Brand Ambassador: Definition, Types, Duties, and Benefits

Brand ambassadors are – So far, we often see artists or actors who introduce themselves as brand ambassadors or brand ambassadors for a brand, organization or institution. They will then usually introduce organizations or brands whose function is to represent the public with various advantages and other positive things.

Interestingly, usually the salary of a brand ambassador (BA) is very high, so it is not surprising that many people are interested in becoming a BA from a well-known brand. But what is meant by a brand ambassador, what are the responsibilities and how much is the salary? The following is a more complete explanation.

Brand Ambassador is a Public Figure of a Brand

Before the internet era, word-of-mouth marketing or word-of-mouth marketing techniques was sufficient to then support a company’s marketing efforts. Now, word-of-mouth marketing has undergone many changes and modifications in new forms.

We live in a time when business on social media is growing rapidly. Then word of marketing techniques began to enter the era of using BA. But what exactly is a brand ambassador?

BA is someone who promotes a brand and its products to their network with the aim of increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

According to Referral Rock, BA is someone who loves your brand, wants your brand to be successful, actually uses your product. If the company chooses the brand ambassador, then it will promote your brand continuously according to the agreed and determined time.

Overall, they must agree according to the contract and choose your brand, either offline such as seminars and exhibitions or online through social media. Since this then calls for appearances on social media, events, shows, and more, they should then always choose your brand over a competitor’s brand.

Usually, a BA is someone who is well-known such as a public figure, actor, model, or musician with tens of thousands to tens of millions of social media followers.

In general, a brand ambassador is an influencer or someone who is known by many people and is paid to then receive an endorsement for a product. You can then call it influencer marketing.

Because you then collaborate with them, the message from the brand will then spread widely with their equally wide network. It didn’t end there. Just being famous is not enough.

A brand ambassador as a brand ambassador who will become the face of a brand. Hence the ‘face’ of a brand. That is why they must then be able to convey things about a product, service and brand that you have.

Ideally, these brand ambassadors are the lighteners in their communities. They must then be able to use the networks and relationships they already have to market a brand through word of mouth marketing tactics.

There are several reasons that make a Brand Ambassador for a company, including the following.

  • Serves to protect the company’s reputation, when there is negative information related to a brand. In this case the brand ambassador will then provide a positive experience to those who are able to raise the prestige of the company again.
  • Functions can increase traffic to the company’s site, because most of them will then include backlinks and references to the company’s site.
  • Serves to help companies grow. The positive referrals that come from them will then have a big influence on sales and product knowledge for the community.

4 Types of Brand Ambassadors

Although it has been stated that brand ambassadors are people from influential circles, it turns out that brand ambassadors can be categorized into several types.

1. Influencer Brand Ambassador Program

As the name suggests, through this program you will work with someone who has a big influence in society or also known as an influencer, who will then become your company’s brand ambassador.

When carrying out a collaboration with the influencer, the sponsored content will be uploaded consistently for a certain period according to the agreement. Rewards for an influencer then earn income or fees and get a free product which is then intended for promotional purposes.

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They have a voice that society can hear. Because of its broad influence, the form of corporate cooperation with a brand ambassador is fairly strict. The company then hires them professionally with transparent transactions and high expectations.

In carrying out their duties, they will then be directed directly by the company’s CRM or Customer Relationship Management Team. This team will then plan the program, prepare all requirements, and manage the brand ambassador program so that it runs according to company goals.

Several types of this first type of brand ambassador include celebrities, bloggers, and YouTubers.

2. Affiliate Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors as the second type then use affiliate marketing and both parties, both companies and brand ambassadors, will then benefit from this collaboration.

When doing this collaboration, the company will then collaborate with someone, usually a blogger or influencer, who will promote a particular product or service. The brand ambassador will then market the company by sharing links about the company on their social media or website.

In return , the affiliate marketer or affiliate marketer will then receive a commission every time he succeeds in making a purchase through that link. Sales made by the brand ambassadors themselves can then be tracked via affiliate links.

This program is the best method used to increase sales because companies only need to pay affiliates when brand ambassadors make sales.

3. Informal Brand Ambassador Program

Informal brand ambassadors can be anyone who likes your company’s products and services. Most of them originate from fanatical fans of a particular brand who freely and consciously promote the products of that brand to others.

This type of brand ambassador itself is the result of customer satisfaction with the company’s services or products. In this program there is no formal agreement which is then enforced and usually no payment is given to the brand ambassador for promotion.

Even though they are unpaid, informal brand ambassadors are happy to share stories about your company’s services or products because they are loyal customers who are enthusiastic about the services or products that are then created by a company.

Slowly, if their influence is big enough for a brand, they can become part of the micro-influencers.

4. College Brand Ambassador Program

College brand ambassadors are students who are appointed to promote a company’s products and services to other fellow students. They can then sponsor a brand on or off campus by giving away free souvenirs, organizing promotional events, putting up company posters, or posting content on social media.

College brand ambassadors are then very suitable for brands that have a target demographic of university students who are mostly between 18-25 years old.

Brand Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities

How to become a brand ambassador is actually not difficult. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities of a brand ambassador that you need to know about.

  • Understand the vision and mission of the company.
  • Represent the brand in a positive way.
  • Helping various content creation, such as writing review articles, blogs, and captions.
  • Participate in a marketing event.
  • Work with marketing and sales teams to conceptualize campaign strategies.
  • Build brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Building a positive opinion about the brand in its network.
  • Provide advice and insight regarding a new product or service
  • Promote a brand through his personal social media account
  • Maintain good relations with vendors or people who sell their company’s services or products.
  • Monitor various feedback from consumers and complaints to the company’s marketing department.

You can understand that the duties and responsibilities of a brand ambassador are not easy. Brand ambassadors will be the first ‘face’ of a brand. Usually, then responsible in a certain contract that is quite long.

So, they have to really take care of themselves to describe the various values ​​that are espoused by a company.

When looking at the responsibilities and duties, several skills are required to become a BA, namely creativity, basic knowledge of marketing, leadership, influence from a large social media presence, originality, professionalism, networking, giving good feedback, brand knowledge and love for the brand, improving the brand image is one of the benefits of having a brand ambassador for the product held.

Benefits of Brand Ambassadors

Of course having a BA to represent a brand is very influential on one’s buying decision.

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Apart from being a determinant of how a person’s purchasing decision for a company’s product brand, the benefits of BA itself include the following.

1. Maintain Reputation

The reputation of a brand can go up and down, depending on what situation is going on. For example, if there is media that reports unfavorable things about a brand, the company’s reputation will then fall.

However BA can be someone who then revives that reputation. Brand ambassadors have a lot of followers who then believe in them.

2. Bring the brand closer to the customer

Bringing a brand closer to the customer is not easy. Quoted from Keyhole, 63% of people believe more in what is conveyed by influencers or brand ambassadors than what is said by the brand itself. This is where the big role of a BA. They must be able to become a bridge between communities and related brands.

3. Give good reviews

The benefits of brand ambassadors also provide good reviews of the brand. Everyone can just give a review on the social media they have. However, bad reviews are of course unavoidable. However, a brand ambassador must still provide honest and best reviews to his followers regarding the brand being promoted.

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However, if reputation and name (jeneng) fall, we will be wasted, distrusted, and will no longer be of use. Reputation is important and can change destiny. Armed with reputation, we don’t need money to get what we want.

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