What is Ospek: Definition, Benefits, and Series of Activities

What is ospek – For students who have just graduated from high school or vocational school and are prospective new students, of course they are already familiar with the term ospek. It can be said that this ospect activity is one of the things that is quite anticipated or even a scourge among prospective new students.

These ospect activities usually consist of various kinds of activities that can make prospective new students or new students understand how life is on campus.

But unfortunately, there are still some prospective students who don’t understand what the ospek is like on campus. Therefore, it would be better if you first understood the information about prospective exams so that you can prepare yourself well when you enter college.

In this article, we will discuss what prospecting is, its benefits, and also the sequences that are usually carried out during exams.

What is an Ospect?

The question that often arises from prospective new students is what is ospek? So, ospect itself is Study Orientation and Campus Introduction, which is an activity that aims to introduce new students to college life.

The campus world has many differences from the education we take at school, starting from learning methods, clothes, class schedules, to the culture. That is what new students will be introduced to when attending ospek.

The hope is that, after attending ospects, new students can understand the lecture system and can adapt to campus life which is very fast and dynamic. There are lots of benefits that can be obtained by participating in ospek activities.

Starting from being able to know the lecture system, getting to know the culture around campus, making new friends, and also getting to know seniors. This series of ospect activities must be carried out by new students or better known as freshmen with a schedule that has been prepared by the committee. This ospect activity is also very synonymous with various kinds of special events that will become memories for students.

Ospect History

Did you know that Ospek is a colonial heritage? In Indonesia, the Ospek system existed from 1898 to 1927 at an educational institution called STOVIA. At that time, hazing had already been carried out, where the status of senior as well as junior was highly respected.

These juniors will be used as subordinates by the seniors to do various things. This system continued until 1927 to 1942 at the GHS Educational Institution, Ospek was implemented more formally and student participation was voluntary.

Along with the development of the times, Ospek continues to be enforced and is required by the institution. Several modifications to the implementation of this Ospek continue to be implemented, starting from the use of strange costumes and carrying items that are difficult to find, which is one of the modifications of the implementation of the Ospek itself.

Hazing is part of the Opek tradition. This tradition has even been carried out from generation to generation. Many people criticize this hazing system. Because, there are so many cases of hazing that have fatal consequences. Ranging from violence to cause death.

Many people ultimately criticized this activity. The government itself finally made an appeal to the tertiary institutions to change the Ospek system. The use of strange attributes has begun to be abolished, hazing and seniority have also begun to be eliminated. Ospek has begun to be changed towards its main purpose and main function.

A series of activities that are usually carried out during Ospek

During the orientation period, usually the activities that will be carried out are in line with the aim of implementing the Ospek itself, namely to introduce the campus world. The following are some of the series of activities that are usually carried out during Ospek, including:

1. Teaching and Learning Orientation

One of the activities during Ospek is teaching and learning orientation. In this activity, new students will take part in a series of teaching and learning processes as if they were attending a lecture.

This one activity is a provision to prepare new students to take part in actual lectures. There will be lecturers who teach material like in lecture classes. Generally, the material that will be taught is in the form of information about the academic system and also personality development.

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New students will generally also be asked to make assignments and present them so they are familiar with the assignments in lectures. When teaching and learning orientation, never hesitate to ask about the lecture system so you don’t get confused when facing the actual lecture.

2. Campus Life Orientation

In addition to teaching and learning orientation, new students will also be introduced to campus life. These orientation activities are generally organized by seniors on campus with the aim of informing new students about activities outside of academic or lecture activities.

These new students will be given assignments to do and also be collected during the Ospek. The assignments are in the form of personal or group assignments such as making videos or interviewing seniors.

When the orientation takes place, new students will also be asked to bring a number of attributes. Activities during this orientation were also quite diverse, ranging from talk shows, seminars, games, to singing yells.

3. UKM Exhibition or Student Activity Unit

During the Ospek period, new students will also be introduced to UKM on campus, such as organizations to extracurriculars. There are various kinds of organizations that exist at the university, faculty, and study program levels.

In addition, there are also extracurricular activities in various fields such as sports and arts. Each organization and also this extracurricular will present the activities they usually do in front of new students.

At this time, you should look for organizations or activities that match your interests and talents. Look for activities that can support lectures and also develop your abilities outside of academia.

Several extracurricular activities have opened registration for new students during the exhibition. That way, you can register immediately if you have made a choice which activity you will take part in.

4. Faculty and Department Outlook

After carrying out Ospek at the university level, new students will also take part in Ospek activities at the faculty and department levels. Generally, the time for Ospek at the department and faculty level will be longer than the orientation at the university level.

If the university level only lasts for a few weeks, then at the faculty and department level it can take up to 2 months or even one semester, depending on the applicable policies.

The purpose of this Ospek which is held at the faculty and department level is so that every new student can get to know each other with friends from the same class. In this Ospek activity, students will be divided into groups to work on several assignments given by seniors.

Aspect’s attributes, from the name tag to the dress code, will also be determined. New students are expected to be compact with their peers.

In this orientation session, you often find seniors who are fierce. However, you don’t need to be afraid, because after this orientation activity is over, it is possible that you and your seniors can become friends. This Ospek activity is indeed the right time to get to know new friends and also seniors on campus.

Benefits of Ospek for Students

The Ospek activity itself actually has many benefits, especially for new students who are entering the world of lectures for the first time. The following are some of the benefits that you can get from participating in Ospek activities, including:

1. Make New Friends

The ospect activities which are quite intense require new students to always communicate with other people from different backgrounds. Making good friends and also being selective will make new students have relationships in the world of lectures. Be it at the study program or study program level and also at the campus level. They will help each other in terms of information on lectures, ukm, organizations, and also scholarships.

2. Get to know the Campus Environment and Conditions

A fairly large campus environment with various facilities and uses can help us support lectures. Through this Ospek activity, the environment and campus conditions will be introduced to new students.

3. Understand the Lecture System

The lecture system is very different from the existing education system in secondary schools. Therefore, in this Ospek activity, new students will be given direction and also an understanding of the academic system and administration in lectures.

Of course, new students don’t know what a chancellor, dean, head of study program, technician, GPA, short semester, compre, and so on are. In this Ospek, especially the Ospek majors, new students will be introduced to it all.

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4. Mental training

As a new student, you will be faced with many new things. From that, you will be mentally trained to dare to communicate, move, be responsible, adapt, and others according to the existing situation and conditions.

5. Practicing Cooperation and Communication

A lot of ospect activities are filled with assignments, either individually or in groups. Group assignments will be done in groups. From this assignment, student cooperation is trained.

6. Practicing Discipline and Confidence

Discipline of new students will be trained by applying the entry schedule, collection of assignments, and also various rules that are applied during the Ospek which have been determined by the committee. In addition to discipline, new students must also practice being confident with the assignments given and having the courage to voice their opinions in public places.

7. Add Experience

There are lots of experiences and also various impressive things that you can get from Ospek activities. For example, getting to know people with different regional languages, meeting campus idols, meeting great speakers, and of course it can be a reference for becoming a dream in the future.

Things New Students Usually Do During Ospek

The following are several things that are synonymous with the implementation of Ospek. Maybe there is an Ospek tradition that is still positive and still worth maintaining today.

1. Using clothes with unusual knick-knacks

Prior to the day of the Ospek, new students will be gathered by the seniors to be given various directions, one of which is regarding the rules of clothing that they must wear while undergoing the Ospek.

Not only are the colors and models of the uniforms regulated, but also the knick-knacks that adorn their clothes will usually be determined by the seniors. Starting from hats, necklaces, bracelets, nameplates, and so on.

While in the campus environment, these various attributes cannot be removed by new students until the Ospek period is over. The time period itself is quite varied, some are three to seven days, some can hold Opek up to one month.

2. Uniform Hairstyle

Not enough with various unusual knick-knacks, seniors also usually assign new students to uniform their haircuts. Usually, men are told to make their hair uniform and women are told to tie their hair in small pieces. Meanwhile for female students who wear headscarves, the Ospek committee will ask them to decorate their hijabs with various kinds of colorful ribbons.

3. Eating Together Full of Rules

This inspection will usually take place from the morning until the afternoon. When lunch time arrives, it is not uncommon for seniors to order new students to have lunch together with the excuse of strengthening intimacy. However, this lunch moment was not free from various rules made by the seniors. For example, eating time is limited, sitting cross-legged and upright when putting food into the mouth, no sound is allowed, and no food is allowed to be left.

4. Play Various Kinds of Games

Even though the rules regarding uniforms until mealtime are synonymous with the impression of hazing, it turns out that Opek’s activities are not all annoying. On the sidelines of Ospek activities, the committee will usually invite new students to play various creative and exciting games. There are games that aim to train concentration and also teamwork, there are also games that are played to simply get rid of sleepiness.

5. Get acquainted with Lecturers and Various SMEs

It is not uncommon for people to think that Ospek activities are a waste of time, energy and materials. This impression is not entirely correct. During Ospek activities, new students will also be given the opportunity to get acquainted with several lecturers who will teach them in lectures.

By knowing the character of the lecturers and a glimpse of the lectures, of course this is very useful to minimize the anxiety that new students feel before the first day of class.

Apart from getting to know the lecturers, new students will also be introduced to various UKM or Student Activity Units at university, faculty, department, or study program levels. These various UKM are very useful in helping students to develop their interests and talents.

6. Familiarity Night

The last day of Ospek is usually the time most students look forward to. In addition to feeling relieved, the closing of this Ospek is usually accompanied by various fun celebrations or ceremonies, such as an evening of intimacy.

In this event, usually there is no uniform or hairstyle that is required. All new students can be free to express themselves. The impression of seniority that was attached during Ospek also began to fade and disappear in the evening of intimacy.

This is an explanation of what Ospek is, a series of activities, benefits, and also some things that are synonymous with Ospek activities. For Sinaumed’s who want to know more deeply about life on campus, you can read related books by visiting sinaumedia.com .

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