Learn 6 Types of Promotions and Tips for Implementing Their Business Strategies

Types of Promotion – What are the right promotional strategies to attract customers? In the current era of technological development, the types of promotions certainly develop according to the interest of the community which is also developing. That is why there are several types of promotions that also take advantage of technological updates.

In practice, promotional strategies can also be carried out conventionally or traditionally as an additional alternative. In order to carry out this promotion strategy, Sinaumed’s needs to understand the types so that they can adapt to the business they are running. The more knowledge about the types of promotions, then you can try it.

Definition of Promotion

On the marketing side, advertising is definitely used to generate sales. Below is an explanation of several types of promotion in business and marketing. When you sell a product or service to potential customers, be it a product or a service, you must have a product that is promising, attractive and necessary.

But to ensure that these products and services sell well, you also need to know what the sales strategy is like. Promotional strategies can also be implemented in different ways, because basically there are various types of promotions that can be carried out by sellers or owners of goods and services.

Usually, when a seller is in the process of implementing an advertising and marketing strategy, they are confused about which promotion to choose. Therefore, the types of promotions are described in detail below. Before we talk about what promotion is, we’ll talk about everything from its meaning to its benefits.

Advertising can win the hearts of potential customers with the aim of marketing their products through interesting communication and getting them interested in buying products compared to other competing products. In short, this advertisement is a market communication strategy.

Advertising can also be interpreted as an activity carried out to facilitate the development of something. Like the brand, product, or the company itself. Advertisements are on TV, flyers, banners, social media and certain websites. The purpose of this promotion is to introduce the product to general buyers or potential buyers.

Then encourage buyers to buy or choose products, and buy products offered to potential buyers. Hence, these ads have become very common for marketers. This promotion can be done in various ways and variations. Besides that, it can also be combined with several types of promotions such as promotions, discounts and others.

According to experts, promotion has many definitions. Harper W. Boyd called it a way to convince others to accept an idea/product.

Meanwhile, Philip Kotler said promotion is a marketing strategy. In short, promotion is an attempt to market a product through attractive communication.

Finally, potential customers are more interested in buying your product than competing products. In general, Sinaumed’s may place advertisements in a variety of ways, including TV commercials, flyers, banners, social media and websites. So why do you need to promote business products? What is your purpose?

The main purpose of promotion is to increase sales. However, of course the product must be open to the public. In addition, promotion needs to be focused on creating public interest in the products offered.

There are various ways to do this promotion, namely using influencers, implementing events, etc. The media used are also different.

Promotion Types

Based on the definition of promotion above, it can be seen that promotion can be done with several strategies. That is why it produces various types of promotions with different strategies and media, as follows.

1. Traditional Marketing

Traditional promotions are types of promotions that have been around for a long time but are still used by many people. The way to facilitate this type of traditional marketing or promotion is to use print media such as newspapers, pamphlets and billboards.

This traditional promotion can also be done through electronic media such as television and radio. Such promotions must be able to enter the market in various regions. Unfortunately, this type of advertising doesn’t come cheap. You have to pay relatively high costs to display business promotions or advertisements in this way.

2.Digital Marketing

The second advertising is digital promotion. As Sinaumed’s knows, we are currently entering a digital era where almost everyone uses social media and other sophisticated digital tools in their daily lives. As a result, now there are many business promotions through digital marketing.

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The advertising strategy that can be implemented with this digital promotion method is to utilize social media which is widely used today.

For example, you will hold a promotional event to market our products in the digital world, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

This form of promotion of goods and services through digital marketing has the potential to reach a more specific market. However, the market reach is still large and the associated costs are relatively affordable compared to traditional promotional strategies, where advertisements are placed on TV and billboards at a higher price.


3. Direct Marketing

Direct promotion or Direct Marketing may not be very promising. The advantage is that you can promote your business with salespeople who can talk directly to prospects.

This activity is considered more effective because buyers and sellers interact directly. Therefore, this method is more convincing due to two-way communication. However, this type of advertising requires additional staff and costs more.

4. Endorsements

This type of endorsement promotion is very similar to digital marketing where the promotion uses social media to offer your business. The difference is, this endorsement promotion is in the form of recommendations from artists and influencers who are active on social media to promote the products and services that you offer.

This means you have to pay influencers to promote your business. This method is very promising for the community because people are more confident because idols and influencers recommend it and can influence product reviews.

5. Personal Selling

This type of sales promotion is personal selling which is almost the same as Direct Marketing which meets and informs potential buyers directly. The difference is that personal selling is carried out directly by the owner of the goods or services, or by the entrepreneur himself.

This type of personal selling promotion is carried out to provide direct benefits to consumers. The company seeks to maintain and develop its business more intensively with this promotion strategy.

6. Publicity

The last is a type of Publicity promotion that reaches out to the public to help people become more familiar with the products and services offered. This strategy can be applied in various ways. Publicity can be done by holding press conferences, product promotions, how-tos or public demonstrations.


Promotion Benefits

In implementing the types of promotions above, there are benefits in each type of strategy carried out. These benefits can be adapted to the business marketing needs that Sinaumed’s runs.

1. Get Market Attention Quickly

Where do you usually hear about new products? Yes, from the advertising program that they do. The nature of the activities carried out varied, but the good publicity was not ignored by the general public. You must have heard of online motorcycle taxi drivers who are lucky to get a luxury car for IDR 12,000.

During last year’s Harbolnas, one of the markets held a product promotion worth IDR 12,000. Promotion managed to get public attention. This is because various products in the luxury category are only priced at IDR 12,000. What has happened? Millions of people are fighting for it.

2. Maintaining Consumer Loyalty

We certainly know that competitors will definitely win the hearts of their customers. However, if you are interested in promoting it with various attractive offers, consumers will remain loyal to your product. The reason is, the benefits they get from your product are more promising. As an entrepreneur, selling products to loyal customers is certainly easy. In fact, the chances of success are 60-70%.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important for online businesses. Brand awareness on an ongoing basis can strengthen the relationship between products and consumers. For example, if you want to buy bottled drinking water, some people call Aqua. There are still many other brands of mineral water that have a slight difference in quality.

This is called brand awareness. If the promotion is successful and you can build strong branding, the product will stay in the minds of consumers. Brand awareness can be well built with measurable promotional power.

4. Increase Product Sales Potential

Frequent promotions can increase sales. For example, airline JetBlue is able to increase sales by hundreds of percent through promotions. JetBlue doesn’t make new products. The company takes a different approach from its competitors.

They have developed an email automation program for promotional purposes for consumers who have not completed their ticket booking on their website.



Tips for Implementing a Business Promotion Strategy

Based on the benefits of the promotion above, here are tips for carrying out a promotional strategy so that it is successful according to the type of business you are doing.

1. Maximizing Marketing with Social Media

With the development of the Internet in the world including Indonesia, social media has been used by many people for advertising strategies. From looking for friends to promoting various types of businesses.

Social media is the most effective way to market any product or service. The features available on various social media are very useful for marketing various businesses today.

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An example of social media that is often subscribed to in business is Instagram. This social media dedicated to uploading photos and videos is perfect for businesses.

In addition, hashtags on Instagram can be used to attract new consumers. Social media makes product marketing easier, more effective, and cheaper.

2. Websites

Apart from using social media, building a website is a viable advertising strategy nowadays for marketing various businesses. The existence of this website makes the advertised business more feasible and professional. A simple example is someone who owns a wedding decoration business.

To be more professional, business owners can use websites as well as social media. This is to make many people aware of the business they work for so that it can be searched by search engines like Google. In addition, creating a website as a promotional strategy is also easy and not too difficult.

3. Marketplace Sales

Not only is social media busy with the development of the Internet, but the emergence of various marketplaces is also an effect of the development of the Internet. Not only one website developed in Indonesia, but there are tens or hundreds of marketplaces. Each marketplace also has its own characteristics.

Using a marketplace is the right promotion strategy because businesses that operate in certain categories can thrive in a marketplace.

For example, there are people who buy and sell gamis and sell them on the marketplace in the gamis fashion category. Then marketing based on this category can easily find your product.

4. Create a Promotional Video on Youtube

When you hear the word Youtube, of course you think of a platform that contains lots of videos from various categories. For example the categories of games, horror, vlogs, etc. YouTube is a good tool not only as a content creation medium, but also as a company promotion strategy. This is because videos grab people’s attention more easily than text.

You can also use various methods for promotional videos, including long animated promotional videos. The most important thing in marketing with this promotional video is how the videos you make can attract people’s attention.

5. Marketing with Memes

Marketing your business through social media is certainly very effective, but have you ever thought about selling products using memes? If your business targets young people, this meme might be more appropriate. This advertising strategy includes the latest advertising strategy and is easy for many people to remember.

Given the large number of social media accounts that present memes to followers, product promotion through memes is also easier to spread. Companies that carry out advertising strategies through memes can spread to meme accounts on social media.



6. Endorsement with Selebgram

With the development of the Internet and Instagram, people with a large number of Instagram followers are attracting attention. The current term for such people is Celebgram or Instagram Celebrity. The presence of gram celebrities greatly facilitates product promotion strategies through approval.

These celebrities can be contacted via Instagram or direct messages to inquire about promotional prices. Approval on Instagram also has another name: Paid Promotions or Paid Promotions. So, with approval, the product is promoted by a celebrity and the business that is running is getting recognized by more and more people.

7. Attractive Banners and Brochures

Of course on the road, we often come across interesting banners that can tickle or surprise someone. In addition, there are also many banners per meter on the street. This is an example of a unique but annoying advertising strategy. This method is like a double-edged sword, which can be useful and dangerous.


8. Understand the Target Market

Of course, before implementing the above advertising strategy, entrepreneurs need to understand which products are being advertised. For example, if young people are the target audience for your product, marketing through social media like Instagram is an option.

9. Enter the Businessman Community

Of course, you can’t be alone to run a business. At least business people need business partners. The presence of this business partner aims to share about the business being run, exchange promotional tips, and often start new businesses together.

10. Expanding Relations with the Media

Business people can not only build relationships with other business people, but business people can also build relationships with the media. Media marketing can also be a business solution that you run to attract many consumers.

At present, many companies are run by many people, and many marketing strategies of various types of promotions are also carried out by them. For business people who are inexperienced, there’s nothing wrong with trying the promotional strategies above to attract consumers. Another thing, if the above method doesn’t really appeal to you, don’t give up. There is always a path to success.

Thus a review of the types of promotions and some tips on running a promotion or business strategy. Sinaumed’s can get various books related to promotion, business, as well as marketing at sinaumedia.com . As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia always provides the best products for Sinaumed’s.