23 List of Indonesian National Anthems and Their Authors and Lyrics!

List of Indonesian National Anthems – Knowing and learning the national anthem has various benefits, Sinaumed’s . For example, it can foster a sense of nationalism, enrich types of music, foster creativity, and self-confidence.

Besides that, through these national songs, Sinaumed’s can also learn to appreciate and respect the services of the heroes. Moreover, the lyrics of the national anthem are generally related to the fighting spirit of the heroes.

Usually, matters relating to the national anthem are packed into one of the subject matter taught at school. Even so, there’s nothing wrong if Sinaumed’s studies it at home to enrich his knowledge.

Sinaumed’s can learn about the songwriter, the meaning behind the lyrics, or the history of why the song was created. In Indonesia itself, there are lots of national songs such as Indonesia Raya, Wake Up Young Youth, and Berkibarlah Benderaku which are often heard.

Then, what are the other Indonesian national anthem lists? Check out the 23 national songs that Sinaumed’s can learn below.

National Song Lyrics and History

Well, Sinaumed’s doesn’t need to be confused looking for summaries of national songs. Below are 23 national songs complete with lyrics and composers quoted from the book Complete Series of National Obligatory Songs by the Smart Voice Team and the book Complete Collection of National Obligatory Songs by Harris S. Yulianto.

1. For you Country

Creator: Kusbini

The song entitled Bagimu Negeri was composed by Kusbini in 1942. It is interesting to note, it turns out that the lyrics of this song were changed in order to disguise the message of struggle that is implicit in this song so that it would not be known by the Japanese colonialists at that time.

Song Lyrics For You Country

To you our country promises

To you our land is devoted

We serve our country to you

For you the land of our soul and body

2. Build Youth

Creator: Alfred Simanjuntak

In the beginning, this song was a march from the Perfect Indonesian Folk School. This song is intended to foster a sense of nationalism among the youth at the school.

Lyrics of the song Wake Up Youth

Wake up Indonesian youth

Your sleeves are singular for the country

The future is your responsibility

Become your responsibility towards the homeland

Become your responsibility towards the homeland

Please try to be honest and sincere

Don’t talk much and work hard

The heart is firm and straight, the mind remains clear

Behave smoothly, O son of the country

Behave smoothly, O son of the country

3. Red and White Flag

Creator: Mrs. Sud

In accordance with the title and lyrics of the song, this song describes a feeling of love and pride for one of the symbols of the Indonesian state, namely the red and white flag.

Lyrics of the Red and White Flag Song

Red and white flag

Flag of my homeland

Dashing and clear looks your color

Flying in the blue sky

Red and white flag

My nation’s flag

Red and white flag

Symbol of brave and holy

We are always ready to serve

For the nation and Mother Earth

Red and white flag

Please accept my greetings

4. Raise My Flag

Creator: Mrs. Sud

Similar to the red and white flag song, this song also discusses the Indonesian flag. The creator is also the same, namely Mrs. Sud whose full name is Saridjah Niung.

Lyrics of the Song Waving My Flag

Fly my flag

The holy symbol of brave officers

All over the coast of Indonesia

You are still the idol of the nation

Who dares to bring you down

Simultaneously your people defend

The red and white officers

Fly forever

We are Indonesian people

Ready at any time

Devote all energy

So you stay brilliant

My heart is not afraid to face obstacles

Don’t shake my soul

The red and white officers

Fly forever

5. From Sabang to Merauke

Creator: R. Soeharjo

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Actually, this song was originally titled From West to East, then changed on the advice of Soekarno so that the title was changed to From Sabang to Merauke. This song tells about the geographical condition of Indonesia which stretches from Sabang to Merauke.

Song Lyrics From Sabang to Merauke

From Sabang to Merauke

Lined islands

Connect to become one

That’s Indonesia

My homeland Indonesia

I promise to you

Visit my homeland

My homeland Indonesia

6. Flower Fall

Creator: Ismail Marzuki

This song was released in 1945, its creator, Ismail Marzuki. The lyrics tell about the loss of the heroes who died on the battlefield in defending the nation. Like the purpose of creating this song, namely to honor Indonesian soldiers who died during the Indonesian National Revolution.

Fall Flowers Song Lyrics

How my heart will not be sad

My hero has fallen

How my heart will not be sad

Servant left alone

Who is now the solace

Nan is loyal and officer

Who is now the hero of the heart

True defender of the nation

My hero has fallen

Cash has pledged filial piety

Falling one grows a thousand

Homeland glorious magic

My flowers fall in the dedication garden

On Mother’s Day

Fragrant fragrance adds juice

Homeland glorious magic

7. Hello-Hello Bandung

Creator: Ismail Marzuki

The song, entitled Halo-Halo Bandung by Ismail Marzuki, was written based on past events, namely Bandung Lautan Api.

Lyrics of the song Halo-Halo Bandung

Hello hello Bandung

The capital city of Merry

Hello hello Bandung

City of remembrance

It’s been a long beta

Didn’t meet you

Now it has become a sea of ​​fire

Let’s take it back man

8. Independence Day

Creator: H. Mutahar

This national anthem was composed by H. Mutahar in 1946. It turned out that this song was made in the toilet of the Garuda Hotel, Yogyakarta. This was acknowledged by Mutahar himself. At that time he asked to find a piece of paper and a pen to express his ideas.

Independence Day Song Lyrics

August seventeenth year four five

That’s our independence day

Independence Day

Nusa and nation

Indonesian birthday


Once free, always free

As long as life is still contained in the body

We remain faithful, stay ready

Defend Indonesia

We remain faithful, stay ready

Defend our country

9. Teacher’s Hymn

Creator: Sartono

The Teacher’s Hymn tells about a teacher who is devoted to his students. The teacher in this song is described as a patriot of the nation’s unsung heroes. This song was created by Sartono in 1980.

Lyrics of the Teacher’s Hymn

Praise be to you, mother and teacher

Your name will always live in my heart

All your devotion I will engrave in my heart

As an inscription of my thanks for your service

You are a lamp in the darkness

You are like cooling dew in thirst

You are a patriot of the nation’s unsung heroes

10. Our Mother Kartini

Creator: WR Supratman

RA Kartini is known as a fighter for women’s emancipation, just as the lyrics of this song tell.

Our Mother Kartini song lyrics

Our mother Kartini

Real princess

Indonesian Princess

Fragrant name

Our mother Kartini

Nation warrior

The warrior of his people for independence

O our mother Kartini

Noble daughter

His ambitions are really big for Indonesia

Our mother Kartini

Daughter of a jeweler

Meritorious daughter

in Indonesia

Our mother Kartini

Holy daughter

The dream of an independent daughter

Our mother Kartini

Princess warrior

Your warrior mother

My homeland

Our mother Kartini

Educator of the mind

Counselor of his people

Because of his love

11. Mother Earth

Creator: Ismail Marzuki

In several references it is stated that the creator of this song is Ismail Marzuki. However, this song was actually written by an unknown composer around the 1950-1960s.

Mother Nature Song Lyrics

I see motherland

Being sad

Her eyes filled with tears

His diamond gold is remembered

Mountain forest ocean rice fields

Wealth savings

Now mother is sick

Moaning and praying

I see motherland

We come to worship

Look at your sons and daughters

Happy mother

Our mothers still love

Your faithful son

Guarding inheritance

For homeland and nation

I see motherland

Being sad

Tears welled up in her eyes

His diamond gold is remembered

Mountain forest ocean rice fields

Wealth savings

Now mother is sick

Moaning and praying

Guarding inheritance

For homeland and nation

12. Indonesian Heritage

Creator: Ismail Marzuki

The Indonesian Pusaka song was composed by Ismail Marzuki. This song tells about Indonesia which is said to be a beautiful work of God Almighty.

Indonesian Heritage Song Lyrics

Indonesia homeland beta

An eternal and victorious heirloom

Indonesia since ancient times

Always revered by the nation

That’s where Beta was born

Raised by mother

Shelter in old days

Until the end close your eyes

What a beautiful homeland beta

There is no equal in the world

The beautiful work of Almighty God

For the bagsa who adore him

Indonesia motherland

I adore you, I love you

My strength is even my soul

I am willing to give you

13. Indonesia Raya

Creator: WR Supratman

As mentioned in the book entitled Straightening History and Life History, Wage Rudolf Supratman by C. Hutabarat, that WR Supratman got the idea to write this song when he read an article in a magazine published by Solo called Timbul.

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Indonesia Raya Song Lyrics

My homeland Indonesia

Land of my blood

That’s where I stand

So guide my mother

Indonesia is my nationality

My nation and homeland

let us exclaim

United Indonesia

Long live my land

Long live my country

My people are all my people

Wake up the soul

Get up

For great Indonesia

Indonesia Raya

Free them

My land is my country that I love

Indonesia Raya

Free independence

Long live great Indonesia

Indonesia Raya

Free independence

My land is my country that I love

Indonesia Raya

Free independence

Long live great Indonesia

14. Forward Undaunted

Creator: C. Simanjuntak

Forward Undaunted was created by Cornel Simanjuntak during the colonial period. The creation of this song aims to increase the spirit of struggle and a sense of nationalism.

Song Lyrics Forward Undaunted

Moving forward, not afraid to stand up for what is right

Move forward without fear of our rights being attacked

Advance simultaneously repel attackers

Moving forward, of course we will win

Move move

Simultaneously synchronously

Pounce pounce


Forward fearlessly

Attack attack

Go ahead


15. Copyright Silence

Creator: T. Prawit

A song of silence was written to commemorate the services of the heroes who died while defending the homeland and nation. This song is always sung during the flag ceremony.

Song Lyrics of Silence

Hear all the heavens praising

The hero of country

Nan died a teenager in the grove of flags

Defend the nation

I remember you, the flower of the nation’s son

Service price

You’re a lamp

For independent Indonesia

16. One Nusa One Nation

Creator: L. Manik

Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa was written by Liberty Manik in 1947. The meaning contained in it teaches the importance of a sense of oneness and oneness.

One Nusa One Nation Song Lyrics

One country

One nation

Our one language


Definitely victorious

For ever

Indonesian heritage

Beloved Indonesia

Nusa nation and language

We defend together

17. Gratitude

Creator: Hs. Mutahar

The song entitled “Gratitude” has the meaning of expressing gratitude for all the gifts given by the Creator who has given the joy of independence to Indonesia.

Thanksgiving Song Lyrics

From my firm belief

My sincere heart is full

Of Thy bounty

Heritage homeland

Indonesian independence

Thank you I worship

Your presence Lord

From my firm belief

My sincere heart is full

Will your business services

My immortal hero

Indonesian independence

Thank goodness I pointed out

Go down God

From sure I’m firm

My sincere devotion is full

Your pillars

Guide a real nation

Indonesian independence

Thank goodness I pointed out

Before You Lord

18. My Homeland

Creator: Mrs. Sud

Tanah Airku is a song that tells about a person’s love and pride for his own homeland, namely Indonesia. Even if you are in another country.

My Homeland Song Lyrics

My homeland is not foreskin

I remember all my life

Even if I go far

It’s not lost from my heart

My land that I love

I appreciate you

Even though I live in many countries

The famous one in people’s words

But my village and home

That’s where I feel happy

My land is not forgotten

I’m proud of you

19. Garuda Pancasila

Creator: Sudhamoto

Garuda Pancasila in the lyrics of the song contains a message to always be willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the state.

Garuda Pancasila Song Lyrics

Garuda Pancasila

I am your support

Patriots proclamation

Ready to sacrifice for you

Pancasila is the basis of the state

The just people prosper sentosa

My people

Let’s go forward

Let’s go forward

Let’s go forward

20. Hymn of Independence

Creator: Mrs. Sud

Ibu Sud has been known as a songwriter for a long time. He was even given the title of Master of Indonesian Children’s Songs for having composed up to 480 children’s songs. One of them is a song with the title of this Independence Hymn.

Lyrics of the Hymn of Independence

Blessed be you the Goddess of freedom

Who is sujudi son of the country

Dikhidmatkan you with hymns

Eternally glorious

Blessed are you, the goddess of the nation’s honor

What we look up to

Which we laud

Glorified you all of Indonesia

On the coast in the valley in the valley and the mountains

21. Pancasila Hymn

Creator: H. Mutahar

The Pancasila Hymn song was composed by a composer named H. Mutahar. Apart from being a composer, he also served as many important people in the country.

Lyrics of the Pancasila Hymn

Five basic Pancasila

Belief in the one and only God

Civilized just humanity

Indonesian National Association

Citizenship wise deliberation

Social justice for the people

Pancasila is the basis of the state

The soul of the nation’s life

Indonesian unifier

22. Proclamation Sound Hymn

Creator: RAJ Soedjasmin

The song Hymn Suara Proklamasi contains meaning about the events of the proclamation.

Lyrics of the Proclamation Sound Hymn

The flame of freedom is eternally burning

In the chest of the people tens of millions

Every inch of land is defended

Motherland beloved earth

Hear hey hear the sound of fire

Song through the fog and overcast

In the struggle of life and death

On the endless freeway

Keep his banner mighty

Does not change color

Heritage keeps his country free forever

The souls of the people are eternally free

23. Beautiful My Land

Creator: Sancaya HR

The song Indah Tanahku tells about the beauty of Indonesia which stretches from Sabang to Merauke.

My Beautiful Land Lyrics

Like a diamond jewel

My land is Indonesia

From Sabang to Merauke

From Rote to Tahuna

The vast ocean stretches

Towering high mountains

Natural jungle forest

Just beautiful

I dedicate this song to worship ‘Beautiful My Land’

Until the end of my life I love him always

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