Impact of Bullying Actions on Victims, Perpetrators, and Witnesses

Who would have thought that bullying does not only have a negative impact on the mental health of victims of bullying , but also has an impact on the perpetrators and witnesses.

Everyone will be found guilty. Everyone will go to court to give a statement if bullying cases go to law.

the following is the impact of bullying on victims, perpetrators, and witnesses.


A teenager who is often bullied at school will be a closed person, low self-esteem, and tend to avoid other people. They will feel that they are worthless, and do not want to be friends with him.

Of course, such thinking is a very wrong prejudice. That way they think school is a place of discomfort and even hate school.

Instead of having a passion for learning at school, school becomes a place where we stop learning and academic achievement will decline.

Those victims will find it hard to trust anyone . Pain in the heart will cause depression and trauma which if it gets worse it must be handled by professionals.

Of course this will be a serious problem because the pain that is unbearable makes the victim grow a sense of revenge, hurt himself, and commit suicide.


At first it could be just joking with friends, but a teenager may not understand the extent to which we joke without even realizing that we have crossed the line.

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Bullies are those who find it difficult to control their emotions. When there is a problem they tend to vent their anger on other people , the victims of this bullying .

If someone has been defeated by anger, conscience has been defeated by emotion, then what arises is only a hard and merciless personality.

A rude personality like this will lead someone into a fight without mercy.

Because they feel they are used to juvenile delinquency, the environment will continue to lead to alcohol and drug abuse.

Academic achievement will also decline, to seek other emotional outlets such as trying early sex or out of wedlock.


A witness who is also a human being of course also has a conscience that can feel the emotional conditions of the people around him.

This means that they actually feel guilty when watching bullying , but are also unable to do anything or are confused about what to do.

Over time , feelings of guilt and regret will arise in their hearts, especially if the bullying case has gotten worse.

Witnesses of bullying are also likely to experience health problems, such as depression and excessive anxiety .

Emotional problems when they cannot be controlled will likely end up in the decision to seek an outlet.

The outlet that can be done when conditions are unstable is juvenile delinquency such as alcohol and drug abuse.

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It’s not just one party, or you alone, but everyone in the bullying circle is wrong for not being able to stop bullying .

One thing is certain and we need to always remember, that God is just, and those who commit crimes against fellow human beings will certainly receive learning .

Everyone deserves to accept the same behavior, we can be friends with everyone. Bullying is merely an outlet for anger when someone is tired.

Doing bullying does not make you a strong person, it actually indicates that you are a coward and weak person because you are unable to stand on your own without demeaning others.

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