Meaning, Benefits and Examples of Humility

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Meaning, Benefits and Examples of Humility


Example of humility – Humility as a commendable act, because to avoid arrogance and pride. Humility should always be applied in everyday life. Being humble can provide many benefits for yourself and even others. The benefits of humility are not only acceptable in this world but also in the afterlife. 

On this occasion, we will discuss more about humility, starting from the meaning to examples of attitude. So, read this article to the end, Reader. 

What is Humility?

Humility or a humble attitude as an attitude that realizes the limitations of one’s own abilities and one’s own inability and does not become arrogant. A humble attitude can also be understood as a polite attitude and having a realistic view. However, it does not mean to humble yourself because humility and humility are different. Humility will keep away from arrogance and knowing everything. 

Humility should be possessed by everyone. not only important in the work environment, but human beings as social beings and individuals who need each other, Reader need to remain humble wherever they are. 

Humble Purpose

After discussing the meaning of humility, the next discussion is the purpose of humility. Then, what is the purpose of being humble? The following is the purpose of humility that you need to know. 

  1. To respect others as human beings regardless of face or property.
  2. Humility will not magnify the great, nor will it diminish the small. 
  3. As a way to respect yourself because you feel that you still have a lot of shortcomings compared to others. 
  4. To be modest and not boastful even though one has many advantages. 
  5. To cover all the things that feel a shame that should not be heard by others. 
  6. Not to brag about yourself. This is one of the gifts given by God Almighty. 

Humble Priorities

In addition to purpose, it turns out that humility also has priority. The following are some of the priorities of humility. 

  1. Humility will pave the way to heaven.
  2. God will raise the status of those who humble themselves.
  3. Liked and respected by others.
  4. Liked by many people.
  5. Have a lot of friends.
  6. His heart will always be calm.
  7. Inherit the noble attitude of the Prophets.
  8. Tawadhu is the path to a noble position. 

Examples of Humility

Well, after knowing the meaning, purpose, and priority of humility, then at this point we will discuss examples of humility. The following are examples of humility as follows:

1. Do not hesitate to ask for help

Asking for help, especially for trivial matters, is sometimes prestigious, but not for humble people. When they find difficulties in solving something they will not hesitate to ask for help. 

2. Easy to thank

Are Reader among those who often say thank you, even for small things? This is one of the signs of a humble attitude , Reader! They will easily say thank you for help and service from others. For example, to waiters who bring food, couriers who deliver packages and other small things. 

3. Have a high sense of curiosity

Humble people are eternal learners aka always thirsty for knowledge. They will make more use of time to study, both academically and learning from other people’s experiences. No wonder if humble people are sometimes identified as serious people. 

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4. Prioritize the interests of others

A humble person will understand his worth. Because of this, they rarely stand out in front of others, just to show how smart or great they are. 

In addition, they will also realize that as many things as they know are not the most important. But how much they care about others. 

5. Able to handle ego

A humble person is less likely to engage in ego-driven disagreements or disagreements. This is because they understand that everyone has a different perspective and that perspective is just as valuable as their own. 

6. Have many friends

In general, humble people think more flexibly. Therefore, they will be easier to get along with anyone who has a different mindset. They can get along well and rarely have conflicts or disagreements with others. 

7. Easy to compromise

Arrogant people are quite difficult to be invited to compromise on something. Unlike those who have humility in themselves. Humble people tend to find it easier to meet in the middle and reach a compromise that benefits both sides. This applies in all aspects of both work and relationships.

8. Not proud to admit wrong

Admitting mistakes is sometimes difficult for some people, but not for those who have a humble attitude. When wrong or confused, they will not seek justification and immediately apologize. If true, they are also not arrogant or arrogant. 

9. Accept criticism or other people’s input

Humble people will always be open to the opinions of others. They understand that there are 2 sides to every argument. Therefore, humble people will listen and accommodate every input, criticism and admit that other people’s ideas or opinions are better than theirs. 

10. Do not envy the success of others

Humble people will celebrate and be happy with the success or happiness of others. They sincerely congratulate their colleagues or friends on their achievements. 

11. Listen a lot, talk a little

They are humble people who listen more than dominate the conversation. In addition, when telling stories or speaking they do not exaggerate everything or look for validation or acceptance from others.

12. Always be grateful for what you have

Being grateful for what you have, whether it’s in good or bad conditions, is a manifestation of humility. So, so that Reader can always feel happy and joyful, then thank God a lot for all the blessings. 

13. Follow the work of devotion even if you are a well-respected and respected official

In the community, devotional work activities are often held, so even though Reader has a highly respected and respected position, there is nothing wrong with continuing to participate in the devotional work activities. 

14. Helping others who have done evil to us

What is the attitude of Reader when he sees people who used to do bad things suddenly experience difficulties? Surely even if the person has done less good to us then when he is in trouble we are obliged to help and help him. The attitude of always wanting to help others who have done good to us is a reflection of humility. 

15. Openness to accept every test and problem

The next humble attitude is to openly accept every test and problem that comes in life. A humble attitude comes from believing that all problems and trials come from God. 

16. Be patient when insulted

What did Reader do when insulted and insulted by others? Everyone definitely has a different reaction, yes, Reader. But when Reader is insulted by other people, it is best to try not to respond to other people’s insults and make the insults a lesson that has wisdom for you. Reader’ attitude of being patient is a reflection of his humble attitude. 

17. Putting other people first even if they are a respected person

Still putting others first even if someone is looked up to is one of the humble attitudes. For example, an official or prominent person is queuing even though he may not have to queue but he chooses to queue because there are other people queuing. 

18. Not arrogant despite having a lot of wealth

Another example of humility is not being arrogant despite having a lot of money or property, which can be used to buy whatever you want to buy. So, even though Reader has abundant property, he still feels that the property or wealth he owns is a deposit from God, so that at any time the property he owns can be taken back by His owner. 

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How to Apply Humility

Applying humility in everyday life as a commendable attitude that needs to be done in everyday life. This trait is a trait that is shown by not being proud of what we have. 

Applying humility in life turns out to have its own priority that is beneficial for life both in this world and in the afterlife. This is in accordance with what is stated in the following hadith narrated by Imam Muslim:

“Alms does not reduce property. God does not add to a servant the nature of forgiveness but will glorify himself more and more. And also no one has the quality of tawadhu (humility) because of Allah but Allah who exalts him.” (HR. Muslim no. 2588).

The property can be applied in various ways. For example, not bragging about one’s advantages in front of others, always being open to other people’s input and advice and always appreciating other people’s success. 

The Benefits of Having a Humble Attitude 

Why should you have a humble attitude in the work environment as well as the everyday environment? Because the work environment or everyday environment is the most visited place because they spend a lot of time there. 

There will be many relations, more experienced people and significant others. Therefore, it is very important to have a humble attitude in the work environment so as not to create arrogance and feel the greatest and most capable. Does Reader know the benefits of being humble? Let’s take a look!

1. Build good relationships

When Reader is humble and not arrogant, it will certainly be better to develop a good relationship. No one is comfortable with someone who has an arrogant attitude. A good relationship in the work environment or the surrounding environment is of course very important, if you have a good relationship between colleagues, the work environment will definitely be more comfortable. 

2. Build good teamwork

A good relationship and relationship between colleagues in the work environment is very much needed. For example, if a leader is not humble, of course the team under him will not be comfortable in the work environment. However, if Reader is humble, this can build good teamwork. 

3. Creating relationships 

Being humble and building good relationships can also have a positive impact by creating relationships. If in the work environment, of course this relationship is very important both to support careers and to improve and develop Reader’ abilities. 

4. Can continue to learn

Being humble will also make Reader feel that their knowledge and skills are not enough. Curiosity will make Reader able to continue learning and be humble. This is also one of the triggers for Reader to continue to be curious and develop skills. 

5. Easy to adapt 

Not being arrogant and humble will make Reader know the position well and neither exaggerated nor humble. When Reader locates itself well, it will be able to adapt quickly in the work environment. 

6. People become more sympathetic

Another benefit of being humble is that other people will be sympathetic towards us, Reader. This is nothing else because the nature of Reader is very opposite to the arrogant nature. Where arrogance is not liked by others. 

Characteristics of Humble People

By understanding the meaning of humility, it will be easier to apply it in everyday life. Here are the characteristics of people with a humble attitude and nature.

  1. Not selfish and selfish.
  2. Able to handle his emotions wisely.
  3. Helper and prioritize the interests of others. 
  4. Always be grateful for receiving and getting help from others. 
  5. Forgive people who have done wrong. 
  6. Do not discriminate against others based on position, class, taste and so on. 
  7. Don’t try to justify yourself so always apologize when you do something wrong. 
  8. Easier to accept criticism and include others. 
  9. Make the success and achievements of others as motivation. 
  10. More listening than talking. 

How to Cultivate Humility

To cultivate a humble attitude, one needs to be aware of the following things:

  1. Realizing our need for help and guidance. 
  2. Believing in spiritual and transcendental reality.
  3. Believing in our need to give to a higher power. 
  4. Realizing our need to make amends and clean up mistakes. 
  5. Realizing our limitations and our mistakes. 
  6. Believing in life after death.
  7. Awareness of our mortality as human beings. 

Well, that’s about the meaning, benefits and examples of humility, Reader. Humility in a person does not come by chance. However, it should be formed and also from some life experiences. After realizing a few things, slowly a humble attitude will also be embedded in a person. Of course this should also be accompanied by a positive and supportive environment. Hope this article inspires you! Good luck!