30 Aphorisms Morning Islamic Day

Islamic Morning Aphorisms – As Muslims, we must start the morning with enthusiasm for the day. It would be nice if every morning we express gratitude to Allah SWT for the grace and favors that He has given.

This positive energy can be obtained by reading Islamic morning pearls of wisdom. Through these pearls of wisdom indirectly suggest that we can get through this day with enthusiasm and happiness.

You can also share these pearls of wisdom with your friends via posts on social media. This can be an invitation to your friends to be excited together in living this day.

30 Aphorisms Morning Islamic Day

So, here are some references to morning pearls that can make you more excited and have positive energy!

  1.  Good morning.

A hope and a way always come for those who always pray and fight without knowing the meaning of the word surrender. – 1001Ukataan.com

  1. Assalamualaikum good morning.

There would be no starlight if there was no darkness.

Likewise with life, there will be no glory if there is no sacrifice. – mariati

  1. Fortune is not only money, but also longevity.

Enjoy health surrounded by goodness.

  1. “Bismillah”

Start your morning by saying the name of Allah, and always remember Allah, because that way you will be far from actions that are in vain and will harm you.

  1. Life is not all about chasing desires that you don’t necessarily have.

But about how to be grateful for what you already have.

  1. Morning Advice

“Every time you fix your intention, Allah will fix your situation.

And every time you wish good for others, you will get good from where you do not expect.

And when we live to make others happy, Allah will give us sustenance in the form of other people who will make us happy.

So try to give not to receive, because every time you give, you will receive without even asking…”

  1.  For you breadwinners

May your shoulders be strong, your heart steadfast, your soul steadfast, your days patient, your sustenance blessed and abundant, your activities worthy of worship, your sweat as a melting pot of sins, and every step you take raises your level to go to His heaven. Amen….

  1. Good morning

When the work is not appreciated, then at that time we are learning SINCERITY.

When all efforts are not considered, then at that moment we are learning SINCERITY.

When you have to be tired and disappointed, then at that moment you are learning REALITY.

  1. Life is more beautiful if faced wisely, lived sincerely, patiently framed, covered with kindness, and wrapped with a heart full of compassion.
  1. Good morning
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Stay humble, no matter how high our position. Stay confident, how lacking we are. Stay grateful in all circumstances.

  1. Good morning

Start with BISMILLAH.

Coupled with a SMILE.

May today be a blessed day for all of us. Amen….

  1. Assalamualaikum good morning.

If today you fail to achieve something, the only thing you have to do, is to try again tomorrow. Keep trying and praying. God willing.

  1. Good Morning Friday…

There is always HOPE for those who pray.

There is always a WAY OF HELP for those who try.

There is always the BEST for those who put their trust in it

God willing. Have faith in GOD.

  1. Storms of life may come. However, the spirit of life should not leave our lives.

Keep it up. Good morning my brother…

  1. Good morning.

Endless patience, endless gratitude.

There is no happiness that comes continuously, and vice versa.

No matter how bitter life is, don’t stop moving.

keep going…

  1.  COMPLAINING will only make our lives more stressful.

Meanwhile, being GRATEFUL will always lead us to the path of EASY.

My best friend, good morning. Always healthy and enthusiastic.

  1. Hopefully this Monday is better than last Monday.

Hopefully this week is more useful than last week.

May unanswered prayers come true this week.

Hopefully there is good news in this life.

Have we been grateful today?

  1. Bismillah.

May Allah guide every step so that whatever we do becomes a blessing and whatever we try bears beautiful fruit.

  1. My prayers this morning.

May all today’s affairs be eased by Allah.

Smoothly without any hindrance.

  1. Good morning.

Smile and say Alhamdulillah because Allah still allows us to be with those we love.

  1. Good morning.

Don’t get tired of doing good.

When we pray for the good of others, we unknowingly bring good for ourselves.

  1. Good morning.

Dear dream chasers.

You have to get up this evening.

Greet the sun this morning.

With passion in heart.

Work sincerely from the heart,

so that the sustenance you get is not just worldly,

but because of God.

  1. Excited to live today

Don’t worry about yesterday’s mistakes.

Just take it as a lesson so it doesn’t happen again.

  1. Good morning

Life is not about getting what we want.

However, about appreciating what we have and being patient with what we dream of. – Taqy Story

  1.  There are two choices of life in the morning.
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Go back to sleep to continue your dream, or wake up to make your dream come true.

  1. No matter how God gives you sustenance, don’t regret it once in a while.

Be grateful because He has chosen you to be His servant who sees His world.

Happy looking for sustenance and good morning.

  1. Obedience to God will require us to overcome uncertainty and bring us closer to Him.
  1. Good morning.

Life seeking perfection will make us depressed.

However, a life that seeks pleasure will bring sincerity and peace to the soul.

  1. Morning spirit.

For a heart that always hopes for Divine Ridho.

Because life will never stop.

Until the pulse has died stopped.

Always include Allah in every step of the foot.

To make it easier to tread every day.

Because actually Allah is closer than our own veins.

  1. Good morning…

Make your morning as beautiful as the color of the rainbow and your day as bright as the sun.

Greetings beauty and good morning.

May our lives be blessed by God.

So, those are references to morning pearls of wisdom that Sinaumed’s can use as statuses or posts on social media. Of the thirty pearls of wisdom, indirectly invites Sinaumed’s to be enthusiastic about going through the day and don’t forget to pray to Allah so that the activities we carry out will be given smoothness.

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