Company Profile: Definition, Functions, Contents, and Steps to Make It!

Company profile is – When doing business cooperation, generally a company will then provide a company profile or company profile as a sign of an introduction, regardless of whether this company has a small or large scale. More than just a tool for introducing yourself, a company profile can also be regarded as something that can reflect the various values ​​that a company adheres to and offers.

If the company’s company profile  can be well formed, complete and original (instead of copy paste from the internet), then it can also give a good first impression to its readers.

Then, what exactly is meant by a company profile and why this is necessary for companies. To find out more about the company profile, we will discuss it below.

Definition of Company Profile

Company profile is a document that serves to introduce the company. In addition, a company profile can be said to be a written introduction containing information about the history of the company, vision, mission, values, business goals, products, and various other facts regarding professional reputation in the business world.

The purpose of creating your own company profile is to introduce a company with an attractive image to potential clients, without having to ignore the values ​​you believe in or even enter invalid data. A company company profile  will also be declared successful if it succeeds in attracting the interest and target audience.

For example, if you are compiling a company profile for a startup company that is looking for investors, then you will explain the vision and mission of the company and its advantages to investors so that investors want to invest.

Company Profile function

In addition to describing the business properly to its readers, the company’s company profile has several functions that are no less great. Several functions of the company profile aside from introducing a business identity include:

1. Creating a Brand Story

In the company profile , you can tell how the company’s history was founded, then the company’s achievements, and what it is trying to achieve. This then becomes very important in the business world because it is the best way to make connections with many clients.

By providing an overview of the company in your company profile, you can offer or open up opportunities to develop into a large-scale business and company success in the future.

2. Promoting Brands

Apart from creating a brand story , company profiles can also be used to assist companies in promoting their brands to consumers. That way, more and more people are aware of the company’s brand .

This will help potential customers to get to know the business more closely and better. So, only based on the company profile , they (the public) can choose the product or service that the company is offering.

3. Demonstrates the Unique Character of the Company

As mentioned in the first point of the company profile function, each company has its own brand story. The originality of the brand story can be said to be a unique point of interest for people outside the company. So, only by utilizing the company profile, the company can also attract various people who have the same or compatible values ​​with the company, starting from investors, partners, to new employees.

Fill in the Company Profile

After knowing the function of having a company profile , now you have to know what the contents of a company profile are, which in outline must consist of the following components:

1. Business Details

Business details in the company profile  can be filled in with the company name, company address, company telephone number, and company email.

2. Company Details

In general, company details in this company profile  are filled with information about the company, vision and mission, company values, date of establishment, descriptions of company products and services, history of company growth and development, to client portfolios.

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3. Industry Recognition

The achievements that have been achieved by the company are arguably the most important information that cannot be missed from the company profile. You can include certificates, awards, media coverage, testimonials to partnerships. If arranged in more detail, the ideal component composition in the company profile  includes:

  1. History of a company.
  2. Philosophy of a company.
  3. The culture of a company.
  4. Greetings from the leadership, namely the Main Commissioner or the Main Director.
  5.  Identity of a company (be it logo, uniform, building interior, print quality or audiovisual quality).
  6. Vision, mission, corporate strategy, as well as the company’s commitment to progress and development.
  7.  Addresses of company branches.
  8. A brief explanation of HR or Human Resources in the company.
  9. Service system and facilities provided by the company.
  10. Company achievements and advantages.
  11. Report on the development of a company (annual report), including information about the profit and loss of the company.
  12. Description of the products and services offered by a company. This includes an overview of the target market, factory locations, distributors, and market share, to business growth charts.
  13. Development program for the future. This includes training, product development plans, market development, and other related matters.

Steps to Create a Company Profile

Many businesses then use company profiles for various scenarios, for example to be posted on company websites, trade portfolios and investment plans. Therefore, it’s a good idea before designing a company profile , first try to identify the purpose of the company profile.

If you are still unsure and confused about creating a company profile , here are some ways to create a company profile that you can follow:

1. Determine the Purpose and Style of Language to be Used

The company profile must be prepared in such a way that it can be easily understood by the target audience. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you determine the purpose of the company’s company profile .

Apart from that, you can also position yourself as a reader when creating a company profile . It would be nice, also determine the tone and style of language that will be used in making a company profile. The more things that are considered in detail, the better the company profile .

2. Tell Vision and Mission

Also make sure the vision, mission and other company values ​​are then conveyed in an interesting way in the company profile . Without good storytelling , vision, mission and business values ​​will only appear as formal words that lack meaning.

One example of a company that has managed to convey its vision, mission and values ​​in an interesting way is Unilever. Through its official website, Unilever has succeeded in integrating the presentation of the company profile in the form of text, infographics and videos.

3. Also Pay Attention to the Format and Chronological Order of the Company Profile

To make it look professional, you should make a company profile with a clear and clean format. In addition, use the typeface and format according to the company’s brand guidelines . Then, make sure that the history of the company in the company profile is made in chronological order. That way, the audience who reads can then understand and understand the plot in a more flowing way.

4. Add Invitation Words and Pay Attention to Designing a Company Profile

The final touch on the company profile is to add words of invitation. For example, such as an invitation to visit a company website for more information, or you can direct it to the contact center number . In addition, pay attention to typos in the company profile that you make. Not only that, make sure that there are no mistakes in writing so you can update your company profile along with business developments.

5. Choose the right company profile according to the company

Also find out which form of company profile best suits its business model and target audience. In times like now, you don’t even have to make a company profile in the form of a printed flyer.

If you search the internet, you will find many companies share their company profiles directly on the official website , in the form of PDF books, or through video visualizations. The more channels used to promote your company profile, the more people will be interested in your company.

5 Example of Company Profile

After discussing what a company profile is, its functions, and how to make one, below are some examples of company company profiles that you can make references to, including:

1. Unilever

The first company profile example belongs to Unilever. When you access Unilever Indonesia’s official website, you will find a company profile  presented by storytelling. Storytelling is also made with a very unique and interesting combination of writing, information, and illustrations.

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2. Tokopedia

Among other big companies in Indonesia, Tokopedia is one that has the most unique company profile. When you visit Tokopedia’s “About” or “About Us” page, you will find a unique website display and a company profile video entitled “Building Indonesia with Tokopedia”.


In fact, a company’s company profile doesn’t always have to be busy and have a lot of information. One example of a company profile to create simply is Google. Even though as one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google’s mission and values ​​can still be conveyed.

4. Tesla

Just like Google,  Tesla’s company profile can be said to be very simple. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to the official website, then you won’t believe the company profile  belongs to Tesla. Even though it looks normal, the zero-emission mission that is told in it is quite touching, in line with Tesla’s big production goals.

5. J&T Indonesia

The last company company profile example that you can use as a reference is that of J&T Indonesia. On its website, J&T combines a variety of interactive media, such as videos, as well as attractive illustrations. Apart from that, the navigation of the site is also very simple, so you will get a lot of information at once just by pressing the scroll button.


In creating a company profile,  don’t forget to determine what kind of tone and style you want to identify through your company profile. Do you want a more unique look, or stick to a more traditional format? Do you like presentation with a timeline or with an image format?

The most important thing in building a company profile is Don’t be afraid to try and innovate because it could be that the style you want will look new and innovative to your audience.

Recommended Books Related to Company Profile

1. Organizational Strategic Alignment: Theories and Concepts and Their Applications

In fact, strategic alignment is necessary because it focuses on creation and coordination even in the most complex organizations. This book, Strategic Organizational Alignment: Theories and Concepts and Its Application in the Banking Industry, explains the core issues related to the strategic alignment process in enhancing corporate excellence which leads to achieving good corporate performance. Readers are invited to understand how strategic alignment in the business world influences organizational performance. This book will serve as a reference in the topics of management accounting, strategic alignment, and corporate strategy.

2. Organizational Communication

Organizational communication is a field of study with a unique history, trends and research methodologies. When choosing a good organizational communication textbook, the thing to consider is finding a book that is theoretically sound, up-to-date, and relevant to students, and this book is guaranteed to be able to meet that need for a number of reasons.

First, this book discusses the theory of organizational communication in its entirety, starting from classical theories which are the foundation for organizational communication to modern theories today. The authors of this book believe that a strong theoretical foundation is important for anyone studying organizational communication. Second, this book contains information about the history of a concept that exists in organizational communication followed by showing new ideas along with the latest research developments.

Finally, this book is relevant to students because it demonstrates knowledge that will impact their lives now and in the future. For this reason, various concrete case studies are used to help see how the knowledge contained in this book is actually applied in a real work environment.

3. ORGANIZATION – Theory Synthesis to Unravel the “Black Box” of Organizations

In this book, the author provides an in-depth description of organizational issues related to improving organizational performance in the face of an increasingly dynamic, competitive and globalized business environment. Essential theories are selected, structured and synthesized and presented in a comprehensive and straightforward manner with the hope that they will be easily absorbed for later application by the reader.

The systematic approach to organization describes the elements of the organization that are related to organizational effectiveness. A metaphorical approach to analyzing organizations is presented to complement organizational analysis with a post-modern approach. The value system and corporate culture discussed in this book are driving forces; to organizational changes that need to be managed appropriately.

Corporate culture is one of the important dimensions of the organization which is explained in detail starting from the presentation of several theoretical frameworks to the application and management of change. This book is expected to be an inspiration and guide for readers in opening some of; (blackbox) organization which until now has always been the target of analysis by academics and practitioners, both successful and failed organizations.

Thus the discussion about the company profile , from understanding to examples. After knowing more about the company profile, are you interested in creating a company profile?

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