140 Logical and Funny Guesses and Answers

140 Logical Riddles – Guessing games have been around since we were kids. In fact, every generation will always have children who like to play charades. Playing guessing games is a very fun game because every guessing game is always funny, causing laughter. Even though children often play it, it is not uncommon for adults to take part in this game, especially when they are together.

His name is also a guessing game, for sure every question given will produce unexpected answers. In fact, the answers given are sometimes strange or absurd . Precisely the strange answers that awaited. The weirder the answers are, the funnier the guesses are.

Not a few also play guessing games with their families. By playing guessing games with the family, the family atmosphere will be fun because there will be lots of sounds of laughter that can be heard. So, who do you prefer to play guessing games with?

Sinaumed’s, you want to play a guessing game, but don’t have any guesswork yet? Don’t worry, below there will be lots of riddles that you can use to play charades when you are together.

Logical Guesses Related to Body Parts

1. What eyes don’t wear glasses?

Answer: Ankles

2. Wash what never use soap?

Answer: Wash the eyes

3. It’s in front of your eyes but you can’t see it, what is it?

Answer: Eyelashes

4. When they are small they are black, but when they grow up they turn white, what is that?

Answer: Hair

Logic Guesses related to Objects

5. What objects are shorter when connected than disconnected?

Answer: Cloth sarong

6. If stepped on it will always go anywhere, if not stepped on will it just stay where it is?

Answer: Flip Flops

7. Have arms but no fingers, have a neck but no head, what is that?

Answer: Clothes

8. What eye is used for cutting?

Answer: Blade

9. What gloves are suitable for fighting?

Answer: Boxing gloves

10. If you have a full stomach, if you look up it is empty, what is that?

Answer: Hat

11. Whose child can move fast?

Answer: Arrows

12. What object can go around the world without having to go where you come from?

Answer: Stamps

13. What bicycle cannot be painted?

Answer: The bike is lost

14. What door, when pushed by many people, still cannot be opened?

The answer: The door that says “PULL”

15. When is the right time to open the door?

Answer: When the door is closed

16. Instead of being hugged by a child, picked instead of fruit, then what is that?

Answer: Guitar

17. Why does the door always face the sun?

Answer: Because if it faces the wall it cannot be opened

18. The more you beat it, the louder and more melodious the sound it produces, what is that?

Answer: Drums

19. What minister is always holding his head?

Answer: Minister of chess

20. He is always above the head of the President, Ministers or Regional Officials. But he has no position in government. Who is he?

Answer: He is Peci

21. This object is very afraid of rain, but it flies very high. What is that object?

Answer: Kites

22. I am an object that people always hit in a crowded place, what object am I?

Answer: Drum

23. What box can give a person a job title?

Answer: Voicemail

24. I am made of glass and I can be filled with water. I am usually used as a shelter for animals. Who am I?

Answer: Aquarium

25. The first person to close and the second to open, what object am I?

Answer: Envelope

26. I am an object that always wastes water, who am I?

Answer: Dipper

27. If you want to go left or right it will blink, what is that thing?

Answer: Turn signal

28. Has a lot of teeth and how to eat back and forth to make a sound. What is that thing?

Answer: Chainsaw

29. I am an object that if stretched will increase in length and if released will shorten. What thing am I?

Answer: Rubber

30. My top is always clean and shiny, but my bottom is always dirty. What thing am I?

Answer: Shoes

Animal-Related Logic Riddles

31. What ticks always come out of the mouth?

Answer: Curse

32. What tires can butt?

Answer: Bull

33. All chickens lay eggs, so where does the rooster lay eggs?

Answer: No, roosters never lay eggs.

34. Electricity that can swim in the sea?

Answer: Electric eel

35. What powder can’t be sold?

Answer: One horn powder

36. What animal has only 2 letters?

Answer: ShrimpG

37. What animal is always the victim of blackmail?

Answer: Dairy cows

38. What chicken can lay its eggs in a mountain, in a valley, in a tiger’s den, or anywhere else?

Answer: Hen

39. What fish should not be put in a freshwater aquarium?

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Answer: Fried fish

40. What horse always dares to kick or throw off the king?

Answer: Chess horse

41. What war are rats always afraid of?

Answer: Mousetrap

42. What chicken cannot lay eggs?

Answer: Grilled chicken

43. Which animal remains the same when called back and forth?

Answer: Frog or Toad

44. What house cannot the crowd enter?

Answer: Conch house

45. When a child is born with a mustache, what child is that?

Answer: Kitten

46. ​​What elephant has so much water that it overflows?

Answer: Gajahmungkur (the name of the dam in Central Java)

47. A rooster mates with a kate chicken, what will the resulting chicken egg be?

Answer: So chicks

48. Animals that are always victims of sins committed by people, what animal am I?

Answer: Scapegoat

49. The object is on the neck of the shirt, the animal is on the flower, what is that object?

Answer: Bow tie

50. The door that always makes bad people good?

Answer: The door of repentance

51. I am an animal that has no bones but, has many arms. Every liquid I have is the same as the color of a normal pen. Who am I?

Answer: Squid

52. What animal is never young?

Answer: Parrots

53. Staying up late is not a night watchman, buzzing is not a siren, stinging is not a bee. What animal am I?

Answer: Mosquitoes

54. Looking for food at night, hanging on during the day. What animal am I?

Answer: Bats

Logic Guesses related to Island or City

55. What Kali was very large and many people?

Answer: Borneo

56. What is the name of an island in Indonesia that doesn’t like staying up late?

Answer: Tidore Island

57. Which country has more than one capital city?

Answer: Lima (Peru’s capital city)

58. What city always feels sad?

Answer: Malang City

59. What is the name of the island where you always blush?

Answer: Maluku (my shame)

60. The name of the city that always wants to appear alone?

Answer: Solo City

61. The name of the bitter town?

Answer: City of Pare-Pare

62. What city smells like perfume?

Answer: Banyuwangi (fragrant water)

63. A country that is always known as new even though it has been established for a long time?

Answer: New Zealand

64. What is the name of the city that always sticks together or never separates?

Answer: Lembang (Lembang)

65. What city has language and fruit?

Answer: Sunda Kelapa

66. Was released, then arrested again. When it walks its tail will roll up its body. What is that thing?

Answer: Yoyos

Funny Logic Guesses

67. What lips are thick and never wear lipstick?

Answer: Lip of the well

68. What kind of bread never matches the price of the buyer?

Answer: Plain bread

69. What recipe can talk?

Answer: Receptionist

70. Where did grandma fall into the river?

Answer: Appearance in the newspaper

71. What was bought at a high price and finally torn apart?

Answer: Cinema Tickets

72. What kind of job solves a problem using one eye?

Answer: Photographer

73. What items can be bought but can’t be chosen?

Answer: Only one item left

74. Why do Harry Potter characters have funny faces?

Answer: Because if the face is scary it is mistaken for a tiger.

75. When are thieves not caught anymore?

Answer: The thief is still in jail.

76. Rabbits eat grass, chickens eat bran

Answer: Padang restaurant

77. What road has never been paved?

Answer: Railway or railroad tracks

78. There are three people walking under one small umbrella, but how come they don’t get caught in the rain?

Answer: That’s because it doesn’t rain

79. There was a king’s son who was abandoned by his father because he died. After being abandoned, then what would that child become?

Answer: Orphans

80. What water cannot be used for drinking, bathing, and washing?

Answer: Airports

81. What flower can’t most people smell?

Answer: Kebnag fire

82. A war that doesn’t use weapons but is very crowded, what kind of war is it?

Answer: War of words

83. What hair is never combed and can be eaten?

Answer: Rambutan

84. A drink that always depends on the price of rice, what is that drink?

Answer: Kencur rice drink

85. What snake do children like?

Answer: Snakes and ladders

86. Each tribe must have a chief, so what tribe does not have a chief?

Answer: Spare parts

87. What water can’t freeze?

Answer: Boiling water

88. A man who was studying in France suddenly died in Indonesia. What title will the man get?

Answer: The title of the deceased

89. In what era did elephants and chickens build a country?

Answer: Age of Majapahit (Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk)

90. What is found at the end of the sea?

Answer: The letter T

91. There is a delicious drink, but if we read it backwards, will it be the name of our body? What drink is it?

Answer: Milk; intestines

92. The mattress is narrow and I’m not feeling well, so how can I sleep?

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Answer: Just brake

93. What is the difference between East and West?

Answer: Different direction

94. What suit do humans always have?

Answer: Physical

95. What person doesn’t hurt when they are hit?

Answer: People don’t get it

96. What line can determine a person’s destiny?

Answer: Lifeline

97. What kind of slam do most people like?

Answer: Lower the price

98. The path is always forward and never backwards. Every time he walks, the human age will increase. Who is he?

Answer: Time

99. Which is heavier, 5 kg of wheat flour and 5 kg of sago flour?

Answer: Nothing is heavier because they are both 5 kg

100. What eye becomes difficult if the owner dies?

Answer: Livelihoods

101. What food has the same name and color?

Answer: Chocolate

102. What kind of bus hurts the most when touched?

Answer: Boils

103. What bus has the slowest sound?

Answer: Whisper

104. What is the difference between film and painting?

Answer: Paintings use frames, films use extras

105. Spicy is not chili, it stings in the ear, what is it?

Answer: Criticism

106. Eating what can cause the body to be thin?

Answer: Eat liver

107. What basket can’t be used if it’s not hollow?

Answer: Basketball basket

108. What fruit if donated is very good for progress?

Answer: Thoughts

109. Throwing this one can look cute, but it can also look unsweet. Throw what is it?

Answer: Throw a smile

110. I really don’t like it when other people hear me. I don’t like being open with many people. Who am I?

Answer: Secret

111. If one person cannot answer, what will it be thrown at someone else?

Answer: Teacher’s question

112. What boss is always bored when given the same things?

Answer: Bored

113. What is that after taking a shower sleeping in the hot sun?

Answer: Clothesline

114. I am something that when other people hear me, that person’s heart will feel warm, who am I?

Answer: Slander

115. The food is in the air and we are not allowed to use our hands?

Answer: Cracker eating competition

116. How is hair different from an ice cube?

Answer: Colored hair will last longer, painted ice cubes will melt.

117. Is it good first, but hard later?

Answer: Debt

118. What flower makes human life lacking?

Answer: Deflation

119. The name is not cheap, but very historical?

Answer: The Taj Mahal

120. Burning what can make other people angry?

Answer: Burning emotions

Answer: If the dew drops in the morning, while the tears fall when sad.

122. The longer it will be less. Even though the number is always increasing, what is that?

Answer: Human age

123. What ocean is walkable?

Answer: Ocean of people

124. I have a very large mouth and my voice is so high-pitched that it sounds far away. Who am I?

Answer: Toak

125. Why in England do people breathe water?

Answer: Because in the water in English means air

126. There are two nights, one day, no evening?

Answer: Letter A

127. If I want to turn left, I will signal to the right. If you want to turn right, then I will give a signal to the left. So, I am a?

Answer: Duck herder

128. Balloons or lighters are more awesome?

Answer: Obviously a match, because if you hold the match close to the balloon, the balloon will explode. If the balloon is close to the match, then the balloon will still explode

129. What seeds are very easy to plant, but the results are not pleasant. What seeds are they?

Answer: Seeds of enmity

130. What is the name of a stone that cannot be used to build a house. What stone is it?

Answer: Batteries

131. I am a way that many people don’t know and sometimes I like to go around things, what way am I?

Answer: Thoughts

Plant Logic Guesses

132. I have a round shape like a fruit, but what is inside me is all in the shape of a leaf. Who am I?

Answer: Cauliflower or cabbage

133. My whole body is a stick. I often used to cook, who am I?

Answer: Lemongrass

134. What fruit always has a seed on the outside?

Answer: Cashews

135. I am often interpreted by the Sundanese as polite. Whereas by Jakartans I am often called the name of a fruit. What fruit am I?

Answer: Mango

136. I am a fruit that is always associated with some wealth. What fruit am I?

Answer: Srikaya

137. Name a fruit that has no brain?

Answer: All fruits are brainless

138. What fruit looks almost like a melon?

Answer: Cantaloupe

139. A vegetable that is often used to call a boy friend?

Answer: Broccoli (Bro-coli)

140. I am a food of much fruit. What food am I?

Answer: Rojak