Examples of Email Addresses and How to Make It

Examples of Email Addresses and How to Make It – Advances in technology make it easy for humans to do work or things related to school. This can be seen from the ease of sending letters via the internet. In the past, you had to wait days or even months to send news or send letters by post.

Now, sending letters and news is easier via email. Everyone can connect with each other just by knowing an email address. Of course with email, jobs become easier and more efficient. Of course with the presence of email can save time waiting for the arrival of the letter.

Then, since when did email start to appear and be used? How to make? And, an easy email address example? Sinaumed’s can listen to the following explanation which has been summarized from various pages on the internet.

Concept and History of Email

Email or also known as electronic mail is a means to send and receive letters or messages in digital format through computer networks and the internet. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), electronic mail is interpreted as electronic mail.

On the Jatikom.com page, email is defined by several experts as follows.

1. Ali Zaki and Smitdev Community

Email is electronic mail that allows everyone to send messages to each other with the internet network.

2. Happy Chandraleka

Email is a letter delivered through an electronic device called a computer.

3. Jasmadi and E-media Solusindo

Email is an abbreviation of electronic mail. In short, e-mail is a method of sending messages electronically with or via the internet.

4. Tyas Vanneza

Email is a service that can be used to send instant messages electronically.

5. Darma, Jarot S, Shenia A

Email stands for electronic mail, has more or less the same principles as when we send letters, only via the internet, not by post.

6. Erima Oneta and Yosep. S

Email is one of the most popular facilities on the internet and is the earliest facility developed on the internet. By using e-mail, we can compose, send, read, reply, and manage messages electronically easily, quickly, precisely, and safely.

7. Indar Kertarajasa Furqon

Email is an abbreviation of electronic mail which in Indonesian means electronic mail. As the name implies, email is used to carry out correspondence activities with the internet network.

8.Jack Popo

Email is one of the means to share photos via the internet. All you need to do this is, of course, a connection to the internet and an active email account.

Launching from the Blog.opencloud.id page, email was invented by Raymond Tomlison, a programmer from America in 1971. The email was first used by Raymond containing only the words “QWERTYUIOP” on his computer. It also uses the @ symbol for the purpose of linking emails as well as being a differentiator from other messaging machines. Therefore, since then, the default email usage has become user_name@computer_name.

Raymond Tomlison worked at Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., one of the contractors on the ARPANET. The company is the forerunner of the United States Department of Defense (US) internet network developer.

Before creating email, Raymond used an operating system called TENEX. TENEX also covered the ARPANET control program. He also wrote the CPYNET program in the form of a file transfer program by implementing the ARPANET program.

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Initially, Raymond used email with a very simple work system. Like leaving a message on someone else’s desk. The trick, computer users put messages on other computer users. However, at that time, e-mail could only be sent and received via a computer network that was in a Local Area Network (LAN) only.

Email has developed quite rapidly from time to time. Its development did not stop in the Raymond era. This was proven, in 1975, when email management software was invented by John Vital. Therefore, email can be used by the public to meet internet traffic as much as 75%.

The first important email was used by Queen Elizabeth II. At that time, he sent an e-mail via the ARPANET from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment on March 26, 1976. Then, in the fall of 1976, e-mail was used for the first time for Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign.

Email continues to grow until its use is paid. Email users can use email at a rate calculated every minute. This was done because email has used neat features and implemented a commercial email system in the form of Eudora. The Eudora system itself was invented by Steve Dorner in 1988.

Later, the World Wide Web (WWW) was discovered by the Bernes-Lee team in 1991. It provides e-mail for free and with a friendlier interface. Then, this service is provided by email service providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

How Email Works

Email works in fairly simple ways. Sinaumed’s can imagine how e-mail works the same as when writing letters to other people. Launching from the Maxmanroe.com page, here’s how email works.

  1. The email owner opens his email and then writes the contents of the message to be sent.
  2. Next, the e-mail user provides instructions to the e-mail application to send messages to other e-mail addresses.
  3. The email server will identify the destination email address, then send the message to another email server that is located close to the destination address. Sometimes an email is sent through several email servers , depending on the route it goes through.
  4. When an email message is sent to the recipient’s email address, the contents of the message are stored on the email server until the recipient opens it.
  5. When the recipient opens the message in the postbox/ inbox , the recipient’s email application will request a new email from the email server and then download it to the email recipient’s computer.
  6. Furthermore, email recipients can view and read the contents of the message that was downloaded earlier.

Types of Emails

Emails come in various types based on how they work. Based on the Maxmanroe.com page , email is classified into three types as follows.

1. POPMail

Post Office Protocol ( POP Mail ) is a type of e-mail that is obtained by ISP users who are subscribers or work e-mail addresses that companies provide to their employees.

2. Webmail

Webmail is a web-based email . E-mail users can only open their e-mail by opening the e-mail service provider’s site page.

3. Forward Mail

Forward mail is an email service that forwards emails received by users to other email addresses. This type of email is usually used by people who frequently change email addresses.

Benefits of Using Email

Email has various benefits for its users. Launching from the Maxmanroe.com page, email has the following benefits.

1. Sending and Receiving Messages

In general, email is used to send and receive messages. These messages can be sent in a very short time. However, the sending speed also depends on the strength of the internet network at the sender and recipient of the email.

2. Sending and Receiving Files

Email is also used to send various types of digital files and documents. However, it is limited by the file size of photos, videos, text, and so on. Usually the file is added to an attachment in an email.

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3. As Self Identity

Email can be used as a self-identity on the internet where other people can contact via the email address that we use. In some aspects, the use of e-mail for someone becomes an obligation. Not infrequently, email is used as an absolute requirement for the activation process of various digital services. For example, for device activation, mail subscription services, and so on.

4. Email to Register on Various Sites

Most applications, websites, software and other sites use e-mail as a condition for using it. For example in social media services, e-commerce, online games, forum sites, and various other services. These sites require verification from their users via a valid email address.

5. Email as a Marketing Media

In this online era, creating a marketing system must also adapt. Companies or business actors can use email to market their products or services. It is one of the oldest types of marketing. However, it is still effective today.

How to Create Emails       

Email addresses that are often used are Yahoo and Gmail. Here’s how to create an email account using Yahoo and Gmail.

1. How to Create a New Yahoo Mail Email

Here’s how to create an email in Yahoo Mail.

  • Type Yahoo Mail Indonesia in Then select Yahoo—sign in—Yahoo mail
  • Click register for the account
  • Then, type some of the following.

1: First name

2: Username (example: yourname) do not need to write @yahoo.com see image below

3: Password (please combine uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, for example: 1985computer): the password must not contain spaces, and must be at least 7 characters long.

4: Your cellphone number that is still active and you are holding/close to you (+62) is the Indonesian region code which means the number 0, for example: +6285782645966

5: Date of birth

6: select click girl or boy. Recovery number is not required

7: Click create account when finished

  • When finished, click create an account
  • Enter the code that appears on the screen according to the uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • It’s not uncommon for code verification to be done via a code sent to the device. When the code has been received, it must be entered in the column provided.
  • After that, skip the configuration stage.
  • The email is ready to use, to send a message, Sinaumed’s can click write and enter the email address.

2. How to Create a New Gmail Email

Indonesian people usually use a Gmail email address. Here’s how to create a Gmail account.

  • Type Gmail Indonesia in the Google search field . Then, select Gmail.
  • Then select create an account.
  • Then, fill in each column that appears on the screen as follows.

1: first name

2: last name

3: your username, for example, jatiinformation (no need to use @gmail.com)

4: password (please combine uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, for example: 1985komputer): password must not contain spaces, and must have a minimum of 9 characters.

5: confirm password (must be the same as the password above)

6: date of birth eg september 06 1985

7: gender male = male female = female

8: Your cellphone number that is still active and you are holding/close to you (+62) is the Indonesian region code which means the number 0, for example: +6285782645966

9: confirmation code 1513

10: click if it is filled

11: Click Next step when finished

  • In the your current email address section, just leave it blank. Then, just skip it , prove you’re not a robot .
  • It’s not uncommon for Sinaumed’s to pass a verification code.
  • After everything is finished. Then, Sinaumed’s will send an email so just click write and enter a new message.

Email Address Example

One easy way to create an email is to use a personal name. Following are some examples of references for creating emails, which are quoted from the Berita.99.co page.