7 Examples of Official Letters and Their Definition, Characteristics, and Structure

Hello Sinaumed’s friends . Have you ever written a letter? universally, a letter is a place of communication that is used to convey information in written form on a piece of paper by one party aimed at another party, whether individually, in groups, or in an organization or company. There are many types of letters, one of which is an official letter or what is commonly called an official letter.

From the explanation above, this article will discuss the meaning of official letters, how to make them? and examples of official letters. Come on, Sinaumed’s friends , pay attention to the discussion on the meaning of official letters below.

Definition of Official Letter

There is a big difference in creating a formal letter compared to a personal letter. Also, official letters are representatives of private or government agencies. Even so, there are still many people who do not know how to write official documents. Therefore, they need examples of good and correct official letters.

In the various examples of formal letters, you will find some similarities. From there, you can find out if the official letter is in an official language that complies with PUEBI (Universal Spelling Guide in Indonesian). Not only that, the arrangement is also neatly arranged according to the existing standard format.

Official letter is a type of letter that conveys official information to parties other than the organization concerned in the form of notifications, statements, requests, delivery of official documents or goods or other official matters.

In addition, official letters or official letters are interpreted as written communication tools from the government. Official letters are official and written in standard language. As with writing an effective letter in general, business letters are meant to be simple, concise, clear, polite, and attractive.

“A business letter is an official letter. An official letter from the government or official appointed by the government or agency concerned is valid,” explained Sudaryono (1983: 34), an expert in his field.

The Big Indonesian Dictionary reveals the meaning of official letters, namely letters sent directly by government departments, generally without any cost issues. If simplified, the meaning of official letter is an institution or a communication tool within an institution. Another name for official letter is official letter.

Definition of Official Letter According to Experts

Official letters are not only about official letters. There are many types of official letters, the most commonly used are notification letters, circular letters and invitation letters. The things in the official letter are very easy to understand.

The function of official letters is to provide information or notifications, task contents, work instructions, reminders of important matters, and historical and chronological evidence. Here’s what the experts say about official letters:

  • Definition of Official Letter According to Badudu

What is meant by official letter is the use of language in accordance with all applicable rules, systems or formats, both in the structure of words and sentences, as well as in the use of punctuation, the use of paragraphs or paragraphs, and so on.

  • Definition of Official Letter According to Sudaryono

The definition of an official letter is the same as an official letter. Official letters are determined by the government or related agencies, and determined by the government or related agencies.

  • Definition of Official Letter According to Mustakim

Official letter is defined as a written communication tool that concerns business interests and official activities of an agency.

  • Definition of Official Letter According to Soedjito and Solchan

What is meant by official letters are letters from government or private agencies to government or private agencies and vice versa. Must use standard language, namely language that conforms to Indonesian rules in terms of spelling, choice of words, and sentences. The language used in the language of the alphabet is a valid language. The meaning is simple, solid, clear, polite, attractive.

Type of Official Letter

Quoted from a lecturer at the Bogor Agricultural Institute, Ir. Sutisna Riyanto MS in his article entitled Official Letter, there are seven types of official letters based on their purpose and function, namely:

  • Invitation Letter: A letter that is a tool used to call participants of an organization’s event. The word invitation is a derivative word that comes from the basic lexical and the ending an. To invite means to call.
  • Announcement: A letter sent to all parties, with the same content, so that all parties know (to obtain information) that the contents of the letter are the same. The circle is often called round (English) or rondshijven (Dutch).
  • Warrant: A letter issued to a person or a unit within an organization with the intention of asking that person or unit to do something according to the contents of the letter.
  • Letter of Instruction: A letter containing an order to do something and instructions to carry out that action. In contrast to warrants, letters of instruction are more instructive and therefore closer to teaching.
  • Assignment Letter: A letter assigning an official/employee to carry out a certain activity from an organization or agency for the benefit of that organization/institution.
  • Application Letter: An application letter asking to be able to do or become something related to an organization/institution.
  • Business travel letter: namely a letter containing information regarding the appointment of a person from an organization/agency appointed to a place (region, organization/agency) to do something required and assigned by the organization/agency.
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Characteristics of Official Letters

In English, official letters are called official letters . To do this, you must use standard words, the goal must be effective and clear. So that the purpose of the letter is understood by the recipient. In terms of general characteristics, it can be said that official letters and personal letters are very different.

The most basic difference is in the content. In KBBI, private messages are messages sent by someone to individuals. This is personal and the goal is personal gain. For more details, here are the characteristics of official letters:

1. Using Letterhead

The first characteristic, official letters are using letterhead at the top of the official letter. Letterhead is part of the letter that includes information on the address of the institution, name of the institution and telephone number of the institution. Letterhead can be used to determine whether the letter issued/delivered to the recipient is official.

2. Using official and formal language

The second feature of the official letter is that it uses many official languages. That is, do not use everyday words or are considered less formal. In addition, the vocabulary used is often adapted to PUEBI or general Indonesian spelling guidelines.

3. The contents are concise and clear

The third characteristic of a business letter is that it is brief, concise, and clear. This is to avoid using extravagant or wordy words that make the delivery of the letter incomprehensible.

4. There is a Letter Number, Subject and Attachments

The fourth feature is having the number of letters, subject and attachments. Usually, each government or private organization has its own standard for this.

5. Using an Official Stamp or Seal

The fifth official letter, namely, is characterized by the presence of a service stamp or official stamp accompanying the letter. Often this stamp is located above the signature of the head of an agency. At this point, it is very important to understand the characteristics of letters. Because in this modern era there are lots of irresponsible individuals who provide fake official letter shipments. Therefore, if you receive a shipment from an agency, you can identify it by looking at its characteristics.

Service Letter Structure

As an official letter, an official letter must have structured writing rules. Otherwise, the contents of the official letter will not be easy to understand. The structure of the letter is as follows:

1. Letterhead

As explained above, the letterhead is the part of the letter that contains information about the address, telephone number and name of the agency.

2. Date of letter 

The date of the letter indicates when the letter was issued.

3. Document Number 

For an official agency, the existence of a number on an official letter is very important. Because the goal is to facilitate all administrative procedures.

4. Subject

Subject This section often displays additional information in a formal message.

5. Appendix 

Attachments are documents or files that contain additional information from the shipment.

6. Destination Name and Address

The official letter that is made must include the name of the recipient and the address to be sent.

7. Greeting With a formal and official nature

greetings are very important. Because after this part there is a transmission of the main content of a letter.

8. Body of the letter 

The body of the letter is usually written briefly, clearly and concisely. So that the contents are easy to understand.

9. Closing Regards

Closing greetings are attached to official letters after the body of the letter.

10. Name, postage and copy

This section usually lists the name of the person responsible for the person issuing the letter, and usually receives an official stamp. In addition, other sections that require information from the mail can also be added.

Example of official letter

Here are some examples of official letters:

Example 1 (Work Assignment Letter)


PT Abstinence Mundur Jaya 

Jl. Ampera Raya No. 15,

Jakarta Tel (021) 4467984,

fax (021) 4437658 

email: [email protected] 

Content of letter: 

Official Letter Number: 071.0/HRD/PTMMJ/XI/2021 

The undersigned is a Seo Specialist

PT Pantang Mundur Jaya, gives service assignments to: 

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Name : Syahrul Assegaf

Position: Accounting Staff 

NIP : 808971

Address : Jl. Ampera Raya, City of Jakarta, number 16. 

In order to prepare a report of the person in charge relating to the financial condition of the branch office in Bogor City. Furthermore, the completed financial reports can be submitted to the Seo Specialist at the head office of PT Pantang Mundur Jaya. 

Thus this official letter was made and hopefully the person concerned can carry out his responsibilities properly. For their attention and cooperation, we thank you. Jakarta, August 18, 2021 Seo Specialist PT Pantang Mundur Jaya. 

Example 2 (Service Invitation Letter)


Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana Mosque Student Association

Jl. Sawo Manila No. 77

Appendix : Structure of Activities

Subject: Invitation to the Celebration of Ramadhan 


Kinanti Afflaha Nissa 

General Chairperson of HIMASINA UNAS In-Place

Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings

All praise and thanks to the presence of Allah SWT for the blessings and gifts we are still given health and safety. Shalawat and greetings are always poured out to Rasulullah SAW and his family, friends and all Muslims. Amen. In connection with the implementation of the Ramadhan Celebration Event with the theme “Ramadan Lively, Strengthening Faith” which is being held by the Campus Da’wah Institute of the Sutan Takdir Mosque Student Association Alisjahbana Nurul ‘Ilmi National University, we as the organizing committee intend to invite HIMASINA National University and Indonesian Literature Department students to attend The Ramadhan Festival event, which God willing, will be held on:

Day/Date : Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Time: 15.30 WIB – finished

Place : Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana Mosque, National University

Thus we convey this application letter, we say jazakumullah khairan katsiran. Billahi taufiq Wal Hidayah, Wassalamu’alaikum

Example 3 (Room Loan Letter)

August 22, 2022


Official letter number: 078/HIMASINA/XI/2022

Subject: Room Loan Request


Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Letters

National University


Yours faithfully,

In connection with holding a meeting for the New Student Welcoming event

which will be organized by the Indonesian Literature Student Association. Therefore, with

With this letter we aim to borrow a room to be used on:

day/date : Tuesday, 23 August 2022

time: 10.00 – 14.00 WIB

Thus we made this loan letter, we thank you for your attention.

Person responsible

Dea Kemala Sari

Example 4 (Warning Letter)

Letterhead : –

Official letter number : 078/HIMASINA/XI/2022

Attachments : 1 (one) 

Subject  : Warning Letter 1

The person concerned below can explain that:

 Name : All Members

Field : Creative and Skills 

All Members and Heads of Fields do not take part in the Evaluation which is required according to the provisions based on the AD/ART of the Indonesian Literature Student Association (HIMASINA). Given a strong reprimand First Warning Letter, if you repeat it you will be given an evaluation and a Second Warning Letter.

Thus we make this statement letter truthfully, for your attention we thank you.

Best regards,

Head of Human Resources and Organization of Himasina

Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

 Example 5 (Dismissal Letter)

letterhead :

Number : 078/HIMASINA/XI/2022

Attachments : 1 (one) 

Subject  : Member Expenditure Letter

The person concerned explains that:

 Name : Siti Sarah

NPM : 192001516023

Position : Member of Business Fund

This provision letter was made based on the AD/ART of the Indonesian Literature Student Association and our members do not have any firmness and accountability from those concerned.

Hereby certify that the aforementioned has been released from his position (left) from the management members of the Indonesian Literature Student Association, on mutual considerations and provisions.

Thus we make this statement letter truthfully, for your attention we thank you.

Best regards,

Head of Human Resources and Organization

Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

Example 6 (Assignment Letter)

PT Looking for True Love

Jl. Melati Number 17, South Jakarta

Tel (021) 4467984, fax (021) 4437658

email: [email protected] 

================================================== ======================

Service Letter

Number: A.092/HRD/PTSPG/XI/2021

The undersigned is the Main Director of PT Seeking True Love, assigning service assignments to: 

Name : Sara Dwi Anjani

Position : Finance Staff

NIP : 875935

Address : Jl. Distended 12 Number 175, South Jakarta

Prepare financial reports of company branches in the city of Medan. Or, the completed financial reports can be submitted to the Senior Director of PT Prestasi Cinta Sejati branch head office. letter This is a formal letter that I made and I hope you can fulfill your responsibility properly. For your attention and cooperation, we thank you.

Jakarta, 20 June 2021

Main Director of PT Looking for True Love

Reksa Tri Bayu Saptaji

Example 7 (School official letter)



Jl. Raya 29 Cilandak, tel. (021) 7559-13216


Pekanbaru, 4 August 2019

Number : 198/smp2/2019

Attachment : –

Subject: Discussion of the August 17 activities

Dear Parents / Guardians of Students


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.,

In commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of independence, we as the OSIS coaches will hold a panel discussion to enliven the August 17 activities and ask parents/guardians of students to attend and participate by commenting on their attendance at:

Day / date : Monday, 7 August 2019

Place: Hall of SMPN 56 Cilandak

Event : Discussion 17 August

Given the importance of the event, your presence is requested, Mr/Ms, thus inviting this letter, for your presence and participation we thank you very much.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Head of School Student Council President

SMP 56 Pekanbaru

Crescent of Dawn

If Sinaumed’s doesn’t understand how to make an official or wants to know more about official letters or other letters such as other statement letters, Sinaumed’s can dig deeper by reading the books available at sinaumedia.com

Author: Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran