Examples of Fiction Books: Definition, Types, and Their Functions!

Examples of fiction books – Books are windows to the world, therefore everyone should be used to reading books. Because, this activity can open and broaden horizons about anything. On the other hand, many readers look down on fiction books – for various reasons. In fact, all books are the same and all books will find their own readers.

In the world of books, the term ” bookshaming ” is known, which refers to behavior that demeans/undermines/looks down on other people’s reading books. Or it could also be said to make fun of certain types of books, such as fiction, teenlit, or comics.

People who do bookshaming often feel that their reading books are fuller and better than other people. In fact, all books are written because there are readers. Does the perpetrator of bookshaming think about how the author feels whose book is being looked down upon?

This kind of behavior must be stopped as soon as possible because it will indirectly hinder people who are just getting used to reading books. Readers of books in Indonesia should support one another so that reading is seen as fun, not boring.

So, for those of you who might just want to start reading books, don’t take other people’s opinions too seriously. Especially on the books you like. If you like fiction books, gobble up and finish every story you find interesting. Because basically reading is not a competition.

And to add to your reading references. In this article you will find definitions, types, functions, and examples of book contents. Read carefully, yes!

Definition of fiction book

The word fiction is taken from the word fiction which means fantasy, fiction, not based on reality. Muhardi & Hasanuddin in the book Fiction Analysis Procedure (2021) explains that fiction is a genre of literature created by relying on a description of a person or an event.

In other words, in a work of fiction, an event or character is written in such a way as to make the reader perceive it as if it really existed and had existed. Even though the event or character is just a fabrication.

When viewed from the writing process, fiction consists of two main factors, namely the source of creation and process. The source of the creation of a work of fiction can be taken from things that exist on this earth, especially those that take place in the author’s own environment. So from this point of view, works of fiction are the same as non-fiction that take inspiration from real life.

However, fiction and nonfiction are actually different. And the difference appears in the second factor, namely the process of creation or writing. Fictional storytellers respond to the things that happen around them with their own imagination.

That’s why, when you read fiction, you sometimes feel like you’re witnessing the event directly in the real world or as if the event really existed.

Examples of Fiction Books by Type

Short Stories (short stories)

Short stories or often called short stories are one type of fiction book. In a short story, the story presented is the result of the author’s imagination, not reality and is not based on facts.

However, that does not mean the author has to make up the entire contents of the story. Short stories can also use true stories to be used as inspiration and outlines of the story, it’s just that the contents of the short story must be developed by the author himself using his imagination.

Generally, short stories are written in a narrative style so that there are dynamics and conflicts between the characters in them. That way, the storyline will be more interesting and drain the reader’s emotions. One of the main criteria for a short story is that the number of words is no more than 10,000 words.

Some examples of short story collection books are Nadira and the Last Night written by Leila S. Chudori, and Eka Kurniawan’s Scribble on the Toilet .

The last night

Doodle on the Toilet


In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), what is called a novel is ” a long prose essay containing a series of stories of a person’s life with those around him by highlighting the character and characteristics of each actor “. Thus, the novel is also included in the fiction book.

In the novel itself there are intrinsic and extrinsic elements. The first is the elements which include the storyline, theme, characters, mandate, style of language, to the characterizations. While the latter are the elements that make up the novel from the outside. Such as the author’s background, the author’s inspiration, community background and others.

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To distinguish it from other types of fiction books, a novel must have certain characteristics, including:

  • At least 35,000 words
  • Using a descriptive and narrative writing style
  • Has a complex storyline. So there must be an initial conflict, climax, anticlimax, up to the conflict resolution part.

So unlike short stories which can be read in one sitting, reading novels takes a relatively long time because they have more pages. Bloomington’s People and 1984 are examples of popular novels.

Bloomington People



You may include people who are quite familiar with comics. In Indonesia alone comic fans can not be said to be few. This is evident from the number of visitors who come to comic-related events, which are always packed.

Besides, comics have attractive visuals and not too much writing, so reading them is fun and exciting. Basically, comics are created as entertainment. As the name is taken from the word “comicus” in Greek, and ” comique ” in French which means funny.

Figure,. plots, stories, morals, themes, images, and language in comics are arranged by combining text with visuals. So comic writers must master the techniques of writing, telling stories, and also drawing.

Some of the comics that are still in great demand in Indonesia are One Piece , Detective Conan , Spy X Family , and so on.

One Piece

Detective Conan

Spy x Family

Collection of Fairy Tales

A collection of fairy tales is also a type of fiction book. This book, which contains various folk tales, is very popular with children. And even Sinaumed’s may already be familiar with the stories of Timun Emas, Malin Kundang, Sangkuriang, Si Kancil, and so on. These fairy tales are fiction written using the author’s imagination.

Illustrated Stories (comics)

The next type of fiction book is a picture story or comic. In Indonesia, this type of book was initiated by Zam Nuldyn, a comic artist from Medan in the 1970s media. The term “playgam” itself appeared in magazines around 2006 to denote columns containing works by comic writers.

On the other hand, the debate over comic strips and comics continues to this day. Many consider that there is no difference between the two. But there are also those who argue that comic is different from comics.

Comics are stories that are accompanied by pictures. In other words, the content is still a story, and pictures play a role in completing the story. While comics, the content is a collection of images that contain stories.

Examples of comic books are Kampungan Romansa , The Worm and His Favorite Story , and so on.

Fiction Book Function

Some people read fiction books with the aim of filling their free time, entertaining themselves, while taking a break from their busy life. There is nothing wrong with that goal, but Muhardi & Hasanuddin explains further about the function of this fiction book.

Nurturing practical values ​​as well as enriching normative values ​​and aesthetic values.
All works of fiction will always be related to existing reality, even though it has been modified in such a way by the imagination of the author. Therefore, the reality in fiction books is very close to the reality of human life, both as individuals and members of society. In other words, in fiction there is a reality of human inner experience that underlies behavior in everyday life.

The embodiment of this inner experience is then formulated into values ​​in life. Well, these values ​​are divided into three, namely normative values, aesthetic values ​​and practical values.

Normative values ​​are closely related to ideal human behavior (prohibitions and obligations); aesthetic value is more focused on the harmony of behavior between humans (what is liked and hated); while practical values ​​relate to how to manifest behavior based on normative and aesthetic values ​​(what can be done and what can’t be done).

Well, in this life, we tend to understand a phenomenon based on the practical values ​​that we adhere to. Rarely do we view it with aesthetic and normative values.

This is where the role of fiction books is needed. As explained by Muhardi & Hasanuddin, ” fiction functions to nourish practical values ​​and enrich normative values ​​and aesthetic values .”

Practical values ​​in fiction are usually taken from problems that arise in the life of the author or in the environment around him. Meanwhile, normative and aesthetic values ​​in fiction books are the result of the author’s intellectual maturity.

So it can be concluded that fiction books are a collection of attitudes, feelings, thoughts, policies, and reflections of the author’s views on human problems that exist in real life.

Creative Thought Transmission Media

Fiction is a work written by relying on the power of the author’s imagination. This imagination is in charge of separating problems in fiction from real life. On the other hand, imagination also shows how the author’s response to the problems that occur.

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Imagination itself is an individual interpretation related to the inner experience of a human being. With imagination, one’s mind can develop creatively, increase sensitivity, even grow wisdom.

Through works of fiction, writers convey their thoughts, feelings, policies, and visions to readers.

Stimulating Readers to Recognize, Live, Analyze, and Formulate Humanitarian Values

Every writer of fiction must have different motivations, but basically they include the results of a long thought process on the human values ​​around them – consciously or not.

Like Budi Darma who shows various kinds of human life problems to his novel readers.

After all, fiction or literary works in general, do not always have to evoke a sense of serenity to their readers. But it can also be pain, amazement, and whatnot.

Fiction Book Sample Review

Story Sea

Laut Bercerita is a novel that tells about Laut and his fellow activists who struggle to get justice for the regime that led during the New Order era.

This book can open the eyes of its readers about the condition of Indonesia at that time. The story is written very neatly and nicely so that it makes anyone feel as if they have experienced first hand every event that is told.

Leila S. Chudori manages to narrate events very well. Utilizing 2 characters’ points of view, Leila invites the readers of Laut Bercerita to feel every emotion and struggle that each character feels.

Beauty is Wound

Beauty Is a Wound is a novel by a Tasikmalaya-born writer, Eka Kurniawan. In this novel, Eka tells the story of Dewi Ayu, a very beautiful, intelligent, and determined woman who was forced into prostitution by the Japanese military.

Dewi has three daughters from three different men. The first child is the result of his intimate relationship with a Japanese soldier. The second, the son of a revolutionary hero. And the third is unknown who the father is. Even so, the three of them were able to study at the top schools, learn the Koran to a kiai, and inherit the house that belongs to their extended family.

Dewi’s three children inherited her beauty, so many men wanted to make them their wives. Unexpectedly, Dewi became pregnant again when she was 50 years old. Because she was tired, Dewi prayed that the child would not be born with a face that was not beautiful, even better if it looked ugly. His prayer was granted.

Her fourth child was born with a plug-like nose, pot-like ears and charred skin. After giving birth, she passed away. Previously, Dewi gave her daughter the name Si Cantik, because she was not sure that her prayer would be answered. Yes, she never saw her own youngest child after giving birth.

Through this novel, Eka tells the fate of human children who become victims of power and karmic curses. Not only that, through the characters in it, Eka reveals the absurdity of beauty perched on a woman’s face.

Many readers recommend this novel, especially for those of you who want to read original Indonesian literary novels. Apart from the story, Beauty Is a Wound carries a lot of satire, tragedy, and bitter jokes in it.

Earth series by Tere Liye

Another example of a fictional book is Serial Bumi, written by the famous writer from Sumatra, Tere Liye. The Bumi series consists of 11 novels with amazing stories and invites readers to join them on an adventure to a parallel world with Raib, Ali and Seli.

Yes, Serial Bumi is a novel with a fantasy theme. However, Tere Liye succeeded in embedding messages about friendship, caring for others, sincere intentions, and other kindness in the story.

The first book in this series is titled Earth, which was published in 2014. Then continued with the novel Bulan which was published one year later by sinaumedia Pustaka Utama Publisher.

The third is The Sun, which rose in 2016 and has 390 pages. Then the fourth, titled Bintang. Published by sinaumedia Pustaka Utama Publishers in 2017.

After that, Tere Liye successively issued fifth to eleventh books every year. Starting from Ceros and Batozar (2018), Comet (2018), Comet Minor (2019), Selena (2020), Nebula (2020), The White One (2021), Lumpu (2021), Bibi Gili (2022), and the last Sagaras (2022).

So it can be concluded, this Bumi series is clear evidence that Tere Liye is a top writer who is very productive in producing quality books for his loyal readers.

That’s a review of examples of fiction books , hopefully after reading this article, Sinaumed’s will be more interested in reading fiction books. After all, all books are the same-no one is better or worse-the only difference is the judgment of the readers of the book. Sinaumed’s can also get fiction books at sinaumedia.com .

As #FriendsWithoutLimits we always try to give the best! sinaumedia always provides the best products, so you have #MoreWithReading information. Hope it’s useful!

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