20 Most Expensive NFTs in the World with Fantastic Prices Reaching Trillions!

Most Expensive NFT – Sinaumed’s must have known that in this sophisticated era, wealth owned by individuals, aka assets, is not only related to physical objects. Indeed, in ancient times, a person was said to have assets of wealth if he had extensive land or rice fields, large buildings, large amounts of money, and so on. But in today’s digital era, assets can be digital, you know… moreover, in the form of works of art or even collectibles.

The trend for NFT has also reached Indonesia in early 2022. The most expensive NFT from Indonesia was “won” by a student named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali with assets in the form of selfies every day and named Ghozali Everyday which sold up to 1.5 billion rupiah! Wow, what a fantastic price, huh! In fact, this NFT is not only in demand by ordinary people, but also world-class top celebrities. So, what are the most expensive NFTs in the world? Come on, see the following review!

17+ Most Expensive NFTs in the World

Before discussing what are the most expensive NFTs in the world, Sinaumed’s must first understand what NFTs are.

NFT aka Non-Fungible Token which if translated in Indonesian means ” Token that cannot be exchanged “. So, as the name implies, this NFT can be considered as a digital asset whose value cannot be exchanged or replaced with anything. If Sinaumed’s is still confused about the definition of NFT, try to compare it with Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream .

The similarity between Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream and NFT is that both are non-fungible or irreplaceable. Yep, the painting The Scream in fact cannot be replaced by any work, even if it is in the form of an identical replica. NFT is the same way, which is unique and no one can make it “twin”. Even information about the authenticity of NFTs will always be stored in the blockchain.

Blockchain is a data center that contains all information from NFTs in digital format. This information is in the form of who created it, what was the selling price, to the history of ownership of the NFT if it was successfully purchased by someone else. Then, what does “token” mean in an NFT? The token becomes a contract or certificate that validates the user as the owner of the NFT asset. Tokens are not only certificates of ownership, but can also provide access to royalty benefits, asset sales, and special access to exclusive communities.

Reporting from nftnow , let’s look at the following list of the most expensive NFTs in the world!

1. BEEPLE’s EVERYDAY: The First 5000 Days

The first most expensive NFT in the world is called The First 5000 Days which is owned by Beeple’s Everyday, with a price of $ 69.3 million (about 1 trillion rupiah). This price is referred to as the most expensive NFT selling price to date. Not only is it the most expensive NFT sale, but it also makes the NFT trend with this theme spread throughout the world.


In February 2022, a user named Julian Assange and Pak managed to sell his NFT assets for around $52.7 million (around 800 billion rupiah). This price is of course very fantastic for an NFT asset which illustrates the calculation of the time when Julian Assange was in prison due to several cases. Just a little trivia , Julian Assange is a founding journalist, spokesperson, and founder of the WikiLeaks site which is a site for publishing state and company secret documents to the public.

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This NFT asset was bought by Assange DAO, an organization whose mission is to fight for the freedom of the founder of WikiLeaks, namely Julian Assange.

3. BEEPLE: Human One

The third most expensive NFT in the world entitled Human One belongs to a user named BEEPLE and was successfully sold for $28.9 million (around 400 billion rupiah) in November 2021. This NFT sale was held during the Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale auction.

The reason why this NFT Human One is expensive is that it is considered to be a physical work that has no equal, let alone being made by a well-known digital artist. Even this Beeple user also managed to sell an NFT with the title Beeple’s Everyday which contains photos of him for 5000 days! What’s more, at the Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale auction, it was revealed that the Human One NFT is a true work of art, so it’s only natural that the price is very expensive.

4. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #5822

The next most expensive NFT in the world is entitled CryptoPunk #5822 which is owned by LARVA LABS users. In this NFT, featuring a punk-style alien figure with a blue bandana, priced at $ 23.7 million (around 300 billion rupiah) in February 2022. The buyer of this NFT is a Chain CEO, Deepak Thapliyal, who even tweeted this CryptoPunk NFT picture immediately after the purchase. The reason why this NFT is expensive is because it contains images of aliens, of which there are only 9 in Larva Labs’ collection.

5. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #7523

Still from the same work owner, Larva Labs re-released its NFT assets by loading alien images and made it to the list of the most expensive NFTs in the world. The NFT entitled CryptoPunk #7523 contains an alien figure with a face mask, hence the name “COVID Alien”. The selling price of this “COVID Alien” NFT is $11.7 million (about 169 billion rupiah) which was successfully sold at Sotheby’s Natively Digital auction last June.


At first glance, the image contained in this NFT is almost the same as the fictional character “Joker”, right? So, this NFT entitled Tpunk “Joker” is a rare digital asset which was bought by a founder of TRON, Justin Sun, in August 2021. Just a little trivia , Justin Sun, who is experienced in the field of NFT, once offered NFT Beeple’s Everyday: The First 5000 Days . Unfortunately, his bid lost about $250,000 (about 3 million rupiah) at the last minute.

7. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #4156

The next most expensive NFT is still held by Larva Labs users with their collection CryptoP unique #4156 which was successfully sold for $ 10.2 million (around 154 billion rupiah) in December 2021. Even though #4156 is not the number one most expensive NFT, it is still one of the most famous and expensive CryptoPunk collections.

8. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #5577

Still with the same user, namely Larva Labs, made its success in selling the most expensive NFT in the world with the work CryptoPunk #5577 which was sold in February 2022 for $ 7.7 million (around 107 billion rupiah). This digital artwork was purchased by the CEO of Compound Finance, Robert Leshner, who was then “shown off” via his Twitter tweet.

9. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #3100

Again, Larva Labs became the user who sold the most digital assets in the form of an NFT entitled CryptoPunk #3100 in March 2021 at a price of $ 7.57 million (around 107 billion rupiah). This NFT is one of 9 CryptoPunk collections that are synonymous with alien figures.

10. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #7804

Still with the same user, Larva Labs also managed to sell an NFT asset entitled Cry ptoPunk #7804 for $7.56 million (around 107 billion rupiah) in March 2021.

11. DMITRI CHERNIAK: Ringers #109

Among Dmitri Cherniak’s projects, the digital artwork asset entitled Ringers #109 is one of the most expensive NFTs in the world due to its complexity as a generative artwork. On that basis, Ringers #109 was able to sell for $7.1 million (around 107 billion rupiah) in October 2021.

12. XCOPY: Right-click and Save As Guy

The next most expensive NFT, entitled Right-click and Save As Guy , owned by XCOPY users, was then sold to Cozomo de’ Medici for $7 million (around 107 billion rupiah) in December 2021. The reason why this NFT is considered valuable is because the process has been going on for years, namely around 2018.

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13. LARVA LABS: CryptoPunk #8857

It seems that all of LARVA LABS’s work, especially the CryptoPunk collection, really has a lot of fans, huh ! In fact, the NFT entitled CryptoPunk #8857 was also able to sell for a fantastic price, namely $6.63 million (around 92 billion rupiah) last September 2021. This sale is also part of a series of purchases that took place throughout the summer and fall of 2021.

The reason why this digital asset is so expensive and is still famous today is because it is one of the CryptoPunk collections that are already popular with many people. Even a well-known investor, Cozomo de’ Medici also joined in buying this CryptoPunk collection, namely in series #3831.

14. BEEPLE: Crossroads

This most expensive NFT was originally printed in October 2022 and sold for $ 6.6 million (around 92 billion rupiah), which was then sold to the famous collector Pablo Fraile. The reason why this digital asset is so expensive is because it turned into a meme in the 2020 presidential election, which exposed the political tensions in the United States. Not only that, even Beeple also said that he had prepared several versions of this Crossroad work depending on who won the election in the future.

15. XCOPY: All The High in The City

At first glance, this digital artwork depicts a boatman from the underworld or hell and transporting a man across the river Styx. This NFT is considered a dark, abstract and dystopian illustration so it can be sold for $ 6.2 million (around 92 billion rupiah) in January 2022.

XCOPY himself is a user from London who often works with several effects. Not infrequently, many artists imitate their animation projects because they are so cool.


The NFT digital asset entitled FreeRoss is Ross Ulbricht’s first work which was successfully sold for $6.12 million (around 92 billion rupiah) after going through a 6-day auction process in December 2021. This work is part of the Ross Ulbricht Genesis NFT Collection which apparently has a purpose in selling it. Yep, the proceeds from the sale are not only an effort to free Ulbricht himself from prison, but also a fund to alleviate the suffering of prison inmates which is called Art4 Giving.

17. XCOPY: A Coin For The Ferryman

XCOPY users have again succeeded in making achievements by selling their digital assets at a fantastic price, namely $ 6.02 (around 92 billion rupiah) in November 2021. This NFT titled A Coin For The Ferryman was sold to SuperRare which also owns another XCOPY work, EVADER.

18. BEEPLE: Ocean Front

This time, a digital asset belonging to a Beeple user entitled Ocean Front was sold for $6 million (around 92 billion rupiah) in March 2021 to a Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur and founder of the TRON blockchain, Justin Sun. The money from the sale was then donated to the Open Earth Foundation.

The reason why the Ocean Front is so expensive is because it relates so much to the climate crisis. What’s more, NFT is part of The Carbon Drop, which was launched by the Nifty Gateway in collaboration with the Open Earth Foundation.

19. DMITRI CHERNIAK: Ringers #879

The next most expensive NFT has the name Ringers #879 and was created by DMITRI CHERNIAK in August 2021 for $6 million (92 billion rupiah). The buyer of this NFT is Three Arrows Capital, a cryptocurrency investment company in Singapore.


The NFT, which is called Stay Free, was created by the National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, which was then sold to PleasrDAO users for $ 5.4 million (around 84 billion rupiah) in April 2021. Proceeds from the sale of the NFT will be donated to the Freedom of The Press Foundation.

This NFT represents the visual of Snowden’s iconic Plato portrait. A little trivia, Edward Snowden is a former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who later became a contractor at the National Security Agency (NSA). The reason why this NFT was sold for that much, is because it contains court documents related to important decisions on mass surveillance. Yep, this act of mass surveillance was carried out by the National Security Agency (NSA) which broke the law.