11 Most Popular Central Javanese Regional Songs and Full Lyrics

Central Java folk songs – Indonesia is a country that is rich in diversity in it. Starting from tribes, culture, flora, fauna, and many others. Even though there are many differences within the Indonesian state, it is because of this that the Indonesian people can unite and respect one another.
One of Indonesia’s assets which is still being passed down from generation to generation is regional songs. Each region has various kinds of regional songs respectively.

As in Central Java, there are several regional songs, where the existence of regional songs in Central Java can also be used as their identity.

This article will explain the list of Central Javanese folk songs along with the lyrics and meanings in them. Maybe some of you have heard the title of the Central Javanese folk song but don’t know the full lyrics.

Or maybe you already know the title and full lyrics but don’t know exactly what meaning one of the Central Javanese folk songs has. Therefore all the information provided in this article will be very helpful.

Definition of Regional Songs

Before discussing about folk songs in Central Java. We will learn together about the meaning of the folk songs themselves so we can know more about them.

Regional songs are songs that come from an area. Usually folk songs take the theme of the daily life of the local community. The purpose of choosing this theme is to make folk songs more easily understood by listeners and can be accepted in various kinds of community activities.

In addition, if you look at it in general, Indonesian folk songs have lyrics that are in accordance with their respective regional languages. Of course, if you have ever heard folk songs from different regions, you are also aware of the differences in language in the lyrics used in the song.

The use of the local language in the making of these folk songs as well as taking the theme of everyday life can make these folk songs more easily accepted by the community, especially the local community.

In general, Indonesian regional songwriters are unknown. However, regional songs will still be popular because they are often sung by local people and people who live outside the area. On the other hand, this condition also means that these folk songs will indirectly continue to be preserved from generation to generation.

Regional Songs Based on Their Nature

According to its nature, folk songs are divided into two types, such as folk songs and classical songs. So that you also know more about the types of songs based on their nature, here is an explanation.

Folk song

Folk songs are songs that come from the people in a certain area. Usually folk songs in general will be passed on orally from one generation to another. Examples of folk songs are songs for death, marriage, sailing, farming, weaving and so on.

Classic Song

Classical songs are songs that were developed in old people’s government centers such as royal capitals and sultanates.

So, that’s a brief explanation of folk songs. Broadly speaking, folk songs are songs originating from a certain area which usually use the local language with the theme of life.

Examples of Popular Central Java Regional Songs

Central Java is one area that has folk songs. Examples of folk songs in Central Java are as follows.

1. Cublak-cublak Suweng

Song lyrics:

Cublak-cublak suweng
Suwenge ting gelenter
Mambu ketundung gudhel
Pak Empong lerak-lerek
Sopo ngguyu ndelekakhe

Sir-sir pong dele kopong
Sir-sir pong dele kopong


The meaning of the song lyrics contained in the song Cublak-cublak Suweng is to look for treasure, don’t just follow your lust. But everything really has to go back to a conscience that is so clean that is not influenced by lust
. By using our conscience in searching for wealth, we will find it easier to seek happiness and will not get lost on the way so we forget about the afterlife.

Meanwhile, from a cultural perspective, the song Cublak-cublak Suweng can teach children not to follow their passions, always maintain harmony with nature and fellow humans and parents.

2. Dondong Opo Salak


Dondong opo salak
Little Duku
Ngandhong opo mbecak
Mlaku thimik-thimik
ndherek mother
Tindhak loves the market
Ora pareng is fussy
Ora pareng is naughty
Mengko mother must
Mundhut as


The Dondong Opo Salak folk song is one of the children’s songs popularized by Krisbiantoro in the 1960s to 1970s. This song uses language that is quite straightforward, straightforward and easy to understand, textually typical of children’s songs.

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Even so, the Dondong Opo Salak song contains various meanings depending on who is listening to it and who is interpreting it.

3. Ilir Ilir


Lir-ilir, lir-ilir
Tandure wus sumilir
Tak ijo royo-royo
Not really the new bride
Cah angon, cah angon
Penekno blimbing kuwi
Lunyu-lunyu penekno
Kanggo washes dodotiro
Dodotiro, dodotiro
Kumitir surgery ing the edge of
Dondomono lumatono
Konggo sebo mengko afternoon
While padang rembulane
While Padang is in the middle of
Yo Surako, Surak Hiyo


Ilir-ilir is one of the typical Javanese songs that uses the lyrics or the word parable in it. The meaning in Lir-ilir’s song is also very deep and has multiple interpretations. Of course, this was also in line with Sunan Kalijaga’s knowledge in preaching Islam at that time.

Sunan Kalijaga himself is composing the song Iir-ilir when he invites the Javanese people to lead, embrace and practice Islam slowly.

Song becomes a medium and part of the strategy in preaching subtly so that people, especially Java, can adopt new teachings without the need for conflict with the traditions they have been practicing.

4. Bald Hoes


Bald hoe cul gembelengan
Nyunggi-nyunggi wakul kul gembelengan
Wakul ngglimpang segane dadi sak ratan
Wakul ngglimpang segane dadi sak ratan

Bald hoe cul gembelengan
Nyunggi-nyunggi wakul kul gembelengan
Wakul ngglimpang segane dadi sak ratan
Wakul ngglimpang segane dadi sak rattan


In Central Java there is also a song with the title Gundul-bald Pacul. Even though it is a folk song, the popularity of the song Gundul-bare Pacul has survived to this day. Apart from that, this song is also one of the songs composed by Sunan Kalijaga in the 1400s.

Bald-bare Pacul has very meaningful lyrics. Broadly speaking, every lyric in the song has advice for dreamers so that they can always be trustworthy in carrying out their positions and make their people equal.

As implied in a piece of the lyrics of the Gundul-gundul Pacul song which reads ” Wakul ngglimpang segane dadi sacratan .” This means that if a leader has a haughty and arbitrary nature and is arrogant, then the power and position they have will easily fall in a short period of time.

5. Padhang Wulan


Yo ‘pra kanca dolanan ing jaba
Padhang wulan padhange rich rina
Rembulane and sing awe-awe
Just listen to padha late in the afternoon
Yo ‘pra kanca dolanan ing jaba There
are a lot of jokes here, akeh kancane
Langite pancen sumebyar rina
Yo padha dolanan sinambi jokes


Next is the song Padhang Wulan which is indeed very beautiful when sung. Texturally, the song Padhang Wulan contains an invitation to liven up the full moon night by playing with friends.

However, if it is impregnated philosophically, the song Padhang Wulan has quite a deep meaning and meaning, namely an invitation for us to always be grateful to God Almighty for giving such a beautiful night.

As a form of gratitude to God Almighty, the songwriter invites his readers and listeners not to sleep in the afternoon. The point is that we as humans can liven up such a beautiful night by carrying out worship such as sunnah prayers.

Even so, the songwriter Padhang Wulan is still unknown.

6. White Turrets


Cemleret suddenly pops up
Mbok kiro what kind of flower,

Mbok kiro – Mbok kiro…
What are the flowers of Mbok Kiro,

Cacahe pitu cane flowers …
Cacahe pitu
cane flowers …
Cacahe pitu cane flowers

Kang mituhu marang teacher
Ben lakune ora kliru

Mbok kiro – Mbok kiro…
What are the flowers of Mbok Kiro,

Jambe Flowers
Jambe Flowers in the Ronces
Jambe Flowers
Jambe Flowers in the Ronces

Rungokno pituture
Ben ra getun tembe mburine

Mbok kiro – Mbok kiro…
What are the flowers of Mbok Kiro,

hibiscus flowers …
hibiscus flowers on wiru-wiru
hibiscus flowers …
hibiscus flowers on wiru-wiru

Opo to tegese teacher
Digugu ugo is copied

Mbok kiro – Mbok kiro…
What are the flowers of Mbok Kiro,


Turi-turi Putih is one of the songs left by Sunan Giri. This song gives a picture of wisdom and awareness of life and death. The lyrics of this song contain lyrics that are so beautiful to listen to.

Not only that, because every lyric of the Turi-turi Putih song also has a full meaning. If seen more specifically, this song is addressed to students who are studying and also teachers who are giving lessons to them.

The White Turi-turi song contains a message for students to always follow what is conveyed by the teachers, especially advice on religion and morals so they don’t get lost in living this life.

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7. Sluku-sluku Bathok


Sluku-sluku bathok
Bathoke ela-elo
Si Rama loves Solo
Leh bye umbrella mutho
Mak jentit you know lobah
Wong dies ora obah
Yen obah medeni boy
Yen urip goleka duwit


The Sluku-sluku Bathok song is one of the works of Sunan Kalijaga which is full of meaning and philosophical values. Even though the lyrics of the Sluku-sluku Bathok song use language that is so simple and seems like a children’s song.

However, in the Sluku-sluku Bathok song, it is said that Sunan Kalijaga still incorporates religious values. This was done by Sunan Kalijaga so that the song could be more easily understood by all groups, including for children so that it was easier to memorize and last a long time.

8. Suwe Ora Jamu


Suwe doesn’t have
herbal medicine Godhong’s medicine has
Suwe has not met

Suwe doesn’t have
herbal medicine Sogo thunteng
Suwe doesn’t

Suwe doesn’t have herbal medicine
Jamu godhong bunder
Suwe doesn’t meet.
Gathering is getting smarter


Suwe Ora Jamu is a Central Javanese folk song composed by RC Hardjosubroto. This song has very unique lyrics with simple meanings but still with very deep meaning.

The song Suwe Ora Jamu tells about someone who is meeting his best friend. But the two of them meet after a long time of not seeing each other. However, when the meeting took place, it was not happiness that was obtained but a feeling of disappointment.

The song Suwe Ora Jamu teaches a lesson to all of us that in this journey of life it is not certain that it can take place according to what has been planned. If things don’t go according to plan, then we as humans should not feel too disappointed.

The existence of failure should make us able to rise from the feeling of failure that never existed.

9. Flute Xylophone


Gambang flute, ngumandhang swarané
Thulat-thulit, kepénak uniné
Uuuuniné mung
Nreyuhaké together-
Reng lan kentrung ke-
Tipung flute, sigrak kendhangané


Gambang Suling is a folk song from Central Java which is very popular throughout Java and its surroundings. The song Gambang Suling was composed by Ki Narto Sabdo. It is said that he created the song Gambang Suling as an expression of his admiration for the flute which can produce such a beautiful distinctive sound.

Ki Narto Sabdo himself has the real name Soenarto. Ki Narto Sabdo’s father himself was a keris sheath craftsman named Partinoyo. Apart from that, Ki Narto Sabdo is also a musical artist as well as a puppeteer of the legendary leather puppets from Central Java.

10. Jaran


Jaranan jaranan jarane jaran teji
numpak doro behi
the ministers


Jaranan is a folk song from Central Java composed by Ki Hadi Sukatno. The Jaranan song itself tells about traditional performances in Java. Jaranan itself is a show performed by several people by playing horse replicas which are usually made of leather or woven bamboo.

The Jaranan song teaches children to be able to respect each other and be submissive or obedient to fellow human beings, especially those who are older. Apart from that, the Jaranan song also has the meaning of being able to love one another without discriminating between humans.

11. Jenang Gulo


Jenang gulo,
Kowe ojo lali marang I’m iki yo kang mas
Nalikane nandang it’s hard to sopho sing ngancani,
Dhek semono I’m still setyo and still tresno yo,

Durung nate gawe ghelo lan gawe kuciwo
Ning saiki together with mukti kowe how come it turns out to be angry at me
Sithik-sithik has to be nesu and keep inviting
Jo ngono… jo ngono…

Opo kowe pancen ra kelingan jame deck biyen yo kang mas
Kowe promises to be happy is hard to do…


The last example is the Jenang Gulo song which is also a Central Javanese folk song. The Jenang Gulo song itself was composed by Andjar Any. This song tells about a husband and wife who are loyal to each other, always together when experiencing difficulties. But over time and success has been obtained. The husband often scolded his wife and he also turned selfish, arrogant and behaved rudely.

Those are some examples of Central Javanese folk songs which are still popular today. By imparting knowledge of folk songs to our children and grandchildren. Indirectly, we are helping to preserve the cultural wealth that exists in the Central Java region.

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