Understanding Affiliators: Advantages and Differences with Influencers

Definition of Affiliator – Affiliator comes from the word affiliate, which is one way to develop a business by utilizing directed socialization carried out by individuals, business entities or organizations and both parties will benefit.

In addition, affiliate as a promising job. Apart from being easy to start with, Sinaumed’s can earn up to hundreds of millions of income from this profession. Especially if Sinaumed’s can do it from home. Tempting isn’t it?

Meanwhile, in the business world, becoming an affiliate is a way to earn income which is increasingly favored by the public, especially young people. Some people use it as a sideline, while others use it as their main source of income because the results are quite promising.

Therefore, it can be said that an affiliate is a term for those who carry out an affiliate program where the concept of a business partnership is rewarded in the form of a commission. For Sinaumed’s, participating in the affiliate program is the same as taking a good opportunity to increase income with minimal capital. In addition, most of the affiliate program cooperation rules are not too onerous and binding.

Definition of Affiliator

Affiliator is a term for people who follow affiliates. The affiliate itself is a collaboration program for a brand with other people who will provide rewards in the form of commissions. In addition, affiliates have the task of inviting people to buy a product belonging to a brand that Sinaumed’s’ affiliate program follows. The amount of the commission is determined by the brand that organizes the affiliate, ranging from a few percent to up to 70%.

To get people to buy products, Sinaumed’s must diligently promote products on social media. Can be through various online content such as blog posts, social media and videos on YouTube. For example, when Sinaumed’s writes a blog review about the advantages or advantages of a product and invites readers to buy it via the link included.

The link contains a special referral code that Sinaumed’s gets after signing up for the affiliate program. Sinaumed’s must use the link so that it is counted as a successful sale and earns a commission. At a glance, an affiliate’s job is similar to what an influencer does. Both of them market a product or service belonging to a brand. However, both are actually different professions.

The difference between Affiliators and Influencers

There are several things that distinguish between affiliates and influencers, including the following:

  1. Influencers are chosen by brands to promote their products, while affiliates register independently in an affiliate program.
  2. Influencer income comes from being paid an amount agreed with the brand. If the affiliate, his income is in the form of a commission from every successful product sale, then the influencer’s income comes from the goods that have been promoted.
  3. Influencers get paid before creating promotional content that is approved by the partnership with the brand . As for affiliates, commissions will be obtained after promoting and successfully selling a product.
  4. The influencer’s task is completed after creating marketing content for the brand for a certain period according to the terms of the partnership. Meanwhile, affiliates can continue to sell products as they wish as long as they do not violate the program conditions.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

Affiliator work offers several interesting advantages, as follows:

1. Have passive income

The main advantage of being an affiliate is that you have a pretty lucrative passive income. Because, Sinaumed’s affiliate links will continue to bring in money as long as they are not removed from your content, you know . In fact, top affiliates can also earn hundreds of millions from these affiliate links.

Apart from that, in order to continue to bring in income from affiliate programs, of course, your content must also be able to influence the audience to buy products using your link. Therefore, Sinaumed’s must follow affiliates whose products match your blog or social media niche .

For example, when the Sinaumed’s blog discusses technology, of course reviews about skincare products are less able to generate commissions from the affiliates they follow. So make sure your content is easy for your audience to find so they know about your promotion, Sinaumed’s. For example, Sinaumed’s needs to implement SEO for blog posts in order to be at the top of Google search results for certain keywords.

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2. Does not require large capital

Starting an affiliate job is one of the easier things. Especially for Sinaumed’s who are already fond of blogging and posting on social media as well as the ability to create effective promotional content.

The next step, Sinaumed’s just need to join an affiliate program which is generally free / not paid. That way, Sinaumed’s doesn’t need to spend funds to start marketing the products offered by affiliate program provider brands . However, if you are going to do a more detailed promotion about product quality, you can try the brand ‘s product, yes, Sinaumed’s.

3. Can work anywhere and anytime

If Sinaumed’s wants to be free from work from home, cafe or other places, becoming an affiliate is one of the right choices. Currently, all that is needed is a computer device to work and a stable internet connection.

In addition, Sinaumed’s also doesn’t have to work from morning to evening to perform afiliator duties. So, you can make it as a side profession after completing the main job.

4. Not limited to one affiliate program

If Sinaumed’s wants to earn more, it’s fine to join more than one affiliate program, you know . However, first make sure that you have enough time and energy to create several content at once and monitor the effectiveness of each promotion that is carried out.

In addition, before joining the affiliate program, study the terms and conditions of the affiliate program organizer. Because, there are also those who do not allow you to become an affiliate of another brand.

Weaknesses of Being an Affiliator

After discussing the advantages of being an affiliate, the next discussion is the weakness of being an affiliate. Here is the full explanation.

  1. Due to getting income based on commissions, the income received still depends on the products sold.
  2. This business model requires patience and hard work so that the products offered can be successfully accepted.
  3. Because it is increasingly popular, the competition is also getting bigger with various products that use this business model.
  4. With so many products being sold, it is increasingly difficult to find the product that we want.



How Affiliators Work

Affiliator work system is quite easy. Directions from the company make affiliates able to understand the work system. In general, the working system of affiliates is to promote products by providing referral codes. Here’s how affiliates work, including the following:

1. Sign up for an affiliate program

Affiliate program registration is usually opened on the company’s website. Sinaumed’s can register first by filling in and fulfilling the terms and conditions. Sinaumed’s will also get a referral code which of course varies. This referral code will support the sales promotion.

2. Promote affiliate products

At this step, promotional media can be adjusted by the company or by Sinaumed’s’ own initiative. For example, product reviews with videos, YouTube, forums, social media, blog posts and so on. When socializing product promotions, enter information on using your referral code.

3. Consumers use referral codes from affiliates

The referral code that has been informed during product promotion by consumers will be used. Using this code makes consumers get different prices because they get a discount from using your referral code.

4. Get a commission

The referral code is intended to indicate that the product or service offered by the affiliate has been purchased by the consumer. The more you use the code, the more commission you will get as an affiliate.

Requirements to Become an Affiliator

Anyone can become an affiliate, but being a successful affiliate requires a number of qualified requirements. The requirements are as follows:

1. Internet quota

The most basic requirement to become an affiliate is internet quota. Most of the time, Sinaumed’s as an affiliate will require frequent internet connection. Affiliators also need to create content and distribute links which are all done through social media. But don’t worry, the required internet access also doesn’t need to take up a large quota depending on your content, Sinaumed’s.

2. Communication skills

When distributing a product or service link, there are times when the affiliate needs to make a verbal recommendation. That’s why successful affiliates must have direct and clear communication skills. Apart from that, Sinaumed’s will also need to communicate directly with followers who ask questions and leave comments on your uploads.

3. Extensive network

Links will spread more easily if you have a high number of followers. For this reason, Sinaumed’s may also have to spend more energy to network with fellow social media users. However, that doesn’t mean affiliates have to have a lot of followers from the start. Joining an affiliate program can actually make you collect followers gradually.

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4. Ability to create content

The link that will be distributed is not necessarily thrown on social media. The link can be shared on social media by uploading the appropriate content. Most of the time, affiliate links are provided with appropriate recommended or review content posts. That way, followers will have more confidence that the link that is being provided is in accordance with the expectations given by the affiliate.

5. Target the right consumers

Not only the number of followers and communication skills, Sinaumed’s also need to know the right target audience. When Sinaumed’s is recommending a product, Sinaumed’s must understand who this product is intended for.

For example, Sinaumed’s has a target audience that is mostly adults in their 30s to 40s. Perhaps the most appropriate recommended content is vitamins and drugs not snacks.



Affiliate Types

The types of affiliation that we can learn, among others:

1. Mass media

By using mass media, a product will gain awareness from the wider community in large numbers. However, because the costs are somewhat more expensive than other types of affiliation, the mass media is rarely used.

By using mass media, a product or service can easily get the attention and promotion needed in a shorter period of time. This is because the number of viewers or audiences from the mass media is relatively larger.

2. Bloggers

Blogger can be used because it has the advantage of increasing sales conversions from a product or service that you want to offer. Using blogger as a marketing strategy can increase consumer confidence because in general a blogger can conduct trials of the products and services offered along with the reviews they provide as a form of promotion.

In addition, many people trust bloggers more than influencers, because bloggers generally have a wider knowledge or understanding of a product or service offered compared to influencers who are often not in accordance with the product or service offered.

3. Influencers

An influencer is someone who has the power or ability to influence other people in making purchasing decisions for a product or service.

By having a large number of followers and being loyal to that person, an influencer can easily influence his followers to buy that will promote the product being offered.

As for those included in influencers, they can be celebrities, experts or experts in a field to social media users with a large number of followers that can be used as your affiliate marketing strategy.

Steps in Running an Affiliate Business

Here are some tips that can improve Sinaumed’s in running an affiliate business model, check it out:

  1. Familiarize yourself with studying all available information about the products and services that Sinaumed’s will offer and promote. In this way, Sinaumed’s can decide whether to do affiliate marketing for certain products.
  2. Having a product that is currently in demand by the public and the market in general. So, when Sinaumed’s offers its products indirectly it can also get pleasure from carrying out these promotional activities.
  3. Create a website or blog to promote your business. This needs to be done because it is one of the important steps in running this affiliate business.
  4. Try first the product you are going to sell, so you can find out what you are promoting. In addition, the public or potential customers are now getting smarter and are unlikely to be taken in by the false promises that Sinaumed’s gives about a product.
  5. Provide useful content and not just promote goods. This is due to the creation of a good product image that must build good relations with consumers.
  6. Manage finances well in implementing this affiliate business model. Because, irregular income can make it difficult for you to manage expenses or income. By having good money management, the income you get will be used to improve yourself and your business to become a reseller.




So, that’s about the definition of an affiliate, to its advantages and disadvantages. If Sinaumed’s becomes an affiliate, they will get a commission for every purchase of a product from a brand through an affiliate link in your content. As an affiliate profession that is profitable and easy to run and only has a computer.

Apart from that, other capital is an internet connection and the ability to create good marketing content to earn millions of rupiah in income. However, make sure that the product you are selling for the affiliate program is real and can be functionally useful and don’t fool others.

If Sinaumed’s is still confused, and needs references related to the full definition, differences, strengths and weaknesses of affiliates, you can visit sinaumedia’s collection of books at sinaumedia.com . After reading this article to the end, I hope you can add insight to Sinaumed’s. So, are you interested in becoming an affiliate?