12 Examples of Environmental Hygiene Posters to Educate the Community

Example of a Hygiene Poster – In public places, we often find writing that contains an appeal to always keep the environment clean. However, there are people who still litter, not in the bins that have been provided.

Maybe, if you just write it, it won’t work right away, because some people are not educated about environmental hygiene, so they still throw garbage out of the way.

But, what if the message and education is conveyed through a poster with pictures, so that it can attract the attention of those who see it.

If people are interested, of course the message will be easier to convey and the public will be more educated.

So, if you are looking for image ideas to serve as a reference for making posters for maintaining cleanliness, be it affixed in the home environment, school environment, as well as workplaces or public places.

What Are Posters?

In simple terms, a poster is an advertisement or announcement in the form of an image. Posters are one type of advertising media besides banners, brochures, advertisements, billboards, and others.

Material regarding these posters will generally be taught in Indonesian, junior high school, together with material on how to write advertisements and announcements.

The definition of a poster is an advertisement or announcement in the form of pictures or writing containing an appeal or invitation to do something and is generally affixed to walls or strategic places that are often passed by many people and are easy to read.

In another sense, a poster is a medium for conveying an idea, idea or important matter to many people. Posters are works of art resulting from graphic designs containing text, images, or both that aim to convey messages or information to the public.

These posters will generally be affixed to flat media such as a wall or flat surface, where the poster contains striking colors and images and sentences in the form of a slogan. However, not only in print, nowadays many posters are used in digital form.

Poster Function

The function of the poster itself is to make the readers interested in the information contained in the poster. With posters made with a combination of colors, pictures, and words that are made as attractive as possible, it is hoped that readers will care about the content that the poster maker wants to convey.

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Making promotional media using posters tends to be cheaper than using radio or television. In addition, readers can also be more targeted because they can be posted in certain places according to the target audience. For more details, here are some of the functions of the poster:

a. To convey information
b. Media promotion of goods or services
c. Facilities for graphic designers to do activities

Poster Purpose

If the poster is one of the media to convey information, the purpose of the poster itself is to ensure that the information is properly conveyed to the readers. The following are some of the purposes of the poster, including:

a. The community becomes aware of the activities or events that will be carried out. For example, blood donation activities, bazaars, commemoration of the youth oath, and so on.
b. Making products or services that we know and are widely used by the community.
c. Remind the public about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene. For example, an invitation to dispose of trash in its place, clean up the environment, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
d. Remind people to avoid things that harm themselves and others. For example, stop littering, smoking, and so on.

Example of Environmental Hygiene Poster

The following are some examples of environmental hygiene posters so that people are educated from an early age that keeping the environment clean is one of the important things to maintain personal health.

1. Do you know the function of the Trash Can?

By putting up posters about the function of these trash cans, of course this message will become a satire so that people are aware of maintaining cleanliness by throwing garbage in the trash.

2. Garbage is not a child’s inheritance

By routinely maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, it will definitely bring various benefits for the future. Therefore, keep the environment clean by disposing of trash in its place. Because, our waste is not a legacy for children in the future. Must start discipline from now on.

3. Throw Garbage In Place

The next design is a poster that says “clean is healthy” with a picture of a child throwing trash in the trash. From the picture, we can understand that even small children can understand how to dispose of trash in its place, let alone adults?

4. Throw Garbage In Its Place For A Better Future

With a combination of a trash can and some writing, this poster wants to make people aware that disposing of trash and keeping the environment clean will create a good environment for the future.

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5. Maintaining Cleanliness Starting from Small Things

By doing various small things that we can, for example by disposing of trash in its place, of course this will help keep the environment clean and of course be of benefit to ourselves and also to others. This poster design invites readers to start small, namely starting from ourselves to dispose of trash in its place.

6. Keep Clean and No Smoking

This one poster design can be affixed in public places, especially health services. If you have a health service, then you can use the poster design above to appeal to people who come or visit.

7. Cleaning Services To Stay Healthy

The poster above will usually be applied to health service places, such as clinics or puskesmas. With messages and pictures that remind and invite people to maintain cleanliness and dispose of trash in its place. Of course this will inspire readers to participate in protecting the environment around them.

8. Clean and Healthy

Teaching students to keep the environment clean must be done from an early age. Like teaching elementary school children the discipline to dispose of trash in its place. Usually the poster design above will be affixed in the school environment.

9. Take care of cleanliness so that you always maintain your health

The poster design contains an invitation to keep the environment clean so that it is maintained healthy and also free from virus attacks that are currently endemic. Hopefully by maintaining the cleanliness of this environment, our health will be maintained.

10. Preserve the Environment

An example of an image containing the theme of environmental cleanliness is a poster containing a call to preserve the environment. This image consisting of a tree that is above half of the globe is indeed very inspiring.

This poster describes how the earth can survive if forests and trees are maintained. The red color in his writings depicts a precarious condition or how important it is to protect the environment.

11. Invitation to Save Water and Don’t Throw Trash Carelessly

The example of the poster image above contains an invitation to save water consumption and also keep the environment clean from waste. As we understand that water is an important commodity for human life and all creatures on earth.

Meanwhile, if the quality of the environment decreases, the quality of clean water will also decrease. Therefore, take care of this earth by saving water and not littering.

12. Call to Stop Pollution Caused by Plastic

The example of the poster image above is an invitation to stop and reduce pollution caused by plastic. The huge amount of plastic waste in the world has polluted the environment.

This poster is very inspiring with the image of sea water as the setting and various kinds of floating packaging with only one fish visible. This means that bad plastic pollution can threaten fish populations in the sea.