Learn linking verbs & examples of linking verbs

Do you also feel that during a pandemic like now, you spend more time watching movies via Netflix or other streaming platforms?

If so, then of course you have watched many films or series during this pandemic. So, the films and series that are currently in great demand are dominated by films and series that use English as the language of instruction.

Of course this proves that English is the most popular and most familiar language to most people’s ears (of course besides the first language or native language of each person). Even though you may not be fluent in English at this time, of course you have often heard the term ” verb ” or verbs.

In English, verbs are classified into 6 types, viz

  1. transitive ,
  2. intransitive ,
  3. linking ,
  4. auxiliary ,
  5. regular , and
  6. irregular verbs .

Each of these types of verbs certainly has different characteristics, uniqueness, function, and structure. How to use it is also not the same. Therefore, through this article you will find out in detail and comprehensively what a linking verb is, the types of linking verbs, the structure of a linking verb, examples of linking verbs and their use in a sentence, as well as questions and discussion.

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Find other examples of verbs in the Phrasal Verb Dictionary: English Phrasal Verb Dictionary, which is a master book as well as a guide that Sinaumed’s can use to better understand various verb variants.

1. Definition of linking verbs

According to English traditional grammar and guide books , the definition of a linking verb is:

         A linking verb is a verb that describes the subject by connecting it to a predicate adjective or predicate noun (collectively known as the subject complements). Unlike the majority of verbs, they do not describe any direct action taken or controlled by the subject

So what are linking verbs? Linking Verb is a verb that functions to connect words in an English sentence.

The role of linking verbs in a sentence is to explain the subject in the sentence. The subject is connected by a linking verb with an information or explanation called the subject complement ( noun or noun, adjective or adjective, pronoun or pronoun, as well as other constructions that can explain a subject).

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Find various examples of verbs and their meanings in the Complete English-Indonesian-Indonesian Dictionary Accompanied by Tenses-Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs below.


2. Examples of linking verbs