Advertisement Text: Definition, Example Sentences, Formulas & Questions

Sinaumed’s, Advertisement text covers various things such as instructions on the do-it-yourself website manual for the TV product you buy, to brochures, menus, guarantees, directories, to transportation schedules. One of the functional texts that we often encounter is Advertisement (Advertising). Check out a more complete explanation of the following Advertisement Texts:

Definition of Advertisement Text

Advertisement (Advertising) is a text whose purpose is to announce something to appeal to many people and so that a product is known in all general circles. Paid advertising is meant to influence the people who receive the message.

Advertisement itself is actually always present, even though many of us are not aware of this. Currently, advertising uses every possible medium as a medium to convey its message.

Starting from television, print (newspapers, magazines, journals and so on), radio, contests, sponsors, posters, broadcasts, internet, hoardings, mailers, clothing, events, colors, sounds, visuals to people or through endorsements. The purpose of Advertisement (Advertising) itself, if translated, includes:

  • Invite readers to buy or use the goods or services offered in an advertisement.
  • Advertise products to the public
  • Awaken the communicant and provide information about a product (can be in the form of goods, services, ideas, and so on).
  • Trying to create a feeling of liking the advertised product by giving preferences.
  • Convince the communicant of the truth of the product so that they try to use or own the product. From the consumer’s point of view, the consumer then becomes aware of information about the product being delivered, both in terms of price, specifications, functions, and so on.

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Examples of Advertisement Text Sentences

Advertisement has several characteristics including the choice of words used to highlight the information to be conveyed, the choice of words used are also generally right on target, the choice of words used is interesting, precise, logical, and polite.

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The choice of words used also has suggestions for the audience. Based on the type of media used, advertisements can then be further classified as follows:

  • Print Ads as a type of advertisement published using print media such as newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and others. based on the space used in newspapers, magazines, tabloids, advertisements are then known in 2 forms, namely: Classified Ads and Column Ads
  • Advertorial ads are a type of advertisement that is packaged like news in general.
  • Display Ads when viewed from their shape, display ads are generally larger than column ads. In this advertisement, images and text are then displayed which are larger, and can be seen from a distance.
  • Electronic advertisements are advertisements published in an electronic media. Electronic advertisements can be further classified into: radio advertisements, television advertisements, internet advertisements, company advertisements, public service advertisements, and so on.

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Following below are some examples of Advertisement text, along with their meanings:

  • Using the best teaching methods by qualified teachers, you have found the right place to learn English. Join us right now: Let’s speak English!!! 100% money back if you can’t speak English

It means:

By going through the best learning methods by qualified teachers, you have found the right place to learn English. Join us now: Let’s speak English!!! 100% money back if you don’t speak English. Interested?


Special supplements are needed for intelligence, growth and development of children aged 3 and above. Made from the best ingredients, for your children. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE DURING CHILDREN FESTIVAL

It means:

Healthy Food for Children

Special ingredients have been added in order to improve the memory, growth and development of children aged 3 years and above. Made of quality materials for children. BUY ONE GET ONE GET ONE VALID AT CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL ONLY.


Advertisement Text formula

Generic Structure of Advertisements. There are several important parts that we must know in making an advertisement that is attractive and liked by many people. Following are some of them, namely:

  • Title: This text structure functions to display the title of the ad or the main topic of the ad. Usually the font size is the largest.
  • Explanation: Serves as part of the explanation or core of the advertisement itself. All information related to the product in this section.
  • The purpose of the advertisement is to advertise a product or service. The purpose of advertising or advertisement is to introduce a product or service to other people so that the person wants to buy or is interested in the services offered. This section is very important because we will deliver notifications about what ads we make.
  • Language – The language used to create advertisements must be: Simple (simple), Clear (clear), Short (brief), Attractive (interesting), Persuasive (persuade or usually the ad starts with a solicitation sentence), Using slogans, also being able to convince the reader to buy or come.
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Keywords for advertising in questions related to the purpose of the advertisement include: to promote, to advertise, to persuade Advertisement using provocative words or sentences so that people who read or hear them are encouraged to use the advertised product.

  • Name of product – This section is about the name or brand, what product, service or event will be sold. Highlight the information you want advertised.
  • User – Who needs your product? Who are the target product and service areas? What you want to market must be in accordance with the target market.

Advertisements are then grouped into two types, namely Product (Product is a thing produced during a natural, chemical, or industrial process). Products advertised can be in the form of goods (eg food, drinks, books, etc.) B. Products advertised can be in the form of services or services (eg performances, hotels, restaurants, massages and others). Improve your English skills through the book 7 Habits of Effective English Learning.



Practice Questions Advertisement Text

Advertisement Text Problem 1: Hotels and Apartments

ROOM FACILITIES: The hotel provides 82 comfortable guest rooms that consist of Superior Rooms, Superior Seaview Rooms and 22 Deluxe Cottages with modern Balinese style architecture, private balcony and international standard facilities. Each room has a private balcony, fully air conditioned, a telephone, a mini bar, radio or music, international TV channels, in house movies, tea and coffee making facilities, a hair dryer, slippers, an umbrella, a bath or shower with hot and cold running water and a safe deposit box.

For Information, Feel Free to Contact Us on:
Phone : +62 778 9292
Fax : +62 778 751962
e-mail : [email protected]
website :

1. What does the advertisement promote?
A. The location of the hotel
B. The hotel rooms
C. The cottage
D. The sea view
E. The facilities

2. How many rooms does the hotel provide?
A. Twenty two
B. Thirty six
C. Sixty two
D. Eighty two
E. Ninety six

3. The guest can enjoy watching movies since the hotel offers
A. A cinema
B. A mini bar
C. TV Bar
D. In house movies
E. Private balcony

Advertisement Text Problem 2: Hotels and Apartments

Hotel Cannero 2051, Cannero Riviera, Italy
Phone: 323729929
Waiters/Waitresses (2), Swimming Pool Attendants, Bar Staff.
Around $170 per week. 14 hours per day, 6 days per week. Free board and accommodation. Knowledge of German, Italian or French required. Period of work 3 or 6 months between the end of March and the end of October. Applicants should be fit and healthy, organized and clean. Applications from 25 March to the end and sent to Maria Carla at the address above.

4. What is the text about ….
A. A week tour to Italy
B. A job vacancy at Hotel Cannero
C. Three day tour to European countries
D. A healthy and clean environment
E. The description on Cannero Riviera

5. Who is the addressee of this advertisement
A. All who are fit and healthy
B. Those who can serve foreigners
C. All who meet the requirements mentioned
D. The educated people who can handle service jobs
E. Those who can speak two foreigners languages

6. Those who are accepted to work for the hotel
A. Are mostly Italians
B. Will get accommodation
C. Are under the control of Maria Carla
D. Will take control of each department
E. Will start working between March and October

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Advertisement Text Problem 3: Hotels and Apartments


Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel – Bali Prime property – Prime Location – Prime Investment Only 5 minutes away from Sanur, directly at the beach All apartments with view to the sea, full hotel amenities Large pools, spa, fitness, sauna & steam, Parking, Restaurant For complete information please visit our website Invitation – stimulation – temptation Where: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta (Leatris Room)

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When: 15th and 16th of January 2010 (15.00—21.00 WIB)
For reservation: PT. Umadam Phone
: +62361759958
For every purchase prior to 31.01.2010
we will invite the buyer for the Ground-Breaking-Ceremony Flight from Jakarta to Bali and a luxury villa FREE

7. The text talks about
A. Sunwell Beach Residences Ketewel
B. Bali’s apartment development
C. A dream becomes reality
D. Hotel Mulia Senayan
E. Prime property

8. Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?
A. Large pools
B. Restaurant
C. Website
D. Fitness
E. Spa

Problem Text Advertisement: Restaurants

DIENG RESTO Every Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30 Dieng Restaurant A selection of our original recipe Prepared in front of your eyes by our chef:

  • Included free Carica Drink
  • Enjoy the live music by Antrax Band

For more info: Call: 3389997 ext. 65111-65012 DIENG RESTAURANT WONOSOBO

9. What is the purpose of the advertisement above?
A. To promote Dieng Restaurant
B. To enjoy Antrax Band
C. To inform Dieng Restaurant
D. To describe Dieng Restaurant
E. To explain Carica drink

10. Dieng Restaurant opens on
A. everyday
B. every evening
C. Sunday to Friday
D. every Saturday evening
E. every Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30

Advertisement Text Problem: Selling Goods

Sold soon. Espass Minibus ’96 Red Metallic, Rp. 45,000,000 negotiated. AC, CD Player, full accessories, new leather seat, good machine, CP: Gogon, Jl. Asem Kranji RT 01/12 No 7, Jakarta Tel.(021) 77770388

11. The statements below are true, except

A. We can contact Gogon if we want to buy it
B. We can’t bargain
C. It’s cool inside the car
D. The car is a comfortable car
E. We can listen to music inside the caravan

12. The similar meaning of the word “soon” is….
A. Faster
B. Later
C. Slower
D. Quickly
E. Longer

Advertisement Text Problem: Selling Goods

CASSANOVA’S ANNUAL SALE This week only SAVE 35% Men’s and women’s clothing Shoes, coats and sweaters, swimwears, jeans. Jewelry: watches, rings, earrings, necklaces SAVE 50% Furniture: leather sofas, dining tables and chairs, bookcases. Luggage: bags and briefcases

13. Who is the writer of the advertisement?
A. Cassanova’s customer
B. Cassanova’s reader
C. Cassanova’s clients
D. Cassanova’s workers
E. Casanova’s users

14. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To guide people to go to Cassanova
B. To persuade people to buy things in Cassanova
C. To inform people about things sold in Cassanova
D. To ask people to think about Cassanova
E. To tell what Casanova looks like

15. What kind of advertisement is it?
A. a shopping advertisement
B. a job vacancy advertisement
C. a franchise advertisement
D. an entertainment advertisement
E. Business Proposal

16. How long is the sale?
A. Five days
B. Six days
C. Seven days
D. Eight days

Answer Key Advertisement Text

Below is the answer key for question no. 1 – no. 16 above:

  1. The answer to question No.1 is E. The facilities
  2. The answer to question No.2 is D. Eighty two
  3. The answer to question No.3 is D. In house movie
  4. The answer to question No.4 is B. A job vacancy in Hotel Cannero
  5. The answer to question No.5 is C. All who meet the requirements mentioned
  6. The answer to question No.6 is E. Will start working between March and October
  7. The answer to question No.7 is A. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
  8. The answer to question No.8 is Website
  9. The answer to question No.9 is A. To promote Dieng Restaurant
  10. The answer to question No.10 is E. every Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30
  11. The answer to question No.11 is B. We can’t bargain it
  12. The answer to question No.12 is D. quickly
  13. The answer to question No.13 is D. Cassanova’s workers
  14. The answer to question No.14 is B. To persuade people to buy things in Cassanova
  15. The answer to question No.15 is A. a shopping advertisement
  16. The answer to question No.16 is C. seven days

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