Examples of 3 Dimensional Crafts and How to Make High Value Works

Examples of 3D Crafts – One way to cultivate a creative way of thinking is to make 3D crafts. Someone who already has the habit of thinking and acting creatively will have a significant impact on psychology, especially the psychological development of children. A creative person is known to be more unyielding and persistent in finding a solution to the problem at hand.

Crafts can basically be understood as a work of art that focuses on the skill of a person’s hands. Apart from that, handicrafts are also a way that can be done to process raw materials that are around us so that they have value, be it usability, beauty, even profits or selling points.

Meanwhile, 3-dimensional crafts can be interpreted as works of art that have 3 sides, namely length, width and height. In simple terms, 3D craft is an art activity that has volume and space. 3 dimensional crafts are certainly different from 2 dimensional crafts which only have 2 sides consisting of length and width only. The most obvious difference between 3D and 2D crafts is the spatial element.

In this article, we will present ten examples of easy and simple 3D crafts. Some of the materials used are also very easy to get because they are all around us. You need to know, a craft can be beautiful and provide benefits to many people if it is made with high intentions and enthusiasm. Good luck!

A. Examples of 3D Crafts

1. 3D Sakura Paper Flowers

The first example of a 3D craft is a 3D paper flower. You can do this paper flower craft with your friends. This type of craft is perfect to decorate a room in your home.

The way to make 3D paper flowers is quite easy. If you have origami paper and scissors. Of course it would be great to make this type of 3D craft.

The first step that must be done is to take origami paper to be folded so that it becomes two vertical. Next, you can fold one of the bottom corners of the origami paper to form a triangle. Then, feel free to fold the same five layers. This is done in order to make petals from this cherry blossom. Well, do this method repeatedly for the back of the folded origami paper. Then cut the small triangle through all the folds or seams that were made earlier.

When cutting, the thing that needs to be considered in making paper flowers is trying to make the cut curved on the paper that connects the 2 triangles. Now, please combine each cherry blossom petal by pressing it together. The last step, put a small triangle at the beginning and the 3D cherry blossom paper is ready to be installed in friends’ rooms.

2. 3D Swan

The next example of a 3-dimensional craft is a swan. Some materials that need to be prepared before making a 3D swan craft are origami paper, markers, rulers, and of course a cutter or cutter.

After all the materials are ready, the first step is to fold the origami paper diagonally. Then, fold each top corner down until each corner meets the center line. Next, please slowly fold again each part of the corner. Next, you need to fold both sides between the top and bottom towards the back so they coincide.

In making the swan’s head, you only need to fold it up. Next, make the mouth of the 3D swan. Do not forget, also make a tail by making folds. Finally, you can use pencils and markers to decorate the swan, with the two eyes.

3. 3D Paper Rose Flowers

The next 3D craft is a 3D rose paper flower. The 3D paper flowers referred to here are whole roses consisting of flowers, leaves, and petals in paper form. Almost the same as cherry blossom paper flowers, these paper flowers are also very suitable for display as decoration in the living room.

Before starting the various steps to make 3D paper roses, prepare red paper measuring 20 x 20 cm in advance. Don’t forget, also prepare green paper with each size 4 x 4 cm and 4 x 16 cm.

a. Flower Section

  • Take the red paper and fold it in half, bringing it up and down.
  • Then you can fold the top and bottom of the paper towards the center of the paper.
  • Then fold back the paper between the folds that have been made the same size.
  • Repeat the above steps for the vertical side.
  • You should fold the top of the paper towards the first crease from the bottom.
  • Turn the paper over and fold it up.
  • From the left side, fold the paper towards the first fold on the right.
  • Turn the paper over again and fold over the existing paper crease from the right side.
  • Turn it over and find it with the top left edge of the paper at the first meeting line that is close to the bottom right corner of the paper.
  • Press the folded paper on the left to the center of the paper.
  • Unroll the paper from the fold you just made, rotate it 90 degrees anticlockwise.
  • Repeat steps until all 4 corners are equal.
  • Fold the paper with the existing pattern and fold the top and then meet the bottom side.
  • Trim all four sides then set aside while we make the leaves.
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b. Leaf Section

  • Take 4 x 4 cm paper to fold diagonally.
  • Also fold the right diagonal and find it on the underside of the paper and then repeat on the opposite side.
  • In the next step fold the top of the paper downwards and do it on the other side.
  • Continue by folding the paper following the pattern and opening the paper.
  • Fold the left corner of the paper slightly so it looks more like a leaf.

c. Part of the Flower Stem

  • Take 4 x 16 cm paper and roll it from one end.
  • Until in the middle of the paper, insert the leaves that have been made then continue to roll until the end of the paper.
  • Give glue so that the roll does not come off.

Now, after finishing making the three parts of a 3-dimensional paper rose flower, of course the next step is to arrange the stems, leaves, and flowers into one whole part, like a rose. To make it more like a real rose, you can tuck a little part of the stem down from the flower. Try making it in large quantities, it will definitely make your living room more colorful.

4.Lavender 3D

The next 3D craft is a lavender flower. Unlike the cherry blossoms and roses, which are pink and red respectively. The lavender flower itself has a very unique purple color that is loved by many people. Even though it is made of paper, it is possible that these paper lavender flowers will be as beautiful as real flowers.

Some of the materials that need to be prepared include scissors, sticks, and leaf tape. You also need to prepare wood glue and origami paper with a size of 12 x 12 to make this flower more comfortable to look at.

The first step that must be taken is to divide the origami paper into 2 parts with the same width. Then, take one part of the paper to be folded in half and cut to form tassels. Next, wrap the tassel shape paper around the end of the stick so that it covers the entire stalk to be locked with glue at the end. Next, you can press the bulging tips of the lavender petals so that the flower looks fluffy. And, the final step, take some leaf tape to wrap it around so it covers the stick neatly and beautifully.

5. 3D Butterfly

After knowing several examples of 3D crafts before, it certainly won’t be difficult, here is an example of a 3D craft that is also quite easy to make, namely butterflies. 3D butterfly crafts are usually used to decorate rooms or home windows.

Well, there are several steps that need to be taken to make a 3-dimensional butterfly craft. However, before that, you need to prepare origami paper of various colors with a size of 15 x 15 as well as a thin ribbon about 17 cm long.

  • Fold the paper diagonally to make a triangle.
  • Then fold the zigzag starting from the top center to the middle of the line.
  • Repeat the above steps for the other side of the paper. Then make one more piece of paper with the exact same bend as before.
  • Next you need to bind the 2 folded papers using the color pipe.
  • Tie the middle and bend it to look like a butterfly antenna.
  • Unfold the paper next to the fold to make it look like a butterfly wing.
  • Make butterflies again with various favorite colors.
  • String the butterfly by inserting the colored ribbon into the center of the butterfly. It can be used to decorate a house divider or to decorate a window.

6. 3D Spiral Hanging Decoration

Several previous crafts used origami paper as the basic material for making 3-dimensional crafts, but there are still many materials that can be used to make 3-dimensional crafts, one of which is colorful straws.

With colorful straws, you can make spiral hangers for decoration or display at home. Some things that need to be prepared, namely, colorful straws with each color totaling 15 seeds. In addition, also provide embroidery thread, needles, scissors, and hot glue.

  • Prepare a needle that has been threaded and then punctured in the middle of a straw.
  • When all the straws are connected to the thread, then all that remains is to use hot glue to attach them to the straws to form a spiral.
  • Just put glue on the end right where the thread is stuck. Do it until the straw runs out.
  • And spiral hangers from straws can be installed in a child’s room.
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7. Wind Chime 3D

The following 3D craft is a wind chime. Wind chime is a unique home decoration and is often known as a wind chime. This 3-dimensional craft can create sound when it is hit by the wind. Some people also think that this wind chime can bring various good luck to the owner of the house.

Some materials that need to be prepared before making wind chimes are bottle caps (both made of wood and aluminum), filters, threads, and wire. Apart from that, you also need to provide several tools such as scissors, drills, nails, and hammers.

  • First you have to make a hole in the side of the bottle cap using a drill.
  • Cut the thread to the length according to taste and cut more than one.
  • String the bottle cap on the thread and then tie it on the filter.
  • Continue by making chains and rings out of wire for the wind chime. Use the remaining yarn to make it.
  • Hang the wind chime in a place where the wind is strong.

8. 3D Stationery Holder

The next 3-dimensional craft is a place to store stationery. This storage area will be very useful for storing various writing instruments, such as pencils, pens, markers, and so on.

You can also encourage your child or younger sibling to be creative in making their own stationery holder. The basic material for this 3-dimensional craft is a used bottle. Meanwhile, the tools used to make it are scissors, iron, ribbon, and origami paper.

The first step, cut a third of the bottle using scissors in a circular and flat manner. Then, so that the results are neat and even, please iron the ends of the bottles that have been cut. The last step, decorate the bottle with your creativity, using either origami paper or ribbon.

9. 3D Coffee Packaging Bag

In addition to various 3D crafts for home decoration, there are also 3D crafts that are very popular with many people these days, namely coffee packaging bags. Currently, the utilization or management of unused goods and recycled products is becoming a trend in society. This is in line with the desire of many people to try to reduce waste and human-made waste.

By utilizing garbage and waste, the environment can be cleaner. Not only that, you also have multi-purpose items that result from the skills of creative people. One of the used goods that can be used as a bag is a coffee pack.

Well, how to make it is fairly easy. The best thing about this 3D craft is patience and tenacity. Some items that need to be prepared include scissors, needles, thread, and furing and zippers.

  • Discard the top and bottom of the coffee packet and make it open on both sides.
  • Proceed with washing all the packs and drying in the sun to dry.
  • Cut the finished coffee packet in 2 and fold it 1 cm inwards at the top and bottom ends.
  • You need 1000 folds and this can be made from 500 coffee bags.
  • Continue by weaving the folds into a propeller model.
  • Create a vertical upright angle so that it can be woven in an upward direction.
  • Don’t forget to make a bag strap with the remaining folds forming a triangle.
  • Join the triangles together and sew like a chain.
  • Then all you have to do is sew the bag strap on the bag and sew the furing inside the bag.
  • Finally attach the zipper on the furing and the bag is ready to use.

10. Snowflakes 3D

The last 3-dimensional handicraft is snowflakes. Snowflake itself is basically quite easy to make and the results can be said to be very good. This craft only requires 22 x 28 cm paper and scissors.

  • Fold a piece of paper in half horizontally.
  • Fold the two corners of the paper to the center to form a triangle and fold it to the center again.
  • Next, fold one side of the triangle about a third of its size inward and do it on the other side.
  • Hold the paper with the pointed end facing down.
  • Next, fold it in half until the paper is in the shape of a long kite.
  • You should cut the paper crosswise with a slight curve.
  • Please start cutting out the snowflakes with a simple pattern.
  • Unfold all the folds being careful not to tear them, and your snowflake is finished.

Those are ten examples of 3-dimensional crafts that you can make at home by using unused items. Crafts are one way to bring out one’s creativity. In addition, crafts can also be used to channel hobbies and fill free time with useful things. Good luck!