Types of Bullying and Examples

Bullying is an act or behavior that is done to hurt either in the form of verbal, psychological or emotional and can also be in physical form.

This bullying can be done by a group of people or individuals who feel physically and mentally stronger than the victim.

The impact of bullying is very large, here are the types of bullying that we need to know.

1. Physical Bullying

This type of bullying is the most common type we encounter. Usually the perpetrators of bullying will do physical violence such as pushing, kicking, hitting and others related to the physical.

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The side effect of this bullying is the marks of violence that appear on the body of the victim of bullying. This type of bullying is easiest to report to the authorities because there is evidence of lasting violence.

2. Sexual Bullying

It is a type of sexual bullying, whether against a partner or non-partner. This bullying can be done directly, for example, rape, sexual harassment. Or indirectly with words or private messages.

3. Prejudicial Bullying

Bullying against certain races and groups, usually the perpetrators of this bullying act by imitating the speech style of the victim, imitating the tribal habits of the victim or by criticizing his race.

4. Financial Bullying

Is a type of bullying that forces the victim to spend money or valuables belonging to him. Examples such as harassing, pointing, embezzlement of funds and others.

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5. Cyber ​​Bullying

This type of bullying is usually done on social media such as the internet. An example of a case is the perpetrator commenting negatively on the victim’s post or terrorizing the victim.

6. Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is often associated with cyber bullying, even more cruel. Usually the victim who is affected, will prefer to be alone and hide the problem.