This is a series of Informatics Social Impacts that Need to be Known

Social Impact of Informatics – Society and the social environment cannot be separated, as we know that humans are social beings who need each other from one individual to another. In the science of sociologists themselves, it is argued that humans as social beings cannot live alone, so humans must also communicate with each other and interact directly with each other.

However, if you look at the facts, the social life of today’s society, it seems that the term social beings who carry out direct social interactions needs to be re-examined. This is because the times and technology have changed the patterns and systems of social life in modern society.

Technology that is experiencing significant growth explicitly has a very large impact on today’s human social life. The emergence of social media and communication tools that are all effective and efficient are one of the factors that have resulted in the birth of individual human beings who tend to be selfish or even individualistic.

People tend to do more pragmatic things for social interaction. By making direct social contact, it can be assumed as something complicated, not profitable, a waste of time and often considered out of date.

In addition to technological advances that provide various means of accelerating communication between individuals. One of the other factors that causes the reduction of social community is the existence of a motion of distrust in their own environment, even in the closest sphere such as in the family, neighbors and work environment.

This itself can happen because there are many criminal acts that generally occur precisely because of people around the environment, so that someone tends to choose to do everything alone or through communication tools to interact without having to meet and meet face to face. Just a small example that we can get, for example at the office, everyone is busy outside of their work, namely busy playing social media and at home too.

Today, many humans tend to be no longer sensitive to the circumstances around them. Communication and social interaction within a family, both at home and at work seem more selfish and more individualistic. At the mother’s house with her friends, the father is busy twittering with his colleagues, the child is busy playing his online game , so that they no longer communicate intensely with each other. In fact, there is no openness between wife and husband, father or mother and children.

Technology makes it possible to meet one another beyond the confines of their own space and culture, creating a whole new world of potential friendships. However, it is also important to keep in mind that virtual contact cannot and should not replace direct human contact with people at every level of our lives.

Positive impact

The social impact of informatics does not always have to be negative, but can also be positive, including:

1. Make it easy for someone to communicate with others

The first positive impact of informatics is that it makes it easier for someone to communicate with other people who are very far away or even in different countries. The easier it is to communicate, the better the relationship will be maintained.

2. Facilitate the Government in Conducting Policy Dissemination

Every new government policy must be disseminated by the government so that people are familiar with the policy. With advances in technology, social informatics continues to experience development, so that the government often disseminates a policy through social media belonging to an institution.

3. It’s easy to know foreign cultures

The presence of social informatics makes it easier for someone to know foreign cultures. That way, we don’t have to bother going abroad just to find information.

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4. Easily Distribute Works

With advances in technology as well as social informatics that continues to develop, the works of the nation’s children will be more easily disseminated. That way, the Indonesian state will be increasingly better known by many people in the world.

5. Easy to Do Student Exchange

Technological advances also make it easier for someone to exchange students. This is because registration can be done online . That way, many Indonesian people will be able to study abroad.

Negative impact

Until now, the development of information and communication technology (informatics) is very rapid, there are even many advanced technologies that are used by humans to make their work easier. However, this advancement in informatics not only has a positive impact on human life, but also has a negative impact that needs to be looked at carefully.

The negative impact of informatics in human life will also attack physical health or mental damage. This can be seen from the many legal cases that have been filed by individuals, communities and countries due to misuse of information technology, which is certainly very detrimental to several parties.

In addition, there is a lot of negative content emerging, such as fake news, hate speech, various threats and insults, pornography, gambling, violence and terrorism or radicalism which often spread through social media and internet networks.

At least there are some negative impacts from other social impacts of informatics, here are some of them:

1. Dis-Information

The first negative impact of informatics is dis-information, this itself is caused by misuse of informatics sophistication. Dis-information has also frequently occurred recently, including in hoax news which is very detrimental to the wider community. Various fake news is also produced and placed on certain web pages which are then spread via the internet.

Other modes that often occur include posting hoaxes via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or also spreading them through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, Telegram, and so on. In general, hoax itself is defined as a plan to deceive other people by providing untrue news.

The negative impact of hoax news is very dangerous, because it will damage one’s good name, loss of trust in a product, SARA clashes in society, hurting someone’s life even by threatening the security of a country.

2. “Colonization” of Culture

It’s good to learn foreign culture. However, the result is that people will love foreign cultures more than their own. If it’s like this, indirectly, the local culture will be colonized by foreign cultures. As a result, cultural values ​​that have been passed down from generation to generation will disappear and the cultural identity of the local country will slowly and surely disappear.

3. The creation of anti-social

Advances in technology will also make a person enjoy his time with a computer and being at home more than socializing with other people. One of the dangers of internet addiction is that it can create anti-social behavior in itself.

Whereas humans are social creatures, which means they really need other humans. If it’s like that, most likely will be shunned by the people around, such as friends.

4. Hate Speech

Misuse of information technology also results in the emergence of hate speech that is often carried out on social media. This hate speech itself is mostly directed at certain individuals, organizations, institutions, state officials, as well as ethnicity, religion, race, and between certain groups.

However, this action makes hate speech carried out in cyberspace subject to law enforcement in accordance with Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning ITE article 28 (2) and Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Transactions Electronics section 45(1). With reference to these articles, perpetrators of hate speech can be subject to a maximum prison sentence of six years in prison or a maximum fine of 1 billion rupiah.

5. Other Negative Content

Other negative impacts of informatics can cause a lot of negative content in the form of pornography or child pornography, gambling, insults or slander or defamation, threats or extortion, as well as terrorism or radicalism. Regulations regarding negative content are also regulated in Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) number 11 of 2008 article 27 and Law number 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 containing Electronic Information and Transactions article 45.

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Meanwhile, content related to terrorism and radicalism is regulated in Law number 5 of 2018 concerning amendments to Law number 15 of 2003 concerning the Stipulation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law number 1 of 2002 concerning Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism into Law .

6. The Emergence of Crime or Cyber ​​Crime

One of the reasons for the increase in crime cases is the misuse of information technology. Some of the criminal cases that have arisen include fraud and carding, cyber-bullying, and sabotage.

a. Fraud and carding

Cases of fraud using this technology are rife today. This itself is done by exploiting the blindness of its victims on how technology works, coupled with the weakness of human nature which is very easily emotional. One of the frauds is carding, which is a crime using computer technology to then make transactions using someone else’s credit card so that it is detrimental both materially and non-materially.

b. Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-bullying (cyber bullying) is a form of violence that often occurs in adolescents. As a result, it is very extraordinary for victims who are underage and teenagers, such as those who suffer from nervousness, embarrassment, stress, depression, and even the desire to commit suicide.

c. Sabotage

Sabotage as a crime committed by disrupting, damaging or destroying data, computer programs or computer network systems that are directly connected to the internet.

7. The Culture of Help Is Disappearing

Have you seen during an accident what people around will do? Some of them helped, but not a few also took photographs, recorded or just watched. This of course began to erode one of Indonesia’s ancestral cultures, namely gotong royong.

The photos they take are intended to be viral in cyberspace. They are more concerned with going viral in cyberspace than helping people who are in trouble. It is not impossible that the culture of gotong royong has completely disappeared under the influence of technology.

8. Traditional arts are starting to be abandoned

Almost the same as the previous point regarding traditional arts which are endangered because of technology. This is caused by the next generation who think that traditional culture is old, old, and not interesting at all.

This is also inseparable from the influence of the internet, which makes it easy to find art in various countries. We should grow a sense of pride and preservation of these traditional arts from generation to generation. This is because traditional art is one of the national identities.

9. Individualist

With the ease of information technology, someone will also feel “happy” only by having a smartphone or computer. However, humans are social creatures. This means that humans also need other humans. If things like this happen continuously, it can threaten his psyche and also his social life.

Computers and the internet are things that cannot be separated from the daily life of today’s society, both parents, teenagers and even children. But at this time there are many negative sites that exist on the internet itself which can have a bad impact on society. This anxiety arises for parents who have children who are underage or teenagers at this time, because these negative sites and things can have a bad impact on them, especially if you can’t accompany your children all the time while they are using it. Internet. In addition, of course you want your child not to tamper with important files on your computer. There is one way to outsmart is to use Parental Control. You can use the tips and tricks the Caution!

Basically, the progress of the internet also has two different sides, sometimes it can be profitable, sometimes it can also be misleading. It’s just how we react to it. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for all of you!

Thus the discussion on the social impact of informatics, namely the positive and negative impacts of the internet in the social and cultural fields.