Understanding the characteristics of advertisements based on their types

Characteristics of Advertising by Type – Advertising is a form of promotion or introduction of products, services or services delivered through certain media. Usually, advertising has the goal of attracting many people so that they are interested in buying the products or using the services we provide. So advertisers must use persuasive word choices and language. Among the characteristics of advertising are using the right choice of words, interesting, and easy to understand. In addition, advertisements must also show the advantages of the product or service to be advertised. So that the hope can influence the target consumers to buy these products.

Meanwhile, advertisements also have certain elements in them, such as product names, persuasive words, and images. In addition, some elements of true advertising also include interest, attention, trust, desire, and action. Of course, advertisements can be found in various media, from newspapers, television, the internet, to the streets. In fact, there are indeed many types of advertisements that can be used, ranging from commercial and non-commercial advertisements. The division of these types of advertisements can also be done based on the content and nature of the advertisement itself.

Definition of advertisement

Advertising is a promotional activity that aims to sell or inform products or services to the target audience. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing that seeks to influence consumers to buy, sell and do something specific. Using customized messaging, ads can be small or general niche or target audiences.

In addition, advertising also includes a message form of a business promotion strategy for a service or product that uses certain media, depending on the target market or niche market. Usually, advertisements are made so that the audience is interested and encouraged to buy the products or use the services offered. One of the success factors for advertising a product depends on the method or type of advertisement used. Therefore, before you advertise a product, you need to understand the characteristics of the ad and also its type.

Ad Types

The following are several types of advertising that you need to understand so that you can adjust them to the target market and also the types of products that you will offer.

1. Types of Ads Based on Content

The following are several types of advertisements based on the content in them, namely:

a. Offer Advertisement

This type of advertising has the goal of promoting a product or service to the public so that they are interested in buying and using it. For example, such as shoes, clothes, bags, and others. As for services, such as motorcycle taxis, consulting services, translation services, and others.

b. Public service announcements

This type of advertisement usually comes from an institution, community, or agency. Where this ad has the aim of educating the public about something, such as the dangers of drugs, danger, smoking, and others.

c. Announcement

This type of announcement advertisement usually contains an appeal to the public and is usually inviting. For example, competition advertisements, event advertisements, and others.

d. Request Ads

This type of advertisement is usually made at the request of agencies, individuals, or institutions that want information to be published and known to many people. For example, such as job advertisements and others.

2. Types of Ads Based on the Media

Below are several types of advertisements that are differentiated based on the media used to display them, including:

a. Electronic Advertisement

Electronic advertising is a type of advertisement that is delivered through electronic media, for example radio advertisements that focus on audio and television advertisements that focus on video and audio quality.

b. Print media

Print media is a type of advertisement that is printed and then distributed to the public. This advertisement can be in the form of flyers, newspapers, brochures, and others.

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3. Types of Ads Based on Purpose

The following are several types of advertisements based on the purpose of their display, including:

a. Commercial Ads

Commercial advertising is a type of advertisement that is made with the aim of increasing sales conversions in order to obtain profit opportunities or large economic profits. This type of commercial advertising is divided into three, namely:

– Consumer advertising: this type of advertising has the aim of seeking business profits, where the main target of this type of advertising is aimed at end consumers. For the meaning of the end consumer himself, namely the person who last used a product or item advertised.

– Business advertising: this type of advertisement is delivered with the aim and intent of seeking economic profit. The main target is the institution that will distribute or also known as distributors of products so that they reach the hands of end-users.

– Professional advertising: this type of advertising has the aim of seeking business profits. The main target for this type of advertising is professional groups or groups.

b. Non-Commercial Advertising

Non-commercial advertisements have the aim of providing information about something that must be realized and contains persuasion or solicitation as well as educating and providing lessons for the general public. Then for the main purpose of this type of advertising is not only to benefit one party, but also for mutual benefits which are also known as social benefits for all people. It aims to be able to fix something that will have a big impact for the future. The following are examples of non-commercial advertisements that you may have seen.

a. Family planning ads
b. Tree Planting Day advertisement
c. Education Ads

4. Types of Ads Based on the Internet

Advertisements originating from the internet are types of advertisements that fall into the category of online advertising. Ad serving on the internet can be a cost-effective way to attract new customers from various regions. Where we can reach more people at a cost that tends to be affordable. There are lots of customers who research online businesses before they finally decide to buy a product or use the service. A well-made website can attract customers to buy advertised products or services.

There are several ways you can advertise your business online through paid advertising. Then another way to promote your business online is to market it on social media, blogs, or search engines that are frequently visited by your target consumers.

Characteristics of Ads by Type

The following is some information about the characteristics of advertisements by type, including:

1. Features of Commercial Advertising

Even though we have found many commercial advertisements, there are still many people who sometimes still have misunderstandings between advertisements, propaganda and publicity. Even though they both involve general attention, in fact the three things are not the same as one another. Commercial advertising itself has special characteristics in it. In order for you to better understand this discussion, let’s look carefully at the discussion below:

a. Paid Communications

The first feature of commercial advertising is an advertisement that has a paid form of communication and is more dominated by commercial purposes. Usually, a published advertisement is considered more interesting as well as important by the owner of the information. In addition, the advertising sponsor is also classified as not anonymous or can still be identified. Thus, consumers also know the origin of the opinions and claims about the product.

b. Not in the Form of Personal Communication

Commercial advertising has the nature of non-personal communication. Where this type of advertising always has a form of purpose, namely for the general public, not for personal consumption. However, there may now be some patterns of advertising communication that are personalized and feel like something for a particular person. However, this is only a presentation method to attract customer experience.

c. Have a Persuasive Nature

Commercial advertisements are persuasive or inviting. The main target of this advertisement is to be able to increase sales of certain products or services. In order to achieve this goal, commercial advertisements usually have a very persuasive nature so that consumers are sure of the offers in the advertisement. Because, it also often makes this commercial advertisement as one of the benchmarks to ensure that the content created can show the products offered can meet the needs and improve the quality of life of its consumers.

Many methods are used in this type of commercial advertising. Starting from attracting consumers’ emotions, increasing consumer trust by using authority support or providing logical reasons why consumers should buy products or use services in advertisements.

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d. Aimed At A Target Audience

This commercial advertisement is intended for the target audience. In the past, advertisements were only broadcast through television or radio broadcasts which could reach a wide audience. At present, more advertisements are served through digital platforms whose reach is not only broad but also segmented.

Every product and service brand must have its own personal buyer that they want to attract. Currently, the focus of an ad on a particular segment is quite effective. Because, because of that, commercial advertisements are more specifically designed to attract the target audience.

2. Characteristics of Print Media Advertising

Even though there are many types of advertisements that we can choose from, the advertisements that we encounter in newspapers have characteristics that are different from other types of advertisements. The following are some of the characteristics of print media advertising, including:

a. Tend to be written using formal language
b. Installation is limited by rows and columns
c. Sentences in advertisements are long and detailed
d. It can be in the form of writing alone or it can also be a combination of writing and pictures
e. Distributed through print media
f. It can only be caught by sight

3. Characteristics of a Good Ad

If you want to start advertising, then you need to know the various characteristics of good advertising. It aims to facilitate the process of making advertisements. To find out the characteristics of a good ad, you can see the explanation below.

a. Informative Ads

Informative are the characteristics of good advertising with everything that provides information about a product to the intended potential customers. It is intended that consumers know the function of the product and the benefits they will get. Or it could be in the form of prices, how to use and other information about the products offered. The hope is that with this information, consumers will understand your product and decide to make a purchase.

b. Communicative

Communicative is the characteristics of a good ad with an action that shows pleasure in talking, working together, and associating with the other person. Therefore, communicative in advertising or delivery of advertisements will greatly affect the responses of potential consumers. Are the ads displayed understandable or difficult to understand. So that potential consumers about the intent of the ad.

c. Using Easy to Understand Language

Language is a feature of good advertising, where the development system is used reciprocally and is formed with sound elements of human speech. This was disclosed in the book Khazanah Antropologi (2009). Therefore, the use of language will affect the correctness of the information conveyed about a product that you offer.

e. Ads Packaged Attractively

The characteristics of good advertising are packaged attractively, because that will greatly influence the buyer’s decision. So the more you make attractive ads, the more satisfied they will be with these ads. Make potential customers feel tempted by your ad and in the end buy the product you are advertising.

f. Have a Persuasive Nature

The characteristics of good advertising are having persuasive sentences as persuasive sentences that are done subtly in order to encourage potential consumers to follow the expectations and desires of potential consumers so that they can be interested in your product up to the purchase stage. Usually, these persuasive sentences are found in print media advertisements in the form of posters, brochures, and others. An advertisement must be made in an interesting, informative, and clear way by using words that are solicitation.

Advertising Purpose

Below are some advertising objectives that you need to understand, namely:

1. Providing Information

Advertising has the aim of providing information to the market about a new product and price changes, explaining product functions or benefits, and building a company image.

2. Persuade

Advertising can shape brand preferences, change a person’s perception, persuade consumers, and invite consumers to buy it right now.

3. Remind

The purpose of further advertising is to keep the company’s brand fresh in consumers’ minds and increase consumer interest in pre-existing brands.

4. Value Added

Advertising will provide added value in the form of innovation, improvement of product or service quality, and changing consumer perceptions. Where effective advertising can change consumer perceptions.

5. Accompanying

The purpose of the existence of advertising is as a companion that provides facilities in the form of efforts from the company in the marketing communication process. So that the company can more quickly achieve the desired target.

Advertising itself is one of the important things in a business. You can use various types of media when you want to advertise, ranging from electronic media, print media, and so on. By using paid promotion services, it is important for you to understand the characteristics of a good and correct ad and the important elements in an ad. So, the costs you incur will not be wasted.

This is an explanation of the characteristics of advertisements, their meaning, and also the purpose of advertisements. Hopefully the explanation above can be a new knowledge, especially for those of you who are building a business and want to start advertising products or services widely.

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