Get to Know the Development of the Metaverse and How It Works!

Metaverse Is – In an era that is already sophisticated like today, new terms about technology have also developed. Apart from the multiverse, there is also the metaverse which is currently being heralded as being able to facilitate human activities, especially in terms of the digital world, including in the economics of business to marketing.

Yep, this metaverse concept is considered to be the gateway to the virtual world which of course will be closely related to the digital world in the future. Later, everything in the future will be easy to achieve because the digital world is so closely related to technology, especially technology on our smartphones. So, what is the metaverse that is predicted to be able to revive the digital world in all fields?

What is the history and how it works that relies on the sophistication of this technology? What’s the difference between the metaverse and the multiverse? How is the relevance of this metaverse concept for human life? So, so that Sinaumed’s understands these things, let’s look at the following review!

What is the Metaverse?

If the term metaverse is explained linguistically, it will be two things, namely “meta” which means ‘beyond or beyond’, while “verse” is defined as ‘universe’. Both of these words come from Greek which means “outside the universe” or “beyond the universe”. The term metaverse first appeared 30 years ago, in the early 1990s to be precise. At that time, the metaverse was considered as a method that connected humans (society) with the concept of avatars which depended heavily on technology.

Please note that in this metaverse virtual world, there are 3 main elements, namely:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Web 3.0 technologies
  3. Blockchain Technology

Currently, there are quite a number of well-known companies that involve themselves in the metaverse world. Starting from Samsung, Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, to Adidas. In Indonesia itself, it turns out that the metaverse world has been eyed by a number of companies , some of which are BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) and BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) which are ready to expand into the virtual world The two banks will later enter the metaverse world with the development carried out by the WIR Group under the name METAVERSE INDONESIA.

Many experts have defined what the metaverse is according to their understanding. According to Nicely (2022), argues that “Metaverse refers to shared online virtual worlds, similar to video games such as Second Life or Pokémon Go. It (the metaverse) is a realistic three-dimensional environment where people can explore and interact with others in real time.”

Then according to Weston (2022), the metaverse is “Metaverse refers to shared online virtual worlds, similar to video games like Second Life or Pokémon Go. It (the metaverse) is a realistic three-dimensional environment where people can explore and interact with others in real time . ” Meanwhile, according to Stefanic (2022) reveals that “Metaverse refers to the online 3D world that is accessed via computers, smart devices, augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Interaction and engagement are at the heart of the metaverse principles, ensuring that users can be fully immersed in the online environment facilitated by metaverse technology.”

In this case, Metamandrill (2022) also speculates that the metaverse is a concept of merging the online world with the real world (physically) to create something new. The metaverse concept will usually use certain devices, including virtual reality headsets to augmented reality applications. Now, through some of these devices, later we can explore new realities with 3D-based environments, aka 3 Dimensions. That means, the concept of this metaverse is only limited by the human imagination.

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Based on the definition of what metaverse is that has been coined by several experts, it can be concluded that,

“Metaverse is a concept of space where one can be directly involved in it by using sophisticated devices in the virtual world. In this metaverse, we can socialize, play games, and shop, but only in the virtual world.”

History of Metaverse Development in the World

In fact, this metaverse is developing in line with the increasingly sophisticated development of the internet. This is due to the existence of the metaverse together with the virtual world and its contents can only be “reached” through the internet. Even though the term metaverse has been around since the 1990s, real evidence has only arrived in 2021. That was after the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, tried to develop this virtual world. So, here is a review of the history of the development of the metaverse concept in the world.

1989 – The emergence of the Internet

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee succeeded in creating the internet. The early emergence of the internet became the birth point of the metaverse.

1992 – The first time the term Metaverse appeared

In 1992, to be precise, the term metaverse first appeared in one of Neal Stephenson’s novels entitled Snow Crash. In this novel, as a whole, it tells about humans as avatars who can interact with other avatars in a 3D virtual space. This 3D virtual space is considered a metaphor or comparison of the real world. Uniquely, the novel also describes how 3D virtual space exists.

2003 – Launch of Second Life

A scientist named Philip Rosedale and his team launched an online virtual world called Second Life at the Linden Lab. Overall, Second Life is similar to a multiplayer online role-playing game, although Linden Lab maintains that their world is not a game. In Second Life, users will call themselves residents and create virtual representations of themselves. This virtual representation is called an avatar. This avatar will be able to interact with places, objects, and even other avatars.

2006 – Roblox Introduced to the Public

The existence of this metaverse concept is also applied in the game world. In 2006, one of the online game platforms, Roblox, introduced games that rely on virtual worlds. In the game, players can create and share their game worlds with other players, thereby creating trades. This Roblox game development company also provides various game genres, from role-playing, racing, to obstacle course games.

2009 – The emergence of Bitcoin

The existence of bitcoin is of course part of the metaverse concept. This is because bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Later, crypto currency will also become a transaction tool in this metaverse, starting from buying land, buildings, clothes, to other avatars.

2011 – The Metaverse Concept Reappears

In 2011, the concept of the metaverse reappeared in the public through a novel entitled Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Overall, this novel tells that in 2045, reality is a bad place so that the main character will enter the virtual world and study the world. A little trivia, the novel was adapted into a film with the same title in 2018.

2014 – Production of Oculus

In 2014, the Facebook company acquired a virtual reality (VR) hardware and platform company, Oculus. The reason why Facebook acquired the company is because VR technology will later become an important tool in the development of the metaverse world. Most head-mounted display devices for displaying virtual worlds are developed by the Oculus brand.

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2015 – Release of Decentraland

In 2015, one of the metaverse platforms was successfully released under the Decentraland brand. Developed by Esteban Orfano and Ari Meilich where in their virtual world there are many assets which of course are digital. Even NFT (Non-Fungible Token) purchases can also be made through this VR platform.

2016 – The Emergence of the Game Pokemon Go

Is Sinaumed’s a fan of this Pokemon Go game? How far has Sinaumed’s been on his way to collect Pokemon Go characters? Well, the game also turns out to carry VR technology, you know . Even though this game has faded, it actually proves that we have “tasted” the concept of the metaverse through the gaming industry.

2017 – Fortnite

Similar to Pokemon Go, the game Fortnite also carries the theme of the metaverse world. Unfortunately, you can’t get this game by downloading it through the PlayStore or Appstore, but directly on the website.

2018 – Axie Infinity

Apart from Pokemon Go and Fortnite, there is also a game that carries the theme of the metaverse world in 2018, namely Axie Infinity. Did Sinaumed’s ever play it?

2021 – Metaverse Development Through Two Technology Companies

In 2021, 2 of the world’s leading technology companies stated that they were developing a metaverse world. Yep, the 2 technology companies are Microsoft and Facebook. Microsoft is releasing a platform called Mesh, which is designed for virtual collaboration on multiple devices. Meanwhile Facebook has changed the parent company name to “Meta” and plans to focus on developing this metaverse virtual world.

How the Metaverse Works

Little information, to enter the world of the metaverse is also quite easy. Sinaumed’s only needs to log in and register on the platforms provided, for example Decentraland. If already registered, immediately enter the world of metaverse using existing devices.

As previously explained, this metaverse virtual world can run if we use special devices, ranging from headphones, virtual reality glasses, to an internet connection. The way it works is also almost the same when we want to play games.

First, prepare in advance some of these special devices. Don’t forget that the internet network must be smooth , OK , so you don’t get stuck while enjoying the virtual world. Devices in the form of software and hardware will later understand our movements, sounds, and language. If the device is ready, we will only enter the virtual world and do things like in the real world, such as interacting, shopping, and making buying and selling transactions.

Apart from the 2 devices already mentioned, there are also additional devices such as haptic gloves, robot hands, and VR sunglasses. The price range for these devices is relatively expensive, yes, if they are high-tech and of high quality.

Difference Between Metaverse and Multiverse

Actually, there is a sharp difference between the metaverse and the multiverse. However, not everyone understands this, especially since both of them contain the word “verse”. So, what are the differences between the metaverse and the multiverse? Come on, see the following reviews!

Metaverse Multiverse
A virtual world that has an avatar for the representation of a human being. An idea that all of us on earth from this universe have copies living in other universes. In short, there are other versions of us in other universes and maybe we are not the only ones in existence.
The concept of the world ‘outside’ our world now is called the virtual world. Taking the concept of the real world, but in another universe.
Its existence is within reach of the hand because several companies have succeeded in developing it. Its existence cannot be reached by hand because it is only a theory.

So, that’s an overview of what the metaverse is and its history of development, how it works, and how it differs from the multiverse. Is Sinaumed’s interested in entering a virtual world using a VR device?