7 Types of Drama in the World of Literature

Drama script is one of the literary works that is rarely known by many people. Because, someone might know more after the performance than the drama script itself. Then, what is a drama script?

This article will discuss about drama scripts. Starting from the definition, types, characteristics, elements to examples of short drama scripts.

Definition of Dramatic Script

In general, a manuscript is something that has a sheet-like shape. Before use, the sheet needs to be corrected. Understanding the script will also explain the theme and content that can be accepted by the audience.

In general, a play script is a piece of writing. The writing is usually or generally known by everyone involved in the field of writing. Drama scripts have a function in several ways.

Such as reading material, as text in the world of cinema, as science, and much more.

Understanding the drama script itself is a story that is described. The story is outlined from one scene to another. In the story, it is also explained regarding the setting, place, situation, dialogue, to the characterizations in it.

The writing on the manuscript will be arranged systematically. That is, the writing will be arranged in the context of a dramatic structure. This will make it a reference during the production process.

Drama scripts can also be referred to as the basic material of a story. Both stories that will be shown in films, as well as stories that will be shown in a drama or theater performance. Generally, play scripts will be very dramatic.

In it will display several things. Such as places, settings, conditions or circumstances, the dialogue of the characters and so forth. Things like that of course have to be in a drama script, so that it becomes a complete script.

Meanwhile, in the publishing world, drama scripts are the result of someone’s writing or writing. Usually, the play script has not been published. Various drama scripts by this writer will be sought after by publishers.

Publishers will look for writers to write plays. The goal is to be published. A drama script can be written by hand or using a tool such as a typewriter. If an author has finished writing a manuscript, the manuscript will be submitted to the editor.

In the hands of the editor, the manuscript will be edited and checked again for its quality. Only then can it be published.

Definition of Drama Script According to Experts

Even though it basically has the same meaning, there are several aspects of the abbreviation that certainly differ from one expert to another. The following is the meaning of drama script according to experts.

1. KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary)

In KBBI, a manuscript is an essay that is still handwritten. In addition, the manuscript also means an essay written by someone who has not yet been published.

2. Molton

Molton revealed, the meaning of the script is a drama. Understanding the script according to Molton is a living drama. The drama is described through a motion or life presented in action.

3. Sendarastic

The definition of a script according to Sendarasik is there a drama script. The script is the basic ingredient in a performance. Therefore, a drama script is not perfect if it has not been staged.

Drama script is an expression of the author’s statement. Can be called a playwright which has content about the value of general experience. The value in the drama script will explain the statement that the writer said to those who watched.

4. Imam Suryano

The script is a drama that contains actions and deeds. These actions and actions explain a problem faced by the characters in the script.

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Imam Suryono’s opinion is focused on the drama script which is used as the basis for staging plays in the theater. Drama script is a very important element in building a drama, so that it can be played well by the actors such as actors or actresses who will present the drama script.

5. Bared

The definition of a script is a drama script in the form of handwriting. The writing contains various expressions about thoughts and feelings. Generally, everything written in it is a culture in the past.

6. Ferdinand Brunetierre

Manuscript is an art that describes several things. Like describing human nature and attitude. The painting is done through the movements that appear in the drama which plays out the contents of the story script.

Types of Dramatic Scripts

1. Tragedy

The type of tragedy drama script is a drama script that tells a story filled with sadness. Throughout the story, you will witness the main character or actor who suffers. Generally, these characters will experience death.

2. Comedy

Comedy is a type of drama script. This drama script will describe a joyful atmosphere. Generally, in this play script will contain jokes.

Janis’s drama script is one of the most popular drama scripts. The reason is, in it will make the readers laugh because of the humorous story of this script.

Even so, the skit script is not like a regular comedy show. It still contains rules and elements of drama in general.

3. Opera

The next type of drama script is opera. Opera is a drama script in which music is accompanied. The song that will be played by one character is different from the song that will be played by another character.

The form of this script will be more concerned with the music and singing when it is staged later. Meanwhile, the characters involved will only act as a means to describe the atmosphere in the story.

4. Melodrama

Melodrama is a type of drama script in which the dialogue will be made with musical accompaniment or melody. This type of drama script comes from opera drama. Then developed into a stream that stands alone.

The flow of this melodrama will be accompanied by musical instruments. So, in staging this drama script, the characters will generally sing along. If necessary, they will also dance to the rhythm of the music.

5. Farces

Farce can also be called a joke. This type of drama script is a type of drama that is funny and light. The scenes in this drama script are generally exaggerated with comedy.

In addition, this comedy drama script also involves physics. Drama scripts of this type are generally known as dime comedy.

6. Tableau

The tableau drama script that will be staged will prioritize an appearance. Appearances such as aspects of dance and movement aspects will be seen in the staging of tableau drama scripts.

The players will make a movement, throughout the staging. The cast of this drama script does not speak any dialogue at all.

So, the players will tell the story through the audience, with a movement. However, the movements carried out have many meanings in them.

7. Ballet

Sendratari is a type of drama script that combines two things. These two things are dance and drama. This ballet will prioritize the movements performed as expression boosters.

The movement was carried out as a substitute for a dialogue. In Indonesia alone, ballet is widely used. Generally, its use is used to tell a legendary story. Like the story of Ramayana who wants to save Dewi Sinta.

Dramatic Script Elements

  • Has a special theme.
  • Have a background. Such as the setting of time, setting of place and background of the atmosphere.
  • There are characters and characterizations.
  • Has a storyline in it.
  • Have a message and impression that will be conveyed to the reader.

Characteristics of a Dramatic Script

  • Dialog form
  • All dialogue is unquoted
  • Have action instructions in the play script written in parentheses

Example of a Dramatic Script

In class 10 high school history lessons are taking place.

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Mrs. Ratna: Children, make groups of 4 people, then present the history of Indonesia’s independence from Dutch colonialism to independence!

Student : Yes ma’am

(Bu Ratna leaves the class, and the students start discussing the group’s assignment.)

Sinta: Lis, let’s join Rima’s group! Rima is smart, surely our task will be completed quickly.

Lisa: That’s right Sin, let’s go to Rima!” Sinta: “Rima, me and Lisa are in your group, okay?

Rima: Yes Lis, Sin, I just happen to be alone with Nita.

Nita: Next Sunday we will do our homework at school, okay? Do you have any suggestions for dividing up the tasks?

Lisa and Sinta: It’s up to you guys, we’ll join you.

Rima: I can collect material about the wars in the struggle for independence.

Nita: I can collect materials about agreements and meetings in the struggle for independence.

Sinta: Then let me and Lisa make the power point.

Rima: Okay then, see you tomorrow!

(The next day Rima and Nita were at school, but Lisa and Sinta did not come.)

(Suddenly Sinta calls Rima.)

Sinta: Rima, I’m sorry, Lisa and I can’t join the work group because we have an appointment with friends to go to the mall. Just do it together, okay? I’ll pay the printing money later.

Rima: But Sin, you won’t understand the material later.

Sinta: Later you can give the presentation with Nita, don’t worry, it’s just a history lesson.

Rima: But Sin, you turned off Nit’s phone instead. How the heck are we supposed to do it together like that.

Nita: Well what can I do Rim, instead of us getting bad grades too.

(Nita and Rima Pun both worked on the task together until it was finished. The next day the class presentation in front of Mrs. Ratna started. )

Mrs. Ratna: Group 1, Rima, Lisa, Sinta, and Nita, please come forward.

Group 1: Yes, ma’am.

Bu Ratna: Who will be presenting?

Sinta: “Rima and Nita, ma’am.

Mrs. Ratna: If so, please let Sinta and Lisa do the presentation.

Lisa: Why us mom? Those who want to present are Rima and Nita.

Mrs. Ratna: Oh, it’s not the same, you guys are doing it together. Anyone who is presenting is not the same. Let’s get started quickly Lisa, Sinta!

Sinta: So the history of Indonesian independence begins with um… so

Mrs. Ratna: Why Sinta? Lisa, try to continue your presentation.

Lisa: ummm.. so ma’am…

Mrs. Ratna: Why don’t you understand the tasks of your own group? Rima, Nita, is it true that Sinta and Lisa are also doing the work?

Nita: “Actually no ma’am, I just did it alone with Rima because Lisa and Sinta couldn’t come.

Rima: That’s right, Ma’am, during the Sunday group work, Sinta and Lisa couldn’t attend. Mrs. Ratna: Why can’t you attend Sinta, Lisa?

Lisa: How is this Sin?

Sinta: We are sick ma’am, so we can’t come that day.

Mrs. Ratna: Don’t lie to you, I saw you at the mall on Sunday. You should study seriously instead of messing around like this, especially if you just hitch a ride on your group’s assignment. Apologize to Rima and Nita, then don’t do it again or you won’t go to class.

Sinta: I’m sorry Mrs. Ratna, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry, Rima, Nita, I promise I won’t do that again.

Lisa: I’m sorry too, ma’am. Rima, Nita, I’m sorry to you guys. After this I will study hard, I promise.

Those are some brief explanations about the drama script. Starting from the definition, types, characteristics to a simple example of a short drama script.

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