Examples of Less Commendable Traits and Recognizing Someone’s Bad Attitude

Examples of Less Commendable Traits – Basically, humans have two characteristics, namely commendable traits and less commendable traits. Both are naturally human. Humans can do commendable or dishonorable things.

When people make mistakes, they should correct them. Especially mistakes that harm others. If you don’t want to be harmed, then you shouldn’t belittle or even harm others.

As a human being can not always do good or commendable. Commendable itself in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is interpreted as very good; famous for its goodness; very noble; sublime. Praiseworthy traits should be carried out by all human beings without exception. Although it’s hard to stay consistent.

Examples of Praiseworthy Traits

Launching from the Bobo.grid.id page , here are examples of commendable traits that can be practiced in everyday life.

1. Be Responsible

Being responsible is a serious action and accepting all the risks. Being responsible will make Sinaumed’s able to carry out his obligations properly and become one of the laudable traits. For example, after every meal, Sinaumed’s has to wash the dishes as a form of responsibility for the dirty dishes used for food.

2. Be honest

Honest is an action that is in accordance with the facts or truth and does not hide anything. Being honest can save Sinaumed’s and avoid lying. For example, when taking an exam, you have to be honest and you can’t copy other people’s answers.

3. Trust

Trust means trustworthy. Sinaumed’s must be a person who can be trusted both in words and actions. The nature of trust can be a provision to become a leader for yourself or others. For example, we must be trustworthy when carrying out tasks or responsibilities that have been given and completed properly.

4. Humble

Humility is an attitude that is aware of one’s own abilities and is not arrogant. By having humility, we can realize our mistakes and correct them. For example, friends still have to be humble about what we have even though other people see this as an advantage.

5. Please Help

Please help is an attitude of helping others who are in trouble and lighten their burden. The attitude of mutual help must be maintained because in principle humans as social beings still need the help of others. For example, when a friend is in trouble, he must be helped as much as we can.

6. Tolerance

Tolerance is an attitude that respects fellow human beings from wherever they come from and from any background. We as humans must tolerate each other and respect the differences that exist around us.

Differences are not an obstacle to making friends and relating to anyone. For example, when we have friends of different religions at school, we have to be friends regardless of their religion and ethnicity.

7. Generous

Generosity is an attitude that gives some of what we have to others who need it more. For example, when a natural disaster occurs, Sinaumed’s can help with donations in the form of money, groceries or clothes.

8. Not wasteful

Not extravagant attitude should be owned by all humans. Not wasteful means spending something on the right things and needed. For example, don’t buy things on the market place if you don’t really need them. So, the money that is owned can be right on target and not wasted in vain.

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9. Keep Promises

When we make a promise, we must keep it. Thus, people will believe in us and maintain a good relationship. For example, when you promise to go to the night market, you have to keep it, not just walk away with a thousand excuses.

10. Be patient

Patience in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is defined as being resistant to trials (not easily angry, not easily discouraged, not easily broken hearted); stoic; calm; unhurried; not impetuous.

Simply put, patience is an attitude of holding back desires that have not been achieved. For example, if others treat us badly, we must always be patient and not reciprocate with badness either.

11. Respect for Elders

When we meet older people, we must respect them. When talking to parents, you should use polite language and behave appropriately in front of your parents.

12. Not Envy

Not jealous today is a commendable trait that must be instilled in oneself. Envy is a bad trait because it wants what others have and harbors hatred. For example, Sinaumed’s should not be jealous when a friend or neighbor buys something. We should not be jealous of achievements or things that others buy.

13. Confident

Confidence in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is interpreted as believing in one’s own abilities or strengths. This trait is certainly part of a commendable trait because it can positively influence other people and makes us not hesitate in taking action.

For example, when answering questions the teacher must remain confident even though the answers given are not quite right or even wrong. In addition, this self-confidence is also needed in daily activities such as dressing. When getting dressed, you have to walk confidently even if you mix and match the wrong colors.

14. No Profanity

Profanity occurs when someone says something inappropriate. For example swear words, swear words, or other bad words. By keeping his word, Sinaumed’s has done a commendable deed.

15. Not Doing Persecution

Persecution in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is defined as cruel acts (such as torture, oppression). Not doing wrong to others is included in a commendable character because it does not harm others.

Examples of Less Commendable Traits

As humans, we must avoid traits that are less than commendable. Launching from various pages on the internet, the following are traits that are not commendable that may not be done on purpose.

  • Littering.
  • Being impolite and unfriendly to family, neighbors, and friends.
  • Wasteful in using water and electricity.
  • Ignoring other people who are in trouble (not giving help to those in need).
  • Do not participate in community service activities in the environment.
  • Say rude and hurtful to others.
  • Not doing assignments.
  • Throwing plastic bags.
  • Burning plastic waste.
  • Do not like cleaning and tidying up the room.
  • Reckless cutting of trees. Hunting for rare animals.
  • Lying or not telling the truth and committing slander.
  • Disobeying the regulations in force in Indonesia.
  • Breaking the law.
  • Take away the rights of others.
  • Breaking the law or using the law at will.
  • Do not carry out development that does not pay attention to nature and oppresses others.

Bad Attitudes That Should Not Be Tolerated

Everyone must have bad attitudes, but there are some attitudes that should not be tolerated. Launching from the Hallosehat.com page, here are some bad attitudes that should not be tolerated or given concessions.

1. Manipulative

Someone who has a manipulative attitude will control the people around him to get what he wants. Manipulative people can do various ways to make Sinaumed’s the victim feel guilty and suspect themselves.

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When the victim knows the bad character of someone who is manipulative, he will insist on denying reality and reverse the accusations against Sinaumed’s. In this case, the perpetrator will change Sinaumed’s’ perception that he is the real victim in this situation.

2. Like Underestimating Others

As humans, we need criticism as learning material. However, some of the criticism that came in seemed to belittle, ridicule, and even drop the character with unpleasant remarks. This behavior is not an attitude that needs to be tolerated.

Speeches that are longer will reduce the trust and self-esteem of those who receive them. Disdain can also be seen from someone’s absence from promises made or not paying attention to what Sinaumed’s said.

3. Don’t Want To Listen

Sinaumed’s certainly has met or had contact with people who would not listen and refused to discuss the problems that occurred in the relationship. This behavior should be avoided.

This attitude is included in the less commendable and manipulative nature. People who don’t listen tend to think that they are always right and the other person is always wrong. Such people should be avoided.

4. Making Sinaumed’s helpless

Making Sinaumed’s powerless is almost the same as gaslighting, but it is more done to make Sinaumed’s powerless, to stop Sinaumed’s from speaking, and to put Sinaumed’s under his control.

This method is done to take advantage of various things he knows about Sinaumed’s. Someone who makes other people helpless will make nervous when angry or show Sinaumed’s weakness to others.

At first, this behavior is difficult to see and detect. However, this attitude becomes a pattern that persists throughout the course of the relationship. Therefore, this attitude is a bad attitude that should not be tolerated.

5. Likes to insult

Laughing, making fun of, and showing bad physical gestures such as rolling the eyes with the aim of insulting others are included in bad behavior that should not be tolerated. In every relationship, whether romantic or family, there must be mutual respect and appreciation.

Insults through words and attitudes have shown that Sinaumed’s is worth avoiding. Especially if the Sinaumed’s couple does this, then the relationship should be ended.

6. Venting Emotions on Sinaumed’s

Dr. Craig Malkin wrote a book called Rethinking Narcism which states that venting emotions is one of the ways that narcissistic people often do. Narcissistic people try to show their emotions and anger to others.

The method is quite diverse, one of which is by clenching your fists and tightening your jaw muscles until your face turns red. In this way, he will try to make other people angry and dominate other people’s feelings.

7. Ignoring Sinaumed’s’ Thoughts and Feelings

Don’t ignore or suppress Sinaumed’s’ feelings and thoughts. Either by laughing at it or not attaching importance to what Sinaumed’s said. Because, every relationship must respect each other’s opinions and feelings. If the opposite happens, then Sinaumed’s needs to rethink this relationship.

8. Often pressures Sinaumed’s to do something

Closest friends or even relatives can pressure him into complying. They can pressure and even force them to do things that Sinaumed’s don’t want. For example using drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex, signing contracts, and so on.

These pressures can be expressed implicitly or explicitly. For example, “Come on, just try one. Everyone here has tried it too, really.” Some people will probably want to do it because they feel shy and afraid of not having friends anymore.

However, this attitude is not good because it will make you do unwanted things. Friends or environment like this should be shunned and abandoned. Such people should not be accompanied or maintained a relationship.