Commercial Advertising: Definition, Characteristics, Purpose, Types, and Examples

Commercial advertising is – Businesses can grow well over time and some effort is also needed in it. One of them is an attempt to market the product to be sold by utilizing the use of commercial advertising.

Because it is considered so important for the development of a business. Of course, it’s not surprising that now there are lots of commercial advertisements that are easier to find around you. Whether it’s commercial ads published offline or online .

So, for more details, you can read a full review of commercial advertising only in this article.

Before we discuss about commercial advertising it would be better if we also know the meaning of the advertisement itself. Even though we often encounter advertisements at this time, not everyone understands the meaning of advertising. Advertising is a process of conveying a knowledge that is in a product or service from a company aimed at the target market or the general public.

To be able to display an advertisement, the company also has to pay a separate fee. The cost of an ad is also fairly flexible, depending on the type of ad, property and various others. However, the costs that will be incurred by a company for an advertisement of its product must also have been taken into consideration.

Where later the existence of an advertisement can also have a developmental impact on the company and the product they are selling. This is because product advertisements can provide a special attraction or public interest in the advertised product.

It is not surprising that until now, every time a new product is produced, advertising is used as a method of introduction to the general public.

In general, advertising is divided into two types, namely commercial advertising and non-commercial advertising. In this article, we will explain more about commercial advertising and how it differs from non-commercial advertising.

Definition of Commercial Advertising

After we know the meaning of advertising in general. Next, we will study together about the meaning of commercial advertising.

Commercial advertising is an advertisement that basically has a function to support a marketing campaign for the products or services offered. The existence of commercial advertising can also make a product or service more widely known by the wider community.

This is because ad serving will utilize various media platforms such as electronic media. However, the selection of media used for displaying a commercial ad also depends on a company’s policy.

Ideally advertising can provide a boost to create market demand and furthermore is to be able to generate some revenue. Some examples of commercial advertisements are advertisements for food products, advertisements for tourist destinations or advertisements for products or services that the general public really needs to buy.

It should also be noted that not all commercial advertisements have a role as a product marketing medium. However, there are also commercial advertisements that are used specifically to shape a brand’s image or increase brand awareness .

Where the formation of a brand image can be more effective in making potential consumers directly about the company, product or service and also have a positive assessment of the brand. It’s no wonder that every commercial ad will be packed with impressions that can make consumers’ lives happier, easier and more efficient.

Non-Commercial Advertising

Previously, it was explained that the types of advertisements are generally divided into two, namely commercial advertisements and non-commercial advertisements. After knowing the meaning of commercial advertising. Next, what we will discuss together is the meaning of non-commercial advertising.

Non-commercial advertisements are advertisements that contain social messages so that people can pay attention to certain issues. Usually non-commercial advertising has a form such as an invitation or suggestion to do something.

An example is an advertisement calling for reducing the use of plastic. The purpose of making this advertisement is to invite the general public to reduce the use of plastic in order to support environmental sustainability.

Then there are also non-commercial advertisements released by the government, such as advertisements inviting the public to obey in paying taxes.

Some of the objectives of non-commercial advertising are to provide motivation, provide education, invite the general public to live better lives and provide warnings regarding things that are not good.

Commercial Advertising Features

Although commercial advertisements have been found around us. But there are still some people who sometimes have misunderstandings between advertising, propaganda and publicity. Although they both involve public attention, in fact these three things are not the same as one another.

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Commercial ads have special features in them. In order for you to understand more about the characteristics of commercial advertising. The following is an explanation of the characteristics of commercial advertising.

1. Paid Communications

The first feature of commercial advertising is an advertisement that has a paid form of communication and is more dominated by commercial purposes. Generally, a published advertisement is considered interesting as well as important by the owner of the information. In addition, the advertising sponsor is also somewhat anonymous or can still be identified. That way consumers also know the origin of opinions and claims about these products.

2. Not in the Form of Personal Communication

Commercial advertising has the nature of non-personal communication. Regardless of the way it is presented, commercial advertisements are always intended for the general public, not for personal consumption.

But it’s possible that today there are some personalized advertising communication patterns that do feel like they are for a certain person. However, this is only limited to the method of presentation to be able to bind the customer experience.

3. Has a Persuasive Nature

Commercial advertising has a persuasive nature. The main target of commercial advertising is to be able to increase sales of a particular product or service. In order to achieve this goal, commercial advertisements usually have a very persuasive nature so that consumers can be sure that the offers in the advertisement are better than the advertisement offers from other competing brands .

Because it also often makes commercial advertisements always ensure that the content created can indeed show the products offered can meet the needs and improve the quality of life of consumers.

Many methods are used in commercial advertising. Starting from attracting consumer emotions, winning the trust of consumers using authority support or providing logical reasons why consumers should buy a product or use a service.

4. Aimed at Target Audience

Commercial advertising is intended for the target audience. Where recently this feature has been increasingly felt. In the past, advertisements were broadcast via television or radio broadcasts that could reach a fairly wide audience.

But now more and more advertisements are being served through digital platforms whose reach is not only wider but also segmented.

Every product or service brand has its own personal buyer that they want to attract. Currently, the focus of an advertisement on a certain segment is also quite effective. Because of this, commercial advertisements are currently more specifically designed to attract the target audience.

Those are some of the characteristics possessed by commercial advertising. Then you also need to know that in commercial advertisements there is always persuasive language such as solicitation and seduction. Then in commercial advertisements also often use words that are interesting and easy to understand and also explain the product or service you want to advertise.

Commercial Advertising Purposes

If seen from the previous explanation, the purpose of commercial advertising is to be able to bring profit to the owner of the product being promoted by the advertisement. However, if we take a deeper look at the goals of commercial advertising, there are still a few more. The following are some of the purposes of commercial advertising.

1. Introducing the Product or Brand

The first purpose of commercial advertising is to introduce a product or brand. Actually it is a simple logic. Where consumers will not recognize and buy a product if the existence of the product or brand is unknown.

Therefore, a brand or a company needs to make efforts to be able to introduce its products to the wider community, especially for products that have just been released.

Advertising which is basically a medium for creating awareness of a brand or product will usually fall into the category of informative advertising . Where this advertisement will be a medium for introducing new products, certain programs and providing knowledge to potential customers regarding the benefits and advantages of the product or service being offered.

2. Make Prospective Consumers Interested

The next goal of commercial advertising is to convince consumers that the product or service being offered is the best compared to other competitors. The existence of commercial advertising is also expected to be able to change perceptions and form a positive image related to a product or a brand .

The main target is consumers can take action. As an example, consumers are starting to switch from competing products to products that are being offered through commercial advertisements. Apart from that, for old customers, interest from new customers can also make them continue to use the product.

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Efforts to keep consumers interested will mostly use a technique that uses persuasive advertising techniques . In this type of advertisement, features, facts and advantages are usually not highlighted.

Persuasive advertising actually only makes consumers have an interest in products by touching their emotions. An example is giving an exclusive, cool or successful impression which can make consumers want to be part of that environment.

3. Ensuring Products Don’t Decline Early

It should be noted that every product has a life cycle and there will be times when it will decline after reaching maturity in the market. Although in fact this will always be experienced by all products.

But of course you as the product owner also want the product to have a long life on the market. This can be realized using commercial advertising.

Where the company will release product advertisements that are already well established with the aim of reminding consumers about these products or services. This process is usually known as reminder advertising .

Simply put, this advertisement exists so that the products that have been sold do not experience a decline before the time comes. It is even possible that using reminder advertising techniques can make a product or service age quite a bit longer than it is generally on the market.

Each purpose of commercial advertising as explained above is basically to introduce a product so that consumers can be interested and buy the product. Until in the end consumers who have used these products remain loyal to use them. This of course can make the product have a longer age on the market.

Types of Commercial Ads

Even though currently the existence of commercial advertisements has been widely aired in various media. But actually commercial advertising is still divided into two types, you know. The two types of commercial advertising are strategic commercial advertising and tactical commercial advertising. Explanations of the two types of commercial advertising are provided below.

1. Commercial Advertising Strategy

The first type is strategic commercial advertising. Where the function of this type of commercial advertising is to help the process of building an existing brand. The method used is usually to inform about the advantages and benefits of the product and the value of the brand. The existence of strategic commercial advertising also makes consumers more confident that the product brand is always there for them.

2. Tactical Commercial Advertising

Next there is a type of tactical commercial advertising. Where in this advertisement is able to give encouragement or pressure to consumers to make contact with the brand that is being introduced quickly.

Most of these ads will provide special offers in a relatively short time. This is done so that consumers can provide a quick response to the products offered on the same day.

Commercial Advertising Structure

After knowing all things related to commercial advertising. To be more complete, we will study together about the structure that is in a commercial advertisement.

Simply put, commercial advertising is an advertisement that has the goal of marketing a product or something that is being sold by certain companies or individuals so that these products can sell well in the market.

Of course, in order to match the delivery target, we as product owners must be able to make an advertisement well and have a neat structure. Making commercial advertisements also requires good planning so that these advertisements can run according to plans that have been made before.

In general, the process of making commercial advertisements requires an appropriate script and also a storyline in which there are interesting, clear and sequential introductory words. According to experts in the field of advertising, commercial advertising at least uses an attractive image.

This is done so that people can be more interested in the advertisement and understand what is conveyed in it. In addition, the commercial advertisement must also include a title, product name and an explanation related to the product.

Example of Commercial Ads

In Indonesia, there are indeed many commercial advertisements that are easier for us to find at this time. An example is an advertisement for Indomie products in the 90s. Where at this time the advertisement for this product has a lyrical tagline that makes it easy for people to recognize it when they miss it, even if it’s just a piece of it.

This ad is also included as one of the most interesting types of commercial advertising. Of course, you are also no stranger to the lyrics ” From Sabang to Merauke ” in advertisements for Indomie products in the 90s.

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