Characteristics and Types of Advertisements in Indonesia

Characteristics and Types of Advertisements – What is the meaning of advertisements? Advertisements are one of the products or goods that many people use to display something. There are many purposes for advertising. Before getting there, first know the meaning of advertising. This article will discuss the meaning of advertisements, the characteristics of advertisements, the types of advertisements and the functions of advertisements.

Definition of Advertising

There are several definitions of advertising based on the media. Even so, it still has the same meaning. Here are some definitions of advertising:

  • The definition of advertising is an action taken to invite other people. This action is performed repeatedly. The goal is for the person to be interested, then do or follow what is in the contents of the advertisement.
  • The definition of advertising is a means or tool. These facilities or tools are used to convey information. In addition, billboards are also used to offer or promote a service or product to the public. You do this by using an interesting picture and words.
  • The definition of advertisement is a visual media that uses an image display. In addition, advertisements also use short writing to convey a message. The message conveyed is addressed to the general public.

In general, the notion of advertising is a medium used in conveying information. The information presented is brief information. The aim of the delivery is the general public on an ongoing basis.

Either through text media, image media, or audio media. In general, advertisements contain striking images. The image relates to the product being promoted.

In addition, there are also other messages that actually want to be conveyed. The main purpose of this advertisement is to cause a reaction from the crowd. In addition, to invite them to do various things that actually want to be conveyed.

Definition of Advertising According to Experts

KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary)

The definition of advertisement in KBBI is a notification to the public regarding merchandise. This notice is done using catchy words, as well as pictures. The purpose of using these interesting pictures and words is to sell.


The definition of advertising is a communication effort. The effort was made to persuade the public. The goal is to be able to buy and use the goods or products being promoted.

There are several forms of advertising that are often encountered. Either indoors or outdoors. Such as billboards, advertisements, billboards, posters and so forth. The physical form of the advertisement generally has audio-visual content and visual content.


The definition of advertising is an activity. The activities carried out aim to convey several things. Such as information, goods or services, as well as interesting ideas. The goal is to attract the attention of many people regarding the products or ideas and services that are being informed in the advertisement.


Kriyantono said that the notion of advertising is a form of communication. Communication is done without personal. In addition, the goal is to convey a message in selling a product, service or goods. As well as making the parties from consumers to buy the goods offered. In addition, to pay for various media that have been used by these advertisements.


The definition of advertising according to Panji is any form of activity that has a purpose. the intended purpose is to introduce a product or a service. In addition, advertisements are also used to attract the attention of many people.

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The definition of advertisement according to Brouwer is a statement that is consciously intended for the public. The statement is submitted in any form. Moreover, this statement is made by a trading participant. As well as directed at the target or market share. The aim is to enlarge the level of sales of goods or services entered.

WH Van Baarle and FE Hollander

Advertising art is an attractive force and is aimed at certain groups to buy it. Advertising art is an attractive force and is aimed at a certain group to buy what is offered. WH Van Baarle and FE Hollander conveyed the definition of the advertisement.

Advertising features

1. Advertisements use attractive images

The first characteristic of a billboard is the use of images. Images used in advertisements are attractive, large and generally striking. The image on the billboard is larger than the text. This is useful for attracting attention from the public.

Images in billboards generally use striking colors. Apart from that, you can also use iconic and easy-to-remember image props. The images used are of course related to the characteristics of the service or product being offered.

2. Use clear, short, and easy-to-understand sentences

The second characteristic of advertisements is to use clear, concise and easy-to-understand sentences. This is because billboards are generally placed on the side of the road. So that people will only see at a glance.

If the information is too long, then the information you want to convey may not be conveyed. Readers will find it difficult to read if sentences are too long.

3. Contains honest information

The information contained in the advertisement is honest information. Honest here means that the information is a real fact of existing or promoted products or services. Of course, this information can be accounted for as correct.

4. Do it repeatedly

The characteristics this time are in accordance with the definition of advertising. Advertisements are made to attract public attention. Therefore, advertising must be done repeatedly.

If you put up an advertisement only once, then the reach of people who know the product is only a few. However, if you want to put up a billboard once but reach a large number of people, then you can use billboards on the roadside. Billboards on the side of the road are considered strategic. In addition, it is also commonly rented.

Advertisement Types

1. Based on the procurement

a. Commercial Advertisements

The definition of commercial advertisement is a type of advertisement made for business purposes. The purpose of this advertisement is to get an increase in sales.

b. Non-Commercial Advertisements

The definition of non-commercial advertisement is a type of advertisement that is used for non-commercial purposes. Examples include appealing, inviting, and conveying information. The goal is that the reader wants to follow the message that was delivered late. Examples include appeals to comply with paying taxes, orderly traffic, blood donations and so on.

2. Based on its nature

a. Warning Advertisement

The definition of warning advertisements is a type of advertisement that has a warning tone. This warning tone is aimed at road users. Like through the pictures in the striking billboards.

b. Advertising Information

The definition of an advertising advertisement is an advertisement that has informative properties. This means that this advertisement will provide important information to its readers.

c. Advertisement Solicitation or Request

The meaning of this solicitation advertisement is a type of advertisement that has a solicitation tone. This advertisement will ask the reader or the crowd to be willing to follow a request and an invitation. In addition, the aim is also to invite the community to care for each other. This advertisement will display attractive images.

3. Based on the place of installation

a. Indoor Advertising

The definition of indoor billboards is a billboard that will be placed indoors only. This type of advertisement has a relatively small or medium size. Materials that do not have to be waterproof. Serti does not have to withstand sunburn. Examples of this type of advertisement are pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, labels and so on.

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b. Outdoor Advertising

the meaning of outdoor billboards is a type of billboard that is placed outdoors. This advertisement must be large in size, the goal is so that people can see this advertisement, especially on the side of the road. The material used in the manufacture of this billboard must be resistant to sunburn. In addition, it must be resistant to rainwater. Examples of this billboards are billboards, signboards and so forth.

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4. Based on the medium

Types of advertisements based on the media are divided into three. Audio advertising, visual advertising and audio visual advertising. Here’s the explanation:

a. Audio advertisement

The definition of audio advertisements is advertisements that are realized through sound media. Media voice can be done directly or indirectly.

c. Visual advertising

The definition of visual advertising is advertisement that has an attractive image in it. There are several types of visual advertising, including:

1.) Posters

Posters are a type of visual advertisement. This advertisement has an image in the form of an object or item that looks attractive.

2.) Banners

Banners are a type of visual advertisement in the form of letters and pictures. Both will be poured on a long cloth. This banner looks like it’s made of plastic.

3.) Placards

Placards are a type of visual advertisement. This plaque is in the form of pictures in the form of goods and services. For example drawing letters and printed on paper.

4.) Etiquette

Etiquette is a type of visual advertisement in the form of a name on a product. Both goods and services. This label is accompanied by a complete and interesting description.

5.) Leaflets

Leaflets are a type of visual advertisement in the form of images in the form of goods or objects. This leaflet is equipped with letter pictures. The purpose of the letter pictures is as another description.

6.) Brochures

Brochures are a type of visual advertisement that only use letters. The letters will be used as the main elements.

7.) Logos

A logo is a kind of visual advertisement in the form of a symbol or symbol. An example is the BUMN or BUMS logo.

8.) Nameplate

Signboards are a type of visual advertisement in the form of pictures and letters. In addition, there is also an image of the logo on the nameplate.

i.) Billboards

Billboards are another type of visual advertisement. This type is in the form of images in the form of goods or objects. This billboard is accompanied by a large font image.

d. Audio Visual Advertising

Audio visual advertising is a type of advertisement that utilizes sound media. In addition, this advertisement will display attractive images.

Advertising Function

Advertising has several functions. The advertising function can also be seen based on two things. It is based on the business world and a social movement:

Advertising functions in the business world:

  • Inviting and persuading potential customers to use the products or services offered.
  • Provide brief and clear information to potential customers regarding the products or services offered.
  • Give a good impression to consumers in a brand or product goods and services offered.
  • Providing satisfaction to consumers for the products and services offered.
  • As a medium of information and communication between sellers and consumers.

The function of advertising in a social movement:

  • Invite the community or people to obey and follow a rule. Or a warning according to the appeal mentioned.
  • Increase a public awareness. Regarding a warning, hazard, event or other important information. Examples include banners related to the prohibition of littering, maintaining environmental security and other matters.

That is an explanation of the meaning of advertisements, the characteristics of advertisements, the types of advertisements and the functions of advertisements. Find more information at . sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always present interesting articles and recommendations for the best books for Sinaumed’s.

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