Definition of Command Sentence and Its Characteristics

Definition of Command Sentences and Their Characteristics  – For those of you who are still in school, of course you have learned about imperative sentences and other types of sentences in Indonesian subjects. But do you know what the command line actually is? What are the types and examples?

In this article, the author will discuss more about the definition of command sentences, their characteristics, and examples. For those of you who are still in school, maybe this article will be very useful.

Definition of Command Sentence

Command sentence is a sentence that contains the meaning of commanding or asking someone to do something. The person being ordered must do something according to what the person in charge or the speaker wants. If simplified again, imperative sentences can be interpreted as sentences whose contents ask or order other people to do what we want.

In Indonesian, sentences are divided into several types. Starting from command sentences, information sentences, question sentences, and many more. On this occasion, we will discuss the command sentence in more detail.

There are many examples of command sentences that are often used in everyday life. What are some examples? The complete information will be explained below. Check out the article until it’s finished.

If described in general, an imperative sentence is a sentence that is used to ask other people to do something we want or desire. Command sentences are also known as imperative sentences.

In everyday life, of course you have used and also heard a command sentence right? Whether it’s an order from your parents or a sentence from yourself to someone else.

What commands do you usually receive? Orders to clean the house? Or an order to do the task? Every day, surely we will hear and utter these sentences, without realizing it or not.

Generally, the sentence is used in spoken and written language. But in this modern era, we can send this sentence through a short message.

For some people, they think that imperative sentences are synonymous with sentences that are spoken in a harsh or harsh tone. In fact, the sentence can be said in a polite and gentle tone.

Meanwhile, if the sentence is spoken in written form, punctuation marks will usually be added at the end of the sentence. For example, like an exclamation mark. So that you are not confused, below the author will discuss the characteristics and also examples of command sentences. The characteristics and examples have been summarized by the author from various sources. Listen until it’s finished.

Command Sentence Features

Before discussing the sentence in more depth, it would be better if you first know the characteristics of the command sentence. This is so that you can make and distinguish imperative sentences in everyday life. Be it in oral or written form.

Below are the characteristics of command sentences that you need to understand, so you can use them wisely.

1. The tone of speech that is raised will have a higher intonation at the end of the sentence. When spoken in spoken form, it will have a rising intonation at the beginning and a low one at the end. Usually words that have a rising intonation are root words.
2. Command sentences generally use the inversion sentence pattern or PS
3. In their pronunciation, these sentences will usually be added with the affixes kan or lah.
4. When spoken in written form, the sentence will usually end with an exclamation point (!). You can find this in short messages or SMS.

Command Sentence Types

Command sentences are divided into several types, including ordinary imperative sentences, imperative sentences in the form of invitations, imperative sentences in the form of prohibitions, imperative sentences in the form of requests, imperative sentences in the form of satire, imperative sentences to invite, imperative sentences in the form of suggestions, and the last is sentences information orders. To make it clearer, here are some complete explanations of the various types of command sentences along with examples.

1. Ordinary Command Sentences

The first type of sentence is the ordinary command sentence. This sentence is an imperative sentence which contains a direct command to do something. These sentences are usually used in everyday conversation, whether it’s spoken or spoken or in writing. The following are some examples of common command sentences that you may have used.

– Open the front door right now!
– Hurry and finish your breakfast!
– Quickly change clothes before your friends come!
– Clean the kitchen floor stained with sauce!
– Take a quick shower before oversleeping
– Hurry up to eat

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2. Invitation Command Sentences

This imperative sentence is a sentence that contains an invitation to someone to do something. Invitation commands are addressed to someone so that they want to do something we want. This sentence is generally marked by the presence of an invitation word, such as come on, let’s, and others. Here are some examples of invitation sentences that you can use.

– Come with me to school
– Let’s go shopping at the red shop
– Come on camping with me
– Come on, go fishing with friends
– Come on, grow the spirit to always protect nature
– Let’s throw garbage in its place
– Let’s respect each other

3. Prohibition Command Sentence

This command sentence is generally intended to prohibit someone from doing something. Prohibition command sentences usually have the characteristics of using the command word “don’t”. The following are various examples related to prohibition order sentences.

– Don’t litter
– Never hit the cat
– Don’t take things that don’t belong to you
– Don’t come late
– Don’t wear those shoes
– Don’t forget to study

4. Request Command Sentence

This type of command sentence is a sentence that contains an order addressed to someone to do something. This type of sentence is used for a request or request that is highly expected by the person in command to be carried out. The words that are usually used in sentences of command requests are “please”, “hope”, “please”, and others. The following are some examples of application command sentences.

– Please take the food on the table
– Please give this cake to your friend
– Please obey the rules
– Please walk in the left lane
– Please be careful
– Please listen carefully
– Please read to the end
– Please pray
– Please be willing

5. Sarcasm Command Sentence

This type of command sentence is usually used to sneer at someone. The following are some examples of satirical command sentences that exist in our environment.

– Your room is very messy (meaning to ask to be cleaned
– Ouch, the food is far away (meaning to ask to be taken)
– It’s very hot, if someone buys a drink (meaning to ask to buy a drink)

6. Allowing Command Sentences

This type of command sentence is a sentence that contains permission. The sentence aims to ask someone to do something. But with more polite and refined language.

Here is an example sentence.

– All participants are expected to enter the room
– All graduates are welcome to sit
– All tourists are expected to wear masks
– Please line up in an orderly manner
– Please take the bread on the table
– Please exit through the emergency door
– All passengers are expected to be calm

7. Command Sentence Suggestions

Command sentences can also be in the form of a suggestion. This sentence is a sentence that contains suggestions by asking someone to do what we want. This type of command sentence is characterized by the presence of the word should or should. Here is an example sentence:

– You should leave this place
– You should wear black shoes
– You should all go home before nightfall
– You should put your bags here
– You should apologize immediately
– You should be in the second row

8. Information Command Sentence

The last type is a command sentence in the form of information. The sentence is a sentence spoken in the form of explanation or information. This type of command sentence is often used as a command sentence that is spoken indirectly. For example.

– The policeman asks all motorists to obey the traffic signs
– The mother forbids her son to climb the mountain
– The father does not allow his son to get a tattoo
– The parent asks his son to always be polite
– The teacher asks that the students obey the rules

Examples of Command Sentences

After knowing about the explanation of the meaning of the command sentence, its characteristics, and also its types. Now we enter the part of complete command sentence examples. By understanding the example presented below. Then you will understand more and can be used as a media to increase your knowledge of reading and understanding command sentences.

Below are some examples of command sentences that come from various types of sentences that already exist:

  1. Close the faucet after use
  2. Remove all the curtains on the windows of the room
  3. Open all the windows on the 2nd floor
  4. Get me some sugar in the kitchen
  5. Check all your work and make sure nothing is missing
  6. Put this carpet in the corner of the room
    7. Read your book and study
    8. Use a study lamp while reading a book at night
    9. Light an aromatherapy candle so that you sleep better
    10. Say hello to your mother even if it’s just for a moment
    11. Put all the food packages on top kitchen table
    12. Meet your friends even when you don’t want to
    13. Burn all the garbage that has accumulated
    14. Throw your garbage where it should be
    15. Don’t throw away plastic wrap
    16. Let’s reduce the use of plastic
    17. Let’s save marine life from the dangers of coal waste
    18 Bury all bad memories
    19. Don’t get too close to the stage
    20. Pray to God for the smoothness of your test
    21. Ask God, the Almighty
    22. Park your car properly, so as not to disturb other visitors
    23. Let’s do sports regularly, so that our bodies become healthier
    24. Tell us honestly what what you experienced
    25. Tell us everything
    26. Pack all your clothes and leave now
    27. Take your sleeping pills if your insomnia comes back
    28. Let’s cultivate reading
    29. You should use tape on the left
    30. You shouldn’t come here
    31. Let’s cultivate cooperation and help each other
    32. Let’s preserve the culture and traditions of Indonesian society
    33. Let’s study hard so that your grades will increase
    34. Let’s exterminate the pests in the garden with a special liquid for insects
    35. Let’s get rid of mosquitoes in the area where we live
    36. Don’t throw garbage indiscriminately if you don’t want to flood
    37. Avoid using mobile phones while eat
    38. Don’t step on the grass
    39. Don’t ever ask for our help again
    40. Let’s go to school by bus
    41. Don’t join the student fight, it will get hotter later
    42. Keep your daughter away from too free association
    43. Take care of your attitude
    44. Don’t stand in front of the door
    45. Finish all your food
    46. You should buy bread for breakfast tomorrow morning
    47. Please sit in the second row
    48. Don’t let your child get addicted to cigarettes and games
    49. Educate your child to become a successful person
    50. Keep children away from the dangers of cigarette smoke
    51. Stop the habit of delaying a job
    52. Don’t sleep too late
    53. Don’t get your children used
    to waking up too early 54. Please consider my potential, just this once
    55. Please give me and my friends a chance
    56. Please forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve made
    57. Please stay away from my child
    58. All passengers please be calm
    59. Please lend me money to buy this month’s needs
    60. Please follow up on my application last week
    61. Please allow me to resign from this job
    62. Please do not hurt your parents with your rude behavior
    63. Please respect my decision to resign from this position
    64. Please do not be too vague in conveying your views
    65. You should go and forget all the incidents that happened today
    66. You should apologize to everyone you hurt
    67. You should be the one making the effort, not even your friends
    68. The government should be prompt in solving all the problems of its people
    69. I wish there was a fresh drink I could drink
    70 Tidy up this room right now
    71. We can’t understand your writing
    72. Suppose someone brought an umbrella to get through this rain
    73. Mother told me to buy various spices at the stall in front of the house
    74. Mother asked me to study hard
    75. I would be very happy if you would accompany me to my friend’s wedding
    76. Ina asked Ira to wait for her at the station near the new market
    77. My sister told me to buy her favorite snack
    78. Romi told me to meet her at a regular cafe
    79. The environmental activists urged all citizens to always take care of cleanliness
    80. Dina asked all her friends to apologize to me for making fun of me
    81 Mr. Kepala Desa is expected to pay his respects to the guests who have attended
    82. Never accept a bribe from anyone
    83. Let’s uphold the existing law
    84. Show all your skills in front of me
    85. Collect all the PR from class 7
    86. Bring the test results of this class to the teacher’s room
    87. Work hard so that you will succeed
    88. Collect these old drinking bottles and give them to the regular scavengers in front of the house
    88. Please give me feedback about my new business
    89. Never be rude to mom and dad
    90. Take all the books scattered on the floor
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That is the explanation of the meaning of command sentences, their characteristics, types, and also examples. After reading all the examples that have been presented. Which command sentence do you often hear or say?