Examples of Psychotest Questions and Tips on How to Answer them Correctly

Example of Psychological Test Questions – Psychological testing is one of the stages of job selection that is commonly used by many companies, both in large companies and in types of companies that are still in the startup category . Psychological tests are used to identify a person’s personality, such as attitude, personality, interests, and intelligence.

Psychological test results play an important role in determining whether you are suitable to join a company or not. There are no right or wrong terms when dealing with psychological test questions, only whether you are suitable for a particular company or position.

In general, there are seven types of psychological test questions that you must answer. These questions require sufficient concentration and time allocated for each type of psychological test. So, here’s an explanation of the types of psychological test questions and tips on how to do them for the job selection test that you should know so you can be better prepared when applying for a job.

Get to Know What Psychotest Matters Are

Psychological tests are one of the stages of job selection that is widely used by many companies, both large and pioneers. Psychological tests are a series of visual or verbal questions or written tests administered by a professional (psychologist) based on the needs of the client (individual or organization). This psychological test allows companies to determine the criteria and services they need to apply when recruiting employees according to their needs.

It is intended to assess a person’s cognitive and emotional functioning and to convey a comprehensive personality profile, especially in the later world of work. Psychological tests have the following functions to identify a person’s personality. Attitudes, personality and interests that may not be visible to the naked eye. The results of the psychological tests carried out by prospective employees will play a major role in determining whether the employee is fit to be employed by the company.

This psychological aspect can also be used by businesses to identify work motivation, aptitudes, emotional states, relationships with other people, attitudes and solutions to problems in everyday life. When doing psychological tests, there are no right or wrong terms. It’s just whether the employee fits the needs of the company or job and the position he is applying for. For some people, psychological tests are often regarded as an “uncertainty factor” and show a person’s logical potential. Academic ability does not guarantee that someone can pass a psychological test.

This is because in general this psychological test aims to measure not only academic abilities but also psychological aspects. Of course, human nature, characteristics, and academic abilities are different. Even those who have just graduated from a prestigious university can fail this psychological test. So make sure you study and understand examples of psychological test questions well before finally applying for the position you want. This will be very important and will be more likely to be accepted by your dream company. Does Sinaumed’s want to pass a psychological test? Come on, look at the reviews about the types and examples of psychological test questions along with tips on how to do them:

Kinds of Psychological Test Problems

1. Psychological Test of Verbal Ability or Language Proficiency

The Language Proficiency Test includes synonyms (same words), antonyms (opposite words), synonyms, and semantic context. This test is intended to determine your ability to overcome certain situations. In addition, language proficiency tests can help assess your ability to infer and understand the causes and consequences of problems. To take this verbal ability test, you need to learn as much of the vocabulary and its meanings as possible. Verbal ability tests usually consist of 40 questions, which include antonyms, synonyms, and word synonyms. This test requires you to be good at playing logic and focus in order to pass it successfully.

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This psychological test is used to determine your ability to deal with problems and how you see cause and effect. In order to take this test, you will need to learn various vocabulary words and their meanings. The important thing is to use logic. Of course, you have to concentrate fully on this test. If you’re taking this test, you can try taking it from the one that’s easiest for you. That way, if you have time to solve problems that are difficult to solve, at least you will get the correct results from the problems that have been solved. The key to passing this exam is proper preparation.

2. Wartegg Psychological Test Questions

The Wartegg Psychological Test is the result of research by German psychologist Ehrig Wartegg. The Wartegg test is used to find out what character is in a person. For example, problem solving skills, tenacity, adaptability, and work motivation. In the Wartegg test, you will receive 8 squares of paper. Squares come in a variety of patterns, from curves to dots. Your task is to draw more patterns on the problem, of course, this should match your imagination and creativity. Don’t rush this exam. First, try to understand the pattern.

3. Arithmetic Psychology Test Questions

If you apply for a job that involves a lot of mathematical activity using mathematical formulas, such as data analyst, finance, software engineer, you will definitely encounter the psychology of arithmetic. This is because there are some patterns in the test that need to be understood. This series of numbers must be able to be solved by dividing, multiplying, subtracting, adding, dividing numbers, and passing percentages. So you have to be able to focus and concentrate in order to do this type of problem well.

In practice, you have to pay attention to the whole series of numbers by reading the shape of the pattern. The pattern in question is a form of grouping jumps or sequences, as well as grouping sequentially. Remember, don’t focus too much on the numbers in front of you. This is usually because the numbers are not represented correctly. Also, don’t focus too much on one question because it’s too interesting. You also need to keep in mind the set deadlines.

4. Picture Series Logic Psychological Test Problems

The Logic Series Psychology Test has a concept like the arithmetic logic test. A special form is the use of 2D or 3D image media. The key to this psychological test is paying attention to concentration and patterns. Don’t miss any of these details, such as spot placement or color swirls. This test consists of a combination of numbers and photos. In this logic test, one question is usually associated with another. One thing you should be aware of is that the examiner usually only gives instructions once. Hence, you should be very careful while dealing with this matter.

In addition, this psychological test can help you measure your understanding in understanding and carrying out orders, analyzing problems, and speeding up decision making. If you have difficulty taking this psychological test, then you have limited time and need to answer simple questions first.

5. Pauli or Kraepelin Psychological Test Questions (Newspaper)

Pauli’s Psychological Test is commonly known as the Koran Test. The Pauli test is a simple arithmetic test and looks very simple. The task in this test is to start with 09 and add up a series of numbers arranged vertically. But don’t get excited just yet because there’s just so much that needs to be added together. Pauli’s problem resembles a newspaper page filled with columns of numbers. It seems simple, but the Pauli Test is quite tiring and can lose concentration. Because the numbers need to be added sequentially and a lot.

Please note that this Kraepelin / Pauli test is intended to ensure speed, consistency and accuracy. Answering with several mistakes can reveal that you are a person with high pressure. There is another way to run the Pauli test. First, add the two numbers next to each other. Then write down the result between the two numbers added to the right. Third, if the answer consists of two digits, write down only the last digit.

If you make a mistake in the calculation, cancel the wrong answer and write the correct answer next to it. you mustn’t ignore the missed paths. Continue to the next path. Finally, underline the last number you added when there was a stop signal before moving on to the next question. One thing to remember is that you have to answer Pauli’s test questions in order from top to bottom. The examiner usually allocates 60 minutes for this test. In that one hour, you will be able to accurately count as many questions as possible.

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6. Problem Drawing People or Drawing Trees

This type of test must be familiar to Sinaumed’s’ ears. In this test, the examiner asks you to draw a tree on A4 paper. However, you are not allowed to draw coconut trees or small plants. The tree image you need to make is a tree with branches. Likewise when drawing a person. In this test, the examiner will judge you not by your beauty, but by your personality and personality. When doing the human drawing test, draw the human in proportion. Make complete body components and balanced facial compositions.

This type of psychological test question is to find out how confident, stable and responsible you are at work. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be good at drawing to take this test. At work, you have to draw the full explanation yourself. For example, if you are a woman, you can describe yourself as a woman. Likewise, if it’s a man, try to draw in detail the complete body. If you want to draw a doctor, equip him with official clothes and activities that the doctor usually does.

7. Psychological test questions Edward Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

Of the various types of psychological tests that exist, the EPPS Psychological Test is probably the easiest to do. The purpose of this psychological test is to find out more about your personality and what your personality is like. The test is very easy, but don’t answer randomly. What emerges from this test is consistency in answering the questions asked. You must try to answer all the questions in the question, even if it doesn’t suit your personality. This psychological test asks a lot of questions. It’s easy to see if you answered a question honestly. This phase is usually about your personality and suitability for the position you are applying for. Therefore, this test also helps to see what the workplace atmosphere is like both in terms of culture and the systems implemented in the office.

Examples of Psychological Test Questions and Tips on How to Answer Them

Based on the explanation of the types of psychological test questions above, here are some examples of psychological test questions that Sinaumed’s can look at along with tips for answering them:

1. Examples of Psychological Test Questions for Verbal ability

  • An example of an equivalent word
    INSOMNIA = ?
    a. sad
    b. anxious
    c. in fact
    d. Can’t sleep
    Answer : Can’t sleep
  • Examples of Opposite Words
    BONGSOR = ?
    a. Dwarf
    b. Shrink
    c. jam
    d. Accumulating
    Answer: Dwarf
  • Examples of Car Analog Questions
    – Gasoline = Runner – ?
    a. track
    b. food
    c. Shoes
    Answer: Food
    Gasoline is a form of energy source for the car to finally be able to move. Then eat which is a form of energy for humans to be able to run.

Additional Tips: Try to do the easier questions for this type of question first. If time has passed to solve the problem and you can’t answer all the questions, at least you can make sure that the answers to the questions that have been answered are correct.

2. Examples of Wartegg Psychotest Questions

3. Examples of Arithmetic Logic Psychology Test Questions

1 24 20 16 12 = ?
a. 8b
. 2
c. 4d
. 6
Answers: 8
Explanation: In the series of numbers above subtract each number by 4, then the final result of the series of numbers is 12-4 = 8

Tips for doing this type of logic test require you to read patterns and look at whole sets of numbers. The pattern in question can be in the form of hopping groups , sequences , or sequence groups . These numbers are usually not well represented, so don’t focus too much on the next 2-3 numbers. Also, don’t focus too much on one question because it’s too cool to work on. Also, keep in mind the set time limit.

4. Examples of Picture Series Logic Psychological Test Problems

5. Example of Kraepelin’s or Pauli’s Psychotest Questions (newspaper)

6. Examples of Psychotest Questions Drawing People and Trees

7. Examples of Psychotest Questions Edward Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

So, that’s an explanation of several types of examples of psychological test questions along with tips on how to solve them. The examples of psychological test questions above are certainly not enough to familiarize yourself with psychological test questions. To be better prepared for this psychological test, Sinaumed’s can visit sinaumedia’s collection of books on psychology at www.sinaumedia.com , enjoy studying. #Friends Without Limits.