Understanding Majas: Functions, Kinds, and Examples

Meaning of Majas – Who doesn’t know about Majas? Maybe the meaning of majas and all kinds of things are more familiar among students. Because, they are the ones who still get lessons and assignments to write poetry using majas. However, do you know that we often find the use of majas in everyday life? Even without us realizing it, we also often use majas in communicating with other people.

In general, the use of majas in everyday life is often used in conversations with people who are close enough. Although it is often used in everyday conversation, many of us are still not aware that sometimes we use majas in our conversation. What’s more, there are many kinds of majas in Indonesian.

In this article, the author will explain the meaning of majas and its various types. In addition, the writer will also explain the functions and examples of majas in Indonesia and their meaning.

Meaning of Majas According to Experts

Before discussing majas too deeply, it is important for us to know the meaning of majas according to experts. Of course they will have differences of opinion about the meaning of majas. For that, let’s look at the explanation of the meaning of majas from the experts.

1. Dale and Warriner

According to Dale and also Warriner, the meaning of majas is a metaphor that can affect many effects. The influence they mean is influence that can be done by comparing and introducing in general. Majas is generally used in short sentences. But despite that, majas has a value and also a taste that can give birth to certain connotations. In addition, majas is also often referred to as an imaginative word.

2. Craft

The meaning of majas according to Keraf (1988) is the effort of someone who represents his thoughts by using special language. Where the language can show the person’s personality. Keraf also said that there are three elements in language so that it is better impressed. These elements include, among others, honesty, politeness, and attractiveness.

3. Moeliono

Majas according to Moeliono are distinguished based on their style. Where it aims to animate an essay. Majas is also referred to as a denotation used to express a word that is moved. Not only that, majas is also often used to awaken the reader’s senses.

4. Ratna

Meanwhile, Ratna (2009) revealed that majas has a purpose which is to create an aspect of beauty in a literary work. However, the beauty of style in a language in literary works is a key element. Because, literary works can be used as a genre produced from human civilization and formed due to the activity and creativity of an author.

5. Aminudin

According to Aminudin (1995), majas is one of the language styles used as a technique in stringing together a sentence. Where later the structured sentences can be used to explain or describe ideas in accordance with existing ideas and norms. He also said that majas is presented as a classical rhetorical insight that is evaluated as a birth ornament.

While the Javanese tradition considers the opposite, where majas is a type of rinengga language or the use of language arranged to be beautiful. But as time goes by, majas is no longer used just to be fashionable, but has a wider provision of songs. Where majas can provide awareness for its connoisseurs.

6. Nurgiyantoro

While Nurgiyantoro thinks that majas is a style of language that has its own way in its application. For example, the language in a prose, where majas is used to convey an idea and also the writer’s thoughts.

7. Pradopo

Almost the same as other opinions, Pradopo evaluates majas as a language that has a specific way of using it. Where the method aims to obtain certain effects in literary works. One of the ways is to include majas.

8. Kridalaksana

More specifically, Kridalaksana (2001) revealed that language style can be used to take advantage of the wealth of language that a person possesses in speaking or writing literary works. In addition, majas can also be used for certain things in order to get certain effects as well. Kridalaksana also says that the characteristics of majas in general have language characteristics of a group of literary writers.

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From the explanation of the meaning of majas above, we can conclude that the meaning of majas is a style of language that can be used to influence or convince the readers or listeners. That means, majas can be used both in written and oral form.

Majas function

After understanding the meaning of majas, now it’s time to learn about the function of majas itself. Here are some explanations about the functions of majas that you can learn.

1. Build a Fun

One of the functions of majas is to build a pleasure. When we use majas, then words that are generally ordinary will become more beautiful and interesting and more effective. That means, there is a sentimental value in every sentence that uses majas in it.

When words, sentences, and even an essay are intended for other people specifically or may be intended for readers. So majas will create its own sense of pleasure compared to ordinary sentences. Of course, happiness here has various forms. It depends on the person receiving it.

2. Creating an Imagination

In addition to building pleasure, majas also serves to create an imagination. Because, majas is able to encourage someone to give birth to imagination. The presence of majas in a written work does have a meaning that can be interpreted differently from one person to another. The meaning of majas can vary depending on the person’s way of thinking, knowledge, and insight.

Of course it will affect the quality of imagination or the formation of the perspective of the readers or connoisseurs. Not only that, majas also has the function of bringing the reader and the writer closer together.

3. Bringing the Reader closer to the Author

As already mentioned above, majas can also be used to bring the reader and the author closer emotionally. Why is that so? Because, there are so many different kinds of majas. Where from the large number of majas there is more and more giving pressure to more essential values.

4. Essential

Something that has an essential value will be deeply impressed. For example, when there is a sentence written using two different techniques. A sentence is written with general words and what they are. Then the second sentence is written using majas. Of course, sentences that have meaning will be more different and more meaningful.

5. Increase Readers’ Attraction to Literary Works

If you pay close attention, the presence of majas is actually intended to attract the attention of literary connoisseurs. Where the use of majas can increase the value in a literary work. Then majas can also give spirit to the work. Also helps in explaining the meaning and description of the writer.

6. Creating a Suggestive

One of the functions of majas is to create a suggestion from the writer to the reader. In addition, majas can also create dense, rich, interesting and effective information effects for readers. So that the readers will feel entertained and still get information from the literary work.

All kinds of Majas

Majas is divided into several types, within one type of majas it may still be differentiated into several other types. Well, this time we will tell you, what kind of majas there are. Let’s watch until the end!

1. Comparative Law

Comparative clauses are one of the types of clauses that function as comparative sentences. Well, the comparison majas itself has many more types. Here are some comparisons.

a. Allegory

This word is usually used in writing stories by using the method of making figurative sentences. This majas can be made as a sentence or can also be made a full paragraph.

b. Allusions

Majas allusion is often used as a sentence that can refer to a legend, event, metaphor, proverb or figure. This majas has a shortcoming which is often considered incomplete because it is quickly impressed.

c. Simile

Majas is usually used to compare things that are different but have a similar meaning. This majas can double as two majas at once, namely the comparison and parable majas.

d. Metaphor

Language Style This majas uses a direct comparative language style, this majas is used to compare comparisons both physically, properties, things and ideas.

e. Synesthesia

Using a style of language that has changed meaning due to the exchange of responses. This majas functions as the soul of a literary work.

f. Litotes

Language style that functions as a display of ideas about something that is considered strong and big. This Majas usually uses sentences that are not very strong, to mean polite.

g. Hyperbole

Shaped as an exaggerated figure with a specific purpose.
Those are some types of comparisons, actually there are still other types of comparisons.

2. Confirmation Authority

Is one of the majas used to emphasize something, with the aim of increasing the level of understanding and impact of the readers or listeners. There are several types of affirming majas, such as pleonasm majas and repetition majas. Majas pleonasm itself has a definition as a majas that uses a language style that has characteristics as a marker that there are some words that must be repeated.

Then for repetition is a majas that uses a language style that is useful to show the repetition of the whole word from the word made by the writer. The repetition can be in the form of words, clauses, phrases and even sentences.

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There are several types of majas that are still the same as affirming majas, such as:

  • Pararima
  • Apophasis
  • Alliteration
  • Parallelism
  • And so on.

3. Dispute Resolution

Opposition majas become majas that are used quite often. There are several types of opposition, such as:

a. Paradox

Majas paradox can be simplified into an opinion that has a conflict with the general opinion or the opinion believed by many people. Majas paradox has signs, such as the sentence is strange and considered unexpected. Majas paradox has a key, which is to be clever in hiding the truth.

b. Antithesis

Majas which generally uses two words, functions as an opposition between two ideas.

  • Oxymoron
  • Anachronism
  • Interminous contradictions

4. Majas Sidran

Sarcasm is used to allude to something with a specific purpose. Here are all kinds of sarcasm that we can present for you.

a. Irony

Majas sarcasm characteristically hides the truth and says the opposite of the fact. This Majas has a characteristic as if it raises something, then drops it.

b. Sarcasm

Satire uses words and even harsh sentences to hurt other people’s feelings, usually in the form of rude mockery or ridicule.

c. Cynicism

This majas will be expressed directly to the person with negative words. The majas of cynicism can be the opposite of the majas of irony.

d. Satire

Majas uses expressions that contain the meaning of sarcasm, irony and parody that serve to threaten and laugh at something.

Majas examples

Actually, from the various types of majas that have been mentioned above, there are still many more majas that have not yet been explored. so that it can be a picture or a concrete example of majas, here are 50 examples of majas.

Majas Repetition

Suppose a rose blooms, you are the fragrant flower in my heart and mind.
Like the ocean, you are the owner of wider knowledge

Majas Epifora

If you forbid, I will not come.
When I have time, then I will come on time

Majas Pararima

Two days ago I used to deliver. Oh no, just yesterday.
We mean to go to Pak RT’s house, want to organize a takbir keliling event, meaning to ask for permission to organize takbir keliling.

Majas Alliteration

Satisfying the soul, captivating the

Majas Assonansi

Everyone is pressing on
Harum’s chest as a secret flower

Majas Simile

Like water on a taro leaf
Like water with oil
Lighting a spirit like a candle that never goes out The
mother and child’s faces are like betel nuts split in two
The woman is very beautiful, her eyes are like bright stars

Majas Metaphor

Brian is a land crocodile
Lazy to read so
the night goddess shrimp brain is out of his contest

Majas Personification

I miss talking to an old weed that is about to die
Insects lament the increasingly selfish behavior of humans, even nature howls unable to advise the apathetic attitude of humans.
Waving, bathing on the beach
Not all romances will lead to marriage

Depersonalization Majas

If you are the moon, then I am the star.
If you are the envelope, then I will be the stamp.
If I am a flower, then you are a beetle.

Majas Alusio

Bandung is known as the Paris of Java.
Yogyakarta is famous as a miniature of Indonesia.

Majas Antithesis

My success in winning the race made him sad.
Seeing that I failed to apply for a job made Ardi happy.
Even though he tried and fought, he still failed.

Majas Pleonasm

Rian went downstairs. It came down.

Majas Euphemism

I often hear of female friends who sell themselves.

Majas Synecdoche Pars Pro Toto

Campaign attributes are not carried

Majas Synecdoche Totem Pro Parte

For students, generation Z and millennial children understand technology, especially social media.

Majas Hyperbola

My love for you is as wide as an ocean that cannot be touched by humans.
The divorce that happened to Rini’s parents made it seem as if their world had come to an end.

Majas Litotes

I’m sorry if we only serve cold tea and village cakes.
Sorry if I think for a long time, because my brain is squatting.

Majas Metonymy

Ardi is confused about whether to buy an Avanza or an Ertiga.

Majas Cynicism

Your words that always lie make me nauseous.
I don’t want to see the hypocrisy of your attitude.

Majas Sarcasm

Your appearance does not attract the lust of boys.
No repentance, your habit of stealing is known to the whole world.

Majas Anaphora

The sound is boring, the sound is deafening, the sound is hitting

Majas Symmetry

Father is silent and mother does not like to speak when seeing Endru’s attitude.
My sister hates Aryani’s behavior.

Majas Climax

Everyone from children, teenagers, to adults like to watch ’tilik’ movies

Majas Rhetorik

Where is there a person who does not want to succeed?
Does salt taste salty?

Interruption Majas

I, the people who have worked here for ten years, have never been promoted.

Those are some explanations about the meaning of majas and its various types. Not only are they diverse, majas also have functions that are interesting enough to learn more about. Are you interested in learning slang and using it in everyday conversation?