Concepts, characteristics, types and examples of software on computers

Examples of Software – Today, work and education are facilitated by advances in technology. When You is out of town and has to hold a meeting, it can be diverted by virtual face-to-face meetings through a number of applications or software on mobile devices or laptops.

The use of software is increasingly massive when the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2010. Human habits that always meet face to face to hold meetings or schools are required to switch to online applications.

Long before the pandemic, humans used software technology for work or school. Like setting schedules, sharing workload, looking for ideas on the internet and so on.

Then, what is the software itself? how does it function? And what kind? You can listen to explanations about examples of software that have been summarized from the following sources.

Concept and History of Software

Launching from the Wikipedia page, software or software is a special term used for a part of a computer system whose physical form is not visible. Software is also understood as an act that is programmed, formatted, and stored digitally, without having a physical form. However, it can be operated by users via a computer device.

An expert argues, Roger S. Pressman argues that software is a command program on a computer. For its manufacture, it requires a programming language that can be compiled or written by a programmer or an expert in that field. Then, it will be compiled with a compiler application so that it becomes code that can be recognized by a computer / PC hardware machine .

Summarizing from the page, the development of software or software has started since the creation of electronic computers. Software itself was first conceived in the mid-1800’s by Charles Babbage.

However, it was only introduced to the public in 1935 by Alan Turing through his essay entitled, “Computing Numbers with Applications to the Entscheidung Problem “. Alan Turing himself was a mathematician who first suggested that computers could be run with various programs and could be used for various purposes.

In addition, in 1930, Alan Turing also became the inventor of the Turing machine, which is a device that can execute a series of commands. Meanwhile, software was discovered by John Tukey, a mathematician in 1958. Meanwhile, software development is divided into four eras as follows.

1. Beginner Era

Software first appeared in the form of wired connections from one part of the computer to another. Initially, software and hardware were still in one unit and only used for a particular purpose.

2. Stable Era

In the stable era, software can be used for various functions so that it is not only used by researchers and academies, but also by industry and companies. In addition, at this time also began to implement a database system that is able to separate data from programs.

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3. Micro Era

The development of software in the micro era can be seen from the difference in software which is divided into two, namely system software that handles computer internals, and application software that can be used by users directly according to specific needs and goals.

4. Modern Era

In the modern era, software has developed to be very sophisticated and modern. At this time, the software already recognizes input in the form of sound and images, and some distributions are paid and some are free.

Software Features

Launching from the page, the following are characteristics that can be used to identify software.

1. Hardware Supporting Devices

Software has the responsibility of managing hardware ( hardware ) on a computer. That way, the computer can work properly depending on what is needed and done.

2. Are Open Source, Freeware, Shareware , or Commercial

The software can be used by anyone free of charge. But developers or programmers have certain conditions. In general, it is included when the user will download the software .

3. Requires an installer file to install it

Software can be used and operated when a computer or laptop already has an installer file. When the installer file is installed, a new computer or laptop can be used as needed.

4. Easily Attacked by Computer Viruses

Software is easily attacked by viruses either from the source site of downloading something or even from a virus that has been implanted. To prevent this, it’s better for You to install a trusted antivirus on your computer or laptop so it will be safer.

Software Function

Of course without software, hardware ( hardware ) will not work. The following are the functions of the software that have been summarized from various pages on the internet.

  • Provider of basic functions for computer needs so that they can be operated. For example the availability of operating systems and support systems on computers.
  • As an identifier of a computer program.
  • As a regulator of every hardware that is in the computer so that it can work simultaneously.
  • As a translator of a command from other software into machine language so that it can be understood or accepted by
  • As a liaison between some software with hardware in the computer world.
  • You can also use this computer software to identify a program on your computer.

Types of Software

When viewed in general, software can be categorized into three groups. The following details have been summarized from the page.

1. Operating System

The operating system or operating system is known as software that is used to manage every piece of hardware connected to the computer’s CPU. Not only that, this device also functions in translating activities and managing all processes that occur and are ordered by the user on the CPU. So, the user’s command will be carried out by the computer properly.

2. Application Programs

In general, a software has been used to complete certain tasks. The software functions according to its intended purpose. For example Excel, Microsoft Word, calculators, and so on.

3. Programming Language

Programming language is the language used in making a program. If examined further, there are several kinds of programming languages ​​such as JAVA, PHP, HTML, C, C ++, and others. In making programming languages, it still requires special software to design programs according to the methods and structures that exist in the programming language itself.

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The programming languages ​​themselves are classified into four, namely object oriented languages ​​( Visual dBase, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Visual C ), high level languages ​​(Pascal and Basic), middle level languages ​​(such as C language) and low level languages ​​(such as Assembly languages). .

Types of Software Based on Distribution

Software is also grouped by distribution. The following are the types of software based on their distribution which are summarized from the page.

1. Adware

Adware is software designed with the aim of automatically distributing online advertisements to a user’s computer screen. This type of software can also provide revenue through the pay per click (PPC) method.

2. Firmware

Firmware is a type of read-only software storage. This property cannot be changed. If You experiences functional problems, there is no need to make further changes or developments.

3. Malware

Malware is a type of software that is considered dangerous if misused. This is because malware is designed to infect computers and damage them. Malware has various types, one of which is a computer virus.

4. Freeware

Freeware is a type of software that does not have a certain time limit. However, most of the software of this type has features that are not perfect enough to use.

5. Opensource

Open source is a type of software where the source code can be accessed. You, too, can change, upgrade and redistribute it without having to pay. This type of software is developed by programmers with a special programming language.

6. Shareware

Shareware is software that can be used free of charge. This type of software is usually used as a demonstration with limited functionality and use time.

7. Spyware

Spyware is a type of software that is designed as a spy on every user activity. This software is also often misused to steal computer data.

Sample Software

The following are examples of software that have been summarized from various pages on the internet.

1.Mozilla Freefox

Mozilla Freefox is a useful software used as a free cross- platform web browser with open source.

2. Microsoft Excel

Not much different from Microsoft Word, this tool is often used to edit and create a document with a column view.

3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint

This software is used to create a presentation. You can use it to edit photos, create videos, edit slideshows, and so on.

4. Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word is a type of software used to type and edit a document in a paper view.

5. Paint Software

Software that is used to process images or designs, starting from the process of creating an image to editing a design can be done with some of this software, namely Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Paint , etc.

4. Antivirus Software

This software is used to prevent the entry of viruses that can damage the computer system. Antivirus plays an important role in preventing the computer from virus attacks that may enter when you download files online or from a USB connected to the computer. Examples of anti-virus software are Smadav, AVG, Norton, and many more.

5. System software

This software acts as a computer operating system, for example Windows, Linux, and Mac.

6. Browser Software

As the name implies, this software has a function as a site search engine to get various information online. Some of them are Chrome, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on.

So, that’s a brief explanation of examples of software along with an explanation of the concept, characteristics, and types of software on the computer.