When is the Time for the Midnight Prayer?

When is the Time for the Midnight Prayer? – For Muslims, prayer is included in the pillars of Islam that must be carried out. Whether it’s fardu prayers which amount to five times and some sunnah prayers. Salat is mentioned as worship that connects between heaven and earth, and between Allah and His servants. In Islam, prayer is stated as pillars and pillars of religion.

The midnight prayer is one of the sunnah prayers recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Most people already know that the time for the midnight prayer is one third of the night, but they do not understand exactly when it will be that third of the night.

So when is the actual time for the midnight prayer? When exactly is it a third of the night? What is the priority of the midnight prayer?

So, in the following, we will explain when the midnight prayer will be held along with the facts about the prayer service. Let’s look at the following reviews

When is the Time for the Midnight Prayer?

Most people when asked about when the midnight prayer will be held, surely some will answer “in the third of the night”. But actually, what time is it a third of the night?

According to the Al-Quran and Hadith regarding the best time to perform the midnight prayer, one third of the night is divided into three parts. Well, here is the explanation.

Time of the First Third of the Night

In the first third of the night, it has a time range after the Isya prayer until ten in the evening (22.00 WIB) . However, it doesn’t mean that after the Isya prayer we immediately perform the midnight prayer just like that, because the condition for the midnight prayer is that we must sleep first.

So, if Sinaumed’s wants to perform the midnight prayer in the first third of the night, after the Isha prayer it is recommended to sleep first. You can ask your friends or family to wake you up or even set an alarm for around ten at night. Then, only then can you perform the midnight prayer legally.

Time of the Second Third of the Night

The timing of the midnight prayer can also be carried out in the second third of the night, that is, from ten in the evening to one night ( 22.00 – 01.00 WIB ). In the second third of the night this is actually the best time to carry out the midnight prayer.

Allah SWT even appreciates and greatly appreciates His servants who perform the midnight prayer at this time because it is usually difficult for people to get up from their sleep for the midnight prayer.

Time of the Last Third of the Night

During the last third of the night it occurs around one night (01.00 WIB) until just before dawn . At around this time, Allah SWT will always listen to the prayers of His servants who perform the midnight prayer.

How Many Rakats Are in the Tahajud Prayer?

Based on the hadith of Ibn Umar, the number of cycles in the midnight prayer is at least 2 cycles and the maximum number is unlimited (as long as the number is even). According to Malik’s hadith from Said bin Abu Sa’id al Maqbari, Abu Salamah bin Abdurrahman which means: “Indeed he (Abu Salamah) told AbuSaid, he asked Aisyah ra how Rasulullah Saw. do the lail prayer?” Aisyah replied, “The Prophet never prayed more than eleven cycles of lail. Either in Ramadan or in other months. He prayed four cycles, don’t ask how good and how long his prayer was, then he prayed three cycles.” (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

However, the most important thing is to total 11 cycles or 13 with two cycles is the iftitah prayer.

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That is, the 11 cycles have a formation of 4+4+3 or 2+2+2+2+2+1.

What are the Procedures for Performing the Midnight Prayer?

Actually, the implementation of the midnight prayer is almost the same as the fard prayer and other sunnah prayers. However, the thing that distinguishes the implementation of this midnight prayer is that before carrying it out, it is required to sleep first. Sleep time does not have to be hours, in a short time is still allowed.

It should be noted that if you perform the night prayer without sleeping beforehand, then it is not the midnight prayer, but the witr prayer and other sunnah prayers.

Tahajud prayer intention

Before carrying out the prayer, be it fardhu prayer or sunnah prayer, first read the intention. Here’s the reading:


Ushallii sunnata-t-tahajjudi rak’ataini mustaqbilal qiblati lillahi ta’ala

Meaning :

“I intend to pray the sunnah tahajud prayer 2 cycles facing the Qibla because of Allah Ta’ala”

Midnight prayer movement

The same is true for fardhu prayers and other sunnah prayers, namely:

  1. Read intention
  2. The reading of takbiratul ihram (Allahu Akbar) is followed by an iftitah prayer
  3. Read surah Al-Fatihah
  4. Read short surahs in the Koran
  5. bow
  6. I’tidal
  7. prostrate
  8. Repeat the same movement as the first cycle
  9. Read the final tahiyat prayer in the second cycle
  10. Regards

How to make it easy to carry out the midnight prayer?

Many people who “fail” to carry out the midnight prayer are when they want to get up at night. For them, there are many temptations to be able to wake up at night, one of which is the constant feeling of drowsiness. Well, here are some ways that can be done so that it’s easy for us to wake up at night and carry out the midnight prayer.

1. Strengthen Intentions

This is the most important trick, because if we have intention from the heart, Allah SWT will surely “wake up” us from a good night’s sleep. Not only that, even if before going to sleep at night we intend to pray the midnight prayer but it turns out that we cannot wake up, this intention will still be recorded by Angel Raqib as a form of worship.

Based on the hadith of Abu Darda RA which says that Rasulullah SAW once said: “Whoever is going to sleep and intends to wake up for the night prayer, then he has already fallen asleep until morning, then his intention is recorded as a reward, while his sleep is considered a gift from Allah given to him ” (Reported by Nasa’i and Ibn Majah with authentic sanad)

2. Avoid Doing Immoral Things During the Day

During the day, you should not do any immoral things. This is because people who sin, will not be given help to wake up otherwise. But on the contrary, people who do good throughout the day, will undoubtedly always be given convenience, especially to get up at night and carry out the midnight prayer.

3. Before going to bed, it’s better to eat in small portions

If you want it to be easy to wake up at night and perform the midnight prayer, it’s best to reduce our food portions, especially at dinner. Eating too much can cause sleep to be too deep and difficult to wake up at night.

4. Avoid Excessive Talking and Watching Before Sleeping

Chatting with friends and watching television shows excessively actually makes our bedtime late. This will also make our bodies feel tired and difficult to wake up at night.

5. Avoid sleeping too late

This method is almost the same as the previous method, i.e. sleeping more and more at night will actually make our bodies feel tired and difficult to wake up at night. If indeed there is no urgent work to be completed, it is best to sleep after carrying out the Isya prayer.

Someone who goes to bed earlier will get enough sleep so that it will be easy to wake up at night and perform the midnight prayer, then start activities after dawn. If this is done regularly, then he will get many benefits both in world affairs and in the hereafter.

6. Beware of Satan’s Whispers

We all know that Satan is indeed in charge of tempting human faith. Even so, we should have strong faith so that we can resist Satan’s temptations. Satan will usually tempt people to forget their intention to pray their midnight prayer and fall asleep again.

What is the priority in carrying out the Tahajud Prayer?

Prophet Muhammad SAW strongly recommended his people to always perform the Tahajud prayer, because this sunnah prayer has various virtues, both in this world and in the hereafter. Narrated by Umar bin Khattab RA, that Rasulullah SAW once said: “Whoever prays at night and completes his prayer, Allah SWT will glorify him with nine gifts, five in this world and four in the hereafter.”

Well, here is the description.

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The Excellence of Tahajud Prayers in the World

1. His prayer will be granted by Allah SWT

Someone who is always obedient and diligent to get up at night and perform the midnight prayer, surely his prayers will be answered by Allah SWT. This is because at one third of the night is the time when Allah SWT will hear and grant the prayers of His servants. Not only that, Allah SWT will also always forgive the sins of His servants who ask for forgiveness when carrying out the midnight prayer.

This is based on a hadith which reads:

“The hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said: “Allah descends into the sky of the world every night in the last 1/3 of the night. Allah then said, Whoever prays to Me, I will surely grant it! Whoever asks Me, I will surely give! Whoever asks Me for forgiveness, I will certainly forgive him. This is how it is until dawn “(HR. Bukhari no. 145 and Muslim no. 758).

In addition, there is also a hadith narrated by Muslim which reads ” Rasulullah in his words: ” At night there is a time when Allah will answer prayers every night. (HR Muslim No. 757).

2. As a characteristic of pious / pious people and entering heaven

Muslims who are diligent in performing the midnight prayers, have been promised to enter heaven on the Day of Resurrection. This is because when other humans are sleeping soundly, he has a sincere intention from within his heart to wake up and worship Allah SWT.

According to the hadith narrated by Ibn Majah which reads:

“Rosululloh shollallohu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “O people, spread greetings, give food, continue brotherhood and pray when humans fall asleep at night, you will enter heaven safely” (HR. Ibnu Majah, authenticated by Al Albani )

The people promised by Allah SWT to enter heaven are those who maintain their piety and continue to do good. This is supported by surah Adz-Dzariyat verses 15-18 which reads:

“Indeed, those who fear Allah are in Gardens of Paradise and in springs of water, taking what their Lord has given them. Verily, before that (in the world) were those who did good, (ie) they slept very little at night, and at the end of the night they asked forgiveness (to Allah).” (Adz-Dzariyat: 15-18).

3. Application granting facilities

Almost the same as the first priority, namely Allah SWT will undoubtedly grant any prayers and requests requested by His servants when carrying out the midnight prayer sincerely. Rasulullah SAW once said in a hadith narrated by Muslim which reads:

“From Jabir said, that the Prophet SAW said, “Indeed at night, there is one moment when a Muslim asks for the good of the world and the hereafter, surely Allah will give him, It takes place every night.” (HR. Muslim)

The Virtue of Tahajud Prayer in the Hereafter

  1. On the Day of Judgment later, all human souls will be resurrected by Allah SWT. For people who diligently perform the midnight prayer, later their faces will be radiant and without any fear or worry about their deeds of worship.
  2. On the day of reckoning, all good and bad deeds will be counted. For those who diligently perform the midnight prayer, later Allah SWT will provide relief in the reckoning.
  3. When crossing the Shiratal Mustaqim bridge, Allah SWT will provide convenience and speed for those who diligently carry out the midnight prayers.
  4. All his deeds in the world, will be given by Allah SWT from the right hand.

Facts About Salat Worship

Background of Compulsory Prayer Worship

According to a mufassir named Ismail Haqqi al-Burusywi, revealed that the obligation to pray for all Muslims was because at that time, the Prophet Muhammad SAW was doing Mi’raj (a journey up to the sky, which is better known as the Isra Mi’raj event).

On his way, he witnessed the angels and the inhabitants of the sky worshiping solemnly and earnestly. This made the Prophet Muhammad SAW happy and amazed, who then asked his people to do this worship in the world. Then, Allah SWT collects all the worship of the angels into five daily prayers.

Prayer Worship Can Reduce and Become a Cure for All Diseases

Praying regularly can actually reduce various diseases found in the human body, such as lower back pain, cervical misalignments, and others. Abdul Ahad and Mehdi Hassan in their article entitled “Some Medical Aspects of Prayer” revealed that the position of prostration in prayer can actually affect the intervertebral joints, cervix, and spine. Therefore, when a person is in a prostration position, the muscles of the body will be active in various degrees which can help the circulation of blood vessels.

Not only that, according to Abu Hurairah’s story, at that time the Prophet Muhammad SAW was walking around during the day and Abu Hurairah also accompanied him. On one occasion, Abu Hurairah performed the prayer and then sat down. Suddenly, She turned to him and said “Do you have a toothache?”.

Then Abu Hurairah replied, “Yes”. Prophet Muhammad SAW then said: “Get up and pray, then really in prayer there is medicine.”

The disease referred to in the hadith is heart disease, physical pain, sadness, distress, and others. Al-Manwi said, “Prayer has an astonishing effect on the heart, body, attitude, and actions, especially when the rights are fulfilled, that is, they are carried out perfectly.”