Material Past Future Tense: Definition, Formulas, Usage, Example Sentences & Questions

Before going into the discussion of the past future tense material , Sinaumedia would like to repeat a little about the simple past tense and simple future tense which form the tenses which we will discuss further. The simple past tense is used to talk about an event that happened in the past and ended in the past at a specific time.

Sentences in the simple past tense are marked with a second verb (verb2) which shows the past tense. One of the characteristics of this sentence is the simple past tense is the use of verb 2 in the positive sentence.

Well, for the simple future tense, it is a tense to explain an event that has not yet started and will occur in the future. Sentences in the simple future tense can be marked by using the words will, shall, and going to. The simple future tense is also used to express a prediction or desire.

Definition of Past Future Tense

Past future tense is a tense that describes events in the future from the perspective of the past. For example, I would come to Nina’s birthday. In would come, it describes an action (in the form of a promise to come) in the past that will occur in the future, namely Nina’s birthday.

The past future tense can be used to express an event that will be carried out, make predictions and make promises in the future while in the past. The Book of Propositions 16 Tense Edition I by Polce Aryanto Bessies Ifoni Ludji Teresia Yanti summarizes the 16 tenses to make it easier for You to learn them.

Past Future Tense formula

Past future tense has two different forms. First, it is a past form of modals shall/will so that the use of the past future tense becomes should/would. The second is the past form of the auxiliary verb “be”, namely am, is, are, were, were, and going to. This book entitled The 1st Students Choice Changing Times Changing Tenses will help you in constructing the right sentence for a particular time.

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would+not can be shortened to wouldn’t, and should+not can be shortened to shouldn’t.

Example of sentences:

I would buy pizza for you
I would not buy pizza for you
would I buy pizza for you? (Shall I buy you pizza?)

They were going to visit me
They were not going to visit me > not going to here the context could be not so
Were they going to visit me? (Will they visit me?)

Each of the examples above has a context in the form of an action or intention that was carried out in the past for future events.

Use of Past Future Tense

1. Declare an event that will occur at a time that will have occurred in the past.
I should go to Semarang last year (I will go to Semarang last year)

2. Declare an event, action, and deed that becomes a habit.
I would sit here for a long time

3. Declare an event, action, and deed that becomes a must.
We should obey the rules

Understanding this verb itself is not easy and requires constant memory and practice. For You who want to learn and memorize verbs in tenses, you can read the Complete New Phrasal Verb Dictionary (English-Indonesia) which provides verbs for each word and also its translation.

Time Signal

The way to find out which sentence is being discussed uses which tenses, can be identified by looking at the context and the time information used. Usually the past future tense uses the following time information:

Yesterday : Yesterday

Last week : Last week

Last month : Last month

Last year : Last year

The next day : The next day

The day before : Before today

The week before : The week before

The month before : The month before

Examples of Sentences Past Future Tense

You would meet him if you knew about him

They were not going to go to the party

I thought that he would forgive you for making a mistakes (I thought that he would forgive you for your mistakes)

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I already told her that when she arrived, we would watch a movie together

I knew he would make a dinner

He told me he was going to Manila

I would not be angry if you say the truth

Were they going to pick me up? (Will they pick me up)

Would your mom believe you? (Will your mother believe you?)

Dina would finish her study in an hour

Examples of Past Future Tense Questions

1. i … came late to your party tonight

A. will

B. would

D. was

Discussion: to your party tonight is a sentence that will occur in the future, while the context of the conversation is in the past. So the word used is would because I predicts that he will arrive late.

2. Jasmine … going to give you a present

B. has

C. was

D were

Discussion: The sentence is in the context of the past future tense. Jasmine is the subject she uses to be “was. So the answer is C.

3. My dad told me that he would … on time

A. come

B. came

C. comes

D. comed

Discussion: Past future tense uses the formula S + would/should + V1 , from the multiple choices above the one that fits the formula is A.

4. Dani told me that he was going to … pizza

A. bought

B. bought

C. buy

D. buys

Discussion: there are 2 formulas in the past future tense, besides S + would/should + V1 , you can also use S + was/were + going to + V1, from the multiple choices above the one that fits the formula is C.

5. My Mom … me a cake

A. were going to buy

B. will be going to buy

C. would buy

D. would buy

Discussion: based on multiple choice, the correct sentence to complete it is would buy because in the past future tense the sentence structure is S + should/would + V1. While the other options are not in accordance with any tenses sentence patterns.