Examples of Suggestion Sentences, Definitions, and Characteristics

Examples of Suggestion Sentences, Definition of Suggestion Sentences, and Characteristics of Suggestion Sentences – In Indonesian there are various forms of sentences that can be used to carry out conversations with one another. One of them is a sentence of advice that we often use in everyday life. A suggestion sentence is a sentence that is expressed by someone to another person which contains an opinion or hope for something.

Sentences of advice are often used by someone to express an opinion about something or submit a recommendation to other people.

In addition, suggestions are also often used in a literary work, where the writer provides a suggestion page to be used as a recommendation, review, editorial which is made in the form of an argumentative paragraph.

The following is an explanation of the sentence suggestions as well as their meaning, characteristics, and examples,

What is a Suggestion Sentence?

Sentences also end with a punctuation mark, either a full stop (.), an exclamation mark (!) which indicates a sentence as an imperative sentence, or a question mark (?) which indicates a sentence as a question sentence.

The word suggestion in the KBBI or Big Indonesian Dictionary is an opinion or suggestion, recommendation, or ideals put forward by someone to consider something. A suggestion sentence is a sentence that is expressed by someone to another person which contains opinions or hopes for something.

Everyone has the opportunity to give advice to others, regardless of age or gender. However, in giving an opinion or hope to someone in the form of a suggestion sentence, it would be better to convey it well without offending other people about our opinion.

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The Difference Between Suggestion and Criticism

Often we cannot distinguish which is a suggestion and which is a criticism. Here’s the difference between suggestion and criticism.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, criticism is a criticism or a form of response which is sometimes accompanied by good and bad descriptions and considerations given by someone towards a work, opinion, and so on. Criticism can also be regarded as a correction of actions or actions that have occurred.

Suggestions usually contain messages for improvement, so that the image will be more positive. While criticism, which describes the message in a more negative way, such as giving unfavorable remarks and negative comments.

An example of the difference between advice and criticism is as follows.

  • Criticism: Your writing is terrible.
  • Suggestion: It would be better if your writing changed the way of writing so that the message you want to convey can be well received by readers.

Characteristics of Suggestion Sentences 

To find out what distinguishes suggestion sentences from other types of sentences, you must know the characteristics of suggestion sentences. Following are the characteristics of suggestion sentences.

  1. The first characteristic of suggestion sentences is that there is usually a marker word that is used, usually at the beginning of the sentence or in the middle of the sentence. The following are examples of marker words, namely should, preferably, better if, keep in mind that, try, should, my advice and various other similar marker words.
  2. The second characteristic of suggestion sentences is that they are often used in everyday life and also in a literary work. Suggestion sentences can also be used for editorial text, reviews, or argumentative paragraphs.
  3. The third characteristic of the suggestion sentence is that at the end of the sentence, the suggestion sentence does not use exclamation marks which describe it as an exclamation sentence or a prohibition sentence.

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Examples of Suggestion Sentences

Here are various examples of suggestions sentences that can be used when you want to give opinions or hopes to other people:

  1. You better focus on studying for tomorrow’s exam instead of playing so you can face the test.
  2. You should complete the assignments given by the teacher so you don’t get penalized later.
  3. You better not waste the time you have so you don’t regret it later.
  4. I think you should apologize to him for what you did back then.
  5. It would be nice if all of you got to know each other.
  6. You should not watch too much TV because it can damage your eyes.
  7. The government should be able to find a solution to control fuel prices which continue to rise.
  8. You better clean your bedroom so mommy won’t be angry.
  9. It would be better if you avoid debates that can lead to conflict.
  10. You better not go anywhere in a situation like this.
  11. You should change your attitude towards the parents who gave birth and raised you.
  12. Try not to be a burden to others and work hard on your own.
  13. Better fix your assignment now if you want to get good grades.
  14. You shouldn’t sacrifice your time to play, and focus on studying for your future.
  15. The SIM should be valid for life so that people no longer need to be bothered with matters regarding the renewal of a SIM every five years.
  16. If you want to be a successful person, don’t stay lazy at home every day.
  17. Respect your parents who have cared for and raised you, then you will be happy in this world and in the hereafter.
  18. You shouldn’t cause problems in the office that can cause you to be fired from work.
  19. As far as I know, it would be better if every employee was given the right to leave so that his enthusiasm for work would not be lost and maintained.
  20. In my personal opinion, we can increase the company’s current profit by creating a new sub-business.
  21. In my experience, new employees should receive initial employee training with a minimum of one month so that they understand the ways and work systems that exist in this company.
  22. Schools should provide knowledge and space to develop talents for each student so that they can develop.
  23. Everyone should be able to have integrity within themselves so that the problem of corruption in Indonesia can be reduced.
  24. Subjects in schools should not burden students to study continuously so they can have time to develop their talents.
  25. You better forget about the bad past that has passed and start moving forward with a clear mind and optimism.
  26. The government should provide fair social security to every citizen because it is everyone’s right.
  27. Every student at school should be able to respect their teacher as they respect their parents at school.
  28. Roads should be given clear signs so that every vehicle driver can comply with applicable regulations.
  29. The plane should not have waited for a plane that was late due to personal negligence which could cause the flight to be delayed.
  30. The helmet you use should be washed and cleaned regularly so that your scalp is kept clean.
  31. Parents should not yell at their children too often so that the child does not experience trauma.
  32. To maintain the health of our teeth, we should brush our teeth every day at least twice.
  33. Every existing hospital should have a regular patient visit schedule so that patients can rest in peace.
  34. We recommend that we go early to the restaurant so that later we do not have to queue to order a seat
  35. We better book plane tickets from now on so we’re not in a hurry and get more affordable prices and comfortable seats.
  36. The government should think about the condition of the people by increasing the BPJS contribution rate, which has a high chance of being burdened by this decision.
  37. Teachers as parents at school should be able to set a good example and role model for all their students.
  38. We recommend that you bring your motorbike to a repair shop to be checked regularly so that the condition of the vehicle remains prime and there is no risk of an accident.
  39. We recommend that you order cinema tickets from now so that you get seats a bit back and not too close to the cinema screen.
  40. We should sell our old cellphones before they are completely damaged and there is no price on the market anymore.
  41. It’s good for us to stop all the negative things that have all got here.
  42. You should be able to think more maturely so that the existing problems don’t become as complicated as they are today.
  43. You better take a day off today and calm your mind from all the problems that exist.
  44. We should all exercise regularly so that we look fresher and our bodies become healthier every day.
  45. It would be better if you determine the topic of the research title that you want to take first before determining the title of the research.
  46. It’s better if you don’t rush to finish the job and think carefully to find the best solution.
  47. Before exercising both light and heavy, it would be better to warm up first to stretch the muscles of the body.
  48. It would be better if the spices were just crushed rather than blended so that the taste tastes better.
  49. You should have completed the assignments given so that your grades don’t have problems at school.
  50. You should not bring any electronic devices into the exam room when you go to school, so there is no risk of breaking the rules.
  51. It’s a good idea to start preparing supplies for our trip later,
  52. Try to be a better person by not doing bad things like that again.
  53. Check and make sure all electronic devices are turned off before you leave the house.
  54. It is recommended for everyone not to get too close to the computer screen so that eye health is maintained.
  55. You should start obeying the rules in the office if you don’t want to get into trouble in the future.
  56. Use a sharper knife if you want to cut through the meat more easily.
  57. Make sure everyone gets their rights and obligations as employees in this office so that there is no discrimination.
  58. Make sure all the spices are mixed thoroughly if you want to produce a good taste.
  59. You should prioritize school first if you want to be successful.
  60. Stop smoking if you want to have a healthy life and avoid respiratory diseases.
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Tips for Making Suggestion Sentences

Here are some tips you can do to make a good and correct suggestion sentence.

1. Make Constructive and Polite Sentences

The first tip is to make suggestions that are constructive and use polite language so that listeners can properly accept the opinion you give. Often people give suggestions to be seen and seen well by others and not the recipient.

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So often people give too to the point, where when people are in trouble what they need is to think calmly and find solutions well. By using polite language, the suggestions you give will be easier to accept and maybe he will accept your suggestions well.

2. Create a sentence that provides a solution

The second tip is to make a suggestion sentence that provides a solution or a solution to the problem to the person receiving it so that the person can solve the problem.

When you give a suggestion, you should first position yourself as that person, so you can understand that the problem they are facing is not trivial.

3. Providing Advice in the Right Situations and Conditions

The third tip is to give advice at the right time and place to the recipient. What is meant is, you cannot directly give advice to other people in public where many people can hear, unless there is an urgent situation or you are asked to express an opinion.

Usually advice is given to people who are in trouble, telling it to the general public will not solve the problem. It will be more if you give advice personally and at the right time so that what you want to convey can be well received.

4. Make Suggestion Sentences without Patronizing the Recipient

The fourth tip is to make suggestions without patronizing the recipient. We all definitely don’t like it when someone suddenly patronizes us about the problems we have, that’s the feeling when people who are in trouble are approached by you who suddenly give suggestions for their problems. You can start with small talk so that the advice you give can be well received.

5. Make Logical Suggestion Sentences

The fifth tip is to make suggestions that are logical and can solve existing problems. When you want to give a suggestion, make sure the suggestion is logical and can overcome existing problems and show a better way. Don’t let the misleading advice you give actually makes the recipient’s problem even more heated and has a bigger negative impact.

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Suggestion sentences are a word order that is used to give our opinions and hopes to others. By studying and understanding this, we will have a better way of saying things and the opinions we give may be accepted by the people we address.

Often people cannot distinguish between suggestions and criticisms, by studying the explanation above regarding the meaning, characteristics, and various examples of suggestions sentences, it is hoped that with this everyone will try to change their perspective and speak better and politely.

Well, that’s an explanation of the sentences of advice that we often use without awareness in everyday life. With the explanation above, we come to understand how we can give our opinion about other people’s problems properly.

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Author : Andrew