The Multiverse Is: The Definition, Levels, Theories, and Formation of the Universe

The Multiverse Is – Have you seen Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness yet?
This Marvel film is still part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
you know…
Or has Sinaumed’s ever watched a Korean drama series called The King: Eternal
Monarch or W ? Yep, the Korean film and drama series both take the
storyline concept of the Multiverse.

When watching Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, did Sinaumed’s wonder what the
Multiverse was?
Does the Multiverse really exist in this real world or is it just
Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)?

When discussing the Multiverse, there are actually various theories that support the truth of this matter.
In short, the Multiverse is a term used to describe that outside the
universe in which we live, there are other universes.
So there is a possibility that we
ourselves have twins who live in that other universe.

Then, what exactly is the Multiverse? What are the theories that support the existence of the
What is the concept of the universe according to experts? So, so that
Sinaumed’s isn’t confused about this, let’s look at the following description!

What is the Multiverse?

Fundamentally, the universe is vast and it is not even known whether it has an end or a limit, because it
really exists that wide!
According to , the concept of the
Multiverse was introduced to the public by an American physicist named
Hugh Everett

In 1954, Hugh was chatting with his friends in the halls of Princeton University while contemplating a
theme for his final assignment in the form of a thesis.
While chatting, Hugh suddenly thought
what if the existing quantum effects could actually cause the universe to split.
Then, another
universe appeared.
Well, the idea that suddenly occurred to him was later developed into a
thesis and even the theory still survives today.

Based on Hugh Everett’s thesis entitled Theory of The Universal Wave Function , there is
a theory that says that all of us on earth from this universe actually have copies
living in other universes.
In short, there are other versions of us in other universes
and maybe we are not the only ones in existence.

Levels Within the Multiverse

Since the existence of the universe is so vast that even its limits and ends cannot be measured, this
theory has not yet been resolved or disproved.
This is also supported by a physicist named
Max Tegmark from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who
revealed the existence of this Multiverse.
In 2014, he revealed in his book entitled
Our Mathematical Universe that our entire universe may only consist of elements, atoms,
or endless cosmic islands.

Reported on , Max Tegmark also wrote a scientific article entitled ” Parallel
Universe” with the result that there are 4 levels in the Multiverse.

Level 1: Beyond Our Cosmic Horizon

At this level, it illustrates that the universe where we live has a form of air bubbles jostling each other
in space-time which is called the universe.
Tegmark uses an analogy like we are looking at a
ship in the middle of the sea.
When the ship is beyond the horizon or eye sight, we cannot see
However, when the ship enters the horizon and approaches us, then of course we can see the
ship bit by bit.

Level II: Other Postivation Bubbles

At this level, it is based on the Chaotic Eternal Inflation Theory , which states that the universe
continues to grow and gets ‘larger’ since the Big Bang turned out to be, and that has been happening
until now.
In Level II:
Other Postiflation Bubbles it
states that the universes at level I can later be grouped into one Multiverse, so that means that this
universe will have many Multiverses.

Well, based on this theory, we will never be able to see the other Multiverse, because the development of the
universe is moving fast.

Level III: Quantum Many Worlds

In theory based on the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, which states that random quantum processes can cause the
universe to branch off and be infinite in number.

There is a difference at levels I and III, namely the location of the universe. At level I,
states that our universe with the ‘other’ universe is beyond the horizon.
Meanwhile at level
III, it states that our universe and the ‘other’ universe are on a different quantum branch.

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Level III, which is based on Quantum Mechanics Theory, is the most controversial concept.

Level IV: Other Mathematical Structures

In this level IV, it has been proven by two physicists named Dr. Robert Foot and Dr.
Saibal Mitra from Australia. They managed to find the research asteroid Eros in the
form of
Mirror Matter . In this Mirror
Matter , there is a mirror image of something that exists in the universe, which functions as a
stabilizer for the universe.
The existence of this
Mirror Matter has
two sides, namely the left side is the universe, while the right side is
the Mirror
Matter itself. Currently, we cannot see the existence of the Mirror
Matter because it interacts with our universe only through gravity.

The parallel world level in level IV actually states that the ‘other’ universe is not only outside the
horizon of our universe, but also different in various aspects, starting from time, laws, and physics with
our universe.
Therefore, the level at level IV is difficult to visualize.

So, it can be concluded that the Multiverse or this parallel world is a hypothesis which states that
outside the universe in which we live, there are other universes. So there is a
possibility that we ourselves have twins who have almost the same life and live in that other

Theories Supporting the Multiverse Concept

Discussion of the Multiverse does not just happen, because it turns out that there are various theories
that support the concept of parallel worlds, mostly from the fields of physics and philosophy.
So, here are some theories that support the concept of the Multiverse!

1. Infinite Universe

In this theory, scientists cannot be certain about what the shape of space-time in the universe is like,
but they have a hypothesis that the shape of space-time in this universe is flat and its expanse is
infinitely wide.
However, if this space-time can last forever, then it means that it can be
repeated at any one time, because there are finite and manageable particles in that space-time.

In short, you can find other versions of yourself in other space-times. Some of these ‘twins’
may be doing the same thing you are doing right now, while other ‘twins’ are doing something different.
In fact, in this theory there is a possibility that your ‘twin’ actually makes different decisions
(eg majoring in college) with you in this universe.

2. Daughter Universe

The theory of the existence of the Multiverse concept actually follows the theory of Quantum Mechanics. The
Daughter Universe or Many Worlds Theory was put forward by Hugh
, who stated that this universe has created a ‘copy’ for every possible outcome of
the situation that is currently happening.

For example, in this universe, you are reading a Detective Conan comic, then in another universe it could
be that you are writing your Indonesian language assignment essay or even gardening.
corresponds to “every possible outcome of the current situation.”

3. Bubble Universe

This theory was coined by a cosmologist named Alexander Vilenkin from Tufts
He stated that we can see space-time as a whole, with some areas of space
bulging and increasing in size.
This theory is almost the same as the Mutiverse level at
level II
huh !

In this theory, the ‘other’ universe actually has very different physical laws from what exists in this universe,
because the two are not related.

4. Mathematical Universe

This theory was coined by Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in
2012, who stated that there is a mathematical structure that can change depending on where you are currently

5. Parallel Universe

This theory is the most discussed theory of the concept of the Multiverse. This is because in this theory
it states that human life both in this universe and in other universes can occur simultaneously.
Not only that, quantum experts believe that every second of this universe, another universe or
parallel world will be created.
However, each of these universes is oblivious to the existence
of the other universes and cannot determine which is the “real” universe.

The Formation of the Universe Based on the
Big Bang Theory

According to KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), “nature” means “everything that exists in the heavens and the
earth (including the earth itself, stars, power)” ; while “universal” means ”
whole “, ” whole “, ” everything “. So it
can be concluded that the universe or the universe is everything that is in the space-time where we are,
including the energy and matter in it.

In this universe includes the microcosm and macrocosm. Microcosm are objects that are so small
that they cannot even be seen with the naked eye, such as atoms, cells, electrons, amoebae, and others.
Then, the macrocosm are objects that have a very large size, even the planet Earth is also included
in the macrocosm.
Examples are stars, planets, galaxies, and others. It should be
noted that there are many events that occur in this universe that cannot be disclosed or explained through
scientific theories by humans, including the concept of the Multiverse.

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Previously, it has been written several times about the Big Bang Theory, which is a theory that is still
believed to be the formation of the universe.
Well, here is an explanation of the Big Bang
Theory which is the forerunner of various theories about the universe, including the concept of the

The Big Bang Theory

This theory was first coined by Edwin Hubble , who later also received support from a
prominent physicist, namely
Albert Einstein . The Big Bang
theory states that the universe was formed due to a large explosion of giant atoms that occurred about
13.7 billion years ago.
Not only that, this theory also received support from a Muslim
scientist named
, according to him, this theory is in accordance with
what is stated in the Al-Quran.

Basically, the Big Bang Theory states that at that time the universe was still a primeval atom containing
matter in a very dense state.
Then one day, the atom exploded and resulted in all its matter
being thrown into the space of the universe.
From this, two opposing forces arise, which are
called the gravitational force and the cosmic force.
Due to the existence of these two forces,
the cosmic force becomes more dominant so that the universe will continue to experience expansion.

Development of the Big Bang Theory

Before Edwin Hubble sparked this theory, at that time Vesto
(1942) managed to measure the Doppler shift of the “spiral nebula” for the
first time.
“Spiral Nebula” is an old term for a spiral galaxy. Slipher at
that time found that almost all of the nebulae were actually moving away from planet Earth.
Then, the controversy arose about whether these nebulae are “Islands of the Universe” outside
the Milky Way galaxy.

Then, a cosmologist and mathematician from Russia, Alexander Friedmann also derived
the equations of general relativity.
In this equation, it shows that in this universe there
is a possibility to expand and contrary to the static model of the universe, almost the same as what was
sparked by
Albert Einstein.

In 1924, Edwin Hubble succeeded in measuring the distance of the closest spiral
nebula to planet Earth.
The result is that the spiral nebula is another galaxy.
Furthermore, in 1927,
George Lematre also derived
Friedmann’s equation which stated that the recession of the nebula was caused by the expanding

Then, it was only in 1948 to 1949, Fred Hoyle coined the term Big Bang on a radio
Even though before that, Hoyle had previously put forward the existence of
the Steady State Theory which was actually the opposite of the Big Bang Theory.
The Steady State Theory states that the universe has infinite size and will last

In 1964, there was the discovery of the CMB which strengthened the existence of the Big Bang theory as a theory
of the creation of the universe in the form of a gigantic explosion from point zero with an infinitely high
density and temperature.

The Big Bang Theory in the Quran

Believe it or not, it turns out that the theory of the formation of this universe has been contained in the
holy book Al-Quran.
Even this theory also received support from a Muslim scientist named Prof.
Baiquni, who believes that this has been written by Allah SWT in the Al-Quran letter Al-Anbiya
verse 30.

أَ وَلَمْ يَرَ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوٓا۟ أَنَّ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضَ
كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنَٰهُمَا ۖ وَجَعَلْنَا مِنَ ٱلْمَآءِ كُلَّ شَىْءٍ حَىٍّ ۖ أَفَلَا

It means:

And do those who disbelieve not know that the heavens and the earth together were one thing, then We
separated them?
And from water We made every living thing. So why don’t they also
have faith?
(QS Al-Anbiya: 30)

The verse explains that the beginning of the occurrence of the heavens and the earth (the universe) is almost
identical to the Big Bang theory, that is, at first it was something unified, then a separation occurred to
become the heavens and the earth.

So, that’s an explanation of what the multiverse is and the theory that supports the existence of these
parallel worlds.
Does Sinaumed’s believe in this parallel world concept?
If so, do you think
Sinaumed’s himself is in another universe, what activities
are he doing …