The Meaning of Magazines – Functions, Criteria, and Complete Types

Definition of Magazines – Since colonial times, the presence of mass media has played an important role in the independence process of Indonesia. Although at that time, the mass media was limited to two sheets of paper with several writings on them, but the written content contained great meaning and information.

As time progresses, so does the mass media that circulates. Currently, mass media is divided into three forms, namely print mass media, electronic mass media, and online mass media .

Print mass media is usually published daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Then, this electronic mass media usually takes the form of electronic devices such as radio and television to spread information. Meanwhile, this online mass media consists of telephone satellites and internet networks.

According to Reader , the existence of magazines is included in which mass media ?

If Reader doesn’t understand what a magazine is , let’s read the following explanation regarding the meaning of a magazine along with its functions, criteria, and various types!

Meaning of Magazine

According to Soeatminah (1987), the definition of a magazine is a periodical publication that contains articles and publications for an unlimited time and has a serial number.

Well, based on the expert’s opinion, it can be concluded that the meaning of magazine is “mass media that is published periodically and contains informational articles in accordance with the relevant field in the magazine.”

The existence of this magazine appeared not long after the newspaper appeared. In Indonesia, the existence of magazines has a long history and is divided into four periods, namely at the beginning of independence, the old order period, the new order period, and the reformation period.

Magazines are usually published with a predetermined target or audience. That is, the editors have determined from the beginning who will be the readers, whether children, teenagers, adult women, adult men, or even general readers.

However, the target reader is not only based on age and gender, but can also be based on profession. For example, readers as businessmen or farmers.

Magazine Functions

A magazine has different functions from other magazines. It depends on the information contained in it.

For example, news magazines such as Tempo have a function as an informational media that contains domestic and foreign events, as well as an entertainment function.

It’s different with the adult women’s magazine Femina . In the adult women’s magazine Femina, the articles contained in it are about various information and tips about feminine issues, so that they function more to educate and entertain.

Then, there is also the Trubus agricultural media , whose main function is to provide education and guidance on how to cultivate crops, making it an informational function.

However, in general, magazines have many functions other than those previously exemplified. According to the thesis written by Devita Permatasari with the title LKP: Pembutan Desain and Page Layout in Zigma Magazine , a magazine has 2 functions seen from different points of view, namely the function for the publisher and the function for the reader.

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1. Magazine Functions For Publishers

  • Magazines as organizational learning media
  • Magazines as communication media
  • Magazines as promotional media (with product advertisements contained in them)
  • Magazines as a medium for channeling talent in the field of writing
  • Magazines as a means of investment

2. Magazine Functions For Readers

  • Magazine as a source of information
  • Magazines as communication media
  • Magazines as channels for everyone’s aspirations (with a special column to publish the aspirations of each person who sends them to the editors)
  • Magazines as seeds of democracy
  • Magazines as promotional media
  • Magazine as a media for learning based on reading and writing
  • Magazines as a medium for channeling talent in the field of writing
  • Magazine as an increase in creativity
  • Magazines as entertainment

Good Magazine Criteria

What are the things that make a magazine called a good magazine? Does a good magazine have to contain the latest information?

Just like teaching materials, a magazine must also have accurate readability so that readers can understand the information contained in it. The criteria of a good magazine can be seen from various aspects, namely in terms of segmentation, function, cover , layout , color, selection of typefaces (font), selection of rubrics, illustrations and pictures, size, and layout composition.

1. Segmentation

  • The magazine’s target market mission must be in line with its readers.
  • The name of the magazine should be suitable for its target readers.
  • The content of the magazine rubric should be suitable for the target readers.

2. Functions

  • When the reader reads the articles contained in the magazine, the reader finds it easy to read and get benefits and inspiration in his life.
  • Readers can feel the benefits directly after reading the magazine.

3. Cover

  • Show the identity of the magazine in accordance with the mission that has been set in advance by the editors.
  • Can attract the attention of potential readers to want to read it.
  • Communicative and informative.
  • The illustrations used correspond to the theme of the magazine.

4. Layout

  • Not monotonous
  • Has its own groove
  • Easy to read and understand

5. Color

  • Not too flashy
  • Does not make the eyes tired quickly
  • The use of color should match the segmentation and theme of the magazine rubric

6. Font Type

  • Must use a font that is easy to read

7. Selection of Rubrics

  • The content of the rubric should match the name of the magazine
  • The rubric should be able to attract the attention of the reader
  • Each rubric must have at least 1 illustration or picture

8. Illustrations or Pictures

  • Illustrations should fit the theme of the magazine
  • The illustration does not offend SARA
  • Illustrations should be easy to understand
  • The image must have a high resolution to be seen clearly

9. Magazine Size

  • The size of the magazine should not be too big and not too small, usually using A4, Letter, B5, or F4 size
  • Easy to carry and does not break quickly.
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Types of Magazines

1. Scientific Magazine

Is Reader just now aware of the existence of a scientific magazine?

The definition of a scientific magazine is the same as a magazine in general, only the content is different. In scientific magazines, it usually contains the most up-to-date sources of information, be it about discoveries or new theories and developments in science.

In a scientific magazine, it is usually managed and published specifically by scientific institutions, universities, and professional organizations.

2. Children’s Magazine

Definition of Children’s magazine is a mass media that is published periodically and contains general knowledge with the target audience being children. This children’s magazine can also be used as a learning medium because it contains many pictures and illustrations so children tend not to get bored.

Examples from children’s magazines are Bobo and Mombi .

In addition, children’s magazines can also indirectly give children intelligence because they contain a lot of reading that can develop skills, knowledge, and creativity in children.

The existence of children’s magazines is considered to have many benefits in the same way as other mass media. The benefits of children’s magazines are:

  • Can develop children’s imagination

Through reading and illustrations contained in it. In addition, in children’s magazines there is usually a special rubric that invites children to cut, color, and do other creative activities to develop their imagination.

  • Get information and insight

The information and insights contained in children’s magazines are certainly general matters. In fact, sometimes the information and insight is not necessarily known to all adults 

  • Improve harmony between children and parents

Usually, in a children’s magazine there is a special section that contains fairy tales, short stories, and cergam (picture stories).

As a parent, of course you can read the stories contained in the child’s magazine. Of course, it can add harmony to the relationship between children and parents. In addition, the child’s focus in listening to his parents tell a story turns out to be good for his brain development 

3. General Magazine

In general magazines, there are usually no specific topics discussed in them. The information contained is information of a specific nature and there is no specific segment.

4. Religious Magazine

This type of magazine usually contains religious articles. Although the readership of this type of magazine is quite limited because not everyone can read it, but it turns out to be very popular 

5. Men’s Magazine

This men’s magazine will contain articles related to hobbies, sex, men’s outfits, gym tips , automotive, and others. His writing style is more simple and direct to the point

6. Women’s Magazine

The women’s magazine will contain articles about women’s lifestyles, food recipes, gossip, gossip columns, make-up tips , inspirational stories, and others.

Well, that’s the meaning of magazines and some things about magazines. Does Reader still subscribe to favorite magazines? If so, don’t forget to always keep it because it contains a lot of valuable information and knowledge…