Understanding Introverts: Characteristics, and How to Interact With Them

Meaning of Introvert – Every person is different, not only in physical matters, but also in personality. Let alone you and your friend, people who are twins also sometimes have very different personalities from each other. Discussing this personality, we usually group people into two types, namely, the group of people who have an extroverted personality and the other one is, those who have an introverted personality.

People who have an extroverted personality are known as active figures in their daily lives. They have many activities, and are almost always surrounded by many people and feel comfortable with the situation. Well, because they are active and do a lot of things, it is not surprising if an extrovert has many friends wherever he is. Then what about the meaning of introvert?

Many people often consider the concept of introvert to be a shy, closed figure, even often branded as a figure who is ansos alias anti-social. Introverts do have a personality that is the opposite of extroverts. But that difference does not necessarily make them anti-social or anti-social. Well, so that you don’t misunderstand the introvert personality, here is the definition of introvert, the characteristics, and how to interact with introvert friends!

Definition of Introvert

As discussed earlier, many people often misunderstand introverts. The majority of them are often associated as shy, anti-social figures, even considered cold by the people around them. Whereas the definition of introvert is a personality type that focuses more on thoughts or feelings, and prefers a calm atmosphere.

The extroverts feel something different. In contrast to introverts, extroverts are very enthusiastic when interacting with many people such as coming to parties, or similar events involving many people.

Introvert Types

At first glance, introverts look the same. But not many people know that this one personality is also divided into several types. Here are the types of introverts you need to know:

1. Social introverts

They are called social introverts not because they cannot socialize well, but because they prefer a small circle of friends. This type of introvert only has a few close friends who have been with them for years. They are very close to his friends, even considering him as his own brother.

2. Introverted thinker

This type one introvert is a great thinker and loves to imagine. The majority of introverted thinkers are intelligent, serious, and very careful in doing anything. And because they like to imagine, this one introvert is usually inhabited by people who have unlimited creativity. They are able to do things that are considered impossible, and make anyone feel in awe of their achievements.

3. Anxious introverts

Among other types of introverts, this introvert is the most shy. They don’t always like crowds, and prefer to spend time at home with people who make them feel comfortable. It’s not anti-social or anything, this one introvert doesn’t like being around a lot of people because they feel awkward, and don’t know what to do. They are not clever at talking or looking for topics of conversation.

4. Restrained introvert

You must have had a friend who was the first to meet you, the silence begged for forgiveness. Don’t talk a lot, just ask the question and give a short answer. But his cold nature will change when he gets to know you longer. When these introverts feel comfortable with you, they will be more open and talkative. Most people often misunderstand this type of introvert. But just because they are quiet at the first meeting, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in making friends, right?

Signs of Introverts

Although on paper, extroverts and introverts are easy to distinguish, considering that the two have very different differences. But in the real world, we face so many people that it will be difficult to distinguish which is the extrovert and which is the introvert. Even so, an introvert will show certain signs that make it easy for you to guess. What are the signs?

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1. They feel tired when they have to deal with many people

Many people think that an introvert is shy and cannot socialize. In fact, the reality is that not all introverts are like that. They can easily mingle and interact if required, even attending events that make them meet many people.

But just because someone comes to a party, doesn’t mean they like it right? An introvert doesn’t mind meeting and interacting with many people, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.

One of the unique things about an introvert is that they easily feel tired when dealing with many people, so they can never last long in a big event.

Even though an introvert looks fine from the outside, they are actually tired of meeting everyone, chatting, and pretending to be interested in the topic of conversation that comes up.

When everyone is busy talking, an introvert will be busy looking for a way to get out of the event and return to his comfortable home where he can stop pretending and be himself.

2. Introverts prefer to spend time alone

Introverts do not mind spending time with many people, but if given a choice, they prefer to spend time alone. For many people, spending time alone is sad, not a few people even feel lonely.

But that never happens to introverts. On the other hand, when they are alone, it is the most pleasant moment for them. They can be themselves and do what they want, without having to care about others.

3. Having few friends

Compared to extroverts who have a wide circle of friends, an introvert prefers a small but quality circle of friends. They are really selective in choosing friends, and sometimes only choose people with a personality similar to them.

Don’t get me wrong, an introvert is friendly to everyone, and doesn’t mind meeting new people. But not everyone he knows will be considered a friend. An introvert doesn’t care if he doesn’t have many friends. For him, quality is much more important than quantity.

4. They like to talk to themselves

Another unique habit of an introvert is, they like self talking or talking to themselves. Don’t worry, they’re not crazy at all! For those who are not used to it, self talking looks strange. But for an introvert, self talking is their way of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

And believe it or not, this self-talking method makes an introvert feel much calmer than before because he has removed all the chatter that bothers him.

5. They always think before acting

Not only choosing friends, an introvert is also always careful when making decisions. Being cautious, introverts sometimes take a long time to decide something.

Before making a decision, an introvert will first weigh the various options he has, see the pluses and minuses, and then choose which one is best for him. In his life, there are hardly any original terms, because they always think before doing something. That’s why it’s no wonder that introverts almost never make wrong decisions.

6. More productive when working alone

The majority of people prefer to work in a team. One of the reasons is because a heavy workload will be lighter if done together. But the story is different if the person is an introvert. As already said before, introverts prefer to spend time alone.

This actually also happens when he works. Compared to working in a group, introverts prefer to work alone. When alone, introverts feel freer. They can think better, work more focused, and make much smarter decisions.

7. They prefer to express their thoughts in writing

Although not all, but the majority of introverts do not like to talk too much. They are not the type of people who speak bluntly and express their thoughts without being screened first. Instead of speaking, introverts prefer to express what they think in written form.

One of the reasons is because when writing, they have time to think first about what they will write. They are careful in their opinion, because they don’t want their writing to hurt others or worse, become a boomerang for themselves.

8. Likes to imagine

In addition to self-talking , an introvert also sometimes allows himself to wander everywhere. When they are alone, they like to imagine many things that they find interesting. For many people, daydreaming may just be a waste of time. But for introverts, daydreaming can reduce stress and it’s not uncommon for them to get good ideas while imagining.

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How to Interact with Introverts

Unlike extroverts who are open and easy to make friends with anyone, an introvert cannot be like that. They will stay away and feel uncomfortable if our attitude is too friendly, but it will be difficult to get along with introverts if we are also passive like him. Well, because dealing with introverts is difficult and easy, you need a special way. Here’s how to deal with introverts.

1. Spend more time with them

Introverts, especially restrained introverts, are not easy to approach. They don’t trust others easily, and for that you should spend more time with them. In the beginning, everything was not easy. You may be more heartbroken because of their quiet, even cold attitude. But after meeting two or three times, the introvert will be more open, and not the cold annoying figure you met before.

2. Be careful in choosing questions

One of the hardest things when talking to an introvert is that we can never guess what’s on his mind. Their faces tend to be flat, making it difficult to guess. Because of its closed nature, it is good if you are careful when asking questions. Make sure the questions you ask are not offensive, and make him move away from you.

3. Discuss his favorite topic

No matter how quiet an introvert is, they will always be more enthusiastic when discussing topics they like. If you want to be friends or have a relationship with an introvert, make sure you first find out what they like. Discussing his favorite topic will make an introvert much more open, it will be even better if you also understand the topic and have the same interests so that your conversation connects.

4. Don’t be lazy

Who the hell likes to be friends with people who like to mess with other people’s affairs? Introverts especially hate people who ask too many questions. Remember, the majority of introverts are closed people, and their attitude will be very closed to people they meet for the first time.

They do not like to be asked questions, especially if the question concerns personal matters. So instead of you making him uncomfortable, and eventually moving away, it would be better if you waited for him to tell the story. If he feels comfortable, he himself will talk about himself.

5. Be a good listener

It’s hard to make an introvert talk a lot, especially if you’ve just met him. So if you’ve managed to find an interesting topic, and start a conversation with him, don’t spoil it by making the introvert the listener.

Instead, give him a chance to talk. Once an introvert talks to you a lot, it means that he is already comfortable around you, and forcing him to be a listener will only damage your efforts to be close to him.

6. Don’t talk about other people let alone reveal people’s secrets

Introverts are not gossipers by nature, and dislike gossipers. So when you talk to an introvert, make sure you don’t talk bad about other people in front of them. Well, they can be trusted and can keep secrets well.

But talking about other people in front of introverts will make you look bad in their eyes. An introvert will consider you as someone who cannot be trusted, and such a person will never be a friend to an introvert.

7. There is always a moment of need

If you want to be friends with an introvert, then you must first prove that you deserve to be called his friend. In addition to being reliable, there are always times when it is needed, which is also a quality that introverts like very much. Don’t worry, when you are sad or difficult, introverts will do the same for you.

8. Don’t force it

At the beginning of the acquaintance, introverts seem difficult to approach. They don’t talk much, and are closed. There are many reasons why they behave like that to new people. Starting from embarrassment, shyness, or fear of miscommunication But that doesn’t mean you can force him to open up. That will only make an introvert further away. Instead of forcing him to open up, it would be better for you to wait for him to feel comfortable with you.

That was the meaning of introversion, its characteristics, and how to deal with it. Starting a friendship with an introvert is not always as easy as flipping the palm. But if you are patient, and willing to give them time to adapt, introverts will be very good friends for you.

They are not the type of friends who talk too much, but their quiet attitude doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. Introverts care deeply about their friends, and are very loyal. They are good secret keepers, and can be relied upon. In difficult situations, introverts do not hesitate to lend a hand and help you solve all existing problems without complaint.