30+ Examples of Non-Fiction Books and Benefits After Reading Them

Examples of Non-Fiction Books – Many say that reading non-fiction books is heavy, makes you sleepy, and difficult to understand. It’s not like a fictional story that can shake the emotions and imagination of its readers. Judgments like this are wrong from the start, because books are not to be compared. After all, there are quite a lot of non-fiction books that are light, fun, and fun to read in bookstores.

In fact, lately non-fiction books are on the rise. Especially books that discuss mental health, self-development, self-acceptance, and self-actualization. Uniquely, most of these books are written in light, easy-to-understand language, and even include some humor in them.

So what exactly is meant by a non-fiction book? What are the types? And why should you read it? Let’s discuss one by one here.

What Is a Non-Fiction Book?

Non-fiction is writing that contains stories from real events or is compiled based on existing facts. Thus, non-fiction books are books that contain real events so that they tend to be informative.

Moreover, writers of non-fiction books must make observations and collect data for writing materials so that the books written can be accounted for. That’s why many people make this type of book as one of the main sources of information.

Because of its informative nature, writers tend to use language that is clear, precise, and what it is–according to the facts that happened. Language like this is also known as denotative language. In other words, language that is able to make the reader immediately understand what the author wants to convey.

With quite “heavy” characteristics and functions, the process of writing a non-fiction book cannot be completed in a hurry. The author must dig up information, find as many references as possible, even if necessary, conduct interviews with sources to get the data needed.

The efforts made by the author will produce a book that provides many benefits for its readers. Well, we will discuss these benefits further at the end of this article. Before that, Sinaumed’s needed to know the types and examples of non-fiction books.

Examples of Non-Fiction Books by Type

In general, “non-fiction” is a genre of books that can be further divided into several types. Sinaumed’s needs to know these types so you can decide what book to write or read.

1. Biography Book

Biographies are writings that tell stories and various information about someone who has had an impact on the lives of many people. Usually the writing is made with the aim of motivating or inspiring readers.

There are also those who call a biography a book of someone’s life history. Whatever you call it, this type of book always contains information that has a broad impact on readers and the general public. Therefore, the characters told are usually used as role models because their thoughts, works, or achievements can inspire their readers.

Apart from books, biographies can also be made in visual form or audio recordings. What is important, the contents still tell the events and circumstances of the character’s life as completely as possible. So a biographical essay must be prepared based on the facts experienced by the character directly.

To meet these criteria, biographers are required to conduct research and also study the life of the character to be written in depth. The goal is that his writings can be accounted for the truth.

Therefore, when Sinaumed’s reads a biography, you will find facts and descriptions about figures that are accurate and in accordance with their history. Some examples of biographical non-fiction books include:

  1. Gus Dur Kh Abdurrahman Wahid: A Brief Biography 1940 – 2020 by Muhammad Rifai.
  2. Mohammad Hatta: Short Biography 1902 – 1980 written by Salman Alfarizi
  3. Soekarno: Short Biography 1901 – 1970 from Taufik Adi Susilo
  4. Becoming by Michelle Obama
  5. Rudy: The Visionary’s Youth Story written by Gina S Noer
  6. Reading Sukarno From the Closest Distance from Eddi Elison







2. Autobiographical book

Next is an autobiography or autobiography. Just like a biographical book, this type of book also contains stories, events, and the life journey of a character. The difference, what is told is what is experienced by the author himself. So in short, the author makes a piece of writing that introduces himself to his readers.

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In terms of content, autobiographical books and biographical books have similarities. That is, in both types of non-fiction books there are stories about the success achieved by the characters, important events or incidents that many people need to know about, the difficult times experienced by the characters, failures. In essence, the life story of the character from childhood to success.

Sutarno, in the book Accurately in Indonesian (2019) reveals that autobiographical books are written to show the author’s biography to readers.

Examples of autobiographical non-fiction books that you can read are:

  1. Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Autobiography of Tan Malaka: From Prison to Prison
  3. For My Country: A New Edition of Muhammad Hatta’s Autobiography
  4. An Autobiography (Agatha Christie)







3. Motivation book

Motivational books are a type of book that is often used to restore life motivation by its readers. Everyone sometimes needs encouragement from outside to get back the lost enthusiasm for various reasons.

Therefore, for Sinaumed’s who are feeling a lack of motivation, lack of confidence, unsure of making choices, afraid of leaving their comfort zone, worried about the future, afraid of failure, or something else, try to find the right motivational book to help you overcome this condition.

You see, motivational books usually contain psychological studies about the spirit of life, useful tips, or it could be the life story of someone who has made it past the lowest point in his life to achieve success.

Some examples of motivational non-fiction books include:

  1. BJ Habibie’s Inspiration & Motivation
  2. We are (Not) Jongos Ties
  3. Bob Sadino’s 100 Business Testaments
  4. Dare to be Disliked
  5. Think And Grow Rich
  6. The Power Of Habits
  7. Success Life With Five Fingers Latest Edition







4. Literature Books

Literature books are often used as a source of reference for various activities in the world of education. This means that this book is always sought after by people who need important information.

For example, like academics who are looking for learning materials, references for further reading, or the theories of experts who are used to support the validity of the scientific papers they write.

Literature books are synonymous with heavy language, a large number of pages, and are very specific or discuss certain sciences. That’s why this book is more aimed at students, teachers, or lecturers. Even so, from this book they get important information in the world of education.

Here are some examples of literature books that you can find at the sinaumedia Official Store:

  1. Basics of Education Science Revised Edition
  2. Curriculum And Learning
  3. Reading Technique
  4. Library Information Organization: Theory & Practice Approach







5. Companion Book

As the name suggests, a companion book is a book that functions as a companion to the main book. Also known as an enrichment book. Thus, this book is usually written after the author has finished writing the main book for school children.

Yes, this enrichment book is for students and is more general in nature. In addition, it also contains discussions that act as additional explanations from the main book. This means that when there is material in the main book that is not explained in detail, this companion book will fulfill the task.

Examples of enrichment books that are often used in schools are:

  1. Enrichment Book Series for Teachers: Becoming a Teacher Who Is Willing and Able to Teach in a Fun Way
  2. Enrichment Book Series for Teachers: Becoming a Teacher Who Is Willing and Able to Make Books
  3. Chemistry Enrichment Book: Atoms, Ions, and Molecules







6. Health book

Next is a health book that is needed by those who work in the world of health and also the general public. It contains information about health, both specifically and generally. That is why health books must be written by doctors or other health professionals.

Generally, the writing of this book is done after the author has conducted research and sorted out important experiences that can broaden the reader’s horizons. There are those who discuss health theories, various kinds of knowledge about diseases, or ways to deal with certain diseases.

Some of the titles included in the health book include:

  1. Therapeutic Management of Diseases of the Respiratory System
  2. Physiological Anatomy
  3. A to Z AUTOIMUMINE rheumatic DISEASES
  4. Cancer Early Detection & Diagnosis
  5. Travel of Oral Drugs in the Body
  6. Nursing Care for HIV/Aids Infected Patients (E2)
  7. Management of Stoma With Psychoneuroimmunology
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7. Academic Papers

Academic papers in short are non-fiction writings or books compiled by academics to earn their academic degrees. Examples include theses for bachelor’s degrees, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and so on.

Inside there are papers or assignments that are arranged to find out the author’s understanding of the topics discussed in the academic paper. With the aim as a condition in fulfilling certain tasks.

Academic papers must be prepared in a structured manner according to the rules set at the university or those suggested by experts.

8. Personal Literature

Personal literature can be said to be a type of non-fiction book that is still young. The distinctive feature of this type of personal literature is that it contains stories or true stories experienced by the author himself (facts). Then the writing style is more relaxed and uses light language so that it is easy to read.

First popularized by Raditya Dika in the mid-2000s through his books filled with witty comedies. Raditya Dika himself calls this type of non-fiction a rewriting of personal stories that have been experienced.

Generally personal literature stories take the form of short stories and are presented in several layers. This means that each story is not necessarily related, but all of them have a common thread that forms a big theme.

The examples of personal literature books are:

  1. Love the Brontosaurus, Male Goat, Half Salmon, and Crumpled Koala
  2. An Art To Understand Lover





9. Encyclopedia

In general, an encyclopedia can be interpreted as a work that presents information and summarizes certain topics comprehensively. Usually encyclopedias are written in volumes in order to be able to present complete information on the topics discussed. The form is similar to a dictionary so that information is arranged alphabetically and added with additional information. Some of the topics discussed by the encyclopedia include the types of animals and plants on earth, science, the human body, the islands of Indonesia, and so on.







Benefits of Reading Non Fiction Books

As previously stated, reading non-fiction books can provide many benefits. Because in this book there is a lot of information that can add knowledge.

There is a proverb that says “the fuller the rice, the lower it ducks” meaning that people who have a lot of knowledge usually think before speaking. In addition, the more knowledge they have, they feel even more ignorant because they realize that knowledge is very broad.

So, here are some of the benefits you can get by reading non-fiction books:

1. Broaden your point of view about things in life

With various discussions in non-fiction books, Sinaumed’s has a broad perspective on life, especially the various perspectives that exist. Every fact, data, and information in non-fiction books can also broaden Sinaumed’s’ mindset in understanding every difference.

In the end, Sinaumed’s’ mindset will be more mature and able to accept new perspectives, reasons, and points of view so that you won’t be easy to judge unilaterally.

2. Add insight

Every non-fiction book provides new information and knowledge that will broaden your horizons. With data and facts written by the author, your insight will understand various things.

Besides that, you can also share factual information in non-fiction books with others so that it will be more useful and you won’t easily forget it. Even Sinaumed’s can find answers to questions that are difficult for you to answer yourself.

3. Increase vocabulary and improve communication skills

By reading non-fiction books, you can also add new vocabulary that you may have never used or found before. In addition, communication skills in everyday life will also increase.

The reason is, when Sinaumed’s has a wide vocabulary, you can choose words that suit various situations and conditions. So that your interlocutor will more easily understand what you are conveying.

Not only that, the author’s style when conveying information can also have an impact on your communication skills. Whether you realize it or not, the more often you read non-fiction books, the more communication styles you absorb.

Good communication skills will be very useful when you face various kinds of situations. For example, such as interviews, meetings, presentations, or when opening small talk with friends.

4. Media self-development

Yup, you can also use non-fiction books as a medium for self-development through certain information and tips in them. Especially if you like reading self-development books, whether they discuss lifestyle, ways of thinking, or daily habits.

So the more books you read, it will be easier for Sinaumed’s to improve themselves. Moreover, in self-development books there are many new insights that will help you realize the important things in life.

This is a discussion of examples of non-fiction books that have many benefits for Sinaumed’s. We hope that you will become more interested in reading various types of non-fiction books so that you can have #MoreWithReading information, especially reading books that you can get at sinaumedia.com.