Get to Know the Definition of Ambivert & the Advantages of This Personality!

Definition of Ambivert – Usually, people only recognize two personalities, namely extroverts and introverts, even though there are also combined personalities of extroverts and introverts known as ambiverts.

The ambivert personality is often said to be a mix of extrovert and introvert. However, is that really the case? So, what are the characteristics of people who have this personality type? Come on, find out the answer through the following article regarding the meaning of ambivert.

What Is an Ambivert Personality?

The terms extrovert and introvert personality were first coined in the 1900s by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung.

He said that someone who has an introverted personality tends to prefer to be alone. Meanwhile, someone who has an extroverted personality tends to prefer socializing with other people or can be said to be easy going .

After reading the information in the previous point, which personality does Sinaumed’s have? Apparently, there are people who have opinions or think that they are neither extroverts nor introverts. If Sinaumed’s has the same thoughts, it could be that Sinaumed’s is an ambivert.

The definition of ambivert is a personality that can lead to extrovert or introvert, depending on the situation at hand. Someone who has an ambivert personality, in general, will easily mingle like an extrovert, but also likes to be alone and there is a phase where he doesn’t talk much like an introvert.

To find out about Sinaumed’s personality types ; extrovert, introvert, or even ambivert, Sinaumed’s can take various free online tests on the internet. Usually, Sinaumed’s will be asked to fill out a questionnaire similar to when Sinaumed’s is undergoing a general psychological test.

Traits of an Ambivert

As previously explained, not everyone can be categorized as an extrovert or introvert. Between the two personalities, there is one personality, namely the ambivert.

Many people think that an ambivert is a person with a wishy-washy personality. In fact, if you pay close attention to its characteristics, this is not the case.

The following are signs that are generally shown by an ambivert.

1. Can be social as well as a loner

One sign of an ambivert personality is being good at socializing but also likes to be alone in certain situations. They can communicate flexibly with the people around them, but also like to be alone at certain times when necessary.

2. Good listener and speaker

Happy to talk about various things, usually a characteristic of someone who has an extrovert character. Conversely, someone who has an introverted character generally tends to be more reserved, even though introverts are actually very different from shy ones. So, what kind of person who has an ambivert character? Well, it turns out that an ambivert person can be a listener as well as a good speaker.

If he really needs to express an opinion, he will not be ashamed to express it. On the other hand, he can also be a good listener if he is in the right situation.

3. Have high empathy

One more characteristic of an ambivert personality that Sinaumed’s needs to know about is a high level of empathy. Empathy itself means understanding what other people feel, seeing from that person’s point of view, while being able to imagine themselves in someone else’s position.

People who have high empathy levels generally care and are good at understanding the feelings of others. High empathy can also make them good listeners. Therefore, people who have an ambivert personality are generally often used as a place to express complaints for those around them.

Knowing this personality can help Sinaumed’s to recognize one’s own personality. This can also help develop yourself to become a more flexible person because basically personality can change. In addition, Sinaumed’s can also recognize more deeply if he has an ambiverted partner, or a family member with this personality.

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Advantages of an Ambivert

People who have an ambivert character, have a position in the middle, namely between extroverts and introverts. Therefore, they have unique traits and can take advantage of both personalities to apply to certain situations.

Here are some of the advantages possessed by an ambivert.

1. Have a healthier and more stable relationship

One of the advantages of someone who has an ambivert character is that they have a more stable relationship, both in the circle of friends and their partners.

This is because they can become listeners as well as socialize well in the general public. In addition, people who have an ambivert character are more flexible and emotionally stable, so that when facing a problem in a relationship, they can be used as a mediator.

2. Have a good management system

The next advantage for someone who has an ambivert character is having good management skills.

The truth is, both extroverts and introverts make good bosses, but in definitely different ways. This means that both will have different styles and results depending on what kind of personality they have when working with employees.

This is proven through the results of a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review which examined which type of boss is better, a boss with an introverted character or an extroverted character.

For bosses who have extroverted personalities, company profits will tend to be high when they lead passive employees. That is, bosses with this model prefer to give instructions and direct.

On the other hand, when extroverted bosses work with active employees, the company’s profits decrease because these workers prefer to work with their own methods.

Therefore, active workers will usually be more able to develop when they have bosses who are introverted. Bosses with introverted characters will generally prefer to listen and help their employees to recognize and understand their potential.

If Sinaumed’s has a boss with an ambivert character, they will usually be able to bring out their extroverted and introverted traits according to the needs of their employees. Whether they will put out a listener or be a good director depends on the personality of their own employees.

3. Can read the situation well

In 2013, there was a study that made observations about the relationship between extroverted personality and talent in marketing . While many people believe that when it comes to offering goods, extroverts tend to be good at it. However, in reality, ambiverts are more skilled.

This is because ambiverts can speak well, as well as being good listeners too. Therefore, when it comes to marketing , ambiverts are better able to listen to what customers want without appearing too eager.

So, what are the drawbacks of being an ambivert?

People with an ambivert personality have the following disadvantages:

  • Although an ambivert is a person who tends to be flexible, his personality is considered inconsistent because it is always changing
  • Understanding Ambivert is someone who is moody , so it’s not surprising if they behave according to their feelings
  • The feelings of an ambivert can change even in a relatively short period of time
  • Even though they have a special personality, people with an ambivert personality are sometimes confused about the personality they have
  • Easily feel tired caused by too much socializing
  • An ambivert figure is very difficult to organize a plan
  • The definition of ambiverts, even though they can act like extroverts, sometimes they seem ambiguous when they are in the middle of a conversation
  • The character of an ambivert is very difficult to predict, so it’s no wonder that the decisions made are sometimes surprising and don’t match the expectations of others
  • An ambivert is someone who gives up when faced with a choice
  • An ambivert figure sometimes finds it difficult when making a decision

How Do Ambiverts Adjust?

Ambivert figures who are considered inconsistent, they are also often distracted by their environment. So, if the ambivert work environment is conducive then they can work truly productively. However, on the contrary, if they are in an environment that has a lot of disturbances or is not conducive, then they can also follow the pattern of their environment.

Because they have the ability to adapt and read the atmosphere well, ambiverts need to hone their ability to understand the conditions around them. For example, when you are hanging out with new people.

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As an ambivert, Sinaumed’s may enjoy being the center of attention, but don’t forget to embrace introverted friends so they can feel accepted and comfortable.

Also maximize the potential to express opinions and listen to other people so that you better understand the right time to speak and also listen.

Tips for Developing an Ambivert Personality

If Sinaumed’s has an ambivert personality, Sinaumed’s can still develop it further so that he is able to gain abilities that will further support Sinaumed’s in the world of work and education.

1. Focus on activities or things you like

An ambivert generally likes various types of social activities. However, sometimes these activities do not give them pleasure, but instead drain energy and cause fatigue.

To develop your personality, try to start now focusing on activities that really make you happy and meaningful for life. For example, going on vacation with close friends or just taking a vacation to relieve fatigue.

2. Try to be more free to communicate feelings

Communicating thoughts or feelings can help Sinaumed’s develop ambivert traits. If Sinaumed’s really needs time for himself, don’t hesitate to communicate this to the people around him. Give understanding to the people around you that Sinaumed’s is feeling tired and needs time to calm down.

3. Try to maintain flexibility

An ambivert is known for his nature which tends to be flexible. This is a good thing, keep it up, and develop this trait. Because this trait is actually so useful especially for the world of work. This characteristic allows Sinaumed’s to be accepted by the environment in any situation. That way, Sinaumed’s can quickly mingle with superiors and colleagues.

Jobs That Are Suitable For Ambiverts

People with an ambivert personality can adapt well to various situations in a professional environment, therefore, there is actually no problem finding a job. Here are some job options suitable for ambiverts.

1. Human Resources Department (HRD)

As we all know, HRD has a duty to recruit employees. As an ambivert, Sinaumed’s can be said to be smart enough to read someone’s character, as well as being able to lure them into opening up and having a good conversation. This ability is very necessary for an HRD to be able to find the most appropriate candidate for the position needed.

2. Psychologist or therapist

By having high empathy that Sinaumed’s has, the job of being a psychologist is perfect for ambiverts. Sinaumed’s can be a good listener for patients who share their complaints, as well as being a solution provider like a friend.

3. Journalist

Being a journalist is also suitable for ambiverts. With his flexible nature and being able to lighten the mood, Sinaumed’s was able to get various kinds of information from sources. In addition, Sinaumed’s can also read and adjust speech style, personality, and conditions in the interview session.

4. Sales

Being a salesperson is not an easy job, Sinaumed’s needs to adapt and familiarize himself with potential buyers. In addition, Sinaumed’s is also required to listen to what is the need of potential customers in order to be able to sell the goods that Sinaumed’s offers. Well, this job is perfect for an ambivert, who is able to break the ice and be able to make observations.

In fact, a study in the journal Psychological Science says that ambiverts tend to be more suited to work in marketing or as sales than extroverts or introverts.

5. Lawyer

Good emotional control by an ambivert makes him suitable for working as a lawyer. This calm and controlled emotion will be a powerful weapon to win various arguments from the case that Sinaumed’s is handling.


6. Teacher

Not only being able to teach in front of the class, a teacher must be able to understand the personalities of all his students. This is to find out what their opinions and difficulties are facing. This job is very suitable for people with ambivert characters, this is because the understanding of ambiverts has a flexible personality when dealing with various types of students from various backgrounds.

7. Interior designer

An interior designer must be able to persuade his client so that the design suggestions offered are acceptable, but he must also be able to listen to what the client wants. Well, both of these things can be done by someone who has an ambivert personality.

That’s a review of what is personality and the meaning of ambivert and all of it. Is Sinaumed’s also an ambivert? No matter what your personality is, keep fighting hard and never give up in life, OK?

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