3 exemplary Prophet Isa AS that must be emulated and his journey!

Listening to the Story of Prophet Isa AS – Of the many prophets known to Muslims, there are 25 names of prophets that Muslims must know and one of the 25 prophets is Prophet Isa AS, the 24th prophet before the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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His position as a prophet has a long and complicated story, even in the teachings of other religions he is considered God, which is wrong in the teachings of Islam itself. The journey of a prophet’s life is indeed not easy and finding a winding path in reaching the essential truth is no exception for the prophet Isa AS who encountered various obstacles in preaching conveying God’s commands.

His role also in the Islamic religion is very important considering that based on his story, God raised him to His heaven and later will be sent back to earth to fight the tyranny of destroying the last enemy of the earth, the Dajjal. Later he will be sent back by Allah SWT before the Day of Resurrection arrives as a hero who will lead mankind against the Dajjal in the Last Days.

And, like the other prophets, of course he also has commendable qualities and is a good role model so that it is very good for mankind to emulate afterwards. Prophet Isa AS was no exception, who even with his kindness and patience in facing various tests of life earned the title ulul azmi, a title given to prophets who have high determination.

Even though they were hit by various obstacles while carrying out the task of conveying God’s commands, they remained patient and determined to be able to get through it. Therefore, it is very good for us Muslims to emulate the qualities of the Prophet Isa AS as our guide to live life in this world so that we always do good and believe in God’s power.

For this reason, as a guide in living this life, we also have to know what role models the Prophet Isa AS used and in this discussion we have summarized the example of Prophet Isa AS for Sinaumed’s friends to learn and practice in everyday life.

Furthermore, we have reviewed the summary regarding the Example of Prophet Isa below!

History of Prophet Isa AS

Isa (Arabic: عيسى‎) is a character in the Qur’an and the Bible. The three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) have conflicting views regarding Jesus.

Islamic tradition believes that Prophet Isa AS was the last prophet and messenger of God from the Children of Israel, who is also considered one of the apostles of Ulul Azmi. He is also often referred to as Al-Masihi (Arabic Al-Masih, Messiah) and ibn Maryam (Arabic, son of Mary), Isa is also described as an ordinary person. Isa is called a pious figure, prophet and messenger of God.

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As stated in the Koran, Jesus was born from the womb of the holy virgin Maryam. His mother, Maryam, was the daughter of Allah Imran’s chosen son from the descendants of the Children of Israel (the sons of the Prophet Jacob).

Prophet Isa AS was born during the time of the Roman king Herod in Palestine in 1 BC. Maryam herself became pregnant with Prophet Isa when she was doing her uzlah or to focus on worshiping Allah SWT. At that time, Allah SWT sent the angel Gabriel in human form to blow the spirit of Prophet Isa into Maryam’s womb.

At that time Gabriel said: “Indeed, I am only a messenger of your Lord, to give you a holy son.”

Regarding this, Allah SWT provides an explanation through His word in Surah Ali-Imran verse 47. After this incident and with the permission of Allah SWT, Maryam finally became pregnant without having anything to do with a man. After conceiving Prophet Isa, Maryam then gave birth to Prophet Isa, who saw the world for the first time. However, because Maryam did not have a husband, she became a topic of conversation among many people who accused her of adultery.

After Prophet Isa grew up, the Qur’an explains that Allah SWT made Prophet Isa the best servant of his choice. The Prophet Isa was also a high and noble messenger of God by His side. During his prophethood, Prophet Isa was able to call the Israelites back to God. Prophet Isa hoped to get guidance so that he could save his people from going astray. At that time, God taught the prophet Isa the Torah and the Bible.

The missionary journey of Prophet Isa AS was actually not much different from the other prophets and apostles. Its main task is to call on people to believe in and worship only God. Unlike the Prophet Muhammad SAW who was sent to all creatures from among the jinn and humans, the Prophet Isa was sent only to the Children of Israel.

Follow the morals of the Prophet Isa AS

Prophet Isa had certain qualities that all Muslims should emulate. The first relates to faith in Allah SWT and patience in facing trials from Allah SWT. In addition, Jesus is a prophet who has strong faith and the most important thing is to be diligent in worship and always follow Allah SWT’s commands so that you are safe in the coming afterlife.

1. Fighting persistently to defend the religion of Allah SWT.

Prophet Isa as was a prophet who was very persistent in fighting for faith in Allah SWT, even though he was made fun of as an orphan. He was also slandered by his own people because of his missionary duties and he was only called to worship Allah. He was also persecuted by the Israelites and threatened with death and betrayed by his student Yahuza or Judas Iscariot. However, Allah swt. save the Prophet Isa from being killed by raising him to the sky as the word of Allah swt. QS an-Nisa’ (4): 159: “and (We also punish) because of their words, “We have actually killed Al-Masih, Isa son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah,”’ even though they did not kill him and did not kill him; (or) crucified him, but (whom they killed) a man who resembled the prophet Isa. Indeed, those who disagree about (the killing of) Jesus, are always in doubt about who was killed. They really don’t know (who exactly was killed), but follow mere conjecture, so they don’t believe they killed him. But God had raised Jesus to His presence. Allah is Mighty, Most Wise.” QS an-Nisa’ (4): 157-158)..

2. Like Friendship

When Prophet Isa was appointed as an apostle for preaching, he often visited his neighbors and relatives to accept his call to preach. He really likes friendship, because he understands that friendship strengthens brotherhood. By staying in touch, others feel happy that their relatives have come to visit them.

So come often to visit relatives, neighbors and relatives to make friends and get to know the brotherhood. Because friendship can also improve life, as the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Silaturahmi eliminates hostility and instead strengthens brotherhood.

3. Do not like revenge

Even though Prophet Isa (as) made fun of him since he was a child because he was born without a father, he did not have the slightest grudge against those who made fun of him. Instead, he befriended those who kindly mocked him. It’s the same with you, you don’t want to be angry with people who have hurt, insulted or hurt you. Because revenge doesn’t solve problems. But with a forgiving attitude, other people respect and respect us.

Remember that the nature of revenge is the nature of the devil. If someone is possessed by a vengeful nature, his life is not peaceful, because he is always thinking about how to take revenge for the crimes of others who wronged him. Therefore, Islam commands to spread forgiveness and selflessness, so that life is always happy.

The miracles of Prophet Isa AS

Prophet Isa AS was the last prophet sent by Allah to preach to the children of Israel. This aims to create human beings who are pious and obedient in worshiping only Allah SWT. Prophet Isa was given all the advantages to lead the jahiliyah era to a path full of enlightenment, namely faith and Islam.

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Allah SWT gave various miracles to Prophet Isa in preparation for his missionary journey. The aim is to show and convince people that they should worship only Allah SWT. Below are the miracles of Prophet Isa AS that we can know:

1. Prophet Isa was born without a father

Being born without a father is a great miracle. However, you should know that Jesus was not the only prophet who was born without a father. There are other prophets that Allah SWT created without a father, even without a mother who is it? That’s right, Prophet Adam AS.

2. Prophet Isa could speak when he was a baby

Being able to talk as a baby is a real miracle. Even though the prophet Isa was still a baby, Allah gave him the opportunity to speak to His people and preach about him. This is how people can believe and stop making fun of Maryam’s mother.

When Maryam walked through the crowds, many jeered at her. Because they didn’t see Maryam’s baby until after it was born. They looked at Maryam with suspicion. Many negative accusations were leveled at him. However, Maryam did not want to answer these painful accusations. He then implied that the people who accused him of adultery immediately asked Prophet Isa who was in his arms at that time.

“How can we talk to a newborn?” they asked in disbelief.

Jesus responded to people’s accusations by the power of God. This is stated in the Word of God QS Maryam: 27-33.

“Verily, I am a servant of Allah. He gave me the Bible (the Bible) and He made me a prophet. He made me a blessed person wherever I am, and He ordered me to (establish) prayer and (pay) zakat as long as I live; and devoted to my mother, and He did not make me proud and wretched. And may peace be upon me on the day I am born, on the day I die, and on the day I am raised to life again.”

3. Prophet Isa can bring food from heaven

After Prophet Isa received a big request from hawariyyun It started with Prophet Isa giving all his servants the word of Allah to fast for 30 days. However, the followers of the prophet Isa ask for a “gift” at the end of the month.

“O Isa, son of Maryam, can your Lord send us food from heaven?” this is the prayer of the followers of Jesus.

Prophet Isa was surprised to hear this. Apart from testing his prophethood, the request of his followers is also a kind of test of Allah’s greatness. “Fear Allah SWT if you really believe,” said Isa.

Actually, his followers had seen many miracles of Jesus, but they were never satisfied. The followers of Isa concluded that they asked for food for peace of mind. Thus their faith was strengthened. Finally, Isa agreed to the request of his followers. He asked God to grant his people’s request.

“O our Lord. Bring down to us a dish from the sky, the day of its descent will be a feast for us, that is, for those who are with us and who come after us, and be a sign for Your power. Give us sustenance. You are the Most Giver of sustenance,” begged Prophet Isa.”

God then accepted the prayer of the prophet Isa. There is a holy table full of many foods (Al Maidah) that come down from heaven. Next to it are two clouds that bring food to the prophet Isa. At the same time, Prophet Isa kept praying that the dish would be a blessing and not a punishment. His diet consists of bread, fish, pomegranates and fruit and many other foods.

The dish never ends, even if thousands of people eat it. However, later his followers misunderstood the miracle contained in this Al Maidah letter. They considered Jesus to be the son of God and worshiped Him. This story is recorded in Surah Al Maidah: 110-120.

4. Prophet Isa ascended to Heaven during the Crucifixion Event

Once upon a time the Jews planned to kill the prophet Isa. Tafsir Ibn Kathir mentions that the Jews encouraged King Dimasyq (Damascus), a star-worshipping polytheist. They said that there was a man in Baitul Maqdis who incited the people to rebel against the king. Enraged, the king ordered his governor to arrest the prophet Isa, crucify him and tie his head with thorns.

Meanwhile, Allah protected the Prophet Isa by imitating the companions of the Prophet Isa like himself. When the arrest took place, the prophet Isa was raised to heaven. Mentioned in QS. An-Nisa: 157-159 And because of their words:

“Verily, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus the Son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah’. Even though they did not kill him and did not (also) crucify him, but (what they killed was) a person who was likened to Jesus for them. Indeed, those who disagree about (the killing of) Jesus, are really in doubt about who was killed. They have no confidence about who was killed, except to follow mere conjecture, they are not (also) sure that what they killed was Isa. But (actually), Allah has raised Jesus to Him. And Allah is Mighty, Most Wise. No one from the People of the Book except will believe in him (Isa) before his death. And on the Day of Resurrection Jesus will be a witness against them.”

5. Prophet Isa can revive birds from clay statues

At that time, religious leaders still held the Torah and opposed the teachings of Prophet Isa. King Herod knows the sermon of the prophet isa. King Herod did not believe the preaching of the prophet Isa, but asked for a miracle to be shown. In fact, King Herod immediately gathered his people to see the miracle.

Prophet Isa then made a bird-shaped statue out of clay. When the prophet Isa blew it, the statue suddenly came to life and flew away.

6. Prophet Isa can heal a leper until he is blind

Another miracle of the prophet Isa is healing lepers. In addition, the prophet Isa can also restore sight to those who have been blind since birth.

This is stated in QS Al Maidah: 110.

“And remember when Allah said, “O Isa son of Maryam! Remember My favors to you and to your mother when I strengthen you with the Holy Spirit. You can talk to people when they are still in the cradle and when they are grown up. And remember when I taught you to write, (also) Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel. And remember when you formed a bird from the ground with My permission, then you blew it, then it became a (real) bird with My permission. And remember when you healed people who were blind from birth and people with leprosy with My permission. And remember when you bring out the dead (from the grave to life) with My permission.


This is a brief discussion of the exemplary Prophet Isa AS. Not only discussing the history of Prophet Isa AS, but also discussing what examples we can take from the story and characteristics of Prophet Isa AS. teaches us to always do good and be patient with every test given by Allah SWT.

Thus a review of the exemplary Prophet Isa AS. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn everything about the story of the example of the Prophet Isa AS. and science related to other religions, you can visit sinaumedia.com to get related books. As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia always provides the best products, so you have the best and latest information for you.

Author: Pandu Akram

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