Understanding About MPLS To Its Destination

MPLS means – We often look forward to school orientation activities or an introduction to the school environment as a new student. Moreover, there will be an explanation regarding certain characteristics and regulations in our new school.

Interestingly, the School Orientation Period or MOS activities were changed to the School Environment Introduction Period or MPLS starting in the 2018/2019 academic year. Related to this, what is MPLS and is it the same as MOS?

MPLS itself is indeed an activity carried out on the first day of school, which all new students must attend. Its activities are not much different from MOS, because MPLS is an introduction to the school environment and its programs, facilities and infrastructure, learning methods, self-knowledge, and basic coaching related to culture in a school.

Meanwhile, the implementation of MPLS is in accordance with Permendikbud Number 18 of 2016, Sinaumed’s.

Mpls What is it?

In a more focused and specific manner, the School Environment Introduction Period is carried out directly by the school in order to introduce all things related to school to new students. Not only limited to new students or seniors and teachers, this introduction also includes various other components.

For example, the introduction of programs, ways of learning, infrastructure, coaching, to inculcating the concept of self-knowledge. As for boarding schools , this kind of cultural introduction is important material.

Deeper, school introduction becomes an introduction to the school environment and culture with various other components when it comes to boarding schools . New students will be given material and various games with an introduction to their alma mater agenda through this MPLS. These activities include:

  • Introduction to culture and environment related to dormitory life.
  • Enforcement of all regulations related to discipline in schools.
  • Education about the dangers of drugs.
  • Orientation related to student organization activities at school.

In accordance with existing regulations, these MPLS activities are generally carried out for 3 days and take place in the school environment.

MPLS Scope

Each school generally has slightly different materials, depending on their needs. During MPLS, some of the material that should be delivered will be explained at this point, Sinaumed’s. Also, don’t hesitate to ask politely if the MPLS activities at your school do not include the following:

  1. Wiyata Mandala’s Insights
  2. Student activities which include intracurriculars such as OSIS, or extracurriculars such as UKS, Scouts, Sports, Arts, and so on
  3. How to study effectively
  4. character building
  5. Introduction to local culture.

MPLS Activity Objectives

Returning to the meaning of MPLS itself, of course this activity applies to all new students, both junior and senior high schools. More precisely, this activity also certainly has its own objectives, which are as follows:

  1. Introducing students to the school environment.
  2. Explore the potential that exists in new students.
  3. Helping new students adapt to the school environment and surroundings, including aspects of security, infrastructure, and public facilities.
  4. Growing motivation, enthusiasm, and a more effective way of learning as new students.
  5. Develop positive interactions between school members, such as teachers and employees, and students.
  6. Foster positive attitudes and behaviors, such as honesty, mutual respect, independence, discipline, respect for diversity, clean and healthy living, and other aspects that can make students have integrity, mutual cooperation spirit, and work ethic.

MPLS rules

The following are the rules regarding MPLS implemented by schools, Sinaumed’s.

Mandatory in MPLS:

Mandatory things that must be worked on or carried out in MPLS activities, namely:

  • Planning and organizing activities is the teacher’s right only.
  • This activity is carried out in schools, unless they do not have adequate facilities.
  • Activities must be useful because they contain educational, creative, and fun values.
  • New students must wear uniforms and official attributes from the school.
  • In writing, the school must ask permission from the parents/guardians of potential participants in the introductory activities for new extracurricular members. MPLS activities must also have details included in writing.
  • At a minimum, schools must assign two teachers as assistants in this MPLS activity.
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MPLS Schedule:

According to the rules, MPLS activities are carried out for 3 days in the first week of the school year, on school days, and during class hours. Parents of students must and naturally question this activity if it lasts more than 3 days.

MPLS can be carried out online or offline during the Covid-19 pandemic, depending on the decision of the local government. Teachers will be assisted by students regarding the technical implementation of MPLS, with certain conditions.

There are two types of activities in MPLS, namely mandatory activities and optional activities according to the MPLS syllabus. The activity material of their own choice is adjusted to the conditions and characteristics of the school environment concerned.

Preparation for School Entrance

Preparing for school days is the most exciting and thrilling moment for many students, especially new students. At the beginning of every school year, this moment is highly anticipated and it is hoped that it will go well. However, we also have to prepare ourselves. Like how?

To help Sinaumed’s get started with preparations, we’ve listed the top 10 things to get us ready for smooth sailing on the first day of school!

1. Start Morning Schedule

Wake up at the hour we usually apply to wake up in the morning. When Sinaumed’s is old enough, use the alarm clock rule to be responsible for our own morning wake-up routine and don’t always depend on your parents.

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Nowadays, we all know that children need a nutritious breakfast to be ready for the day. Work with mom or dad, or anyone else at home who can help, to come up with a mix of healthy breakfast options like apples, bananas and whole grain bread.

This will give us the energy needed to be mentally alert throughout the day, instead of the bad morning rush that they’ll get from sugary cereal alone.

3. Prepare clothes since the night before

Avoid frantic mornings by picking out school clothes the night before. If Sinaumed’s is still young enough, try asking for help finding school clothes on schedule, and putting them together in preparation for wearing them the next day.

Do this routine before school even starts, so you get used to planning ahead.

4. Bring a Healthy Lunch

In the days or weeks before school starts, plan and make your lunch for the next day with your parent or guardian each evening. Even if school isn’t in yet, we can ask for help getting into the habit of packing our lunches and getting ready to go each morning.

5. Follow the Lunch Schedule

Start eating your lunch right at school lunch time, which is from 12 to 1 pm. By getting used to this, we won’t feel too hungry before that hour, or too full, so we are lazy to eat and end up starving at the end of the afternoon.

6. Create Free Time to Study

Start doing your homework routine now by having free time to study something during school hours. Use this time for study activities like reading a book or even talking about your day with your parents.

7. Play Educational Games

Playing games during the holidays is a great way to keep our minds engaged and focused to build study skills. This will help you ensure that you are always ready when classes return and make the transition back to school smoother.

8. Keep doing the routine before going to bed

Early bedtime usually won’t occur during the holidays, but young minds need plenty of sleep to be ready to learn. Get back into a set bedtime routine now, so you don’t wake up too late before the first day of school.

9. Read Every Day

Learning should not stop during the holidays. Every day, spend at least 30 minutes to sit and read, alone or together. This will help us stay engaged with learning and in our daily school work routine.

10. Provide School Supplies

Immediately purchase or stock up on the school supplies needed to start the school year successfully. Shopping for backpacks, binders, and pencil cases will get us thinking (and excited) about the coming school year.

The Importance of the Role of the School Environment

If parents are a child’s first teacher, then it would be correct to say that the teacher is their second parent. School plays a perfect role in laying the foundation for a child’s life. Schools and their staff can provide a constructive environment that fosters mental and psychological growth and development in young people.

Surveys repeatedly show the influence of the school environment on student achievement. Launching Gurukul The School, which is recognized among the leading CBSE schools near Crossing Republic of Ghaziabad, understands the important role that the school environment plays in the intellectual growth of young people.

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Hence, the schools have carved out an enabling environment that fosters the holistic development of children rather than simply pushing them to achieve excellence in academics.

This is how schools should believe that the learning environment in schools influences children’s growth:

1. Character Formation and Self-Motivation

Schools can foster leadership and self-motivated values ​​in children at an age when their minds are porous enough to absorb the most. Once children experience the importance of values ​​such as empathy, integrity, compassion, they live by those values ​​throughout their lives.

This creates the foundation of their character, shapes their beliefs, values ​​and views of themselves. This self-motivation gives them confidence in the future, so that they can communicate not only about what they need but also about social issues effectively.

2. Expanding the Learning Horizon

We all know how kids tend to lose interest in anything over a period of time. This is where the role of the nurturing school environment comes into play, which helps broaden the horizons of experiential learning for children by making them learn from their real-life experiences outside the classroom.

For example, at Gurukul Crossings, the School regularly organizes field trips and excursions which allow students to get a lot of exposure to culture, traditions, nature and so on. This helps shape their perspective on the world around them.

Gurukul The School’s “no-boredom” approach allows students to be involved in a whole host of extra-curricular activities, which keeps them excited and curious to experience and learn new things in life.

This creates a taste for the future within them that keeps them moving forward and living with joy in life. It also helps them discover their passions which allows them to confidently shape their careers at a later stage.

3. Acquire Life Skills

In keeping with UNICEF’s framework for rights-based and child-friendly education and school systems, the teachers and staff at Gurukul The School offer a child-friendly environment at school that allows every student at Gurukul to be prepared in a physically safe, mentally safe environment. emotionally, and psychologically possible. Starting with good manners, sharing, getting along well with others, and progressing to their social, emotional, cognitive and academic development.

Thus, students at Gurukul are not only prepared academically, but are better equipped to grow into responsible citizens in the future. These social skills get them ready to get through their first job interview and be effective with people and teams. They are equipped to face the challenges of everyday life.

4. Academic Strengthening

Lastly, not the most important but certainly the most significant role of the school environment is to strengthen students’ academic performance. While this includes teaching them the ABCs and 123s, that alone is not enough to tap into their full academic potential.

Getting good grades and being effective in making a great career on the basis of good academics are recognized worldwide. However, it is important that rather than being compared to other children, it is important that each child is appreciated for their individual efforts and skills.

At Gurukul, the school has carved out a positive and productive learning environment, which instills in children a problem-solving approach while strengthening them academically.

At Gurukul The School, a top-rated school in Ghaziabad, the school aims to provide young shoots with not only an enriching learning environment, but also provide them with life experiences they can cherish throughout their lives.

At Gurukul Crossings, with its unique ‘No Bags, No Bells, No Boredom’ approach , schools are allegedly able to create tremendous joy for learning in students every day and keep them motivated to broaden their learning horizons far beyond the boundaries of the classroom, even the school.


Sinaumed’s, that is the importance of having MPLS, aka the School Environment Introduction Period, as well as the school environment itself. As students, we certainly have to focus on preparing many things and expanding knowledge in various fields.

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Author: Sevilla Nouval Evanda