6 Examples of Good Paper Covers and How to Make them

Closing of Papers – When we were still in school, we certainly couldn’t be separated from school assignments. Talking about school assignments, there are certainly a lot of them, starting from individual or group assignments and assignments grouped by subject. However, there is one assignment that can fit into all subjects, namely the task of writing a term paper.

Paper school assignments can be included in almost all subjects, such as social studies lessons, science lessons, Indonesian language lessons, and so on. In addition, school assignments for this paper can be made individually or in groups. In general, this paper assignment is only given when someone has entered high school, so it is very rare to find paper assignments in elementary school.

Basically, the task of making this paper is not only in high school, but also when someone is studying in college. In other words, when someone is already a student they still get paper assignments. However, paper assignments done by students have different levels.

The difficulty level of making papers for students lies in the use of theory, for students when making papers they must be analyzed with the right theory. That way, the results of the analysis in the paper will become more complex.

When someone is compiling a paper, there certainly won’t always be a closing section. In this article, you will find out the meaning of the closing section of a paper along with examples of closing papers. Come on, see the full review below.

Definition of Paper

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a paper can be interpreted as a written work that can be made by students or students as a form of report on the results of an assignment or research carried out at a school or college. Therefore, preparing papers should not be done carelessly or you could say that they are in accordance with the existing structure of the paper.

In the preparation of papers that must use valid and correct sources, papers can also be referred to as scientific papers, so that they are part of scientific papers. Therefore, in writing, usually the contents of the paper only focus on one problem.

In tertiary institutions, a student who is writing a paper must first make observations or look for sources that are relevant to the discussion of the paper. There are even papers that are made with research or field research beforehand in order to produce complex paper content.

After knowing the meaning of the paper, then we proceed to the next discussion, namely what is the closing of the paper?

What is a Paper Closing?

The closing part of the paper is a part of the paper that is located at the very end and must be made by the authors of the paper. The closing of this paper can be regarded as a part that explains the results obtained during observation, research or field research. With the closing of the paper, the author or reader of the paper becomes easier to understand the contents of the paper as a whole, so that readers can get new knowledge and insights.

Therefore, when talking about the closing part of the paper we cannot be separated from the conclusions and suggestions. These two elements are very difficult to separate from one another because they complement each other. So, when you want to write a paper cover, you should make sure that you have found a conclusion from all the discussion in the paper, and have received suggestions that can be given for further research.

Conclusions and suggestions can also be said as a requirement for the closing of the paper, so their presence must be in the closing part of the paper. If you fully understand the contents of the paper, it will be easy to make conclusions and suggestions in the closing part of the paper.

Paper Closing Requirements

Conclusions and suggestions are a requirement for the closing of the paper. The following is an explanation of the conclusions and suggestions.


The conclusion is the first condition of closing the paper. This conclusion contains the final results of the contents of the paper as a whole packaged in short, clear, and concise language. The results of this conclusion must be in accordance with the topics of discussion that have been described in the previous chapters, so that readers are not confused and it becomes easy to understand the contents. paper as a whole.

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In addition, when writing a conclusion it should not be too long, but the contents must still convey the important points of the discussion of the paper. In other words, conclusions that are written too long can reduce the value of the core issues in the paper.


In addition to the conclusion, a condition that must have a closing part of the paper is a suggestion. It is different from the conclusion, the suggestions written by the authors of the paper are addressed to readers related to the topics discussed previously. With this section, the author can provide solutions to readers related to the discussion in the paper. Basically there are no specific rules for making suggestions, but it should be written in simple language so that readers can easily understand it.

How to make a paper cover

Making a paper cover can be considered easy and difficult, below we will explain several ways to make a paper cover, including:

1. Understand the contents of the paper as a whole

To make a paper cover, you need to understand the contents of the paper as a whole. The contents of the paper need to be understood starting from the opening part to the contents. Therefore, to make a good paper cover, it is necessary to read the paper as a whole and read it several times, so that it will be easier to understand the contents of the paper.

2. The essence of the problem is clearly written

After understanding the contents of the paper, the next step in making a paper cover is to write the gist of the problem clearly. The clearer the writing of the core problems in the paper, the easier it will be to make conclusions and suggestions in the closing part of the paper. Apart from being written clearly, the essence of the problem must also be written firmly and full of conviction.

3. Use short, clear, and concise language

After that, then write the closing of the paper in short, clear, and solid language. This needs to be done so that the conclusions and suggestions that have been made in the closing part of the paper can be easily understood by the writer or reader. Therefore, it is better if the conclusions and suggestions made are not too long or can be written starting from 1-2 paragraphs so that they are not too long.

4. Adapted to the Discussion of the Paper

As previously explained that the closing of this paper consists of conclusions and suggestions, so when you want to make it, you have to adjust it to the discussion of the paper. In other words, the conclusions and suggestions made must not deviate from the discussion of the paper and must be related to every material or content of the paper that has been made.

Those are 4 ways to make a paper cover that you can use when you want to make a paper cover. It would be better if you continue to develop these four methods according to yourself so that you can produce a paper cover that is easily understood and understood by the author or some readers, so that it is possible that many people will read the paper.

Example of closing paper

The following are examples of closing papers divided into several topics of discussion.

Cover Example of Religious Paper

Honest behavior


Based on the discussion and explanation that has been presented before, I as the writer draw the following conclusions:

  1. Honest behavior is very important to avoid slander from others.
  2. Honest behavior serves to increase the trust of others in us.
  3. Honest behavior can strengthen relationships.
  4. Honest behavior can prevent disputes or animosity.


In addition to the conclusions explained above, I also have some suggestions that readers can apply in their daily lives.

  1. Deepen knowledge about honest behavior with experts, such as school teachers, or other religious figures.
  2. Keep trying to behave honestly even though you have been lied to in an environment many times.
  3. Always teach others to get used to behaving honestly.

Arrogant behavior


From what has been explained in the discussion above, we have several conclusions, including:

  1. Arrogant behavior is a form of bad behavior, so it should not be done as much as possible.
  2. Arrogant behavior has many negative impacts.
  3. Arrogant behavior can create arguments


In the closing part of this paper, the author would like to convey some suggestions for readers regarding arrogant behavior, including:

  1. Avoid arrogant behavior anywhere and anytime.
  2. Stay humble even though you have more abilities.

Example of PKN Paper Cover

Application of Pancasila values ​​to Citra Baik Elementary School students


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In Pancasila there are many values ​​contained therein and can provide benefits for social life. The application of Pancasila values ​​really needs to be done or even needs to be taught from an early age, so that when they grow up they are used to applying Pancasila values ​​in everyday life.

After conducting research on the application of Pancasila values ​​to Citra Baik Elementary School students, the authors draw the conclusion that the application of Pancasila values ​​to Citra Baik Elementary School students is quite good, although there are still some students who have not been able to apply Pancasila values.


From the research that has been conducted at Citra Baik Elementary School, the author has several suggestions for readers, including:

  1. Provide special material about Pancasila values ​​once a week.
  2. Familiarize students to apply Pancasila values ​​during study hours and during breaks.

The importance of education for every Indonesian citizen


Based on the explanation on the topic of discussion of the importance of education for every Indonesian citizen that has been described above, the authors draw several conclusions, including:

  1. Education is something that every Indonesian citizen must have.
  2. Indonesian formal education that is mandatory starts from elementary, junior high, and high school or is known as 12 year compulsory education.
  3. By entering formal education and compulsory education for 12 years, students’ knowledge and insight will increase.
  4. Education infrastructure in Indonesia is not evenly distributed.


In this closing section, the author gives several suggestions to readers, namely:

  1. Always pay attention to formal education for all Indonesian children
  2. Improving educational infrastructure evenly.

Health Paper Cover Example 

The dangers of junk food


From the explanation of the research that we have done before, we think that eating too much junk food can interfere with the body’s health. This can happen because junk food contains excess fat and sugar.

Diseases caused by junk food is arguably a dangerous and deadly disease. Diseases that will arise if you eat too much junk food, such as obesity, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Based on the research that has been done, we have some suggestions for readers, especially those who are used to eating junk food, including:

  1. Get rid of the habit of eating junk food excessively and replace it with food with balanced nutrition.
  2. Arrange regular eating patterns, so that the body is not easily hungry and can still get nutritious food.

The importance of exercising


Based on the topic of the importance of exercise that has been explained previously, I make the following conclusions:

  1. Exercise is something that must be done regularly to keep the body healthy
  2. Exercise can be done alone, with friends, or with an instructor.
  3. Exercise can make the body more relaxed, so that sleep patterns become regular and the quality of sleep becomes better.


From the discussion that has been mentioned, you have some suggestions for readers, including:

  1. Never hesitate to exercise and make a regular exercise schedule
  2. Combine regular exercise with a balanced nutritional diet
  3. Keep implementing a healthy lifestyle

Example of closing a short paper

Study benefits 

Based on the discussion above, the writer can conclude several things, including:

  1. Studying regularly can increase a person’s intelligence because his insight increases.
  2. Learning can be done anywhere, it doesn’t have to be through formal education.
  3. Learning can be done through various media, mobile phones, books, and so on.


From the explanation previously mentioned, the author has several suggestions for readers, including:

  1. Never get bored to continue learning anywhere and anytime.
  2. Determine the learning media according to preferences.

Example of Environmental Paper Cover

Garbage hazard if left continuously


Based on what has been described above, we draw several conclusions, including:

  1. Garbage that is left alone without proper processing will cause harm to the surrounding environment, which can cause disease.
  2. Garbage can cause natural disasters, such as floods.
  3. Good and correct waste management can reduce damage to the surrounding environment.


Garbage left just like that is very dangerous. From the explanation above, we have suggestions for readers, including:

  1. Provide trash cans in every resident’s house so as not to litter.
  2. Teach children to dispose of trash in its place, so that the environment is clean and protected from flooding.
  3. Create a special program to manage waste into useful materials and have economic value.

Example of closing an Indonesian language paper

The meaning of the fairy tale of the deer


The story of Si Kancil has been around for a long time and the story has never changed and the story contains meanings or values ​​that can be taken for everyday life. Based on the discussion of the paper about the meaning of the fairy tale Si Kancil, the writer can draw conclusions, including:

  1. Kancil is included in the category of intelligent and cunning animals
  2. The hare was an arrogant animal because he felt that he had won with the tortoise during a running race.


From the explanation of the meanings that have been explained above, the writer can conclude that be someone who is intelligent who is never arrogant, so that people will not shun him.

Thus the discussion of the closing example of the paper. After reading this article to the end, I hope it will be useful for Sinaumed’s in the future.