

Arasijang jangi janger,

arasijang jangi janger

12. Janger

This song, composed by I Gede Dharna, describes the happy feelings of young men and women living in Bali. The lyrics of the song express feelings of joy and optimism and imagine the warm atmosphere of the Balinese countryside.

Janger is known as an accompaniment to the social dance of the people in Bali. Usually the Janger dance will be performed in pairs between male and female dancers.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Janger”

Ara sijang jangi janger ko pyak epong (2x)

Copy of sledet Copy of sledet pak de dut sir (2x)

Ara sijang jangi janger ko pyak epong (2x)

Copy of sledet Copy of sledet pak de dut sir (2x)

Sreyag sreyog accompanied me Jangeran in the middle

Ara sijang jangi janger ko pyak epong (2x)

13. Made Cenik

The song “Made Cenik” was certainly familiar to children in Bali in the 1990s. Each song’s lyrics and melody are unique and fun. So easy to remember and often like a lullaby.

It’s just that if you dig deeper, the songs passed down from generation to generation by the Balinese people contain philosophical values ​​in each of their lyrics. The meaning of each part of the lyrics can be a provision and material for reflection for the younger generation in Bali to live their social life. This means that Made Cenik was hit by a car at dusk.

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Here are the lyrics of the song “Made Cenik”

Made Cenik, Lilig Motor dibi Sanja,

Lilig Motor in Bi Sanja,

Badung motorbikes to Gianyar, Badung motorbikes to Gianyar…

Gedebege fits the stone,

Stone China, loud booming barracks,

Bais loudly booed the barracks,

Mangumbar umbar I Codar…

Mangumbar umbar I Codar,

I Codare matulupan,

squat anchor,

Manyaruang nyongcong crickets,

Manyaruang nyongcong crickets…

nilotama cricket,

nilotama cricket,

Nilotama Tunjung Biru,

Blue Head.

Margi I Ratu Masolah,

Margi I Ratu Masolah,

Don’t bother with each other,

Don’t bother with each other,

Clap the fire please plunge…

The meaning of the lyrics tells the story of Made Cenik who has been eroded by time. Or in a sense, most Balinese today can only remain silent and become spectators today.

As Balinese living today, it is hoped that they will not be like Made Cenik . Cenik means small. If we still consider ourselves small (incapable, helpless, unwilling to develop ourselves, unproductive and without positive thinking), then the person who becomes Made Cenik will be oppressed by the times (Lilig).

14. Tresna Mejohan

The next Balinese folk song is titled Tresna Mejohan. This song tells about a young man who is in love. If you are one of them then this song is for the one you like.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Tresna Mejohan”

As deep as the sky as deep as white,

Tresnan pole ken buy,

Without buying life feels lonely,

Yadiastun ejoh distance and time,

Tsing pole cares…

15. Dewa Ayu

This folk song was composed by I Made Wayan. Dewa Ayu’s song symbolizes the vocation of high class girls. Margi I Ratu mesolah means let’s jump and mesolah mabulu wangsul means jump forwards and backwards. So, in terms of the meaning of the lyrics, it’s about a Balinese girl learning to dance.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Dewi Ayu”

Beautiful god yes yes

beautiful god,

Margi I Ratu Mesola,

mesola mabulu wangsul…

Hulu hulu wangsul yes yes,

upstream upstream,

Swallow jake the Javanese way,

meyog way den hills…

16. Jangi Janger

This song tells about a beautiful woman who is picking flowers. Her shapely body and fair skin accentuated her slender beauty. This song is also an accompaniment to the Janger dance.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Jangi Janger”

Jangi Janger,

happy happy janger,

Happy happy janger,

Serere nyomane nyore…

The twinkling twinkling of flowers,

Slim, lanjar, pamulune with ivory,

Jani Mengeran Street,

Seledet enyorina tiyang…

Arasijang krangi janger, arasijang krangi janger,

Arasijang krangi janger, arasijang krangi janger.,

Jangi Janger, Sengenge, Sengseng Janger,,

Happy happy janger..

Serere nyomane nyore,

The twinkling twinkling of flowers,

Slim, lanjar, pamulune with ivory,

Jani Mengeran Street,

Cheers to Rora Roti….

17. Dear Adi

Adi dear jegeg once a month,

Dong Terangang Medaar,

Adi dear sampunang looking at meguyang,

Nyen can get wormy…

Adi dear sampunan pati naughty,

Mai milu explores matembang,

Sampunang pragat nagih mengyang,

Memene dipaon nu ngai delaran…

Dear Adi, Jegeg Bulan,

Dingehang jani the singing pole,

Adi Dear Jegeg Bulan,

Tegarang Adi milu nuutang…

18. Chinese Stone

Batis loudly mocked the barracks

Batis loudly condescendingly bad

Mangumbang umbang I Jodar

Mangumbang umbang I Jodar

I Jodar matetulupan

Squat anchor

Disguised as crickets

Disguised as crickets

Nilotama kawi cricket

Nilotama kawi cricket

Blue tunjung Nilotama

Blue head

Margi I Queen of mesiram

Margi I Queen of mesiram

Egyptam nods at each other

Egyptam nods at each other

Clap the fire please plunge.

19. Sekar Emas

Sekar diskar gold ngereronce

Sekar majestic disange sky

Soyor kangin, soyor lauh

worth it

20. Tresna Kanti Pawah

Kadi kesiramin tirta sanjiwani,

What’s wrong with you dear,

Breeze of the wind to wake up,

Ngae melt anyud tresnane…

Yening sube ulian which one is holy,

It’s a sin to find a share,

Ilangang kenehe ane boya-boya,

What is ejohin miserable,

Early in the morning, I’m crazy about nekain…

Telung warsa suba tusing je felt,

Tiang nampingin to buy,

Living together, kissing ups and downs,

Nindihin tresnane sujati…

Sing there miserable sing ade jealous,

Ane mekada byuta,

Tresna and Sayange Suba Mebeskan,

racquet rumaket mekilit,

Suksma buy, want to muani, sujati…

Dumogi je asung wara nugraha Hyang Widi,

Buy tresna kanti Gigine be already Pawah,

Keto mase tresnan pole kapining buy,

Steady steady as loud as the pole…

Thus this brief review of a collection of Balinese songs along with their lyrics and explanations. Hopefully with the collection of Balinese folk songs above, we can add insight and add to our understanding of the richness of Indonesian culture and art. Thank You.

If Sinaumed’s friends want to add more insight into the collection of Balinese regional songs. sinaumedia friends can buy books at sinaumedia.com at cheap and affordable prices.

Author: Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

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