8 Advertising Purposes, Their Characteristics and Definitions According to Experts

What are the advertising objectives? Advertising is something that is familiar in society. Whenever and wherever we often encounter advertisements. It also happens without us knowing it.

Examples include advertisements on social media. Starting from Facebook to YouTube , advertisements are something that is often passed by. For business people, advertising is very important.

Not only that, many advertising objectives are unknown to consumers or producers. Before knowing the purpose of advertising, first know the meaning of advertising. This article will discuss the meaning of advertising, advertising objectives, and advertising characteristics.

Definition of advertisement

In addition, advertising is intended to promote the seller of a product or service. Advertising is also made to influence public opinion. As well as winning a public support to act or think according to the wishes of the advertiser.

Advertising can be interpreted as news orders that are used to encourage or persuade. Advertising is aimed at audiences or people about an object or service it offers. Advertising can also be interpreted as a notification to the public or people about the goods or services being sold.

Advertisements can be placed in mass media, such as newspapers or newspapers and magazines. In this sophisticated era, advertising can also be done through electronic media such as television, radio and the internet.

From these definitions, it can be concluded that advertising is made for the purpose of attracting attention. In addition, advertising is also used to persuade and encourage an ad reader. In order to have or be able to fulfill requests from the advertiser.

Basically, advertising is a means used to communicate. The communicator in this case is a company or a manufacturer. They use advertisements to convey information about goods or services.

Advertising is something that is addressed to the public, especially to customers. Currently, advertisements are generally delivered through the mass media. In addition, all advertisements are also intended for the same purpose, which is to market something.

Definition of Advertising According to Experts

1. KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary)

According to KBBI, advertising is order news to encourage or persuade the general public to be interested in the goods and services offered. Advertising is notification to the public about goods or services being sold and posted in mass media, such as newspapers and magazines or in public places.

2. Kotler, Philip & Armstrong (2011:97)

Advertising is any form of presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services. The presentation is carried out non-personally or carried out by a certain sponsor. Advertising requires a payment.

3. Rangkuti (2009:23)

According to Rangkuti, advertising is a non-individual communication. This communication is carried out for a fee. An advertisement can be done through various media by non-profit institutions, companies, or individuals.

Advertising can be interpreted as a form of non-personal achievement paid by the sponsor. Advertising is intended to present an idea. In addition, advertisements also contain promotional ideas for certain goods or services.

4. Djaslim, Saladin (2010:129)

Advertisements are all forms of non-personal presentation. In addition, advertising is a promotion of ideas or promotion of goods and services. All promotional activities are paid for by the sponsor.

5. Kasali (2011:9)

According to Kasali, advertising is a medium that is static. Advertisements are things that prioritize visual messages.

6. Monle Lee and Carla Johnson (2004)

Advertising is a commercial and non-personal communication. The communication is about an organization and its products. Advertising will be transacted to a target audience. Through mass media, such as radio, television, newspapers or newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, direct mail or direct posting, or public transportation.

7. Philip Kotler (2008)

According to Philip Kotler, advertising is all paid forms derived from the non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, services, or goods by a particular sponsor.

8. Rachmat Kriyantono

Rachmat Kriyantono said that advertising is all forms of messages about a product. Advertising is a message conveyed through a medium, which will be funded by the initiator. Ads will be aimed at all people.

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9. Rhenald Kasali

Advertising according to Rhenald Kasali is a message that offers a product. Advertisements will be aimed at the public. Advertisements are created through a medium.

10. Stanton

Advertising is a thing that consists of all the activities involved in presenting something. The presentation is addressed to the audience or listeners in a non-personal way. Advertising will be done with a clear sponsor. In addition, advertising will cost a message about a product or an organization.

Advertising Purpose

1. Marketing a product or service

This is the most common advertising objective. Advertisements are made to market a product. Through advertising, the company will try to familiarize customers with the company’s products.

Companies also tend to promote good attitudes towards consumers. This was done before the consumer approached the salesman. That is one of the reasons, when a salesman approaches consumers, it becomes relatively easy to sell the products offered.

For example, companies that produce tools or machine tools. The company will advertise the product in a trade magazine. They will ensure that trade magazines are read by all of their consumers.

Such advertisements can also encourage potential customers. This makes potential customers interested in buying the advertised product. After all, the company will create a good attitude.

This good attitude is also carried out in the products offered. This will allow the amplifier to find support easily. Then the process of marketing a product goes well.

2. Provide information

Advertising is an activity that contains explanations. The description can be a product or a service. The purpose of advertising is to inform a product, service or company.

The advertisement will be carried out and addressed to a wide audience. Through advertising, awareness of a product, service, brand or idea will be created. The purpose of advertising is to provide information about the product or service.

Examples include explanations or information about the characteristics of these products and services. The location regarding the sale can also be referred to as the information. Advertising will provide information to consumers about new or upcoming products or services.

3. Persuading consumers

The next goal of advertising is to persuade listeners. Advertising is intended to persuade consumers. So that consumers want to give a certain brand or brand based on the advertisement.

Advertising is an activity to try to convince customers. Contains information about the company’s products or services is the best. In addition, advertising also has a function to change the perception of consumers.

Through advertising, feelings can enhance their image or product results. The purpose of advertising is to influence consumers. When they see the advertisement, it is expected that consumers will take action,

For example, such as changing goods to brands that are in the advertisement. Try new products that are launched. It even suggests staying loyal to the brand in the advertisement.

4. Remind consumers

The purpose of advertising is to remind someone. Regarding what are the needs for a product, feature or service. As well as what benefits will be obtained when they buy the products or services offered.

That is the purpose of the ad which encourages consumers to immediately buy the product. Advertisements will continue to remind consumers. Regarding a product that is in it, so they will still buy the product in the advertisement.

The purpose of advertising is also shown so that consumers do not care about competing brands. Complete information will be displayed in the advertisement, thus making consumers interested. In addition, everything that makes the product or service superior will be displayed, in order to remind consumers.

5. Build awareness

This advertising objective is one of the most widely accepted objectives. Advertisements are made to increase brand recognition. In these ads things like brands and products will be improved.

The purpose of advertising is also made to provide information about product availability to the public. When a new product enters the market, it does not easily get the attention of buyers. Another case if information about the product is disseminated, so that people get sufficient information about the product.

This means that awareness about the product must always exist. This awareness must exist before a favorable attitude towards the brand can be developed. Brand awareness becomes more important when several brands decide to compete with each other.

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6. Changing beliefs about products and brands

When an attribute is considered important, the buyer will check it. Buyers will examine the relative strength of different brands with respect to that attribute. Therefore, the purpose of advertising is to increase the rating of buyers.

In connection with advertised products using other competing brands. When product attributes look atypical, advertisements are made to build product superiority over competing brands.

7. Generate direct sales

In some cases, advertising will be used for the purpose of convincing consumers. Ads will be made so that consumers order the products in the ad. For example, like on an online buying and selling site.

The companies will make advertisements in such a way about their products. This will make consumers believe in the value of their products. Then consumers will be tempted to buy the product at that time.

8. Build a corporate image

Another important advertising objective is to build the company’s image. Ads are made not only for certain products, but the product also represents the company that makes it. This is one reason some people think that the main purpose of advertising is to build a company’s image.

Through advertising, companies do not only market their products or services. However, the company also developed its own name. Through advertising, the product as well as the company will be known to the general public or the wider community.

Advertising Features

1. Using short words

The first advertising characteristics are related to the use of short words. In advertisements, the use of diction or choice of words is not much. This is one of the knowledge that copywriters or ad creators must have .

An advertisement will be very selective in choosing its diction. Writing articles for advertisements is not like writing an opinion piece. However, writing advertising sentences will pay great attention to the effectiveness of the words.

An advertisement will pay attention to the length or shortness of the creative. Good and appropriate advertisements are advertisements that are made using the right and interesting words. In addition, the language that will be used in the ad will be logical and polite.

To make a sentence in an advertisement, you need to be creative. This creativity must be built immediately. This will affect the quality of the product or service advertisement later.

2. The choice of diction is suggestive

The characteristics of the next ad can be seen from the choice of words or diction which are suggestive. In making advertisements, you will definitely use words or sentences that influence other people. The point is the choice of words or sentences in the form of an invitation.

Even though the form of this invitation is indirect, it still needs to be considered. In writing advertising material, it will be made through direct or indirect means. This method is called soft selling and hard selling .

3. Is informative

When talking about an advertisement, what comes to mind is marketing. Such as solicitation or promotion of a product or service. These things are made so that consumers immediately buy the product or service offered.

However, behind this there is an important element. Every ad that is loaded or displayed, of course, contains things like that. What is meant by this important element is information.

In an advertisement, of course, it must have information in it. Both information about products or services, as well as information about the company. An advertisement that appears will certainly be informative.

4. Targeted

The characteristics of the last advertisement, namely advertisements made in accordance with the targets of the company. For example, like advertisements for UHT milk, these advertisements will be targeted at children who are in the process of growing up. Another example is laundry soap, the ad will be targeted to people who need this laundry soap.

Then the ad will be created based on that. There’s no way a UHT milk commercial would be shown through an adult fight scene. On the other hand, it is unlikely that an advertisement for laundry soap will be shown through the baby scene.

That’s what makes targeted advertising. Companies will certainly know who the target market for their products is. Through this, companies can create advertisements that match their products and targets.

That is the meaning and purpose of advertising, and the characteristics in general. Find other interesting things at www.sinaumedia.com . sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always present interesting articles and recommendations for the best books for Sinaumed’s.