The Definition of a Humorist Is: Features, Types and How to Be a Humorist

Meaning of Humorist – The term humorous is often used to call someone who has a funny attitude. Most of you have probably called a very good friend who likes to joke in the hangout as someone who is a joker. However, what do you really understand by humorist?

Humorous friends are very liked by the people around them, this is because someone who is humorous easily gives happiness to others. This turns out to be because the human body releases a lot of endorphin hormones aka “feeling good” when laughing.

Well, this article will discuss the meaning of humorous in depth. In addition, it will also be explained about the characteristics of humor, the types of humor, to how to be a humorous person. Let’s read it in full!

A. Meaning of Humor

Etymologically, the term humorist itself comes from the English word humorist as a noun, not an adjective. The word humorist was then absorbed into the Indonesian language to become the word humorist.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, a humorist is someone who has a sense of humor. Meanwhile, humor itself can be interpreted as something funny or a joke and various situations that can make someone laugh.

A person who is humorous is known as a person who has a high sense of humor. A humorist also does not want the environment around him to be sad or not positive. Therefore, a person with a sense of humor will usually always try to make the environment around them happy, both through chatter and funny behavior.

However, there is some data that shows that actually humorous people are those who store a lot of sadness. Someone who is humorous is also known to be someone who cries easily. After all, people who like to laugh turn out to hide their true feelings of sadness.

B. Characteristics of Humorous People

After understanding the meaning of humorist, in this section it will also be presented about the characteristics of the humorist himself. You can use these characteristics of humorists to find someone who has a great sense of humor. Whether it’s parents, siblings, boyfriends, and other friends.

Well, here are some of the characteristics of humorous people that you need to know, among them are:

1. Friendly

When you find someone who has a friendly attitude. So it could be that the person is a humorous person. Someone with a sense of humor usually greets when meeting friends or acquaintances. In addition, they also always throw a wide and happy smile to the people they are watching.

2. Likes to make friends

Having a friendly attitude, humorous people will be very easy to make friends with different types of friends. A person with a sense of humor will tend to be more flexible in evaluating their friends, regardless of their origin, religion, or age.

For people with a sense of humor, suspicion or skepticism is not an obstacle to starting a friendship with someone. Therefore, humorists usually have an assessment that good people are not just from one perception. It’s no surprise that you will find it very easy to find humorous people who are good at getting along.

3. Creative

The third characteristic of humorists is creativity. It has become a common thing that someone who has a sense of humor has more creative power. This is of course born thanks to their habit of doing something unusual from the usual. Gossip or jokes that humorists deliver will also sound cool.

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C. Types of Humor

Based on the explanation of the characteristics of humorists before, you might start to think that humorists are not easy things. However, there are several types of humor that you need to know. Each type of humor is known to have its own function that is different from one another.

Well, here are some types of humor that you can use to find out the style of jokes of the people around you.

1. Affiliative Humor

The first type of humor is affiliative humor. This type of humor can be understood as someone who has a tendency to always deliver jokes or stories on purpose. The purpose of this style of humorist is of course to make those around them laugh. In addition, this style is also intended for humorous people who have a desire to build comfort in relationships.

2. Self-Defeating Humor

The second type of humor is self-defeating humor. As the word means, this type of humor is used to entertain others by making oneself an object. Even though it seems to humiliate the person, but the style can be used to hide the true feelings from others.

You can find humorists with this style of joking and mocking each other. If someone you are making fun of laughs, it could be that person has a self-defeating humor style.

3. Aggressive Humor

The third type of humor is aggressive humor. As the name suggests, this type of humor can be seen in someone who likes to use jokes to attack people, starting from humiliating, belittling, and even manipulating others.

No wonder, when there are often people who are offended and angry because of jokes or ridicule with this style of humor. In addition, this joke can also get caught up in jokes involving sexist and racist behavior.

4. Self-Enhancing Humor

The fourth type of humor is self-enhancing humor. A humorist who has this self-enhancing style of humor will be more likely to maintain a funny view of life. This in the end makes them not care too much about the existence of others. This type of humor can usually be used for someone who wants to relieve stress or comfort themselves.

D. How to Be Humorous

It is known that a girl prefers a humorous guy. Humorous guys are more attractive when compared to cool or quiet guys. Cool or serious people are considered to tend to have a hard time looking happy. This is certainly different from a humorous person who always makes the people around him happy.

Well, here are some ways to be humorous, including:

1. Be aware of your surroundings

A person’s sense of sensitivity is one of the main capital of a person to have a sense of humor. Sensitive itself can be interpreted as the ability to easily feel or be easily aroused. Being sensitive to yourself will be very useful for a person with a sense of humor to feel what others are feeling too.

One of the ways that can be done, for example, when there is a friend who is sad, you can go to him and try to ask him what is happening to him. By listening to the feelings of sad people, you might get used to being more sensitive to someone’s feelings.

2. Finding a Sense of Humor

Everyone’s sense of humor is different, some like it through chatter, action, and so on. Therefore, before throwing a joke to make others happy. You can first find a sense of humor that you like.

3. Listening to Conversations

The last way that can make you a humorist is to listen to the chat. A humorist will usually bring up creative thoughts related to ongoing conversations between people around us.

Well, you can also pay attention to the response of your friends when you throw a joke, whether your friends laugh or stay silent. This can be done through flying hours.

E. Lack of Humorous People

In addition to making other people happy, a person who is humorous also has some shortcomings that can harm others. Well, here are some of the shortcomings of humorists that you need to know, among others:

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1. Can’t be taken seriously

Someone may have a talent or characteristic as a humorous person. For those who have a character like this, it may be difficult to choose the right time to joke or be serious.

A humor will be able to give extraordinary happiness to many people when delivered at the right time. However, a humor delivered at a time when many people want to talk or think seriously, then it can be very annoying. Therefore, this trait can be one of the shortcomings of a humorist that will have enough impact both for himself and for some people around him.

2. His words are Spicy

Like the type of humor known as aggressive humor. This lack of humor is part of that type of humor. A humor or joke that makes other people the object of jokes will certainly tend to offend. Well, in its development, this style of sexist and racist jokes slowly began to be abandoned because it often did not make other people happy.

3. Often Makes His Lover Jealous

One of the risks of having a humorous lover is having many friends. As someone who is liked by his friends, the lover of a humorous person may feel jealous because his partner is not completely happy. Therefore, the lack of a humorist can be very detrimental to the lover and the humorist himself.

F. Reasons Humorous Guys Are Liked by Many People

We know that humorous guys have the characteristics of being friendly and easy to make friends with. Those two things are part of the reason a funny guy is easily liked by many people. Well, here are some reasons why a humorous guy is liked by many, among others:

1. Always bring a smile to the people around you

A guy who has a sense of humor has an interesting demeanor. They are often considered to be able to share happiness with others. This is of course because they always invite many people around them to smile and laugh. In any condition, being happy is one of the best ways to improve your mood.

2. Humorous guys are smart

Interest in a humorous guy is not only limited to his jokes. But also the way he created a joke himself. Jokes are basically made to cause laughter for many people is not as easy as imagined.

A guy who keeps creating a feeling of happiness for the people around him can be said to have intelligence and intelligence above average. The humorist can make or do something that not everyone can do.

3. There is no such thing as boring

One of the advantages that only a humorous guy has, is the way he interacts with the people around him. The way a humorous guy does it is usually never boring. This is because the humor thrown is very broad and of many types.

In addition, people who are humorous are also known to have a myriad of ways to build a conversation with the people around them. This is done so that the discussion is not stiff or boring. A humorous guy’s sense of humor will be very helpful to lighten the atmosphere around him.

4. Making the people around him better

Humorous guys have jokes that can make people around them feel better than before. Not only that, unconsciously humorous guys are able to teach people around them to always laugh no matter what their life situation is. Life is basically simple, it depends on how to evaluate and how to live it.

5. Dare to reveal sensitive things inside him

A humorous guy used to make others laugh with his funny behavior. However, do you know that the funny thing they actually do is to hide their true feelings from others.

One of the ways to know the sensitive side of a humorous guy is to have a special relationship with them. A humorous guy will show a different side than what is usually displayed in front of many people. Those who are always seen smiling and laughing in front of other people every day, it turns out that they keep many sensitive things that not many people know and only a few people know.

These are some explanations of what humorist means. A humorist is someone who has something funny or witty. If you want to be a humorous person, then you can start to get used to being a friendly, sensitive person, and able to listen to the conversation. This will unconsciously bring forth creativity to throw jokes or actions that make people laugh happily.